Top 10 Best Motorcycle Chaps: Reviews & Buying Guides 2021

Motorcycle chaps started their history with the ancestor of traditional cowboy chaps. Cowboys in the western time usually wore chaps to protect their legs and important body parts from contacting environmental hazards such as horse attack, horns of animals, or in the form of bull riding or such competitions. 

The motorcycle chaps have evolved based on that history and the styles have been changing over the last decade towards the complete point as today. In this article, the experts of Motoczysz will introduce the best motorcycle chaps you can order online, how to choose the best of them, and why people love them so much.

The best motorcycle chaps reviewed in 2021

1. Viking Cycle Leather Chaps – Plain Motorcycle Leather Chaps for Men

To start off today’s recommendations, we would like to introduce the Viking Cycle Leather Chaps – Plain Motorcycle Leather Chaps for Men. The riding pair of chaps is designed with the motto of being quick and easy, proved by the ability to be  easily put on and take off. It adopts the front belt and lace closure back design to achieve that goal; taking off and putting the leather chaps would just be zipping and unzipping. You can even put it on by zipping it at runtime when riding a motorcycle. 

The pair is made out of high quality leather, which is harvested from the cow and called cowhide leather. To make the premium cowhide leather worth the price, the pair is stitched carefully towards comfort and durability.

Secondly, the motorcycle chaps are made with a few pockets on each side, in the purpose of serving you with any items you want to carry around, along with the ease of access of your pants under the chaps. Finally, lots of the chaps’ parts are adjustable, including the belt, the zippers, etc.

Concluding the section, from the famous brand Viking Cycle, the pants are the best product we can find on Amazon, with tons of features and premium cowhide leather.

best motorcycle chaps

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  • ✔ “Quick and Easy” putting on and taking off
  • ✔ Viking Cycle brand
  • ✔ Adjustable parts (belts, zips)
  • ✔ High quality leather
  • ✔ Accessible


  • ✘ It might be hot in summer, but it’s warmer in winter

2. HWK Motorcycle Leather Chaps Pants Biker Cowboy Riding Racing Black Genuine Leather Chap

HWK Motorcycle Leather Chaps is the next item in our list of motorcycle chaps. The leather chaps are one hundred percent genuine leather which is made for men. The leather claims to be 1.1 mm – 1.2 mm thick to maximize the protection for your legs and your body. 

The HWK motorcycle leather chaps are designed to be a pair of full chaps with buckle closure, original YKK zippers, and buttons that are protected from rust. Like the Viking chaps above, the HWK motorcycle pants are also adjustable in the waist and the inseam length. 

The pants make it so easy to adjust the length of the chaps but just cutting them with a pair of scissors. The HWK is so confident about their products that if you order their products today, they would give you a lifetime replacement warranty policy and guarantee that you would not be able to find any pair of chaps with that kind of quality in the same price range. 

Finally, you can always use the hashtag #HWK to join the growing community of HWK lovers.

best motorcycle chaps

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  • ✔ Premium high quality leather
  • ✔ 1.1 mm – 1.2 mm thick leather
  • ✔ Adjustable – Cuttable
  • ✔ Lifetime replacement warranty policy


  • ✘ Not a half pair of chaps, so it might be hot and sweaty

3. Xelement B7552 Men’s Black ‘Easy Fit’ Premium Motorcycle Chaps

Xelement B7552 Men’s Black ‘Easy Fit’ Premium Motorcycle Chaps by the name suggests that the chaps were made to be “easy-fit” for everyone who buys it. It is made of leather, which is said to be premium leather from buffalos with the thickness of 1.2 mm – 1.3 mm.

We have tested this pair of chaps and really loved how it was finished without any faults or mistakes in the stitches or the cuts. The chaps can be open to full closure from the waist to the bottom with a “Thigh Easy Fit Zipper”. A side covered zipper is also available. 

Finally, Xelement – the brand that made the motorcycle chaps fit, are famous for the consistency and durability of their products. The product would go along well with a leather jacket, a premium motorcycle helmet, and a pair of leather shoes for the best durability, performance, and protection.

best motorcycle chaps

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  • ✔ Respected brand
  • ✔ Premium Buffalo 1.2 mm – 1.3 mm leather
  • ✔ Well finished
  • ✔ Thigh zipper


  • ✘ Pricier than others

4. Xelement B7556 Women’s Black ‘Braided’ Zippered Leather Chaps

Unlike other chaps made for both men and women, Xelement B7556 Women’s Black ‘Braided’ Zippered Leather Chaps is made specifically for women. The material is buffalo leather with 1.1 mm – 1.2 mm thickness. The chaps are designed with pockets on the side and zippers that run through the thigh to the bottom of the item. 

The Xelement has been known for longevity, so they always try to use the best materials for the products such as the premium YKK zippers, which is made out of silver. Made with closure in the front and the back, the chaps are reviewed to be super comfortable and provide you the best performance for your long distances.

To conclude, this is the best women’s chaps in our list for today’s best. We hope you enjoy the specifications and take a look at this.

best motorcycle chaps

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  • ✔ Comfortable and performance
  • ✔ Buffalo 1.1 mm – 1.2 mm leather
  • ✔ Silver hardware


  • ✘ Pricier than others but more premium
  • ✘ Made for women only

5. Men’s XS43404 3-Pocket Black Thermal Lined Leather Motorcycle Chaps

If you look at the Men’s XS43404 3-Pocket Black Thermal Lined Leather Motorcycle Chaps for the first time, you would not want to look away because of its finish. The chaps are made entirely of milwaukee leather, which claims to be the thick grade heavy duty leather. We have only the closure in the front instead of both the front and the back. 

The pair provides you with a 3-pocket system, along with the inside accordion style stretch panels on the thigh areas made to be flexible and comfortable. On the side, the product features the side zipper closure and the wind flap cover to the best feelings. For colder climates, the chaps are equipped with a removable snap-on thermal liner to protect you from the cold and get your body warm. 

Finally, the pair is made with YKK zippers, known for durability and made for men only, which is both the pros and cons. The pros is that the brand designs based on the advantages and disadvantages of men, while the cons is that the women have to ignore this awesome choice.

best motorcycle chaps

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  • ✔ High quality leather
  • ✔ Zipper closure
  • ✔ Removable Snap-On thermal liner
  • ✔ 3 pocket system


  • ✘ Made for men only

6. JJLHIF 26″ Double Layer Leather Faux Fur Unisex

JJLHIF 26″ Double Layer Leather Faux Fur Unisex is another yet one of the best motorcycle chaps you can order online. The JJLHIF is designed with 26.7 inches of height, 13.7 inches of width; you might say it is a little short. Yes! It is a pair of half chaps, not a full chaps like what we have introduced. 

First of all, the pair is made for both men and women, denoted by the Unisex part in the name. Secondly, it features the adjustable windproof in order to protect your body from the most extreme situations, ranging from strong winds to extreme snow storms. Thirdly, the pair is made from quality cowhide leather which is double-layered for the best protection against anything on the road you can find. The faux fur will keep you, especially your calves warm at all times.

best motorcycle chaps

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  • ✔ High quality cowhide leather
  • ✔ Faux fur
  • ✔ Half chaps
  • ✔ Adjustable windproof


  • ✘ Half chaps – not warm enough on winter day

7. 4Fit Unisex Braided Black Leather Biker Leather Motorcycle Chaps

4Fit Unisex Braided Black Leather Biker Motorcycle Chaps is the next pair we want to introduce today. This pair is a pair of leather motorcycle chaps with the top grade high quality cowhide leather. The item comes with seven sizes including small, medium, large, X large, XX large, XXX large, and 5XL. The three properties about the pair of chaps are the adjustable waist, the buckle belt and the laces back. 

The sides can be opened fully with two zippers that run along the sides of two legs and covered with leather flap. The legs are made unhemmed in the purpose of you using a pair of scissors to cut your chaps, to trim it shorter in the way you want. Finally, the leather finish is so cool that everyone would look up on you if you wear them outside.

best motorcycle chaps

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  • ✔ Seven sizes offered
  • ✔ High quality cowhide leather
  • ✔ Made for both men and women
  • ✔ Closure on the front and the back
  • ✔ Over 200 five star ratings on Amazon


  • ✘ Might be hot in summer

8. BNF BNFUSA BKCHPSLBXL Rocky Mountain Hides Buffalo Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Comming from the BNF brand, the BNF BNFUSA BKCHPSLBXL Rocky Mountain Hides Buffalo Leather Motorcycle Chaps is manufactured based on the deep understanding of the human bodies and what they need. The motorcycle chaps are made out of Milwaukee leather with the package dimensions of 18 inches x 12.2 inches x 1.9 inches and weigh three pounds.

The chaps were designed and first sold in 2015 for both sexes, men and women, and it is still selling. The product features the closure in the front not the back with the belt and side zippers to help you open up your chaps at any time. The belt is also length adjustable in order for you to open and close along the trip. Finally, the legs are easy to trim because of the unhemmed design copyrighted by motorcycle chaps

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  • ✔ Unhemmed design for trimming
  • ✔ BNF brand
  • ✔ XL size


  • ✘ Little description about the product

9. Xelement 7550 ‘Classic’ Black Unisex Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Another product from the perfect brand X Element. The Xelement 7550 ‘Classic’ Black Unisex Leather Motorcycle Chaps are made for both sexes with premium cowhide leather. We can see the one hundred percent 1.1 mm to 1.2 mm thick leather by looking at it for the first time. The product will protect all your body parts especially your legs and your ankles by the textured leather finish, which is made to resist scuffs. 

The chaps are fully lined with zippers and snap closure. Imagine when you can open up and zip off the chaps while riding on your motorcycle. How convenient is that! The hardware and the zippers are made by YKK for the respected longevity and durability of silver material. The unhemmed design is adopted for you to work with scissors or knives to trim or cut your leather chaps into any length you want, protecting your legs of any length you want.

Xelement 7550 'Classic' Black Unisex Leather Motorcycle Chaps

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  • ✔ Good protection
  • ✔ Real leather
  • ✔ Perfect fit for you
  • ✔ Easy access


  • ✘ Pricier than others

10. Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Chaps Plain Bikers Pants Assless Cowboy Vintage Chaps

Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Chaps Plain Bikers Pants Assless Cowboy Vintage Chaps is the final pair of chaps in our list today. The chaps feature a lifetime warranty with 100% replacement warranty on the Alpha Cycle product. You have heard it right, the Alpha Cycle features have been respected by its warranty policy, while the prices can be just as low as a half of others. 

The chaps feature also two external pockets on the side of legs for the riders to put on and take any items with them for the riding. The riding chaps are perfect for cold weather because it is made with the full chaps fit style. 

The motorcycle chaps are fully adjustable with the front belt for adjustments, with the back leather drawstring for waist adjustments, and the easy buttoned ankle with side zipper for adjustments. Finally, the real leather is called the Milwaukee leather made into a pair of riding pants. Finally, the YKK premium zippers are the perfect complement for the item.

best motorcycle chaps

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  • ✔ Lifetime warranty
  • ✔ Lots of pockets
  • ✔ Four sizes in the size chart: 36 inches, 34 inches, 40 inches, 44 inches
  • ✔ High quality leather motorcycle chaps
  • ✔ Good biker chaps in terms of adjustments: adjustable belt, adjustable belt, adjustable waist, adjustable ankles
  • ✔ Really good price


  • ✘ Nearly nothing to blame on this one.

Types of motorcycle chaps

Motorcycle chaps are often categorized based on two factors: The materials that made the chaps and the design of the chaps. Categorizing that way helps the buyers in their times of choosing the best motorcycle chaps for themselves; therefore, be sure to refer to this guide before making a real purchase for motorcycle chaps for riding.

As for material of the chaps, here are the most popular versions of chaps materials:

  • Leather chaps: Leather chaps are made of leather, hence the name. Leather is probably the most popular material for the chaps; therefore, people tend to love it nowadays. Quality leather chaps are stylish, beautiful, and safe for your rides.
  • Ballistic nylon: An alternative to leather chaps, because leather is not always cheap, and ballistic nylon still shows itself a good choice in terms of protective pants.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl does not try to be the best motorcycle chaps material out there, but they try to be the affordable alternative to leather motorcycle pants. Vinyl is able to protect your legs just about as good as leather pants.
  • Other unpopular materials: The materials above are likely to be seen in 99% of biker chaps; however, you might see some other non-leather materials such as fabrics made it into the motorcycle pants.

The next stuff is about the design. There are two common looks for your chaps, which are:

  • Full chaps: Full chaps protect your legs from your waist to your boots. That’s why they’re called full chaps. It is the ideal item when it comes to intense protection, but not under summer weather.
  • Half chaps: Half chaps are made to protect just the part of your legs below your knees. Half chaps are cheaper, less secure, but more convenient in times of rough weather or roads. The half chaps adopt the zipper design, the snap design, and the lace up design. Finally, half chaps would take less space in your backpack when you need to move them around.

How to choose the best motorcycle chaps

In the next section, we will give you a walkthrough of what’s going on inside the motorcycle chaps market, how to choose the best motorcycle chaps for you.

The size chart of the motorcycle chaps

Choosing the size of motorcycle chaps is super straightforward, which uses the same size system as your normal clothes. We would like to include this section into the article because once you have chosen your size, there is absolutely no taking back, and due to the property of the leather chaps, you would not be able to stand a day riding in motorcycle chaps that does not fit you.

The sizes of the chaps can be measured in two ways, which are:

  • By traditional size system: Traditional size system contains sizes determined in letters, which should be S, M, L, XL, 2XL or 5XL. This size chart system can also be applied to chaps; however, you should choose chaps that are a little bigger than your normal size, because you have to wear it outside your pants.
  • By the waist size: The waist size chart is 34 inches, 36 inches, … up until 50 inches. Using this system of sizes does not guarantee that the chaps are a perfect fit for you, but it makes the choosing process easier and less irritating.

Note that you can always call for service support to ask about your size and what riding clothes would perfectly fit you.

The color your chaps

Apart from protection and warmth, the chaps are useful when you need to show off your styles. Chaps are mostly made for men with the color black.

Some brands make chaps with the color brown, but we are not likely to see a yellow or orange pair of chaps. Therefore, before getting the chaps into your cart, you need to know if it looks good on you and your friends’ eyes.

The chaps material

The chaps are made of what material is the next thing to consider. Materials decide the price, the protection, and the durability of the chaps. As I said, leather chaps are the most popular chaps, while vinyl stands out as a cheap alternative, and nylon is the choice if you don’t like the tightness of the leather.

As for leather, cowhide leather is the most popular type of leather, for the fact that it provides the best warmth, protection, and style for the person who wears it. 

Buffalo leather, sitting on the second position, is not as stylish as cowhide leather, and shows itself as a potential candidate for its price range and its thickness. Buffalo leather can be as thick as 2 millimeters, which would be perfect as an additional shield for your skin and your body in general.

The looks of the chaps

Choosing full chaps should be favored more by people than choosing half chaps, but it should not be a serious decision, because when you have decided, you can’t return it. The design of full chaps and half chaps might also vary by brand, size, and price. Luckily, you can use the images on the websites as a reference and you can always return or exchange your products in a limited period of time after arrival.

The features of the chaps

The special features of the chaps can include a lot of things. The first feature you should expect in your chaps is closure. In biker chaps, the closure plays an important role in making the riders comfortable. 

There are various kinds of closure: the front closure, the lace closure… On some premium riding clothes of chaps such as Viking Cycle, you will probably see the closure be designed so carefully for the best comfort available. However, closure can be bad for you in cold weather conditions.

Secondly, you want pants that have pockets for riding. Pockets can be put on the side in the front or on the back. The most convenient position is the side of the legs, for you can reach the fully lined pockets and get what you need during the ride on the road.

Thirdly, the adjustments. Chaps should always be flexible, by offering adjustable belt, adjustable waist, adjustable outer seam zippers, or adjustable length. Yes, adjustable length. Some pants are designed for customers to zip and unzip an additional legs part to increase or decrease the length of them. Some others are made with unhemmed legs so the customers can easily tweak the length by cutting the legs with scissors or a knife.

Finally, to conclude, extra features are what’s most important about the chaps, so be sure to consider it carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will find out the answers for the most frequently asked questions about motorcycles chaps, motorcycle ridings in general, and all. Feel free to submit your questions to our sites to get it answered.

1. What is full chaps and what is half chaps?

Full chaps and half chaps are the styles of the chaps. To determine whether a pair of chaps is full chaps or half chaps, you can take a look at the fact below:

  • Full chaps: full chaps are designed to belong, longing from the waist to the ankle with closure or not. It should be equipped with a lace closure or outer seam zipper for you to be cool in the summer instead of keeping the heat inside
  • Half chaps: half chaps are usually made in two pieces for each leg. Half chaps are cooler in summer but not as warm as full chaps in winter. Half chaps are short and not as popular as the other.

Therefore, refer to the guide below if you are considering one over the other:

  • If you are the type of guy who likes traveling for long distances in summer, for example, Florida, you should choose the half chaps, to give yourself the best flexibility, comfort, and performance
  • If you like travelling long distances in winter, a full chap is undeniable. This motorcycle gear would give you protection against the extreme weather in your riding. However, it would reduce the easy access to the pants inside. Make sure to choose the chaps – a perfect fit you with a fully lined zipper for you to open up at any time.

2. What are cowhide leather, buffalo leather?

Cowhide leather is probably the most popular type of leather made into motorcycle chaps. It gives you the best protection for your body part, the easy access to trimming options when you want to cut short your leather pants, and comfort in your ridings.

Buffalo leather, on the other hands, stands out as an affordable choice for motorcycle chaps, which is a perfect fit for anyone who likes wearing protection without paying a sky-high price for a full cowhide leather.

3. How can I maintain the good state of my motorcycle chaps?

In order to avoid any kind of your motorcycle chaps going bad, try to and not to do the followings:

  • Use the chaps properly when putting on and taking off.
  • Regularly clean the chaps with what you are advised to use. Remember that water cleaning is not usually the case, so be avoiding using water to clean your chaps.
  • Try not to ride using your chaps on rainy days. Rains might damage the leather finish.
  • Do not try to take your zippers out, because it would damage the features.

4. Can I cut my chaps to be shorter than initially made?

Yes, you can do that. The unhemmed chaps allow you to cut them shorter with scissors or a knife.

However, if you are not the tailor, you might need to find someone to do it for you, because we have tried and the job is not always easy.

5. Are my chaps waterproof?

Yes and no. The chaps should be as waterproof as possible; however, due to the materials that make the products, there might be some tricks here:

  • Leather: You all know that leather could mess it up with water. It is usually not damaged by the water, but the leather usually shrinks smaller when lots of water gets spilled into it.
  • Nylon and Vinyl: Nylon and Vinyl do not get affected by water, but the color which dyes it might be. After a while, due to the washing part, the color can fade away and makes your chaps look terrible.

Therefore, you can say that your chaps are waterproof, but when you can be careful with it, you should handle the chaps with care.

6. How do I clean my chaps?

To clean your chaps, follow these instructions:

  • Remove anything you can see on your chaps, including the dirt, sand, liquid, etc. inside and out. Check your pockets and your belts to see if there is anything stuck in there. Make sure not to keep your phone or keys with your chaps while cleaning it.
  • Pour a stain treatment product in the water in your washing machine. It is advised that you use the appropriate cleaner that goes with or is recommended with the product because when you use the wrong cleaning chemicals, it could damage your item forever.
  • Put it on the water cycle. Do not set the mode to be so strong to avoid any damage made to the clothes
  • Drop your leather chaps inside the washing machine.
  • Leave the chaps for five or ten minutes. It is recommended that 5 minutes are enough for cleaning your chaps. You do not need to leave it for 25 or 30 minutes unless there is something tough stuck on your chaps
  • Get the chaps out of the washing machine. Rine the chaps thoroughly to get all the soap out
  • Unzip the pockets and hang it under the sun to dry. Wait for at least half a day until it is fully dried out.

7. What about the warranty of the chaps?

Chaps made to last through time, so there is usually no warranty on the chaps. Some brands can offer you a lifetime replacement warranty, for example, you can check out the Alpha Cycle model we have talked about above. 

These lifetime replacement warranty policies show that the brands are so generous about their products and so confident about the quality that they have produced. Besides, the prices of the products with a warranty are not usually higher than products without warranty, so there is no reason for you to choose an item for riding without it.

Final Thoughts 

We have introduced the best motorcycle chaps you can order online above. There was also the guide for choosing the motorcycle chaps online and some answers to the most frequently asked questions on our website. 

To conclude, no one can deny the benefits of the motorcycle chaps and the cool effects of owning a pair of good chaps. Chaps are made with different materials, different designs, and different purposes for different types of people. Here is the list of our best picks for the topic of the best motorcycle chaps:

And that wrapped up our article about motorcycle chaps – one of the best accessories for motorcycle riders. We have talked about the materials, the types, the design and every possible thing about chaps that you should know. We also have pointed out the top ten products of the best motorcycle chaps, and we have answered questions that are most frequently asked on our sites about the topic.

Thank you for reading our guides to choosing the best chaps for your motorcycle. I hope that this guide is helpful to you when it comes to the riding session of yourself and your club. Don’t forget to share with me your thoughts and comments on the products we have introduced and the products that you like!

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