Top 9+ Best Motorcycle Roads In Ohio: Unexpected Discoveries!

If you have ever been to Ohio you will be very impressed with the nature and beautiful scenery of this land. That is why those who love motorbikes want to find and explore such charming landscapes. This article Motoczysz will introduce you to the best motorcycle roads in Ohio.

Some important information about Ohio

Ohio is surrounded by the Ohio River, but nearly all of the river belongs to Kentucky and West Virginia. Ohio has a vast network of beautiful country roads and roads. These routes are a motorcyclist’s dream. Do you know? This beautiful state is dotted with lush green hills, dense forests and wide-open meadows that lush green when spring comes, and bright yellow in summer. This setting provides the perfect setting for a relaxing motorbike excursion. Drive your car to Cedar Falls so you can enjoy the breeze in your hair and the unrivaled magic of the best motorcycle roads.

With descriptions of such beautiful scenery, are you ready to conquer the roads of Ohio? The following will be the most beautiful trails that Motoczysz would like to introduce to you.

The Scenic Windy 9, district of Athens, Ohio

The Scenic Windy 9, district of Athens is a collection of nine most beautiful bikers, each approximately 50 to 100 miles long developed by the Athens District Convention and Visitor Bureau. The total length of windy 9 is nearly 1000 miles.
Scenic Windy 9 will take motorcyclists through some of Ohio’s most stunning landscapes including; Wayne National Forest, Hocking Hill… and many state parks and forests. You will pass covered bridges, farmland with endless and beautiful fields, charming little towns along the majestic Ohio River!

For those of you who’ve ever passed through Ohio’s Windy 9 it’s truly a motorcyclist’s dream and definitely the best motorcycle lanes in Ohio!
Windy 9 is truly considered by bikers to be the best motorcycle routes collection in the state. Full of levels for bikers from curves and curves, hairpin curves and long easy-to-walk paths, Windy 9 has a route for all levels of motorcyclists!

TOP 9+ best motorcycle roads in Ohio: Unexpected discoveries!

Route 1: Belt Of The World

Distance: 87 miles
The “Belt of the World” is as its name suggests, this route will take drivers around Highway 78, northeastern Athens. Pass through Glouster, Ringgold, McConnelsville, Stockport, Chesterhill, Sharpsburg, Amesville and you’ll be back in Athens. Your outing will be easy. Along the way you’ll enjoy views of Wayne National Forest, Burr Oak State Park, Muskingum River and Stockport Factory.

Local attractions that you can stop along the route are Miners Memorial Park, Underground Railroad History Markers and Stockport Dam and Dam. This route seems to be popular, especially through the Burr Oak State Park area, where you can stop and rest for a bit. While resting you can watch motorbikes quickly passing.

With our experiences on this road we can confirm that you will love it. Not only about the landscape, the atmosphere, the environment, but everything on this road seems to be wonderful. Even the food is the same. If you are a fussy eater and do not like to enjoy new things, remember to bring your favorite food!

Interesting bends on the Belt Of The World Road

Interesting bends on the Belt Of The World Road

Route 2: Southern Dip

Distance: 94 miles
On the Southern Dip, you will take a tour along the Ohio River Sightseeing Walk, south of Athens. This road along the river will let you see the peaceful flow of the river. You’ll pass lovely riverside towns like Pomeroy, Middleport and Gallipolis then head north to Vinton and Albany back to Athens.

If you once went to the “Southern Dip” you will be able to affirm that this is the best excursion trip. There are no bends or elbow curves along the way, the whole road is just gentle curves, the open road and the beautiful Ohio River! Wow! Everything is so peaceful and poetic. Imagine yourself driving while enjoying the scenery of the Ohio River and the peaceful Appalachian countryside. Interesting places to stop are many

Lookout spots along the waterfront, gallipolis City Park waterfront and you can take a few extra miles to chase your way to visit Evans Farm Bob and Homestead near Rio Grande. If you want, you can also cross the river to get to West Virginia and explore the opposite side of the river!

On this route you will enjoy a peaceful view.

On this route you will enjoy a peaceful view

Route 3: Hocking Hills Nipper

Distance: 93 miles
“Hocking Hills Nipper” detours this hill that will take drivers north and northwest of Athens. This tour will take you through the towns of Chauncey, New Straitsville, Logan and will eventually end in Athens. From our experience we advise you not to just drive but to stop and spend your time along this route from time to time. Along the way you can enjoy experiences such as the Hocking Hills Scenic Byway cruise.

Most especially you can take the time to explore one of Ohio’s favorite tourist destinations, Hocking Hill!
This is a favorite route for many drivers because the Wayne National Forest is beautiful and lush. It is followed by Hocking Hill and Hocking and Zaleski State Forest. For those who absolutely love nature, this trip is to enjoy the beauty of nature!

During the trip you will have many considerations of the age of the oak trees in the woods, explore the Grotto of the Old and the Ash Cave at Hocking Hills, and search for the back roads for the Cox Covered Bridge (located on the Road Woodgeard, just south of the intersection of SR 56 and SR 93), “Hocking Hills Nipper” makes for a great day trip too!

The scenery is on both sides of the road as you run through the National Forest

The scenery is on both sides of the road as you run through the National Forest

You will see nothing but the romantic scenery of the national forests. What’s even more interesting is that you will see rocks falling along the road in the Hocking Hills area, some blind bends and a herd of deer (there will be a few deer running by your side while others will devour. grinds an afternoon snack along the way, nods as you pass). Do you imagine this dreamlike scene? For us, it is really a mark that is hard to forget.
And if you want a cold drink and one of the most popular hamburgers here, head over to JimBo’s Bar and Diner and enjoy! Definitely will not disappoint you and maybe you will feel like you belong to this place!

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Route 4: Lazy river

Distance: 101 miles
The “Lazy River” route circulates east and southeast of Athens. Pass through Stewart, Reedsville, Portland, Racine, Pomeroy and the riders back to Athens. True to its name, this best motorcycle roads in Ohio is a yacht dream! There were only a few gentle curves along the way, and drivers could let the road lead them leisurely along the Hocking and Ohio rivers.

There are not too many beautiful scenes on this road, but you absolutely can see and enjoy the tranquility and peace here. Running along the river watching the water drifting, surrounded by fields are vast with the scent of plants, flowers, and leaves. A scent you won’t get in big cities.
Local attractions along the route that you can stop are Forked Run State Park, Buffington Island Battlefield State Memorial Park, and many dams and locks on the Ohio River. You can take a few minutes to stretch your legs while watching the technical staff do their jobs and explore the rich history of the riverside town, Pomeroy. This route is all about river cruises and enjoy stunning river views and stunning farmland of Ohio.

Lazy river is really an ideal environment for those who love peace and quiet

Lazy river is really an ideal environment for those who love peace and quiet

Route 5: Zaleski Zipper

Distance: 51 miles
“Zaleski Zipper” is the shortest of the nine Windy 9 routes. This route circles west of Athens, passes through Albany and Zaleski and then back to Athens. Since this road is quite short, there are not too many beautiful sights for you to admire. However, for those who are new to motorcycles and want a safe ride, they can choose this route.

You will be in harmony with nature, take your eyes on the scenery on the two sides of the road, enjoy the fragrance of plants and flowers. There are no dangerous turns on this road so you can rest assured. Note do not run too fast to avoid causing unnecessary accidents!

We enjoyed the trip using a cold drink at Zaleski at the Village Inn. At that time it was just us and the service staff. He spoke to us like old friends, telling us about the local area and haunted locations near Lake Hope State Park. You see, if you’re busy wanting to know more about your destination remember to talk more with native speakers, it will change your view of a place!

Have another choice if you don’t stop at the Village Inn, Zaleski will be another shady town where you can stop by on your two-day excursion. We are sure that you will want to return to this small town again in the future due to the friendliness of the natives. That is also the reason why this road becomes the best motorcycle roads in Ohio.

Blue sky, white clouds, yellow sunshine, green trees are a really relaxing image

Blue sky, white clouds, yellow sunshine, green trees are a really relaxing image

Route 6: Pioneer Pass

Distance: 105 miles
If you are a history lover, always want to learn and visit more historical sites, you cannot ignore this road. “Pioneer Pass” takes drivers east of Athens. This route will take you through Amesville, Sharpsburg, Chesterhill, Watertown, Marietta and then back to Athens. With this route, you can fully experience a short hike along the 555 State Route (Triple Nickle). Then you’ll cross rolling Appalachian hills, Wayne National Forest, Stroud’s Run State Park and Gifford State Park.
Take a break to explore Marietta and Valley Gem Sternwheeler to enjoy Ohio’s rich river history. The main reason this road becomes the best motorcycle roads in Ohio, let’s find out!
Marietta is a small town that captivates anyone who visits this place. Beautifully renovated brick streets, Victorian-era buildings and houses, centuries of history, outdoor adventures and welcoming locals that take pride in their community easy to spread. The nearby location of the Marietta River and Wayne National Forest makes nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers flock to this riverside town. From canoeing, kayaking and river boating, hiking, mountain biking and atv’s ride, Segway tours, riding a historic Sternwheeler or riding the zigzag paths above a motorcycle, the outdoor adventures are plentiful in Marietta!

You can freely breathe fresh air and enjoy the fresh air here.

You can freely breathe fresh air and enjoy the fresh air here.

Stop by in the picturesque and picturesque town of Marietta, and you have a wide choice of eateries, accommodations and attractions along with other convenient services. We hope you will have an enjoyable stay here.

Route 7: Pomeroy Dash

Distance: 64 miles
“Pomeroy Dash” will take you south of Athens. This rather short route will take you along Old US 33 via Shade, Pomeroy, Albany and back to Athens, introducing the main historic route connecting Athens to the Ohio River. “Pomeroy Dash” features gentle curves, Appalachian country roads and views of the Ohio River. The road is quite short and there are not too many beautiful scenes that you can admire here. However, you can completely immerse yourself in nature and enjoy a sense of peace and relaxation during the trip.
Along the way we found the cutest little town cafe in Albany that serves a delicious, homemade breakfast! The Albany Café is housed in an old school building, patrons dine in cafes with school-themed décor on the walls and cabinets in the hallway. With delicious food and a school spirit, Albany Café will remind you of your school days! It is truly a trail that you should not miss for your trip.

Agricultural fields stretched along the route

Agricultural fields stretched along the route

Route 8: Black Diamond Track

Distance: 101 miles
The “Black Diamond Track” takes you north of Athens. This Ohio road trip showcases the early-century mining towns of the Hocking Valley, passing through Nelsonville, Somerset, New Lexington, Shawnee, New Straitsville, Chauncey and back to Athens. Explore Wayne National Forest, Nelsonville Historical Square, Hocking Valley Landscape Railway, Rocky Outdoor Facility, and Robinson Cave. If you are tired to stop many times, you can completely ride and admire, feel and enjoy the atmosphere that this place gives you.
On this way we decided to stop in Somerset to relax and enjoy lunch at Clay Haus. Clay Haus is a restaurant located in an Old German House built between 1812 and 1820. Opened in 1978, as a German-American restaurant, visitors to Clay Haus will love the food and Historical atmosphere of the place.

I am sure you will love these roads

I am sure you will love these roads

Route 9: The Triple Nickle

Distance: 63 miles
Ohio’s legendary “Triple Nickle” in biker circles. This is the most challenging of the nine. “Triple Nickle” or State Route 555 runs north-south through four districts. This rural route features well-maintained roads, with its numerous curves, curves, curves and hills that are the dream of sports racers. During the trip on this road, you will find it difficult to have a relaxing time to see nature and plants. Instead, you will have to focus on the steering wheel and handle the difficult roads you encounter during the trip.
If you are looking for a light and relaxing excursion or are inexperienced “Triple Nickle” is not for you. As a technically difficult route, drivers must stay alert, obey the speed limit and watch for loose rock / gravel around certain curves.
For sure this is a thrilling ride full of adrenaline, although you’ll probably get a little nervous on this route, with its constant twists and turns and hazy curves. We just passed two other motorcyclists along the way. This indicates that very few people choose this route for their itinerary. And when we passed it we reached Ohio’s beautiful farmland and then quickly passed Wayne National Park. “Triple Nickle” is all about the trip, not the destination. Many riders labeled the SR 555 the best ride in Ohio and others have nicknamed it the “Ohio Dragon Tail”!

A little signboard to help you know that you're getting started with Ohio Dragon Tail

A little signboard to help you know that you’re getting started with Ohio Dragon Tail

The Hocking Hills Scenic Byway

We have just finished 9 paths on windy 9. One more track in Ohio that we want to introduce to you is The Hocking Hills Scenic Byway.
On Hocking Hills Scenic Byway Road you will experience and be known as one of the gathering places of scenic spots in the area, and it’s right out of our front door! Most of the roads are paved smooth, easy to move, you can slowly enjoy the scenery or drive at high speed to experience the thrills, you should look closely at the signs because there are some corners. Narrow crabs are clearly marked. What you’ll get on this trail is enjoying the beauty of the roller coaster-like hills and twists, with very little traffic for the week.
This route also cuts through Hocking Hills State Park, so you can stop and walk to popular attractions in the area like Ash Cave and Conkle’s Hollow. When you actually drive on this road, you will be able to understand why it is one of the best motorcycle roads in Ohio!

Where will you be in Ohio?

Along windy 9 roads has a variety of hotels you can choose from. In our experience, you should not miss a night in Athens. With the comfort, relaxation and comfort it offers you will re-energize your travels.
The places you can stay in Athens that we recommend include:

Ohio University Inn

Ohio University Inn welcomes you after a long hot day driving on the road in a luxurious, clean and comfortable space. All rooms here are fully equipped with amenities, always keep the necessary tidy and cleanliness.
Ohio University Inn is currently offering guests the “Ohio Windy 9” hotel package, which includes overnight accommodation (guests can request a room with a parking view so they can ride a motorbike all night), morning (optional or “Grab & Go” for early risers), free car wash area and free Ohio Windy 9 map and helmet sticker.

Other hotel facilities include a large outdoor courtyard for relaxation and relaxation, a swimming pool, a convention center, free Wi-Fi, a Starbucks Coffee Shop, Bunch of Grapes Pub, and Cutler’s Restaurant.

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Inn & Spa at Cedar falls

After a great day on your motorbike, another option besides the Ohio University Inn is the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, which we told you in our post and we’d like to repeat once again because this place is really great for your trip, a place to help you re-energize your trip. Comfortable rooms are the perfect place to relax and the on-site Kindred Spirits restaurant serves hearty and delicious dishes that will leave you feeling energized and extremely comfortable.
A yacht, cabin, cottage, and guest room are also available. This is truly a place suitable for everyone! Each stay comes with a complimentary daily breakfast, so you can recharge before heading back for your trip.

You will truly be immersed in nature with the impressive design of Inn & Spa at Cedar falls

You will truly be immersed in nature with the impressive design of Inn & Spa at Cedar falls

In addition, if you want to experience the life of local people, you can choose any homestay and ask to stay. Or you can choose to stay at the Homestay you see on the side of the road. Wish you find a place to rest that suits your desires!

Where to eat and drink in Ohio?


If you feel exhausted and tired after a trip of more than 7 hours, we recommend you to stay at the Athens hotel for the evening. Here you can eat a delicious meal at the hotel’s restaurant, Cutler’s. Then enjoy a quick drink on the outdoor patio. Finally, return to your room to enjoy the comfort of the room and recharge for the next journey. Talking a little bit about the food and drinks here is quite delicious. The menu has a lot of options for your needs.

Cutler's romantic ambience on the campus of Ohio University Inn

Cutler’s romantic ambience on the campus of Ohio University Inn

Smiling Skull Saloon

A bar for the famous local bikers, Smiling Skull Saloon has been around for a long time. Here you can have the opportunity to meet all kinds of people at the bar. The bargoers are not just motorcyclists, but also locals and all beer lovers. It has a list of craft beers and draft beers and it’s a good place to hang out when you’re in between trips.

Smiling Skull Saloon's unique and impressive interior design

Smiling Skull Saloon’s unique and impressive interior design

Motoczysz has just shared with you all important and necessary information about the best motorcycle roads in Ohio. Hopefully, you will have a happy trip, relieve stress after hard working days. Have a happy trip and many memories!

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