Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras in 2021: Reviews & Buying Guides

Anyone who travels also wants to save beautiful images of past roads. However, it is almost impossible if you hold your own camera or phone for a long journey. At that time, the best motorcycle helmet cameras were considered the most optimal solution.

A motorcycle helmet camera is a smart device that is mounted on a helmet. The camera has the ability to save past journeys. Those are both memorable memories of the roads and lands that you have put your feet on. In addition, these are also evidence to prove that you are on the right track if you are accidentally questioned by the traffic police. In the following article, Motoczysz will introduce you the best motorcycle helmet cameras on the market. 

Top 10 best motorcycle helmet cameras on the market

The recording of images on the passed roads is very meaningful to people who travel, especially motorcycle riders. Therefore, the best motorcycle helmet cameras have become indispensable items when travelling towards young people today. Accompanying that, the demand for information as well as how to use the motorcycle helmet cameras also increases.

To meet the variety of needs of customers, manufacturers have designed and created countless different kinds of motorcycle helmet cameras. Below, we will suggest to you the top 10 best motorcycle helmet cameras that much had an apple of customers.

1. Top-rated motorcycle helmet cameras: WonVon Helmet Action DVR Video Cam

The WonVon Brand is known as a well-known motorcycle helmet camera manufacturer in the market. The WonVon produces WonVon Helmet Action DVR Video Cam, F9 Camera HD Mountain Bike Bicycle Motorcycle Helmet Sports Action Camera Video DV Camcorder Full HD 1080p Car Video Recorder with the only black version.

This is a basic colour and never goes out of date. This helmet camera is an inexpensive solution to help you capture the best moments of your journeys!


  • The camera has a nice design, good looking appearance.
  • Good anti-vibration and wide-angle camera up to 120 degrees.
  • Its waterproof ability makes it resistant to bad weather conditions.
  • The wide-angle of the glass allows you to shoot the whole scene with ease.
  • The product can be attached directly to the helmet. Therefore, you do not need to buy accessories again.
  • The motorcycle helmet camera supports installing an external memory card, which lets you save data space. Note: memory card is not included, you can buy it at any technical store.
  • It has a pretty neat shape and it is very suitable for mounting on top of helmets.
  • The price is so cheap, just under 50 USD.
  • The battery is quite durable.


  • Some customers have complained that there is no low battery indicator, so they don’t know when it will run out of battery.
  • Some users claim that it does not shoot well in low light. On the other hand, the picture quality without low light is not as expected.
  • The 10.9 ounces in weight camera on the motorcycle helmet will make you quite neck fatigued if worn for a long time.

best motorcycle helmet camera

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2. Compact motorcycle helmet cameras: Sena PT10-10 Multi Prism Tube WiFi Action Camera

This motorcycle helmet camera is born for motorbikers. Sena Technologies, Inc. has designed it in a compact and sophisticated appearance. It weighs only 14.1 ounces and measures 5.5 x 8.9 x 1.8 inches. Not as bulky as the other cameras, the images it gets are surprising. They are really extremely sharp and vivid.

This PT10-10 Multi Prism Tube WiFi Action Camera for Helmet with a stable and easy-to-control connection is a pretty cool suggestion for you.


  • Smart connection is available.
  • It records your travels at the touch of a button, so easy to use.
  • Wind noise filtering makes your video background not noise-contaminated, so the sound is very clear.
  • The sleek HD Wi-Fi Action Camera is ready
  • You can also view the images recorded by the camera on your phone, just need to download the Sena camera app, which helps you easy to adjust the camera to the angle you want.
  • There’s a mic on the outside.
  • Compact and beautiful appearance design.
  • It comes with a bracket to attach to the helmet.
  • The helmet camera is usually attached to the side of the helmet.
  • It’s much easier to install and control.


  • Some users have rated the battery as not very durable.
  • Many people want it to have a “light beep” to indicate that they have turned it on or off because it is not easy to see the signal light while wearing it overhead.

best motorcycle helmet cameras

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3. Modern motorcycle helmet cameras: FreedConn Motorcycle Helmet Camera 

There are five colour versions available with slightly different prices and features for you to choose from. They are R1-E Plus, TCOM-SC, TCOM-VB, TMAX-E, TMAX-S + L3 Remote. These cameras come from the FreedConn brand – one of the leading brands of good dashcam on the market.

The first impression when looking at this FreedConn Motorcycle Helmet Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Headset & 1080P Camera Recorder is that it looks so modern and amazing. Please read carefully the user manual to be able to fully exploit its great features.


  • The Camera with a resolution of up to HD 1080P is ready to bring you the most realistic images.
  • The wide-angle lens up to 120 degrees lets you capture the panorama.
  • Data can be stored in the SD card (not included with the purchase of the camera) to save you storage space.
  • Delivery is very quick.
  • Good after-sales service.
  • The seller is very enthusiastic and caring. Highly recommended!
  • You can also make phone calls even while running on a highway.
  • Its vivid image and clear sound are very popular with customers. Bluetooth is connected quite easily and quickly.
  • This product will definitely exceed your expectation of a camera that simply records.
  • This camera from FreedConn is one of the best motorcycle helmet cameras at the present 


  • There is nothing to complain about. All are at enough.

best motorcycle helmet camera

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4. Elegant and young motorcycle helmet cameras: Bluetooth Motorcycle Camera

With the desire to create practical values for consumers at affordable prices, the FODSPORTS brand has come up with this elegant and young motorcycle helmet camera on May 6, 2020. From casual motorcycle riders to tech connoisseurs all love it.

With this excellent camera, you can do many things such as: listening to music, making internal calls within 500 meters and especially recording with high definition and wide-angle. It will be greater if you can combine it with the same brand helmet, it will be an “invincible” combo and an indispensable companion on your journeys.


  • The motorcycle helmet camera can be used to film in the dark (not too dark).
  • The audio couldn’t be better.
  • No other opponent can beat it in the same price range.
  • You can set up the use of the camera when you download the application to your phone.
  • 110 degrees wide-angle for comfortable shooting.
  • It’s easy to notice your companion thanks to the internal communication range of up to 500 meters. 
  • The battery is strong and durable, and there is no need to stop on the way.
  • It is suitable for many types of helmets: open-face, half-head, whole-head, and so on.
  • It can be used carefreely in the rain. You can even use it to spin corals underwater.


  • You can’t listen to music while using the camera at the same time.

best motorcycle helmet cameras

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5. Convenient motorcycle helmet cameras: Blueskysea B1M Motorcycle Dash Cam 

This design comes from the Blueskysea family. The shape is compact, has no screen to minimalism. The ultimate waterproof camera with high resolution. You can use it both day and night.

B1M camera supports SD card up to 128 GB. The wide-angle of up to 135 degrees allows easy panoramic shooting. The product has already come with detailed instructions, please check them out and you can install and use it yourself within 1 minute. It is not difficult for a first-time user. 

If you want to have a darling helping you to take beautiful photos while riding a motorbike, a record of the unfortunate encounters on the road or simply to make you look cooler and more professional; this Blueskysea B1M Motorcycle Dash Cam is a suitable choice under 200 USD.


  • The video is beautiful, sharp and clear.
  • Connecting to your phone is easy.
  • Great quality for the price.
  • It works well and does what a dashcam should do.
  • This camera is very useful when shooting landscapes.
  • It’s great to shoot dynamic scenes.
  • Smart design makes it easy to handle and adjust.
  • Anti-shake is ready, no worry about blurred images.
  • With an extremely compact design, the motorcycle helmet camera from Blueskysea is suitable to be installed in many different positions, even in difficult locations.


  • Some users complained that there are too many cables, which leads to not being tidy.

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6. Top-quality motorcycle helmet cameras: Fire Cam 1080p Helmet Camera (US)

The next motorcycle helmet camera that we would like to introduce to you is the Fire Cam 1080p Helmet Camera (US) from the Fire Cam brand. The smart and compact design brings the customer extreme convenience. You can stash it in your pocket when not in use. This top-quality helmet camera lets you usefully record your travels without being cumbersome, just measuring only 4.38 x 1.25 x 1.25 inches. It promises to give the greatest experience for users.


  • Compact design. 
  • Video quality is excellent and it can shoot well in low light conditions.
  • They can be quickly attached to helmets.
  • High-resolution video to 1080 P.
  • When you turn on and off the camera, it will emit a “beep” and gently vibrate. This is convenient because you do not need to look at it once mounted on the helmet.
  • It can withstand heat up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit but just for a short time.
  • This camera comes with 2 batteries. So the battery is very durable. You can use it all day and the battery is still fine.
  • Good price.
  • Easy to install and adjust. 
  • The motorcycle helmet camera of compact size is extremely convenient.
  • This is definitely a quality camera because it offers both high-quality video and ruggedness.


  • The microphone is on the back so it will be difficult to pick up sound in the front.

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7. Useful motorcycle helmet cameras: Drift Ghost XL Waterproof Action Camera

If you are looking for a camera that is both compact, functional and modern at a competitive price range. Then, the Ghost XL from Drift Innovation brand will definitely not disappoint you. It is very suitable for attaching to 2 sides of a motorcycle helmet. With an extremely lightweight of just 4.6 ounces or 133 grams, there is no hard to wear them on your head for a long time. 

The best motorcycle helmet camera can record all day, up to 1080P resolution without worrying about low battery life. The battery can be used comfortably within 9 hours. The IPX7 waterproof technology helps you capture every shot regardless of snowy or rainy weather, or even you can use this camera for underwater photography.

On the other hand, you can easily rotate the lens up to 300 degrees, it’s difficult for a motorcycle helmet camera under 200 USD to do it.


  • The ability to record with just one light touch.
  • High-resolution video.
  • It is easy to use while you are wearing gloves, just need a light touch.
  • It possesses many preeminent features that many other motorcycle helmet cameras don’t have.
  • The shooting ability is sharp.
  • Image resolution when recording up to 4K.
  • Water resistance.
  • Good shock resistance.
  • The specs of the dashcam products are impressive.
  • The wide-angle up to 300 degrees makes it possible to record a variety of views.
  • Compact, lightweight and convenient.
  • Easy to attach to helmets.
  • It is true to say that’s one of the best motorcycle helmet cameras on the market now.


  • It is difficult to find the disadvantages of this motorcycle helmet camera.

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8. Superb motorcycle helmet cameras: V.I.O. POV.1 Point-of-View Video System

Action cameras, dash cams, also known as travel cameras, in particular, motorcycle helmet cameras are more and more widely used. The V.I.O is on the top of manufacturers of motorcycle helmet cameras, which are the most favourite motorcycle helmet cameras. 

The V.I.O. POV.1 Point-of-View Video System brings a unique, novel, youthful and extremely convenient design. The ultra-small weight of just 2.4 pounds allows you to take this camera anywhere. That disassembling and installation are also very easy and fast. It is very light and compact, which is what customers would like for a machine with such great features.


  • The camera captures high definition at 30fps. 
  • User-friendly interface, you can control it with just 1 finger.
  • Top-quality construction makes it resistant to shocks
  • POV.1 supports an extremely convenient LCD screen.
  • V.I.O also gives compatible software so that you can upload any video on Windows PC.
  • Amazing water resistance.
  • Resistance to dust is great.
  • Resistant to harsh environments.
  • The POV.1 captures images accurately and plays them back with total clarity.


  • The price is a bit harsh compared to its competitors.
  • Accessories are also very expensive, you will need them.
  • Many customers evaluate that Firmware updates are not free.

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9. Impressive motorcycle helmet cameras: Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Cam

Received 536 ratings of genuine user reviews at 4.3 out of 5 stars, coming with many outstanding features, the impressive Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom, M1S Pro 2000m 8 Riders Group Motorbike Helmet Communication System Headset Universal Wireless Interphone from FODSPORTS deserves its name on the top of the best motorcycle helmet cameras of all eras.

You only need to spend less than 100 dollars to own this super product. The price is too cheap for what it can do well.


  • The weight of 204 grams is so light for a helmet camera. 
  • The best motorcycle helmet camera is at an extremely reasonable price.
  • The camera lens is capable of capturing and narrowing the angle of rotation.
  • The product also integrates many different recording features: cloudy, nighttime, automatic, and so on.
  • The camera has the ability to record wide-angle.
  • The Fodsports camera helps to capture every moment on the roads.
  • It comes in a compact size and a light weight will help you not get tired on long journeys.
  • Good as SENA and Cardo but the price is only 1/3 of them.
  • Good internal connections range up to 300 – 400 yards within 6 hours.
  • There are no problems with connectivity, battery life or picture and sound quality.
  • This is a product that integrates many of the most modern features available.
  • Besides the video recorder and intercom for motorcycles, you can also use it for a mountain bike helmet.
  • Hands-free mode is available.
  • The customer service is great, the seller is ready to deal with any questions related to the product.
  • The investment in this best motorcycle helmet camera is a wise investment for the future.


  • There are no cons to this motorcycle helmet camera.

best motorcycle helmet cameras

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10. Top-notch motorcycle helmet cameras: Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Cam

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, if you want to record your journey to share with relatives and friends, you wonder what is the best motorcycle helmet camera among countless motorcycle helmet products on the market, the MAXTO will help you find the answer.

Manufacturer Maxto is committed to providing customers with the most authentic and worthwhile experience. Not only used to be attached to motorcycle helmets, but you can also use them in hiking, skiing, racing or other extreme sports. Besides capturing beautiful sceneries, it will be very useful to record dangerous emergency situations along the way.


  • In terms of internal communication, this Maxto M3 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset offers you up to 1000 meters,  which makes it perfect for group trips.
  • A pleasant shopping experience.
  • The camera is made of high-grade materials. It has good heat resistance, vibration resistance and dust resistance.
  • The camera technology saves you from having to miss any great moment on the way. 
  • The trusted brand in the motorcycle helmet camera market.
  • Excellent water resistance when it is rainy.
  • Youthful, modern and sharp design lines.
  • You can even use it while wearing gloves as it is quite sensitive.
  • It only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery.
  • Warranty time up to 1 year.


  • It’s hard to see the limitations of the best motorcycle helmet camera coming from Maxto.

best motorcycle helmet cameras

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Associated with the increasing demand for using helmet cameras for motorcycles, there are many brands that have been the companion of motorcyclists on trips such as FreedConn, Sena, Drift Innovation, Campark, WonVon, Fire Cam, MAXTO, FeiyuTech, Neewer, GoPro and so forth.

They are very diverse in terms of designs, models, features as well as price ranges. The users need to own themselves enough knowledge to choose to buy the best motorcycle helmet cameras.

How to choose the best motorcycle helmet cameras?

1. Choose a motorcycle helmet camera with a protective layer

The first factor to mention is good protection. 

Helmet-mounted equipment is the type that is subjected to the most frequent crashes. Because if you drop or fall, the camera will crash into the road surface. If the product does not have a protective layer, it is very easy to damage. That is why you need to choose a type with a solid surround. So when in use, it is scratch resistant. This protective layer is like the toughened layer of a phone.

Not only that, but the camera is also used in many different bad weather conditions. That means it must have extremely good protection.

Although almost all motorcycle helmet cameras are said to be water-resistant, it is still not recommended to get water on them. It may cause some malfunctions and failures to operate in the future. This protective layer will work to prevent water from getting inside. At the same time, the camera will not also get dirty. 

There are many types of materials that are used as protective layers. You can choose the version made of clear plastic because it is very hard and strong. Choosing a camera with a good exterior will ensure the durability and longevity of the product.

The best motorcycle helmet camera with a sturdy protection

One good example of a helmet camera with sturdy protection is Crosstour Action Camera Full HD Wi-Fi

2. Choose a motorcycle helmet camera with a good resolution

The main purpose of those who buy this kind of product is for shooting and filming. So this is the second factor that determines if it is the best motorcycle helmet camera or not.

Make sure none of us wants to see the blurry video. You want the recorded images to be clear when viewed. This depends on the device’s resolution.

Like other technical items, the higher the parameters, the greater the quality. Currently, the largest resolution is 4K, besides, 2K, 1080P or 720P can be selected. Looking for a product with varying degrees of ownership is a wise decision. Thanks to that, you can choose the parameters to shoot depending on the weather conditions. Frames will become more beautiful and clearer. On the other hand, customers should choose a camera with a wide-angle. 

The best motorcycle helmet cameras need to capture all the moments on the road from any angle. Thus, the collected images become real and vivid.

Video capture resolution 4K

Video capture resolution of the Neewer G1 Ultra HD 4K Action Camera will make you satisfied.

3. Choose a motorcycle helmet camera with anti-vibration ability

Anti-vibration is the third most important element of the best motorcycle helmet camera. 

Since it is used on motorcycle helmets, shaking is unavoidable. This can cause your images to appear blurred no matter how good the resolution is. Especially when running on the mountain roads, it is even bumpier. To be able to keep the same angle of the image, buyers should choose helmet cameras that are resistant to vibrate.

Some machines come equipped with this feature. However, there are also some that have to be turned on and off manually. Before using it you need to see yours are what kind of to promote all its features. This is a function available with the best motorcycle helmet cameras on the market. Therefore, it will be very easy to buy a camera with good image stabilization. 

You should choose lightweight versions. It will be easier running on the road. In addition, it will also reduce shaking.

The best motorcycle helmet camera with anti-vibration ability

The camera with good vibration resistance of the FeiyuTech brand is a typical example: FeiyuTech Official WG2X 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro Hero

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What features do motorcycle helmet cameras have?

For those who love to travel by motorcycle, the helmet camera is a very familiar accessory. They have many interesting features listed such as:

  • Taking photos
  • Film
  • Internal conversation
  • Listening to music

2. Can we use motorcycle helmet cameras when riding in city traffic?

Yes, of course.

Not only can the camera have many effects on the casual motorcycle rider when they want to save great moments. When in traffic, you will not avoid traffic penalties, even accidents. If you feel that you are not at all wrong, you can re-check the recorded image and prove it to the police. The rider can know a lot of the necessary information thanks to bringing a helmet camera. Moreover, you can easily confirm who made the mistake when an unwanted collision occurs.

3. What is the general structure of helmet cameras for motorcycles?

The camera for mounting on a helmet for a motorcycle  includes 3 main parts as below:

  • Lens: The camera lens consists of many pieces of glass which are stitched together. They work to correct the rays of light, making the recorded image clearer.
  • Processor chip: Chip is the heart of the camera. It has the effect of recording before and after images. This reduces blind spots, which allows the rider to record a panoramic view of the roads.
  • Infrared lights: Thanks to infrared light, the camera can record images at any time, even in the dark.

Top 10 best motorcycle helmet cameras

In addition, depending on the model, there will be other parts. Some motorcycle helmet cameras already come with accessories that allow you to easily mount it on your helmet but others do not. So you should check them carefully to avoid wasting time and money.

4. How to mount a motorcycle camera on a helmet in the most scientific and correct way?

It is also equally important to place the camera on your helmet. Please select the location you want to record. There are people who like to record in the foreground, and versa, there are also people who like to shoot behind.

There are also some cases where you want to record the driver should be mounted under the chin. It depends on your intended use.

Each set comes with a base and a patch. It will help the camera to be securely attached to the helmet. Be careful when attaching them! Because if not properly equipped, the motorcycle helmet camera might fall on the way.

5. Are there any helmets with built-in cameras? I don’t want to install them.

For camera-attached helmets, you won’t need to have anything extra. It is no different from a normal hat other than a camera placed in the middle. The camera has been available since its design so it looks fashionable. You can buy this product if you don’t know how to install it. However, if purchased separately, it can be used in more cases.

6. How much does a good motorcycle helmet camera cost?

The motorcycle helmet cameras have many models and a variety of prices. There are some cameras only a few tens of dollars, but there are also a few hundred dollars. It will depend on its features and depends on what you want from them. 

7. Why is speaker volume low?

Kindly note that different speaker placement causes volume difference. Hence, let’s mount the speaker as close to your ear as possible. If the distance is too far, the volume will be reduced.

8. Does the motorcycle helmet camera stand need to be certain?

Sure! As you know the stand is one of the most important parts for mounting a camera for a motorcycle helmet. Therefore, you should choose a sturdy base, metal frame and fix it to the helmet or other position.

Must-have motorcycle helmet cameras

In addition, the camera stand is also to avoid falling apart as well as accidentally encountering robbery. You should put your motorcycle helmet camera in hidden corners, out of attention from the people and within the driver’s protective ring.

9. How long is the recording time of the best motorcycle helmet cameras?

Almost all kinds of motorcycle helmet cameras use memory that has a Micro SD memory card to store video to record. Many cameras only support a maximum of 32 GB. If you set a lower resolution, HD 720 or VGA, it will last for a lot of time. However, the feature of the dash camera is overwriting. It erases and writes continuously, so it cannot run out of memory. 

You should remember that this storage capacity is only approximate and can not be enough if you want to save images of the whole journey within many days. So every time you go, check your memory capacity! Besides, you also can choose to buy a very good one that supports more capacity SD cards. Such ones are usually quite more expensive than normal.

10. How can I film and shoot clear in the dark?

Low-light shooting is harsh. Previously, the quality of night shots on motorcycle helmet cameras was very poor. However, many brands now have been significantly improved in the new versions. Anyway, it cannot be compared with shooting with daylight.

11. What type of battery is good for a camera to mount a motorbike helmet?

Another issue you can not ignore is the battery life as well as the battery type for the camera. There are two types of batteries you can use: one that can be charged while the car is running, the other is only for a camera. Obviously, the usage of energy coming with the vehicle will be preferred. However, the rate range is not cheap and it is not easy to find out at all.

The ideal location to attach the camera to the helmet.

The below will share with you 3 suitable positions to attach a camera to a helmet as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, you will get more experience for yourself!

Motorcycle helmet cameras are attached to the chin and side of the helmet.

With the camera attached to the helmet, we will have 3 ways to attach the camera as follows:

1. Attached to the top of the helmet

Perhaps, the top of the helmet is the most chosen position for mounting a motorcycle helmet camera. For adventure enthusiasts, the most popular dashcam is above the helmet.

  • Advantages: Capturing beautiful angles, surrounding landscapes, scenes that you pass through on your trips.
  • Disadvantages: You will also feel a bit heavy because of their weight for a long time.

To overcome this situation, we will reveal to you how to fix it. You just need to attach the collarbone accessory of the dashcam. Pretty small accessories are very martial in reducing the weight of the camera. This accessory will make you feel lighter.

The camera is attached to the top of the helmet.

2. Attached to 2 sides of the helmet

Next to the top of the head, the two sides of the helmet are also convenient locations for you to get a beautiful angle. You can attach a small motorcycle helmet camera on one of 2 helmet sides.

  • Advantages: This mounting method overcomes the disadvantages of attaching to the top of the helmet. It means that with the mounting, in the angle of your shot there will be no more part of the helmet appearing, which creates more attractive photos/videos. This way helps you film scenes on the road, but definitely not completely like the way to mount on the top!
  • Disadvantages: Disadvantages will be revealed when you wear and ride for a long distance. Then the two sides of your helmet will have a difference in weight because one side is attached to a camera, and the other side is not. That is why it makes you tired of your neck!

3. Attached to the helmet chin (applicable only to full-face helmets!)

This mounting type is for full-face helmets.

  • Advantages: You will be able to shoot the first part of the motorbike. Your footage will add a lot more vividness.
  • Disadvantages: When attached to the chin, we will also get more neck fatigue. They are quite heavy if worn for a long time. Therefore, please consider this type of attaching the camera to the helmet when running not too long distance!


The best motorcycle helmet cameras play an important role in life thanks to the great features they give. They are called an “inseparable” object from those who love to travel by motorcycle. On the market, there are many different brands of the best motorcycle helmet cameras. Hopefully, with the sharing in the above article, you will find the most suitable motorcycle helmet cameras for yourself to totally enjoy your wonderful life.

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