The Best Motorcycle Lift Table In 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to repairing or cleaning a motorcycle, there will be a big issue if you don’t have a proper tool to lift it up as most motorcycles are very heavy. So, choosing the best motorcycle lift table can help you solve this problem. And if you are looking for the proper tool for your motorcycle, this article is for you. Let’s find out the best motorcycle lift table in 2021 with our detailed reviews.


1. Yitamotor Adjustable

The first best motorcycle lift table is the Yitamotor Motorcycle Jack which can lift up 330 pounds. It is made of solid steel and can be used in all motorcycles and fees. The Jack is very robust, and it can be rolled easily and it is not hard to lift. The Yitamotor Lift Range is 9.92 inches Deck inches x 18.11 inches (W). Jack is made of steel body sleeves and has a broad lift that can reach 11″ and has a bike adventure motorcycle suitable for cruiser and sludge adventure and suitable for ideal needs. 

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The Yitamotor Motorcycle Jack Features:

  • The Yitamotor connector has a fully adjustable height that allows for highly suitable all bicycles. This can be matched in a 25. 2 cm area (9. 92 inches) to 46 cm (18. 11). The adjustable upper plate is attached to the locking mechanism to ensure safety. 
  • Jack can lift a maximum weight of 150 kg (330 lbs) and the size of the plate size of more than 28 cm (11 inches) by 17.5 cm (6.9 inches). 
  • Yiramotor provides a large lever design that helps users avoid fingers that are pinched and strained shoulders from all the loading and lifting of the motorcycle.
  • Jack is built of high-quality steel, strong and stable, stable and powder-coated that help avoids corrosion. The anti-slip platform prevents the motorcycle from slipping which helps you to be safe.
  • The Yiramotor is easy to assemble as well as easy to use. The security pin is connected to the arm, so you will not lose and have an exceptionable warranty 

2. Torin Big

Torin Big Red Motorcycle Jack 1500 lbs allow your motorcycle to be repaired. This equipment is a heavy steel motorcycle jack comprising a lifting cap, a pull bar, and can accommodate 1.500 pounds. A characteristic of Torin Big Red Gack has six blocking mechanisms arranged similarly and two solid rotating rollers for use. 

Torin Big

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Torin Big features:

  • Torin Big Red Motorcycle Cack comes with 5 height lifts that can lock with many different motorcycles and ATVs.
  • The jack also contains a very comfortable well-placed pull handle covered with rubber comfortably to make it safe and move it easily. 
  • The motorcycle frame is protected from damage and scratches thanks to The Rubber grip pads.
  • The torin pump allows easy access to motorcycles and can easily be used due to the rear parts of the 2 rear parts. 
  • The Tubular frame is built with Welded tie-down brackets, is made of high-quality steel and built in accordance with the highest standards of quality and durability, and also uses Lead-free paint to easy cleaning and help prevent rust.
  • Torin Big Red Motorcycle comes with a limited 1-year warranty.

3. Pit Posse Floor Jack

The pit posse Motorcycle Scissors is a steel scissors jack that is made to lift all types of motorcycles. The pit posse is designed for manual heavy lifting and also comes with a handle included. The pit posse centers perfectly your motorcycle and can be adjusted between 13 inches at 36 inches with both wheels in the air. 

Pit Posse Motorcycle Special feature includes a dual adjustable and removable frame of motorcycle lift. Welded side brackets provide extra stability to the motorcycle and are pre-drilled for permanent installation of applications. The Pit Posse comes only with a 2-year-limited warranty period, and it cannot be expanded. However, it is rated as one of the best motorcycle lift tables on the market.

Pit Posse Floor Jack

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Pit Posse Floor Jack features:

  • The Pit Posse Motorcycle ATV Scissor is hydraulic scissors to lift any repairing motorcycle easily. Posse pit posse perfectly centers your bike which can be adjusted anywhere 13 inches 36 inches between two wheels. The platform is 13.75 x 16 inches that can be updated 300 pounds. 
  • Jack stands are made up of thick, heavy-duty gauge metal. The pit posse includes a security loop to protect the load and bicycle which is also designed with a heavy-duty steel frame and rubber pad to resist the lifting movement from scratch and scrape of the motorcycle.
  • Jack has a hydraulic lift with a foot pedal to lift or low the stand for the motorcycles to be easily and quickly lifted. The pit has a large hole for oil drains in the middle and the top which is made of rubber that is oil and gas resistant.
  • The pit posse scissor jack stand has enough capacity to keep the bike tires off the ground.
  • The lift table makes it unnecessary to stoop or kneel on a while working on the motorcycle
  • The wide top platform helps to divide weight and to create a safe frame of a sliding or unintended movement. 

4. APlusLift AP-MT1500X

APlusLift AP-MT1500X [button-blue url=”″ target=”_self” position=”center”]Check Price On Amazon[/button-blue] The AlusLift is a reliable motorcycle lift that can lift heavy bikes and ATVs. It is made of heavy-duty steel, solid, and can lift 1,500 pounds. It is equipped with pneumatic operations that can be controlled by foot pedals. The lift height is 7 and 33 inches, and the table is equipped with seven security lock systems. 

Apluslift has many table lengths that can customize the system according to the motorcycle. The Apluslift can be moved easily. The lifts come with two front wheels and an adjustable front stop. The jack can handle up to 1000 pounds and can lift a height of 15 inches. In addition, the APlusLift comes with everything you need to repair motorcycles safely. It is the best motorcycle lift table, however, the manufacturer APlusLift has only a two years warranty.

APlusLift AP-MT1500X features:

  • It is specifically designed for heavy motorcycles lifting up and moving them around for wheel service. Plus, there is an adapter included that can easily lift ATV and other small vehicles.
  • The Apluslift comes with 3 stages advanced adjustable features to help a longer motorcycle to fit onto the lift.
  • 7 position lock security system is a special feature that comes with the Auplus Lift to make sure security while lifting and operating is taking place.
  • An adjustment font extension to adjust the motorcycles and front-stop to the lift. Improving the wall of a cylinder to support 1.500 LB  capacity.
  • The AplusLife is heavy-duty built and has a compact portable design that facilitates and stores the AP-MT1500X. 
  • The low pinch ramp protects bikes since they are rolled and off as well as the elevator is detachable.

5. F2C 1500 LB

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The F2C 1500 lb Hydraulic motorcycle Hoist scissor lift jack is for a motorcycle with a flat bottom which is with a 10″ wide deck. The F2C Jack provides protected rubber surfaces to avoid slippage as well as preventing scratching of solid and steel structures in a complete black powder which has a beautiful look.

The F2C comes with three special locking mechanisms positioned for the safer to the motorcycle and during the operation on the motorcycle. This best motorcycle lift table is designed to fit most models of motorcycle.

F2C 1500 LB features:

  • The Fast-Action Foot Pump jack of F2C can support up to lift 1500 pounds. The special feature of F2C is 3-Position Locking Mechanism which provides more safety to the bike as well as being safer during the engine operation. 
  • F2C is ideal for lifting motorcycles,  ATVs, tractors, personal watercraft, and snowmobiles.
  • The Hydraulic lifts have Swivel Casters that can easily move the jack and adjust inappropriate positions for transportation. 
  • F2C is equipped with two suitable sizes of the jack. The opening of two adapter bars included, the hydraulic jack can be lifted manually by 1,500 pounds or 680 kg. 
  • The hydraulic jack is easy to adjust which does not take a large amount of space and it’s very easy to store.

6. Apextreme Motorcycle Lift

The Apextreme Motorcycle lift is a high-quality steel center scissors that are very easy to use, portable, and strong enough to deal with small individual vehicles, such as dirty bicycles, motorcycles,  jet skis, snowmobiles, and ATVs. The Apextreme is better suited for garages, shops, and lift. It can lift with 1,000 pounds and be durable with a fixed 2 years limited warranty. 

Apextreme Motorcycle Lift features:

  • Heavy motorcycles can be lifted easily with The Apextreme Motorcycle.
  • It’s compact and has an easy-to-use lifting mechanism which makes it safe and can lift up to 1100 pounds. 
  • The Jack has 14.6’’×9’’ durable double rubber buffers to prevent scratches and slipping. It is built with massive steel and covered with black powder to prevent rust
  • The galvanized crank handle can be removed by turning the metal sleeve and can also have an easy motorcycle lift.
  • The Apextreme Motorcycle repair is made to fit all motorcycle models and can be used in the garage, store, or on the track. 
  • Durable Construction: The crack of Apextreme is made of heavy steel and finished with a light black powder coat that is strong enough to support all sorts of motorcycles. The rubber mat is approx. 1/4 inches to provide stability.

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7. OTC 1545

The OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift is approximately 74 pounds and this is the lightest jack on the market, but it can still lift around 1,500 pounds. The chassis comprises hard steel and can be resistant to high pressure during use. A strong steel structure offers greater strength. In general, it’s high-quality materials that are rated as the best motorcycle lift table.

OTC 1545 features:

  • Jack OTC 1545 Motorcycle has a minimum clearance of 3½” support low riding cruisers. You can reach maximum lifting levels of 16 ¾, even if you use this low clearance which is the top range for a large amount of motorcycle lifting jack.
  • The handles can be removed completely when it gives 360 degrees of access to the motorcycle, different from other jacks that come with a fixed handle that may get in the way. It gave a quick and easy lift thanks to the leverage provided by the double handle.
  • The OTC 1545 motorcycle lift comes with a visual hydraulic mechanism. The OTC 1545 lift comes with the pedal lever to help and the motorcycles are easier to release and lower. 
  • There is also an automated security mechanism when they are lifting to ensure the security of the motorcycle.
  • The OTC 1545 has four casters that are easily installed correctly. The two rear wheels have a special locking mechanism that keeps Jack in a specific position. The OTC is very stable and hard which is very important for motorcycle lifting jacks. 
  • To ensure that there is a very small wobble in the jack, the OTC has included two ratcheting styles of tie format that holds the motorcycle under the lift and operation. 

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8. Zeny Jack

Zeny 1,100 lb Motorcycle Scissors lifting contact is for motorcycles with a flat background with a wide covered 9 “. The Zeny jack comes with a safe rubber surface to avoid slippage and also avoids the scraping of construction solid and robust steel with red color that looks beautiful. This motorcycle lift is designed to adapt to most motorcycle models such as cruises, helicopters, spyder, trikes, and sports bikes. 

Zeny Jack features:

  • Zeny can pick up the 1100 LB motorcycle with a simple rotating activity because Jack raises the feature with a flat bottom. 
  • The expansion deck is approx. 9″ wide and comes with a safe rubber surface to prevent sliding and scratch. 
  • The construction is solid and robust steel built with red paint and black powder-coated end. 
  • The Zeny motorcycle lift/repair stand is designed to adapt to all kinds of motorcycle models. It can also be used in the garage, shop, or on the track.

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9. Extreme Max

The Extreme Max Motorcycle Scissors 5001-5047 with 1100 lb with a steel scissor jack made in order to lift all types of motorcycles from  3-5/8″ up to 16-1/2″. This best motorcycle lift table is designed to lift manually. It also comes with an included handle which contains a dual adjustable and removable frame adapter which adds 2″ to  3-1/4″ of motorcycle lift.

The Extreme Max can be used as one jack to lift the wheel of the bicycles or another one to give the entire bike extra support. Welded side frames provide more stability for motorcycles and are pre-digested to attach permanent applications. The upper substrate is 17-3/4 “x 6”. Extreme Max has a 2-year warranty period and can not be expanded. 

Extreme Max features:

  • Jack can lift cruisers or touring motorcycle trips from 3-5/8″ up to 16-1/2″around 1100lb. In addition, Jack provides twi adjustable or detachable body adapters to add 2″ – 3-1/4″ of raise in the lift.
  • Designed for front or rear manual lifting using included handle Welded aspect brackets which add stability and pre-drilled for everlasting mounting purposes.
  • This jack comes with a steel frame in the central load, which is permanently welded by a basic structure for setting in the application. 
  • There is a two-year warranty on this jack.

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10. Yitamotor Wide Deck

YITAMOTOR Motorcycle Large Deck Scissor Lift is a 1100LBS motorcycle/ ATVs jack made of high-resistant steel. The adapted locking screw increases the reliability and protection at the time of the filling. But it will also easily be shot in four long rolls, simple, easy to change, and save easily. It can only be used with any motorcycle lift or alone.

 Its capacity is 1100 pounds. Capacity is made of solid steel that is easy to use and very strong. Small vehicles like dirt bikes or ATVs can be easily handled.

 Yitamotor Wide Deck features:

  • Construction of the solid steel in a proper finish with red and black colors. The surface has a rummy-type that is only the scrot of metal to avoid metal to metal but also the grip around the zero slip for optimal stability. 
  • An ideal tool for making tires or changing the oil and so on. This best motorcycle lift table is a must-have for everyone who has a motorcycle and recommends those who need to store their bike in winter or make frequent cleaning on their ride.
  • The surface consists of a robust rubber with striped veins, which occur oil grease, dirt-resistant, and also includes a 3/4 hexagon of the One Motorcycle Scissor Jack.
  • Yinotamotor is suitable for a road bike, cruises, and adventure touring and unfit for a dirt bike and ATV.
  • The range of Jack Lift is from 3-3/4 inches to 13-4/5 inches and comes with an easily operated sleeve (steel). 
  • You don’t need any technical experience to run the stand, you simply turn on the metal handle and raise your motorcycle in minutes. 

11. Smartxchoices 1500 LB

Smartxchoices is one of the best motorcycle lift tables in this list. When it comes to the product’s quality and durability have no concern when talking about this brand. The lifting jack is not an exception because there are all the necessary features for people who work in the garage.

Smartxchoices 1500 LB features:

  • This product is perfect for every model with a heavy capacity of 1500 pounds. In addition, Jack Motorbike is approved by CE and ANSI. 
  • It can be a perfect option, with some accessories, such as caps, handles, and adapters. 

12. Dragway Wide Deck

One of those containing most of the desired functions is the motorcycle lift from the Dragway brand. If you have a garage or preservation of this motorcycle plug, each penny is an ideal product to flex. It is designed to keep in mind that various models and bikes come in the garage. So it is designed so that it adapts perfectly to each model.

Dragway Wide Deck features:

  • This is the center scissor lift jack capable which can lift up to 1100 pounds and the maximum height lifting is 13.25 inches. 
  • A rubber coating is placed on taking the jack to improve the socket and stability. This also prevents slippage and bruises.

13. Durand Hydraulic

This best motorcycle lift table offers a protective height because it has a large top surface of the rubber. This is very user-friendly and can be adapted to maintenance and repair. It can also help you store quickly and have a precise inscription. 

This product is a very reliable and powerful design. It also contains rubber tires so you can have a simple tolerance. The machine can have a weight of up to 300 pounds and be supplied with a sliding rubber rink. It is provided as a compact size that can be easily obtained. It is perfect for small bikes and corrosion and antioxidants. 

Durand Hydraulic features:

  • A must-have item for fans of cruises, sports, or dirt bikes! The top is the rubber surface which raises the wheels off the ground for easy access maintenance and repair, as well as better storage. 
  • The compact size and manageable weight ensure that these tools can be transported and moved if needed. This lift can be moved easily with 4 strong rubber wheels, 2 of which are blocked for more stability. 
  • A high-quality steel frame certainly creates a powerful stable platform for serving or storing motorcycles. Opening the platform provides access to oil potential for home maintenance and oil change.

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14. Zeny Wide Deck

Looking for the best motorcycle lift table can be relatively difficult. Since hundreds of options are available on the market. The Zeny Wide Deck has a unique feature that takes over the competitors. You would like a solid design, clear output, and good control. It is constructed to be compatible with all kinds of motorcycles and ATVs. It has flat scissors and 1100 pounds scissor jack with a lift.

Zeny Wide Deck features:

  • These lift jack riders still change some sophisticated hydraulic systems with the simple operation of a crank
  • Moreover, it has a paint finish and it offers protection against the damage of weather. Then you can use it everywhere, inside or outside.

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15. Liftmaster 1100 LB

LiftMaster 1100 LB is one of the best motorcycles lift tables in your workshop. It is not only very durable but also provides maximum balance and stability. These are scissors jack, so it gives you durability and power for you as well. Besides, its capacity is 1100 pounds which are sufficient to lift the motorcycle. 

Liftmaster 1100 LB features:

  • Jack works under a simple crank that indicates that it can easily be used with ease and efficiency. A safety pin houses SIX different locking positions to prevent involuntary drops which usually happen when loading and unloading the motorcycle.
  • Jack also comes with two screw adapters to adjust the height area, and also lift your motorcycle a comfortable way. 
  • One of the most powerful motorcycle jacks on the market comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for a year, the same as all other products on this list.

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16. Extreme Max 5001

The usability of this best motorcycle lift table is making it stable and attractive to those who try to use a solution for the coming years. A key work that is sold separately. The upliftment style has the greatest advantage of being fully manual. As a result, the upliftment still depends on the user and it is very easy to use in many cases. 

Extreme Max 5001 features:

  • The extreme max 5001 motorcycle scissors jack lift can tolerate a maximum load of 1100lbs. It is this high capacity that enables an efficient increase in heavier motorcycles. The steel structure of the frame is also one of the most characteristic because it makes the elevator very robust. 
  • This lift is especially suitable for motorcycles and cruisers. And when properly from an accurate design can go to mobile ones. The main strengths are the attack and a huge touch space, making it the highest choice in class.

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17. Orion Motor Tech

These three main aspects of this best motorcycle lift table are reliability, security, and efficiency of the Orion Motor Engineering Dilated Scissor Lift Jack. This product also guarantees a year. It has a big rubber frame. The steel makes it dirt, grate, and anti-oil.

Orion Motor Tech features:

  • You will be grateful for the rubber deck that makes it impossible to slip on the floor and therefore avoids accidents. When buying the best motorcycle lift table, you should always check the dimensions of the platform to see if you can accommodate it in the space at your disposal. 
  • In addition to flexible this best motorcycle lift table offers, you may want to know that the lift is convenient for many applications, making the entire unit easy to give and use.

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18. Vivohome Steel

The motorcycle jack VIVOHOME is from high-quality steel and is finished with red and black powder. As one of the best coats, The Jack has an ergonomic designed to keep and hold onto both sides of the. It also has a flexible design because it comes with screws that help adjust the rotation height. The essential manner can be used with the gaps in the ground space for any motorcycle. 

Vivohome Steel features:

  • It has a removable handle with a length of 12 cm (4.72 inches) that facilitates the repairs options easily. It is equipped with an extra bolt for safety purposes. 
  • It can be used by rotating a metal crank, which can be easily used to lift bikes and make them suitable for garages, stores, or even tracks. 

19. Vivohome Hydraulic

This best motorcycle lift table has light and features that are ergonomic. It’s a light design that guarantees your motorcycle and your ATV handling and can help you easier. It can maintain up to 1500 pounds with a simple upliftment mechanism. It has an incredible load-bearing capacity.

This product consists of high-quality materials and can be used as one of the best motorcycle take-offs. It consists of a steel frame that definitely includes rubber lifting parts eliminating all slides. Due to all these attractive features, Jacks easily raise the car without permanent damage. 

Vivohome Hydraulic features:

  • This also offers the flexibility of simple navigation, you can bring Jack everywhere on your journey. A handful and rotation can facilitate the jack’s task. 
  • This jack can be used manually or automatically in both cases. It can work manually through a foot pedal or it can be attached to compressed air and also operated using a pneumatic lift cylinder. 

20. Vivohome Steel

This Vivohome model is one of the best motorcycle lift tables on the market. It comes with a robust solid alloy steel frame and paints robust paint, dirt, scratches, and dust. The plug is also supported on each side of the base with a 3-inch wing design that allows you to support and stabilize the plug. This plug is made with a high lifting capacity of 3.75 to 15.75 centimeters high. It is also supported by an impressive liability that can support about 1100 pounds of weight. 

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Vivohome Steel features:

  • This jack’s motorcycle is suitable for most bicycles, about 17.71 inches or 5.90 inches on the upper level, which represents a broad-face plate.
  • The jack quickly lifts all types of bicycles, simply turning the metal handle, which helps you become a perfect device in the garage, shop, or tracks.
  • The scissor lift jack has a safe pin on each side and a wing design, making it a perfect companion for maintenance.

That is the top of the 20 best motorcycle lift tables on the market now. Lifting and lowering the motorcycle is difficult to work because the bike is often a huge weight. So, the best motorcycle table will help you to solve the problem easily.

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