Top 10 Best Motorcycle Oil Filters 2021 (Review & Buying Guide)

To keep the motorcycle running smoothly while still protecting the engine safely. You need the best motorcycle oil filter! Oftentimes dirt, sludge, or contaminated oil are the cause of your motorcycle’s engine failure. It makes the engine not run smoothly, even shortens the life or damages the motorcycle. The oil filter will solve the problem for you. It will filter out most of the dirt, pollutants in the oil flow. Choosing for your motorcycle the best motorcycle oil filters is the right thing to do. Take a look at the best selling motorcycle oil filters 2021!

Top 10 best motorcycle oil filters review for 2021

1. The quality motorcycle oil filter: Hiflofiltro HF204RC Premium Oil Filter

If you are in need of a motorcycle oil filter the best in quality. Hiflofiltro HF204RC-2 Black Premium Oil Filter is a great choice for you. In fact, this motorcycle oil filter has undergone 16 quality checks and control before being sold to the market. The entire production process is closely monitored, the production line is closed. 

Thanks to a strict manufacturing process and many tests, Hiflofiltro HF204RC Premium Oil Filter is a high quality oil refining product. It is made from good materials from famous brands such as Toyota steel, Henkel glue, Ahlstrom Filtration filter paper . . .  This best motorcycle oil filter promises to give you a smooth experience. 


  • Made from high quality materials
  • The production line is closed, strictly inspected
  • Achieved high quality and passed many tests
  • Long time use
  • Bring good user experience


  • The filter is usually leaking at the end weld

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2. The best motorcycle oil filter to fit your motorcycle: Quicksilver 877761Q01 Oil Filter 

You want to buy the best motorcycle oil filter to fit your motorcycle because you want your engine to perform at its best. The oil filter that can meet that need is Quicksilver 877761Q01 Oil Filter. These Quicksilver oil filters are all designed to match the engine. This oil filter can confidently filter and remove oil contaminants. 

Do not worry that this filter will be damaged in a short time of use. Because the filter housing is made of high corrosion resistance. The advantage of this filter is that it can be easily removed with an oil filter tool or wrench. You need a suitable and good oil filter for your engine? Quicksilver 877761Q01 Oil Filter is the right choice. 


  • Anti-drain reverse valve helps to lubricate at start, avoid dry start
  • Advanced filter and cleaning media, remove oil and dirt
  • Thick metal shell, high corrosion resistance
  • Meet the specifications for best motorcycle engine protection
  • Easy to remove and replace with a tool or oil filter wrench


  • Only suitable for select engines
  • Out of stock quickly

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3. K&N Motorcycle Oil Filter: High Performance, Premium KN-171C

Oil filters can help you clean out any oil and well protect your engine is the oil filter you want to purchase. That is the best motorcycle oil filter from the famous oil filter maker K&N Oil Filter. 

K&N Motorcycle Oil Filter is an excellent oil filter, it is designed to adjust the flow rate of the oil flow to match the engine. This is considered a multifunctional oil filter, it can filter all synthetic, conventional, mixed and high concentration synthetic race oils. It helps to minimize engine damage in the oil. With its shiny finish, the case made of hard metal that is corrosion resistant and extremely durable, this is probably the oil filter you are looking for. 


  • Superior oil filter
  • The design of the oil filter can adjust the oil flow to suit the engine
  • Filter a variety of oils such as synthetic oils, conventional oils, mixed oils and oils with high concentrations
  • Good removal of substances harmful to the engine in the oil
  • Strong outer shell
  • Durable


  • The nut is difficult to remove for replacement

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4. The best Spin-on Motorcycle Oil Filter: FRAM PH6068 Chrome Motorcycle Oil Filter

The oil running in your engine is filtered out up to 95% of dirt by the FRAM PH6068 Chrome Spin-on Motorcycle Oil Filter. This best motorcycle oil filter maker has come up with a testament to this: this oil filter can protect the user’s engine up to 10000 miles. Especially, the perfect combination of fiber and plastic creates an exclusive oil filter.

It can clean 95% of oil residue, dirt that is harmful to the engine. It is suitable for regular engines and can well filter conventional or synthetic oils. The tough outer shell is made for increased durability. 


  • Filter 95% of dirt and harmful pollutants in oil
  • Best engine protection
  • Suitable for engines that operate regularly
  • Durable


  • Difficult to disassemble for replacement.

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5. Motorcycle oil filter protects diesel engine best: Cummins 1220833 Onan Quiet Diesel Oil Filter

An oil filter can filter out dirt in the oil and protect your diesel engine. That is the best motorcycle oil filter: Cummins 1220833 Onan Quiet Diesel Oil Filter. It is easy to maintain, remove, install or replace. The filter design inside the filter helps to filter out dirt in the oil that can damage the engine. You don’t have to worry about dirt getting in and damaging your engine. The manufacturer pledged that the filter was leak-free, and it did just that. 


  • Efficiently filters and removes oil residue
  • Easy to maintain and replace
  • The sieve works well
  • Protect the engine from oil sludge
  • No oil leakage


  • High cost

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6. The cheapest motorcycle oil filter: K&N Motorcycle Oil Filter: High Performance, Premium KN-112

If you are in need of the best motorcycle oil filter with high working performance, in the long run, K&N Motorcycle Oil Filter is the best choice for you. 

Hailing from the famous K&N brand, this oil filter provides you with an outstanding level of filtration and a high oil flow rate. It is suitable for filtration of all oils such as synthetic oil, general oil, high concentration synthetic oil. In particular, this oil filter has a novel design, with many interwoven filter layers. That helps the oil to be filtered clean, enabling the engine to operate at a high capacity. Your engine will also function in clean and smooth conditions. 


  • Removes most of the contaminants in oil
  • Good engine protection
  • Provides fast oil flow rate
  • Suitable for a variety of oils such as synthetic oils, general oils, high concentration synthetic oils
  • Easy to remove and replace
  • Withstands high working capacity for a long time


  • There is no O-ring as advertised

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7. The excellent oil filter: Honda OEM Oil Filter HONDA

Coming from a famous car maker, the best Honda OEM Oil Filter motorcycle oil filter will not let you down. This oil filter has better filter paper quality than other brands thanks to its exclusive design. In addition, the length of the filter, the back-drain valve, and the pressure plate are all very suitable. 

It is unlike any other filter on the market, it protects the engine by removing dirt from oil flows. This Honda OEM oil filter also extends the life of the engine, making it easy to disassemble and replace. You don’t need to spend money on oil filter replacement garages. 


  • Excellent oil filter
  • Purifies oil and improves oil flow
  • Protect and improve engine life
  • Easy to replace and disassemble


  • High cost
  • Out of stock quickly

best motorcycle oil filter 6

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8. K&N Motorcycle Oil Filter: High Performance, Premium, KN-204-1

Need a high performance motorcycle oil filter and high oil flow? K&N Motorcycle Oil Filter is the perfect choice for you. It is designed so that the flow can be adjusted to suit the engine. This oil filter can be suitable for a wide variety of oils, from synthetic oils to conventional oils. Its working capacity is remarkable, it can operate for long periods with dense working frequency. Like other K&N oil filters, this oil filter also has a weld suitable for other types of oil filter wrench or other oil filter removal tools. You can easily remove and replace them. 


  • Filter clean oil, retain most of the dirt in the oil
  • Designed for exceptionally high oil flow rates
  • The oil flow is consistent with the engine
  • Better engine protection
  • Efficient work efficiency
  • Working time can belong


  • Leaks at the weld after a period of use

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9. The best motorcycle oil filter with high working performance: Fram CH6009 

Specially designed, Fram CH6009 Oil Filter for Motorcycles brings the best quality oil to your engine. This best motorcycle oil filter has a mixture of cellulose and glass materials that help protect the engine perfectly. Silicone reverse drain valves can resist hot oil for engines up to 3 times. The maximum working efficiency of this filter can be up to 10000 miles

In addition, the filter paper is arranged in folds that can trap 95% of the remaining dirt. The filter can help the engine run smoother, protecting the engine from wear. It is suitable for general oil or general oil. 


  • Excellent ability to filter oil sludge and dirt
  • Protect engine from wear
  • High performance up to 10000 miles
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Special filter design filters 95% of dirt in the oil


  • Oil should be changed regularly

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10. The best motorcycle oil filter: K&N Motorcycle Oil Filter KN-303

What is the best motorcycle oil filter like an oil filter? K&N Motorcycle Oil Filter will let you know. 

Again a motorcycle oil filter from the KN brand. It is of high quality thanks to the special design, the filters will operate at full capacity to remove the residue present in the oil flow. It is suitable for almost any oil from ordinary oils to synthetic oils or blends. In addition, this oil filter has undergone many tests and tests to ensure its quality.

It is the perfect tool to help the engine do its job better. Its rust-resistant metal outer casing gives it outstanding durability. It can withstand high working capacity and achieve good efficiency. 


  • The special design helps to remove dirty oil deposits in the oil flow
  • Adjust the oil flow to suit the engine
  • Suitable for many types of oils such as conventional oils, mixed oils and synthetic oils
  • Tested and verified
  • Easy to disassemble and replace
  • High working capacity for a long time


  • Out of stock quickly

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With that said, the motorcycle oil filter is a pretty important part. On the market today, there are many units that supply different types of oil filters. Therefore, the oil filter replacement is not too difficult. You only need to pay attention to when it is necessary to change the oil filter, as well as observe the signs of a motorbike to change oil at the right time, to ensure that the car is always running well. Above are the best motorcycle oil filters that we learn to recommend for you. 

Tips for picking the best motorcycle oil filter

Overall, the best motorcycle oil filter plays a crucial role in protecting your vehicle. This unit is specially designed to filter metal particles and dirt in engine oil. It helps to remove impurities that are harmful to the engine. You can simply visualize it like a human body. Engine oil is our blood. Help us to function, infuse nutrients and sustain life. Then filter the oil like our kidneys. Helps filter out harmful substances in the blood. So we have to choose the best motorcycle oil filters. 

Here are some tips we give to help you choose the best and most suitable filter for your motorcycle.

1. The best motorcycle oil filter should have all the parts

To be able to ensure a good job of filtering the dirt in the oil, the oil filter should have the following parts:

  • Gasket: this is where the oil enters and exits the oil filter. 
  • Anti-flow valve: a valve that prevents the oil from seeping back into the oil filter when the engine is not running. 
  • Filter unit: this part is a filter element containing the filter layers made up of micro cellulose and synthetic fibers. Acts as a sieve to help trap contaminants. These filters are folded, or folded, for maximum efficiency
  • Center steel pipe: After the oil is cleaned, it will return to the engine through this steel pipe.
  • Drain valve: When started in cold temperatures, the engine still needs oil. However, if the temperature is too low, the oil will thicken and not pass through the filter cartridge. So the drain valve allows a small amount of unfiltered oil into the engine to meet the lubrication needs until the oil is hot enough to function properly. 
  • End layer: At the end of the filter fault is a gasket usually made of fiber or metal. These gaskets help prevent oil from being filtered to the central steel pipe and back into the engine. 
  • Residue: Is a small metal part to retain impurities. 

2. Equipped with basic knowledge of the types of oil filters

Each oil filter has a different design and construction. Manufacturers always want to differentiate with more advantages than their competitors. 

Therefore, you must be able to distinguish the type of oil filter your vehicle uses. As explained, each filter type has different characteristics. Understanding will help the filter perform at its best and your car will run smoothly. You will have the best choices when you have a basic knowledge of oil filters. 

3. Choose the right filter size for your motorcycle

The filters look pretty similar. However, each oil filter has different parts, sizes, designs and modes of operation. The oil filter will be designed differently based on the model and model. So you have to find the right filter size for your vehicle. Otherwise, it will lead to an oil leak. You can read the vehicle manual before choosing to buy a filter for your car.

4. Observe the oil filter carefully when buying

There is a misconception that if a filter has fewer elements in it, it will filter less. However, the truth is that there are many filter media and their quantity does not dictate the filtration capacity of a viscous filter. Filtering tools are only one part that you need to thoroughly examine before choosing. The more folded (or the filter layer) is, the more impurities will be retained. That equates to cleaner and better filtered oil for your engine. 

5. Quick tips for choosing the best motorcycle oil filter

  • Having more pleats (filter layer) means that the filter collects more pollutants. 
  • In addition, filters that can filter particles from 3-10 micrometers are good filters. 
  • A nice oil filter should have a metal cap. Some use a cardboard paper cap, but it is more susceptible to damage. 
  • Anti-backflow valves made of metal have higher strength than valves made from plastic. 
  • Check that the gasket is made of plastic material to make sure there are no oil leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should the oil filter be changed?

The oil filter replacement time is almost the same as the engine oil change. The oil filter also needs to be changed periodically to maintain the smoothness of the car, inside and out. The main role of the oil filter is to filter pollutants out of the oil. It is also important that you change it periodically to avoid pollutants from accumulating and clogging the filter. 

The perfect time to change an oil filter is when you change the oil. The ideal time is every 3 – 6 months. 

2. What is a sign of a damaged, degraded oil filter?

Normally, you will not realize that your oil filter is damaged until you find your car is not working as well as it used to be. It’s hard to tell if a filter is working properly as most filters have a safety feature that allows unfiltered oil to remain in your engine. Because dirty oil is better than not having oil. 

Despite this feature, there are some obvious signs your vehicle does:

  • The engine light was turned on

When dirty oil begins to circulate in your engine. Then pollutants can accumulate and cause problems. This will activate the “Low Engine Oil” light – “Low engine oil level”. Most cars are equipped with this type of light. Some vehicles are equipped with “Low Oil Pressure” lights – “Low oil pressure”. And if either of these lights comes on – check if your filter has a problem. 

  • Oil leakage

When oil leaks from your car, something goes wrong. This happens when the oil filters are damaged and are no longer able to adapt to the temperature change. Causes the system to crash. 

When you see oil leaking, you will also notice that the oil pressure becomes lower than normal. The more oil leaks out of the gasket, the lower the oil pressure will be. And if the pressure is too low, then the engine will have problems too.

  • Engine temperature is too hot

Engine overheating is also a sign of your car’s many problems. However, the oil filter is one of the reasons. When the oil is not circulating, contaminants will build upon the engine. Prevent internal heat conduction. 

This causes engine wear and can lead to malfunction and heat generation. The normal temperature of your car should be 90oC – 105oC (195oF – 220 oF). When the car exceeds that temperature range, it’s time your car needs inspection and maintenance.

3. Which motorcycles need to change the oil filter regularly?

  • You should change the oil regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations in the following cases:
  • The vehicle runs in a dusty environment (eg desert or dirt roads)
  • Vehicles running in environments with high humidity (humidity higher than 85%)
  • Vehicles running regularly in high temperature environments (above 32 ° C)
  • If your car is forced to drive, that means driving at high rpm (for example, when departing at a red light)
  • Vehicles often have to suddenly speed up or decelerate when traffic jams or in the city (can cause oil damage quickly up to 50%)
  • Vehicle used infrequently
  • The oil should be changed immediately at any time if the vehicle overheats or shows signs of overheating or in case the engine gets into water.

4. If you forget to change the oil filter, will the motorbike be affected much?

Oil filter is a very important part to protect the engine by filtering dirt and providing the engine with the cleanest lubrication. If the oil filter is clogged, it becomes more difficult for the oil to circulate, which reduces the oil pressure and ultimately makes it very difficult for the oil to reach the parts of the machine. To prevent engine shut down due to reduced oil pressure, the oil filter is fitted with a drain valve. 

If the drain valve is opened because the oil filter is blocked, oil residue and other substances are not filtered and may enter the engine. As a result, the engine fails more quickly.

5. Should old motorcycle oil filters be repurchased and used?

The answer is no. Because when the oil filter is used it will not be able to function as well as it did when it first started. The sieve will also reduce the working efficiency so that oil residues cannot be filtered out. Even good old oil filters should not be repurchased. It greatly affects the quality of the oil that is filtered out.

6. How to create conditions for motorcycle oil filters to work best?

To facilitate the most efficient operation of the oil filter, the user needs to check the engine oil level at least once a month. And change the engine oil when necessary, not just based on the indicator light on the tablo board. If you find any signs of damage to the oil filter, it is also necessary to conduct a more thorough inspection and replace it soon because this is a major influence on the engine lubrication process. 

7. What should be noted when replacing the oil filter?

The oil filter should be replaced with each oil change or one oil change, depending on the vehicle brand. 

When opening the new filter seal, you need to apply a layer of oil to ensure the new filter does not get attached to metal objects before replacing it.

Before you pour new oil into the engine, you need to remove the filter plug to place the funnel. Based on the cylinder capacity of different engines, you need to add the right amount of oil. 

Before closing the vehicle parts, pay attention, make sure the oil does not leak out. Due to the low temperature and inflexibility of the oil, you need to wait a few minutes for the oil to flow down all the places. 

On the market today there are many different brands of oil filters, corresponding to each model or vehicle. Therefore, with the identification and use of the correct car lubricants. Users need to carefully understand the technical information and requirements of the engine to choose the right oil filter to maximize its quality and performance.


The oil filter is a very important part of your vehicle. It can trap most of the dirt and pollution present in the oil flow. So, the motorcycle oil filter can protect and prolong the service life of your engine. One can see that choosing the best motorcycle oil filter is absolutely essential. The above article is our complete share of the best motorcycle oil filters and some experiences on motorcycle oil filters. Hopefully, the above sharing is useful to you!

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