The Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks In 2021- Detailed Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The best motorcycle wheel chocks will secure the front wheel for both storage and transportation. Currently, the wheel chock market is very diverse with a variety of suitable products for each wheel size. However, with too many options, you don’t know how to choose the best product that suits your bike. And if you are looking for the best suitable motorcycle wheel chocks, this article of Motoczysz is for you.

What are the wheel chock and its importance?

A wheel chock is a type of support made of durable materials such as steel, aluminum, steel alloys, etc. This unit helps to lock the front or rear tire on your bike so that it is safe and does not fall. This prevents fundamentally sudden accidental movements. 

Chock helps keep the bike upright so you can easily do some repair work on it or transport it without worrying about safety. A wheel chock is a very important tool for anyone who has a bike. 

There are some reasons for using motorcycle wheel chocks.

Avoids Slippage

Wheel chock helps to avoid accidental damage when preventing the unwanted movement of the bicycle. And this is the most significant reason why you should use the wheel chock.

In cases where the brake fails, this chock comes to the rescue and prevents it from slipping. And, as mentioned above, this is really useful during transport when the rear wheel for weight changes is confronted and can go in different directions. 

All-Weather Protector

Whether it rains, snow, or sunny, your wheel chock will always protect your bike. On the snow or rain, your bike is likely to slide away, but even on wet surfaces helps keep the bicycle safe. 


When you have to repair your bike in the garage, you will clearly need a strong standard so that you can easily concentrate on doing work instead of guaranteeing the bicycle. 


If you leave your house for a long time or by another vehicle, keep the bike in the garage. However, you cannot leave your bike by standing aside to support a small bike rack. Bike chock will keep it vertical and ensure security even when you do not go around to save a check. 

What are the wheel chock and its importance?

What are the wheel chock and its importance?

List of the best motorcycle wheel chocks

1. CONDOR PS-1500 Pit Trailer-Stop – Best Premium Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

This is the best motorcycle wheel chock that can be used on any flat surface. It is suitable for use on your garage floor or in a flat trailer. It weighs 30 pounds, so it’s a bit difficult to move when the occasion occurs.

It has no restricted weight limit, but users have reported using it with bikes over 1000 pounds. The only main limitation is the size of the wheels. They must have between 15 “at 22” diameter and between 80 mm at 220 mm wide. This makes it perfect for most motorcycles. 

The wheel chock has four bolt holes to fix the ground or bed on your trailer. It is advisable to use them. But if you push the wheel chock with the wall, it is possible to use it without having to pour it. 

If you are used to riding on a trailer, you need to attach your motorcycle with an additional strap on the normal way. If you transport with a trailer you must rush the chocolate on the bed. There is an optional trailer adapter that helps make the process.


  • ✔ Quality construction.
  • ✔ Suitable for heavy motorcycles.
  • ✔ Can be used on trailers.
  • ✔ Patented locking system.


  • ✘ The trailer adaptor kit is not included.
  • ✘ Not suitable for small bikes.

2. CONDOR SC-2000 Trailer-Only Chock – Best Mid Range Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

This is intended to be used when you only transport your motorcycle or trailer. If you need the best motorcycle wheel chock for use in the garage, take another look at CONDOR PS-1500 Pit Trailer-Stop in our review. An undeniable advantage of this shock is that despite the fact that this is less flexible, you save an important part of the change.

The CONDOR SC-2000 is made of heavy caliber premiums. It can be used to protect the front or rear wheels between 14 “to 22”. It is suitable for tires with a width of 80 mm to 220 mm. Besides, you can accommodate bicycles with an amazing 3,000 pounds. Now it’s a heavy bike. 

This wheel chock uses the patented locking system to keep the bike upright. It is easy to use and can be operated with a single person. Adjusting it to suit several wheels of different sizes is also a simple operation. 

The wheel chock comes with all the installed tracks and bars, so there are no other purchases. Failed to achieve mounting routes for the trailer. Then you can only use it if you use this, it does not want to remove it, it can be folded to create an excessive room.

By loading and carrying your bike, you need some fastening straps completely. However, it is all you need and you can then be sure that the wheel remains firmly in place during transport. 

Of course, moving expensive bikes can be very stressful. We get it. But be calm that Condor is a name that is trusted by professionals. Go to any important motorcycle event or exhibition, and the Condor will be one of the most popular choices on the back of trailers. If it is entrusted to transport bicycles, you will be fine.

CONDOR SC-2000 Trailer-Only Chock

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  • ✔ High-quality use of materials.
  • ✔ 3,000lb weight limit.
  • ✔ Easy to adjust.
  • ✔ All the fixings are included


  • ✘ For trailer use only.

3. Pingel Series E Track Wheel Chock System WC65EF – Best Heavy Duty Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

This best motorcycle wheel chock is a resistant floor rack that can be used in a garage, outside or trailer. It is compatible with any E-track system. You can use it with an existing e-path that you are already installed or a bolt to be delivered. 

If you want to place a grip on the rack, place only two clips on the rack, and when it is in the right place on your bike, pull out a tight belt. If you want to put your bike in the cock, it’s as easy. Drive it directly between the stroke bars, and it’s it. 

Once in place, they have a very low profile and occupy a minimal room. You can easily adjust them side by side on your trailer. In addition, when not used, you can remove the wheel and free space on your trailer for normal loads. Fortunately, installation and disassembly are also quick and easy. 

The Pingel Series E Track Wheel Chock System will adapt to any motorcycle with wheels up to six inches and average wide. It has no established weight limit, but it will be happy to transport a large Harley or Goldwing

The thing we must consider in the series of Pingel Series and Trial Wheel Chock is that it is modular. You can buy racks and chocks separately. This means you just need to buy exactly what you need. It is an excellent savings system and cost savings with a large number of senses.

Pingel Series E Track Wheel Chock System WC65EF

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  • ✔ Modular design.
  • ✔ Will take any motorcycle with wheels up to 6.5” wide.
  • ✔ Quick installation.
  • ✔ Bikes can be loaded single-handed.


  • ✘ Unknown weight limit

4. Lock N Load BK1000 Deluxe Motorcycle Wheel Chock – Best Value for the Money Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

These are the best motorcycle wheel chocks with all you need to effectively secure and lock your motorcycle. The kit is made up of a single chock and a pair of d-rings, and a speedy release of the ratchet strap. 

The wheel chock is built of high-quality reinforced steel and is designed to adapt to all factory setting engine cycles. It will also work for a basic bike, as it will do it for a good harley for touring bikes. We are confident that it will agree that it gives a decent amount of versatility. 

The wheel chock has four bolts that install a trailer. When the wheel is placed in the wheel chock, it is also a ratchet strap, which is also positioned to link and secure the front wheel. Chock has two mounting points on both sides to suit the ratchet strap.

It is also included in the packaging, are two D tires and ratchet straps. These must be installed on the back of your vehicle, on both sides of the rear wheel. With the motorcycle in the bed, attach the two rear parts of the motorcycle, tighten them, and it’s great to go. 

Like the Pingel Series E Track Wheel Chock, it is also a modular-style system. You can buy straps with shock, D-rings, and ratchets separately. This gives you a lot of versatility to customize and switch around the pieces.

Lock N Load BK1000 Deluxe Motorcycle Wheel Chock

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  • ✔ Suitable for all factory-built motorcycles.
  • ✔ The wheel chock is made from high-quality reinforced steel.
  • ✔ Quicky and easy to install.
  • ✔ Fast mounting time.
  • ✔ A modular system.


  • ✘ Poor instructions.
  • ✘ There are some sharp edges on the mounting plates.

5. Extreme Max 5001.5010 Standard Motorcycle Wheel Chock – Best Budget Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

This is the best motorcycle wheel chock which is strong and durable. It is robust steel and is coated with a semi-brilliant corrosion-resistant black finish. There is no doubt that it is a wheel bubbled to last. 

The wheel chock needs assembling, but it is a simple process. It comes with instructions and can be composed in less than five minutes with a few simple tools. Striking it to or your trailer or garage floor is just as fast. It requires four bars and that’s all. 

It can keep a bike with a diameter deck between 17 “to 21”. This is not a good selection and can make it more suitable for high-capacity cruisers. Dirt bikes, scooters, and some smaller sports bikes are unlikely to adopt. Wheelwitness restrictions are between 3. 5/32 “at 7 3/32”, which is quite more accommodating. 

There is no weight limit on the bike. However, the design means that it may not be suitable for some vehicles with pre-radial costs or skirts. Otherwise, it is good for every bike with the right wheel. Adjustment to offer different wheels is also simple. 

If you use the Extreme Max-Chowk to transport your bike with the trailer, you must purchase individual linked Lowers to secure it. Because this is one of the least expensive motorcycles, the entire system is still likely to be much.


  • ✔ No weight-limit.
  • ✔ Easily adjustable.
  • ✔ Sturdy build quality.
  • ✔ Affordable.


  • ✘ Not suitable for smaller bikes.

6. MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

This is a different best motorcycle wheel chock. It is made from steel and has an attractive anti-corrosive orange powder. Used inside or outside, you may ensure that it remains free from oxide.

It is a simple and efficient design that can be customized to three different positions by simply replacing two columns. It is suitable for larger motorcycle tires, and the one-piece design is stable and quite robust to ensure that your bike remains fixed. 

The MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock requires a soil bolt. The bolts are included, but depending on where you use them, you may prefer to use your own. It can be bolted on concrete floors or wood panels and surfaces. 

When installed, the cool thing is that it occupies a much smaller area than many of its competitors. This gives you more space in your trailer or garage floor when not in use. 

This is a well-proven and tested product that can be used with one individual This includes running it on the floor or bed on the trailer. If you need to carry your bike, you can do it safely for yourself, including the entire contact process. You must, of course, provide you with your connections and installation center to complete the job. 

We are pleased to say that Maxxhaul guarantees customer satisfaction on this and all their other products.

MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

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  • ✔ Inexpensive.
  • ✔ Three-way adjustable.
  • ✔ Sturdy.
  • ✔ Powder-coated anti-corrosive paint


  • ✘ Pulling your bike from the wheel chock may require a little extra power.

7. MaxxHaul 70271 Adjustable Motorcycle Wheel Chock – Best Rated Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

This is another best motorcycle wheel chock from Maxxhaul which is MaxxHaul 70271 Adjustable Motorcycle Wheel Chock. It is designed specifically for heavier and larger motorcycles. It has a heavy capacity of 1,800 lbs so it can save and secure great Harleys and other Cruiser factories.

It is made of thick, heavy steel. In addition, it has a black anti-corrosion color powder case. Simply, like all products of Maxx Haul, this is a piece, which is very durable and likely to be. 

The anchor points are largely gone to add additional stability. This occupies additional space, but above all, you get extra stability. We are sure that you agree that it is a price to be paid. 

It has six adjustable positions to accommodate a wide variety of different wheels. In fact, you can accommodate any motorcycle width, a wheel width between three and five inches. You can be sure that most bikes fit. 

Loading the bike in the wheel chock is easy and even better, once on the wheel locks it automatically. He then holds a tight grip on your bike until you have to change it. When you do, it is one of the best-dried wheel holders when it comes to ease of use.

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  • ✔ Tough and durable.
  • ✔ Anti-corrosive powder paint coating.
  • ✔ Six adjustable positions.
  • ✔ 1,800lbs weight limit.
  • ✔ Smooth to wheel your bike out of the chock


  • ✘ Heavy to move.
  • ✘ Takes up a lot of space

8. Raider 19-610 Deluxe Chrome 5-1/2″ Wide Wheel Chock – Best Removable Motorcycle Wheel Chock for Trailer

The Raider 19-610 Deluxe motorcycle wheel chock is the newest and least expensive in our list. It is made from coated tubular steel and is supplied in a traditional chrome or black end

It measures 12.25 inches long and 7.25 inches high. The inner width is 5.5 inches. This is especially important because it is a fixed-width without an adaptation mechanism. 

The size is better suited for scooters, dirty wheels, small and medium motorcycles. Whatever you drive, we first recommend that you measure the front wheel to make sure it is suitable. There is no published weight limit, but healthy sense tells us that we would not use it to keep a big cruiser. The tubular steel design makes us question any bike weighing much more than 500 pounds. 

One of the great things about it is the way this best motorcycle wheel chock meets the ground. The two mounting plates of the boilers each have two bolts and can be attached to each hard floor or on a draw bed. Once in place, the mainframe of the bare can slide inside and outside within a few seconds

If you do not need the cradle, it can be removed from the mounting plates to release valuable space. What is wrong with that?


  • ✔ Affordable.
  • ✔ Easy to install on hard or wooden surfaces.
  • ✔ The cradle can be removed from the mounts when required.
  • ✔ Choice of black or traditional chrome finish.


  • ✘ It cannot be adjusted for wheel sizes.
  • ✘ Not suitable for larger bikes.

Types of wheel chocks

Extruded Rubber Wheel Chocks

You must know the types of wheel chocks available so that you can choose the best among them according to their specific characteristics. Here is a small list to help you:

Pivoting Bracket Wheel Chocks

These are pyramid-form plugs of rubber compounds. They have a very powerful grip due to their material. They are also very affordable and can be a good option if you try to save money. However, you do not find special features in these chocks.

Adjustable Cradle Wheel Chocks

These chocks have an automatic locking system. As soon as you drive on a bike, the holder rises and sticks to the wheel that makes it safe. These are preferred because of their ease of use. 

Recessed Flip-Up Wheel Chock

These wheels chock have the choice to adjust the wheel to different positions, depending on the size. These may require additional mechanical work to tighten the wheel in a position, but it provides the best security. 

Types of wheel chocks

Types of wheel chocks

Factors to consider when buying the best motorcycle wheel chocks

Now you know what is really a round of the wheel, why is it important and what are the types available in the market? But before moving on and buying one, check whether the cover of your wheel has all the features required so it adapts your bike the best. How would you find that everyone must be present? Only go through the next checklist and you get all the knowledge you need before you buy a bed. 

Wheel Size

This is the first and more important thing that you should check before buying a small bath. If your bike is amateur with a short distance or a very wide tire, you have to be very careful because it is not adapted to each board of the standard size. 

Go to versatile chock. The type that guarantees to receive your specific wheel. 

Most customers face this problem, and eventually, they must return the product because it does not fit the bike on your bike. Now, how good is a chock that can’t accommodate his bicycle? Therefore, it is always better to do some research before buying space. 



Bike Weight

If you are the owner of a heavy bike, then it is best to check if or not the wheel chock you buy will increase weight. Be sure to go through the capacity, weight, height, and durability of the chock, as these factors determine if the wheel chock can carry the weight of your bike or not. 


We are sure that you don’t want you to buy a wheel chock that your bike cannot keep. Always ensure that the block is sufficiently resistant and does not need extra support. 

Some manufacturers say their hair is not mortal belts for support. However, the case may be different when you buy the bed. Go through the critics and guides of customers to get a better vision. 

Anti- Corrosion

As the wheel chock mostly consists of steel and other metals so it is important to make sure the product is not rusting or at a period of time. 

The wheel chock counts the goals to contact humidity while transporting or the bicycle, and the corrosion will lead to a total decaying of the suffocation for a period of time. Soe with a cake that has a ten-squeeze or prissyymi, the ancient-rust, and ant-crying. 

Anti- Corrosion

Anti- Corrosion


A wheel chock aims to satisfy your heavy bike during repairs, transportation, or storage. Travel and broken-in chicken shock lead to disappointment and waste of money. 

Therefore, buy a product that has a long warranty time so that it can request a return or change if the product is damaged or deactivated within the period set. 


Another important factor is the price range. Marks to prepare overseas a lot of functions to offer a lot of functions, but it is not always the case. Sometimes cheap products offer better quality. 

Then go to other things, instead of maintaining the price range as the main judge point, as functions, comments, and warranty. Only after considering them in case, it reaches the price to complete the best boiler of the motorcycle wheel. 

Material Used

Always give a high-quality metal like steel, aluminum, alloy, etc. The powder coating is an added advantage, as it becomes a good texture and avoids OXIDE and scratches. 

Many basic wheel chocks are rubber, but as you can face, metal enclosures are more powerful and have more features with rubber. 

Adjustable Models

Which is better than a wheel chock that is adjusted after the size of your wheel? Some bike hacks have adjustable cradles whose width fits different wheel sizes. 

On the other hand, some motorcycles have a V-shaped Mirror that is universal and may contain any wheel size. 

A better option would be to choose a wheel opening that has an adjustable cradle. Some taps offer two or three customization points, while other models allow users to move the bicycle in any position. 

All needs are some screws and screws to adjust them to a new position. Some models allow additional modifications such as replacing installation plates, brake discs, riding different support, etc. 

Pivoting Brackets

The purchase of wheel chocks with swing support always adds user-friendliness. You just need to drive your bike in shock and voila! Your front wheel is automatically locked because the support was raised. Here, the weight of your bike wheel helps keep the console with the holder, which increases safety. 

We’ve made a list of the best radios that are in the market. All this was tried and tested, their honest exam as well as the link to their Amazon page mentioned with any item in the list. So, if something is pulling your attention just clicking.

Factors to consider when buying the best motorcycle wheel chocks

Factors to consider when buying the best motorcycle wheel chocks

So, the article already shares with you the list of best motorcycle wheel chocks. Now that you have collected all the necessary information, then it is to understand what will best suit your needs. You also know how to put the wheel of your bike in the chock so that your bike is upright and secure. 

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