Top 10 Best Motorcycle Half Hhelmets 2021 – Best Choice For The Buyer

Motorcycles are one of the most used vehicles in the world. It allows people to move quickly and with little effort. However, using a motorcycle is also quite dangerous, you need some protective gear to protect yourself well. The best motorcycle half helmets of Motoczysz will help you protect your head well – the most important part. 

The 10 best motorcycle half helmets

The following will be the best motorcycle half helmets on the market in 2021

1. Expensive motorcycle half helmet: ScorpionExo EXO-C110 Unisex Style Azalea Half Helmet

This half helmet has subtle design lines, prominent vignettes on the helmet. New fabrication technology with expanded EPS liner protects your head. Unique strap design and sun visor are sure not to disappoint you. Thanks to the helmet’s interior vents, these best motorcycle half helmets can keep your head cool even when you ride for long distances. 

best motorcycle half helmets

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  • The thick Polycarbonate outer shell provides added protection
  • Black glass sunshade handy
  • EPS liner has double density and a large area for better head protection
  • Cool ventilation system
  • Sturdy, comfortable strap


  • ✘ High cost
  • ✘ The size is wider than the given size

2. Comfortable motorcycle half helmet: LS2 Helmets Bagger Motorcycle Half Helmet

If you want to be really comfortable wearing a helmet, LS2 Helmets Bagger Motorcycle Half Helmet is the best choice for you. This best motorcycle half helmet has an ultra-light and sturdy outer shell. The inner lining is removable and engineered for operator comfort. This helmet product will bring convenience and comfort to you during use. A lightweight yet very safe helmet. 

best motorcycle half helmets

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  • ✔ The outer shell of high-performance fiberglass (HPFC) is super light and strong
  • ✔ Super comfortable and breathable lining
  • ✔ Removable liner
  • ✔ Removable neck skirt depending on weather
  • ✔ There is a handy speaker bag
  • ✔ Super light and comfortable
  • ✔ Quick-release button makes it easy to remove the helmet


  • ✘ There is no windshield
  • ✘ Quick-release button easily detaches when under impact

3. Safest motorcycle half helmet: LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet 

The helmet’s job is to keep your head safe. But with LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet it will protect your head more comprehensively. The best motorcycle half helmet has a sturdy construction with a shell made from Kinetic Polymer alloy. The radial ventilation system keeps you cool while on the go in the summer. This helmet is also specially designed to adjust the sun visor, you can adjust it to suit your vision. LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet is a good choice for your safety!

best motorcycle half helmets

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  • ✔ The Polymer Kinetic outer shell is light and sturdy
  • ✔ The sun visors can be flexibly adjusted
  • ✔ Dual-density EPS liner provides good protection
  • ✔ The fabric lining is hygroscopic, anti-irritant and removable
  • ✔ The chin strap is sturdy and easy to remove
  • ✔ Ventilation system through over
  • ✔ Bluetooth Linkin communication system is easy to connect
  • ✔ Gentle and comfortable to use


  • ✘ High cost
  • ✘ There may be some problems with the chin strap such as loose, slipping,…

4. Cheapest motorcycle half helmet: VCAN Cruiser Intricate Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet

Want to spend a little money but still own the best motorcycle half helmet? VCAN Cruiser Intricate Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet is the best choice for you. This helmet is of good quality, the shell is made of flexible plastic and the inner lining is designed to be sturdy and ventilated. Soft chin strap for comfortable wearing. In addition, the drawing of a butterfly in the helmet shell is very beautiful. VCAN Cruiser Intricate Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet is not a bad choice.

best motorcycle half helmets

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  • ✔ DOT standard ABS-plastic outer shell
  • ✔ The inner lining is soft, comfortable and breathable
  • ✔ Flexibly adjustable chin strap
  • ✔ Beautifully designed
  • ✔ Super lightweight 


  • ✘ There are too many screws
  • ✘ There is no windshield

5. The technology motorcycle half helmet: Sena CAVALRY-CL-MB-S Matt Black Small Bluetooth Hafl Helmet

Incorporating technology into helmets to bring convenience to riders is no stranger. Sena CAVALRY-CL-MB-S Matt Black Small Bluetooth Hafl Helmet is one of the most worth buying helmets with Bluetooth technology. The helmet shell is made of fiberglass to ensure safety. Especially the Bluetooth connection technology with excellent equipment. The helmet’s speakers have clear sound, people can connect and share with each other within a radius of 900 meters. This helmet brings modernity and comfort to the user.

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  • ✔ Modern and quality Bluetooth connection technology
  • ✔ The hat is made of lightweight and durable fiberglass
  • ✔ Soft, breathable lining
  • ✔ Customizable nylon strap


  • ✘ There are no sunglasses
  • ✘ Battery is required for Bluetooth to work

6. The best DOT motorcycle half helmet: Wheeling Motorcycle Bike Biker ATV Visor Half Helmet

A helmet that will protect your head well should be a qualified and approved helmet. Wheeling Motorcycle Bike Biker ATV Visor Half Helmet is a standard helmet with many outstanding advantages such as: lightweight yet sturdy shell, sunscreen glass, a soft, impact-reducing lining that helps protect your head better. In addition, the lining can be easily removed for washing or changing according to your preferences. This best motorcycle half helmet is a great choice to accompany you on the road.

best motorcycle half helmets

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  • ✔ DOT qualified
  • ✔ ABS plastic shell
  • ✔ The liner in EPS is soft, moisture-resistant and breathable
  • ✔ Sunshades for flexible use
  • ✔ Detachable neck curtain
  • ✔ The American flag is decorated on a beautiful exterior
  • ✔ Lightweight helmet


  • ✘ There are many screws

7. The best classic motorcycle half helmet: BELL Pit Boss Helmet – Pinstripe

Many types of motorcycle half helmets were born, but the classic design is always popular. BELL Pit Boss Helmet – Pinstripe is flexibly integrated with many factors, so it will give you the difference in use. This helmet has a hard, polished exterior. The inner lining created in the TriMatrix structure is super light and quiet. The sun visor moves flexibly according to the needs of users. Especially the chin strap can be adjusted to limit the loose helmet while you are riding. 

best motorcycle half helmets

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  • ✔ Small and lightweight design, easy to use
  • ✔ Flexible adjustable chin strap
  • ✔ The lining is breathable and smooth
  • ✔ Black sun visors help shield the sun better
  • ✔ Beautiful classic design


  • ✘ The helmet shell is easily scratched

8. The best art motorcycle half helmet: Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet Skull Cap

Nowadays the helmets are not only guaranteed of quality but also have an eye-catching outer shell. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet Skull Cap is one of the most beautiful helmet lines painted on the outer shell. Its design is sturdy enough to protect your head well. Soft and breathable lining, available in different sizes to choose from. The chin strap is specially designed to not pull the beard of the man. Moreover, the artistic drawings decorated on the outside of the hat cover are more artistic. 

best motorcycle half helmets

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  • ✔ Beautiful exterior design and drawings
  • ✔ The rugged outer shell is DOT-compliant
  • ✔ Specially designed lining reduces impact force
  • ✔ The chin strap is designed not to pull on the beard


  • ✘ It is easy to confuse the pattern on the helmet

9. The best GLX motorcycle half helmet: GLX Unisex M15 Fiberglass Scooter Chopper Motorcycle Half Helmet

A helmet that is compact and lightweight but can protect your head well. That is GLX Unisex M15 Fiberglass Scooter Chopper Motorcycle Half Helmet. It’s built out of a very rigorous production line. Materials are carefully selected and harmoniously combined. Glass fiber is carefully woven and pressed to ensure the safety of the user. The lining is perfectly crafted for ventilation, moisture resistance and reduced impact force. This can be considered the best motorcycle half helmet for you.

best motorcycle half helmets

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  • ✔ Unisex design suitable for everyone
  • ✔ Compact and lightweight construction but sturdy
  • ✔ Improved lining for user comfort


  • ✘ There is no sunscreen

10. The best fashion motorcycle half helmet: Vega 7850-025 Motorcycle Half Helmet

If you are looking for a helmet that both protects your head and is trendy then Vega 7850-025 Motorcycle Half Helmet is the correct choice. With a special design, it is a compact, lightweight and beautiful helmet. The visor protects your eyes from many bad factors while riding a motorbike such as wind, insects, sunlight, etc. The inner lining features moisture-proof technology, has air grooves and soft cushioning for increased safety. This is probably the helmet that you are always looking for to go on long distances. 

best motorcycle half helmets

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  • ✔ Special design makes the user feel comfortable
  • ✔ Fully ventilated EPS liner provides good cooling
  • ✔ High durability and safety
  • ✔ Flexible adjustable sunshades
  • ✔ Low weight prevents users from neck fatigue
  • ✔ Warranty up to 5 years


  • ✘ The liners are not removable

In addition, you can choose to buy many other motorcycle half helmets from famous helmet brands such as Arai, Andes, AGV, Shoei, HJC, Tanked, Scorpion C90, Harley Davidson, Bell Rogue, Daytona, etc. 

However, as I said above, each helmet product has its own advantages and disadvantages. To me, Vega 7850-025 Motorcycle Half Helmet is a good choice, it is a reasonable choice in price and quality.

Tips for picking the best motorcycle half helmet

A motorcycle half helmet is a helmet that many people use, everyone likes. And it appears almost everywhere when in traffic by motorbike. It comes in a variety of styles and colors. You can buy a half helmet everywhere in the market such as a helmet shop, supermarket, shopping mall or Amazon web, etc. But did you know how to choose for you the best motorcycle half helmet yet?

Choosing the right hat is extremely important to protect the safety of road users in the event of an accident. There are many factors to consider when choosing a hat. In addition to factors such as size, type, and safety metrics, you should pay attention to a number of other issues of perceived and passive safety. The information we share in this passage will help you answer. 

1. How to choose the half helmet shell?

When it comes to a helmet, one thing is for sure that it has all the parts and is of the quality to be able to protect the user’s head. So before you buy a hat, you should carefully examine the parts to avoid buying fake and poor quality goods. 

The helmet cover is a very important part. It is the first layer of protection so you need to pay attention. The outer helmet shell must be composites, fiberglass or composites capable of absorbing force and the impact of spreading, resistant to penetration by sharp objects and dispersing the impact force.

Unqualified helmets often have a plastic shell that is thin, brittle, and easy to break when hit. In contrast, the standard helmets have a shell made of good plastic, thick, hard, ABS plastic, PVC, smooth surface, difficult to break even under impact. 

Usually, people use ABS plastic to manufacture helmet covers. ABS is a material with good impact resistance, effective wear resistance and its other outstanding property is toughness. It is lightweight, used in the manufacture of tools for daily life, sports, and healthcare. In addition, ABS has good quality of use, along with the price of products made from ABS plastic is also quite cheap. 

The cone shell is usually made from ABS plastic – virgin plastic that has not been used or recycled. It is followed by fiberglass (medium weight, medium strength) or carbon resin (lightweight, high strength). The shell is shatterproof to keep our heads safe, it is the first layer to withstand the impact of the road surface, so the harder the cone, the better. 

Carbon hats of reputable brands are very expensive, so most of you choose ABS plastic hats that you can be completely assured of the quality. 

Some counterfeit products on the market use PP plastic to mix with ABS plastic, then mold into conical shells. PP plastic is very flexible, but when exposed to a lot of sunlight it becomes brittle and fragile. After using this hat for about 6 months, a slight drop can also cause it to break!

The way to tell if the hat is good or not is to hold one side of the hat to press it, if it feels rickety, it means the quality is not guaranteed. 

Note, a good hat when removing the foam liner, if pressed on it also feels rickety, but that is just a feeling, because if the poor quality hats are removed it will be more fragmented.

2. What is the best motorcycle half helmet inside?

The role of the inner lining is a very important part of a helmet. They are usually made of foam to reduce impact.

And yet, some brands’ windshields also feature UV protection, helping users not go black when driving outdoors in the sun for many hours.

Inner lining has the use of absorbing and withstands the force from the cover to the inside. So it can protect the head for the user when an accident or collision occurs. It is comfortable for the user with the feature of being able to insulate the environment. Even in hot weather, keep the inside of the hat well ventilated. 

In addition, it is this foam inside that helps to fix the head of the team. Not deviated during movement, creating the most comfortable feeling. 

Usually, people use EPS foam to make helmet foam. This type of foam is made up of the main materials of Expandable PolyStyrene, with properties such as very good stiffness, insulation and impact absorption. 

There are many helmets with poor quality foam nowadays, popularly sold on the market. To distinguish primary EPS foam from other common porous types, you can rely on the porosity’s hardness. 

You use your fingertips to click on the foam, if the sponge is easily deformed, it is not safe to use. EPS foam is very strong, so when you press the tip of your finger on the foam, it is almost not deformed. 

3. Is the windshield really important?

The windshield of the helmet is one of the parts whether or not depending on the taste of each person. However, we still recommend choosing a helmet with glasses. Because this layer of glasses will provide great protection for your eyes and face area. In addition to that function, the windshield also works against dust, anti-glare, anti-rain, . . . 

So you should consider when choosing the right and qualified glasses. The windshield of the best motorcycle half helmet must meet 2 conditions:

Withstand the impact force according to the standard test of National Technical Regulations. If the glass does break, the fragments should not form sharp fragments with an angle of less than 60 degrees. 

Light transmission coefficient should not be less than 85% according to official regulations. 

Currently, on the market, there are many types of poor quality glass with low prices. Sometimes consumers rely on eye-catching fashion, and forget about the quality that it offers. A number of establishments counterfeit glasses, so when the market is brought to the market, its use is almost zero. So, be wise when choosing: Remember to carefully look at the origin, choose to buy at branded places. 

4. Is the helmet’s chin-wearing option important?

In a helmet, the strap is an indispensable part and it is very important to unsecure your safety. Composed of synthetic nylon fibers, it is durable and tough, and can withstand tensile strength. The cap strap is connected to the helmet cover to help keep it more secure,  when worn, it helps to fix the helmet on the head when moving. 

Hard plastic caps are very durable and strong. You can adjust the cap spacing so that your hat can rest on top of your head. Avoid being traumatized while on the go and falling out. That will distract you. 

5. How do we choose a helmet size?

It is very important to choose a helmet size. If the helmet is too loose, it will not be too tight, it will make you uncomfortable. When you buy a helmet online, you must know to choose the size of the hat to match the size of your head. 

Do not let the helmet size be too tight or too loose. Is it comfortable when the team comes in? Of course, comfort must be ensured when wearing a hat. 

Because the shape of each person’s head is different, some people have round heads and others are egg-shaped. So if you can, try on different helmets to find out which one suits you. 

The helmet also has sizes such as S, M, L, XL, XXL,… haIf you want to know what size your head is, you take a tape measure, then put the wire around the forehead, about 4 cm above the eye. to measure your head circumference, then take that measurement against each manufacturer’s size chart. Because each company has different ways of calculating the size, go to its website and pay the size table for the most accurate results.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do motorcycle half helmets really need windshields?

You should choose a half helmet with a windshield. Your eyes will be protected from rain, wind, sticks, rocks, sun and other debris while riding. Some people will find the windshield obstructing and blocking your view, don’t worry! You should choose the half helmets that can be adjusted in the windshield. You can adjust it to a level that suits you. 

2. Does The best motorcycle half helmet need DOT standards or not?

On the market today, there are many quality standards for motorcycle helmets such as DOT, Snell and ECE. All motorcycle helmets sold in the United States must pass testing procedures and meet specific standards set by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT). DOT has strict quality control. In comparison, these certified helmets will be of better quality and safer. A best motorcycle half helmet needs DOT standards.

3. Is the motorcycle half helmet suitable for long-distance journeys?

Sure! Of all helmets, the half helmet offers the greatest comfort to the user. Due to the structure and materials, the half helmet is very light, ventilated and cool. Riders won’t feel neck fatigue due to the helmet being too heavy. And the heat and stuffiness won’t happen even if the rider moves long distances. 

4. How to clean the half helmet?

Many people think cleaning the half helmet is difficult but it is really easy. For the helmets designed, the lining can be removed. You just need to remove the liner and take it to wash, then attach it after drying it. For helmets that cannot be removed from the lining, you can take it to the helmet laundry to help you clean.

5. Which motorcycle half helmet should I choose to listen to music on the go?

Listening to music will make you less boring when riding a motorbike for a long distance. However, I do not expect you to use wired headphones, it is really dangerous. During your ride, the headset cord can fall and swirl, making you uncomfortable, unable to concentrate on the ride. You should choose the half helmets fitted with Bluetooth. It can be wirelessly connected and completely convenient. Some items of Sena CAVALRY are now selling great Bluetooth helmets!

6. Can helmets protect our lives?

Entirely possible! Although the half helmet cannot prevent all the forces acting on impact, it will reduce it to a minimum. Test-quality helmets that can protect your head from relatively strong bumps. 

Should you choose the half helmet or the full helmet?

Actually, the decision is up to your preferences. Half helmet will feel lighter and more comfortable to use. The full helmet will feel airy, but it fully protects your face.


So that you can buy the best motorcycle half helmet is not difficult. However, you need to know how to choose a proper helmet. Because a good helmet can help you protect your head, it is comfortable to use. In this article, I have given you suggestions on the best motorcycle half helmet, how to choose them, and answered some related questions. Check out the article to know what you need!

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