How to Schedule Uber Trip

Uber is one of the most popular companies in the world that offers transportation services such as taxis or deliveries. Customers like to use Uber’s service because it is very convenient and saves time. Therefore, Uber’s service is also very suitable for those who have a busy work schedule and want to save time. In some cases, customers can schedule an Uber trip to have a ride on time whenever you want. In the article below, we will guide you how to schedule Uber trip. This is one of the great features available on the Uber app. It allows customers to book their taxis in advance, and they also won’t have trouble with fare increases during peak hours.

How to schedule Uber trip

1. Open the Uber app

First of all, you must locate the Uber app on your device. Tap it once to open it up. You must make sure the Uber app is available on your device.

In case you haven’t downloaded the Uber app, you can download it from the App Store for iOS devices or from Google Play for any Android device.

2. Click the “Schedule” option

Once the Uber app is launched, you may see a “schedule” option next to the “Where to” option. Click on it to start scheduling Uber trip.

3. Adjust the date

Enter this you want to use Uber to move.

4. Choose a date

Uber will display a calendar page for you to choose the date you want to use the Uber service. Tap any date you want to select.

5. Click “OK”

After you have selected the date, click Ok to confirm the date.

6. Choose a time

A window will open as soon as you click on the time box. Uber will display a clock for you to choose an appropriate time. First, choose the time you want the driver to pick you up.

7. Select minutes

After choosing the hour, you will have to choose the exact minute. For example, if you want the driver to contact you at 10:15, you should choose 10:05.

8. Click “confirm”

After choosing a specific date and time, click “confirm” to schedule an Uber trip.

9. Enter destination

You can see a “where to” option on the Uber home screen. Tap it and then enter your destination. Uber will recommend several locations below, choose the one that works best for you.

10. Click “Schedule Ubergo”

After completing the above steps, you can choose UberGo or Uber premium service. Then tap on “Schedule UberGo”.

Now, your trip has been successfully scheduled. Uber will notify you with Uber driver details 30-45 minutes before your ride begins.

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