Top 10+ The Best Open Face Motorcycle Helmet For 2021

Whether you are a real Biker or just a regular motorcycle user, a helmet is always an important factor to use when riding a motorcycle. This article Motoczysz will send you the top the best open face motorcycle helmet. Top the best open face motorcycle helmet for 2021 will be the perfect and safe choice for your outing on motorbikes. Join Motoczysz to take a look at the best quality helmets in this article! To choose a suitable helmet, please refer to this article carefully!

The best open face motorcycle helmet reviews for 2021

To make it easier for you when deciding to buy a helmet we will share with you Top 10+ the best open face motorcycle helmet for 2021 that we have gone through!

1. Bell Broozer’s best open face motorcycle helmet

The Bell Broozer is a pretty special because its open side is different from the detachable mask. It is very similar to the Scorpion Covert helmets because they are almost identical in shape. However, there is a big difference between the two. You can only use the Bell Broozer as a full-face or 3/4 helmet, while the Scorpion Covert can also be turned into a half-shell helmet.

The shell design of the Bell Broozer helmet will make you very unique and super cool. You will look like a futuristic soldier wearing this helmet. Broozer will give you an adequate layer of protection for your head. Its lightweight polycarbonate/ABS case is DOT certified and comes with a dual-density EPS liner, which is a fairly common standard in most motorcycle helmets.

With the chin bar attached, the Bell Broozer will look like a regular full-face helmet, but it can’t compete with most full-face helmets in terms of shock protection. The chin bar is there mainly to protect from the environmental elements rather than protect you from a collision. To turn into a 3/4 helmet, you can easily remove the chin bar by pulling the two buttons on the bottom of the helmet.

The face shield of the helmet is built in the shell structure and it can be pushed into the helmet by hand. It offers UV resistance and comes with an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating. When you order online you will receive all of these parts.

The ventilation system is provided by a single adjustable vent in the chin bar and a few additional vents in the forehead area. There are no passive air vents in this helmet.

The comfortable inner lining of the Bell Broozer helmet is compatible with the glasses and it is removable and washable. In the neck area, the helmet is equipped with a chin pad strap using a quick-release ratchet mechanism, very safe and convenient.
Today’s prices force manufacturers to use materials that feel fairly cheap. However, it is still safe and the helmet is surprisingly light.


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2. Scorpion Belfast best open face motorcycle helmet

The Scorpion Belfast is an open-ended helmet that strikes the perfect balance between classic style, comfort, and modern technology. This is a helmet specially designed for motorcyclists or skateboarders who want to feel the air in their faces without compromising head protection.

The helmet’s shell is made from fiberglass, specially crafted to ensure it meets industry-leading safety standards.
Use fiberglass – meaning it will be very light and sturdy enough to protect your head. Glass fiber is recognized to absorb impact force to minimize head injury.

The shell of the Scorpion Belfast helmet is very hard! To confirm this, Scorpion Belfast has been approved by DOT. It has undergone stringent conditions to ensure a secure, comfortable housing that is not only secure but also comfortable enough to wear on long journeys.
In terms of design, the helmet comes in round, oval shape and comes in a variety of case sizes (you can choose from XS to up to 3XL). That means, it will fit most existing head types, so you don’t have to worry about any issue with this helmet. When you book your helmet online you’ll get a helmet that includes a drop-down, retractable sun visor and also includes an interchangeable SunView that blocks harmful UV rays.
Scorpion equips the Belfast helmet with Kwikfit cheek pads and a luxurious hand-stitched lining, which dissipates sweat and moisture faster than traditional fabrics. It not only keeps you dry but also allows you to easily wear or remove your eyeglasses and remove the pressure found on most helmets.

With this information, we should definitely check out this helmet if you like cool retro styling and are looking for modern conveniences. We are sure that this helmet will not let you down. In fact, you’ll rarely see such reliable open-cap helmets in this price range. That is why we introduce the Scorpion Belfast helmet to our list of Top 10+ the best open face motorcycle helmet for 2021.

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3. Scorpion Covert best open face motorcycle helmet.

  • Protection level and case design

One of the biggest factors for motorcyclists is that they do not want to wear heavy helmets and also do not want to compromise safety. Therefore, to ensure riders have an even better experience. Scorpion designed a protective case made of an advanced polycarbonate shell exclusively from LG to provide premium protection for the driver. The case is protective but lightweight so you won’t feel heavy in all cases.
The helmet features a double-density EPS lining that helps absorb the heavy impacts of a crash. The helmet has been DOT approved and can be used as a motorcycle helmet or a full-face motorcycle helmet.

  • Ventilation system

If it’s the airflow you want, then you can get a lot but make more sacrifices. The Scorpion Covert has excellent ventilation. This is because helmets can be converted into three different configurations depending on driving conditions.

The Scorpion Covert allows cool air to pass through the visor and the mask inside the hat to keep you cool and dry while riding. At the same time, it conducts moisture and heat to the vents on the back of the helmet, so you stay cool. However, since it is the facemask and not the chin bar of the module helmet, you may also get some noise due to the nature of the modular design. But, don’t worry! The noise level will not disturb you. That’s because Scorpion chose the Aero adjustable ventilation system for the Covert motorcycle helmet, which includes two vents on the forehead to allow cool air to pass through the EPS lining to the rider’s head.

The lower vents in the mask also provide some great ventilation. Without a doubt, the helmet can be used for three seasons but it is not recommended to wear in winter conditions.

  • Interior & Comfort level

The Scorpion Covert comes with Kwikwick 2 anti-bacterial fabric lining, which is a premium quality interior lining. The lining has anti-bacterial properties, helps dissipate sweat and moisture to keep the driver’s face cool and dry.

The cheek pad and crown pad are fully washable and removable. So whenever you feel they need washing, you can easily take them off and wash them by hand. The replacement and assembly of the cheek pads are quite simple.

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4. Daytona Cruiser’s best open face motorcycle helmet.

The open-faced Daytona Cruiser helmet is one of the lowest-face motorcycle helmets to date in this helmet category, but the helmet is fully lined with a custom interior for extreme comfort period for the driver’s cheek area. The inside is quite concentrated and has the function of escaping sweat to absorb sweat and moisture from the skin of the face. The specially designed interior will allow you to stay cool and dry when traveling or traveling long distances.

The slim Daytona Cruiser is the smallest helmet that has been DOT approved for production, both meeting and exceeding the DOT FMVSS 218 standard. Moreover, the helmet comes in three different sizes of the case so that you can choose the right size for your head size.
After going through rigorous testing, this helmet works very reliably, fits snugly, and has no problems lifting even at high speeds. This is the answer to the question if you ask me, it is worth noting that such a small helmet has no problems lifting. Besides, there are many best open face motorcycle helmets on the market – more expensive but fail to pass the helmet lift quality test.

The Slim Line design offers a contoured, sleek cover that not only removes the mushroom shape but also protects your head from impact. However, the protection is not as high as other full-face motorcycle helmets. If you are going on the street or enjoying a country trip, then this helmet will protect your head from bumps.

When you order online you will receive a kit that includes: snap-on, portable black bubble visor ball with a quick-release buckle to easily remove the visor with just one finger and of course hat insurance.

I don’t think you can find much better options in the category of helmets with open flaps. The helmet not only protects very well but also fits into your head so you don’t have to worry about the Bobblehead effect.

The Daytona Cruiser is clearly a special 3/4 motorcycle helmet and it’s definitely one of the best open face motorcycle helmets money can buy by 2021.

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5. Shark Street Drak best open face motorcycle helmet.

If you’ve ever fantasized about flying a fighter, you can live your dream while riding a motorbike on the street. Shark Street Drak can help you realize your fantasies. Shark Street Drak is a popular aerospace-style helmet with a distinctive design and design that sets it apart from other open-nose motorcycle helmets.

Formerly known as Shark RAW, Drak is an open-headed helmet that was first introduced in 2013. Since then, the helmet has made a huge splash in the helmet industry.
One thing we love about Shark is that they are constantly experimenting with innovations, as they did with this motorcycle ¾ helmet.

  • Protection level and case design

The Shark Street Drak is a lightweight, oval-shaped helmet that weighs only about 2.61 pounds. Additionally, it is available in two different case sizes, suitable for most head sizes. When wearing a helmet, you will notice that the helmet looks very compact and not too big on your head. The helmet is made of thermoplastic, capable of protecting your head in the event of a collision. However, the level of protection will not be enhanced as you would see in full-face and modular motorcycle helmets.

However, if you are driving on the street and off the road, your helmet will prevent serious injury to your head from absorbing heavy impacts.

  • Goggles & Masks

When you order this helmet online you will be rewarded with goggles. According to information from the manufacturing company, the goggles are fitted with double-glazing to help protect against scratches and fog. The goggles’ lenses are manufactured by Carl Zeiss and provide a wide view of the driver. The riders who use Shark Street Drak have no complaints about goggles. On the contrary, they find it quite easy to move their head and cheeks when wearing goggles, compared to a full-face motorcycle helmet.

The mask comes with a detachable Shark Street Drak hood. You can wear it with or without goggles. So you can remove it in case you want to enjoy the cool breeze in your face.

Even if you wear both goggles and a mask at the same time, you will protect your face to a good degree. However, I still warn you “Don’t underestimate that it will protect like a full-face helmet”.
The purpose of this mask is to give you an edge on off-road terrain. Masks are used to catch flies and road dust, not for collision protection. If it’s a light walk you do in the woods, then Shark Street Drak will be great. It can act as an alternative to a dirt motorcycle helmet.

  • Ventilation system

Shark Street Drak on the forehead has air intakes to allow cool air to pass through the helmet’s lining and lead to the entire head. It’s a large vent sealed with a removable rubber stopper.

If you are looking for adequate facial ventilation then as you know it is an open face helmet, so you can also use it without sunglasses and a mask.

The helmet meets the Motorcyclist Lifestyle’s ventilation standards and can provide the driver with optimal airflow while driving.

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6. LS2 Helmets best open face motorcycle helmet.

‘Helmet comfort’ is a fairly new thing for many riders who commute every day but it’s not new to motorcycle enthusiasts like us. For them, a simple DOT-qualified helmet is enough to think they’re safe. However, features and comfort are just as important as safety for long motorbike trips.

If you’re having trouble finding an open-face helmet that allows you to block out the sun, block the wind and enjoy the ride at the same time, then the next helmet on our list of open helmets. Our side will allow you to do all of the above mentioned things.

We mean the Track open face helmet, made and manufactured by LS2 company. LS2 is a pretty attractive helmet, equipped with HPTT (High Pressure Thermoplastic Technology), which combines a sturdy shell to protect you from impact while providing lightness, you ride without having to wear a heavy helmet. HTTP is an aerodynamic shell engineered to provide stability at high speeds. However, it only comes in one case size so there aren’t many choices for you.

The “motorcycle enthusiast”, will not care if it is sunny or rainy, they will still get in the car and go to the street. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t take care of themselves. We need a helmet that does not compromise pleasure in the ride, which protects against headwinds, headwinds and UV rays. To ensure such comfort, the LS2 incorporates an optically accurate face shield in an exposed helmet. This visor will allow you to shield both the opposing wind and the direct UV rays of the sun. As I said, this shield is optically accurate 3D, also anti-fog with a quick removal system, LS2 Dual System Drop Sun Shield System. This quick release system will allow you to remove and mount the face shield without using additional tools in seconds.

The upper vents in the front allow cool air to pass through the helmet’s lining to the driver’s top area and the rear air vents remove hot air from the helmet to maintain flow optimal air in and out in caps.

In addition, the LS2 Track features a laser-cut foam cheek pad with a luxurious washable and detachable smooth liner made of a breathable fabric that is superior to conventional fabrics. The helmet is ECE certified and is definitely a good feature for the best open face motorcycle helmet.


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7. Biltwell Bonanza best open face motorcycle helmet.

The Biltwell Bonanza is a gorgeous discreet helmet with multiple layers of tough-looking finishes that combine classic style with modern technology all in one. Biltwell Bonanza is the definition of style and comfort unmatched elsewhere.

The open-faced Bonanza helmet designed by Biltwell incorporates an enlarged polystyrene cover inside as the first line of defense between your head and the road. This polystyrene inner shell works extremely well in protecting your head and neck in a motorcycle crash.

Helmets meet DOT safety standards and are reasonably priced. In fact, if you decide to buy this helmet as a gift for your companion, wife or friend then, in the end, you’re making the right choice when choosing the Biltwell Bonanza motorcycle helmet.

Biltwell Bonanza Helmets have been designed in a way that suits everyone’s hairstyle and style. You will not feel heavy wearing this helmet. It’s thinner, lighter, and even more powerful than you can imagine.

The inside of the Biltwell Bonanza boasts a custom-shaped EPS safety cover. However, the case does not have air intakes like a full-face motorcycle helmet and module. So you may not get as much airflow in the overhead zone as you would get in the face area.

When it comes to cheek pads, Biltwell has taken some serious work here. The Biltwell Bonanza helmet has incorporated Lycra panels to dissipate sweat and moisture.

The lining quality may not feel like premium quality, but it is hand-stitched and has a breathable foam pad for added airiness and comfort. This foam cushion is a quilted quilt made of diamond-stitched cotton.

The Biltwell Bonanza looks no different from some classic motorcycle helmets, quite comfortable and quite light. This is a very good motorcycle helmet and it definitely deserves to be on our list of the best open face motorcycle helmet of 2021.

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8. Bell best open face motorcycle helmet.

Bell is a division of Vista Outdoor – an American manufacturer of motorcycle and bicycle helmets. The company was founded in 1923. However, the first helmet it introduced was made in 1954 by Roy Richter, who rebuilt many helmets with the help of veteran naval pilot Frank Heacox. After months of research and hard work, they finally made the Bell 500 helmet. After its debut, this helmet became an immediate success in motorsport gender.

Back then, helmets had a polyurethane foam inner lining and a hand-pressed fiberglass outer shell. The helmet has become perfect in the eyes of motorcyclists. But, just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Bell went straight to the lab and made continuous improvements, which ultimately resulted in a Bell Custom motorcycle helmet.

It’s hard to revamp an open-faced helmet that not only has little room to upgrade, but is also on the top list of the best open face motorcycle helmet. But, the Bell team showed that if they give their all to something, they can do it.

Bell Custom 500 has a new head style that now fits better and looks smaller on top. You know what that means, no more Bobbleheads!
In addition, the Bell Custom 500 has a built-in 5 snap model for the rear apron and flaps.

Normally, open-face helmets offer very little protection against impact and wear but with the Bell Custom 500 you don’t feel that way. The helmet is fitted with the EPS Multi-Density liner which is a multilayer matrix that will absorb any impact on the impact and distribute the force properly to ensure you won’t feel a lot of pressure on your head.

In addition, it comes in various prints with a standard 5-year warranty. The helmet tops almost everything in the open face helmet category but it’s a bit small. So if you are in the middle of the sizes, I recommend choosing the larger one. Also, make no mistake and I can certainly say that the Bell Custom 500 is one of the best open face motorcycle helmet of all time.

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9. Shoei J-Cruise best open face motorcycle helmet.

Shoei J-Cruise is the Cadillac of the helmet industry. This is a premium motorcycle helmet with open-face construction for comfort while traveling with optimal protection for your head. It is a striking example of an open-face helmet with luxury, comfort and safety that you won’t find in other open-faced helmets.

One thing we particularly like about Shoei J-Cruise helmet is that its level of protection goes well beyond your average full-face motorcycle helmet. Yes, we do agree that the helmet does not have a chin bar to protect your front but it comes equipped with the same technology Shoei uses in a full-face modular helmet and a flagship module.

Shoei J-Cruise is just like any other Shoei full-face motorcycle helmet, except that there’s no chin bar. This is because it uses the same advanced integrated matrix shell (AIM). It is a widely recognized, multi-layer matrix shell technology for lightweight and robust construction. It incorporates a multi-piece EPS liner, which is a component of dense layers that can absorb the heavy impact of a crash.
This helmet is oval in shape and comes in 4 different case sizes for the head size format. In addition, Shoei J-Cruise has been approved by DOT. That means it goes through rigorous testing to become a reliable helmet that can really protect you during your travels.

Especially with Shoei J-Cruise during high-speed driving, you won’t have to deal with problems like drag and lift. Furthermore, it incorporates a shield blocking feature that prevents sudden opening of the shield at high speeds. J-Cruise is an integrated system of shields CJ-2, 10 mm longer than the CJ-1. This is a three-dimensional curved screen that offers a much wider and taller field of view.
So if you are looking to enhance peripheral visibility and optical clarity, then the Shoei J-Cruise helmet will be the perfect choice for you.

It has a scratch-resistant coating that also gives you up to 99 percent protection against UV-A & B rays. Helmets with built-in sun visors, it’s the QSV-1 sun visor, recognized to instantly reduce glare from the sun in one simple step.

QSV-1 sun visors meet ANSI Z80.3-2010 standards for over-the-counter sunglasses. Shoei J-Cruise helmet has a large switch to activate the sun visor inside 3D injection molding.

Front vents allow cool air to pass through two holes to the EPS lining so that air passes through the driver’s head smoothly and 2 rear air vents and 1 vent in the neck to remove hot air from the helmet for optimal air circulation.

Finally, the helmet cheek pads have a five-layer construction for better driver comfort. 3D Max-Dry technology is equipped with material that absorbs and dissolves moisture and perspiration twice as fast as any conventional fabric. The cheek pads are fully removable, washable, and interchangeable.

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10. HJC IS-33 II best open face motorcycle helmet.

The HJC IS-33 II is unlike other conventional open-headed helmets on the market. This type of open face helmet offers almost the same level of protection as any full-face helmet. You’ll get combos of a maximum sunshade when you ride strong winds and a sun visor to protect you from harmful UV rays.

In fact, it’s much more than that. The HJC IS-33 II is one of the leading motorcycle helmet brands to ensure the safety and comfort of the rider and to give these features a top priority while designing motorcycle helmets.
In general, motorcyclists use open-face helmets to travel around as it offers more comfort than modular or full-face helmets. So in order to enjoy the ride with great comfort, they actually compromised their safety.

The HJC IS-33 II motorcycle helmet is built from an advanced polycarbonate composite shell, designed with advanced CAD technology. This state-of-the-art shell is a component of various compounds and a unique density EPS liner absorbs heavy impacts and distributes impact force absorption throughout the lining. This ensures the driver will not face any serious injury to his or her head. A single density EPS liner is much better than without an EPS liner for shock absorption. Of course, the HJC IS-33 II helmet has undergone DOT’s rigorous safety testing and produces outstanding results.

The ventilation system that the HJC IS-33 II is equipped with is the Advanced Distributed Ventilation System (AC-S) which, by the way, is HJC’s most modern ventilation system, available in most helmets. It has high end motorcycle insurance.
This is why the helmet succeeds in providing excellent ventilation to the top area of ​​the head. The top vents are a multistage air vent that allows cool air to pass through the helmet’s EPS lining to the driver’s head area and to expel existing heat and moisture from the helmet through the exhaust outlets on the side after helmet.

In doing so, it provides a full airflow system from front to back, providing optimal airflow to the top area of ​​the driver so that the driver will feel comfortable on longer trips.

The HJC IS-33 II motorcycle helmet comes with a face shield that can resist colder temperatures and stronger winds. For warmer weather, you can swap out the shroud for an integrated faceplate for more airflow.

Swapping out the shield does not impair your view because you have an inner sun visor or you can say that you have a peak veil that will not impair your view. In contrast, the aerodynamic shell with a large eye port increases the visibility for the driver.

It has adjustable width and retraction with one touch and up to 3 different positions. In addition, the HJC IS-33 II features HJC’s HJ-17R Shield QuickSlide replacement system that allows quick shield removal and mounting without the need of additional tools.

The HJC IS-33 II motorcycle helmet incorporates an advanced SuperCool antibacterial fabric that is able to completely dissipate moisture, moisture and sweat and keep the inside of the helmet smelly free.

If you wear eyeglasses, you can benefit from the HJC IS-33 II grooved inner part in the comfortable, removable and washable temples.
And the HJC IS-33 II deserves to be called the best open face motorcycle helmet for your travels in 2021.

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Buying Guide to choose the best open face motorcycle helmets 2021

1. Size is right

The helmet will come in contact with all the parts of your head and face. If you move it around the head, it should be tight enough that your head cannot rotate to the right and to the left while keeping the hat in place. Helmets can measure your head size, thereby giving you the right measurements to choose the best one for you. Choose the most suitable and comfortable helmet. If you choose to buy the best genuine 3/4 helmet along with effective helmet cleaning, you can use the hat for a lifespan of up to 5 years.

2. Material of goggles

It is important because most of your vision is reflected and perceived through the material and texture of your helmet. Therefore, choose a helmet with a windscreen, dustproof and anti-foreign object made with premium materials. Some 3/4 Hanoi helmets are made quite meticulously optically, effectively anti-glare and UV-resistant. Some other glasses are bent to shape the helmet and give them shape. Fits fit to fold up when not in use. Some come with an anti-fog coating. Some helmets come with a hidden plate, they are usually sunglasses and have a great shading effect. It means you won’t have to switch to a dark glass while walking in daylight or convert to glass while walking at night.

3. Good ventilation

Airflow through helmets isn’t just comfort. It is also important to convert any toxic gases that may accumulate inside the helmet. A vent or helmet style 3/4 head makes air in and out easier. A premium helmet has a unique ventilation design there are holes in the EPS lining and matching the vents in the case.

4. Removable lining

Cleaning helmet helps to extend the life of the helmet. Comfortable and clean lining is the best way to help you always want to wear your beautiful 3/4 helmet. Sweat and moisture can be absorbed into the inside of the lining quickly. It helps your head to stay dry and cool, avoids staining and reduces bad breath. And the absorption of your perspiration over the long term will cause the fabric lining to be cleaned.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I use the helmet next time I dropped my helmet?

You have certainly received recommendations that if your helmet is hit with a high impact force then you should not continue using it, right? because the depth of the collision the protection of the helmet for your head has been greatly reduced. However, if you love it and still want to keep using it, then try taking it for an X-ray!

2. Is the open face helmet safe?

The open face grouper is designed to protect your back, sides, and top of your head. So there is a risk of unsafe accident with front areas such as the face and chin.

3. What is the best open face motocycle helmet?

To ensure your safety, choose to buy safety-certified helmets such as DOT, ECE, SHARP….

4. What is the best price for an open face helmet?

The best price depends on your financial ability to pay for owning a piece of insurance. Around $ 99 for the lower level and around $ 200 for the higher level.

5. What are the benefits of the best open face motorcycle helmet?

In this question, we will show benefits of the best open face motorcycle helmets. 

First and foremost, these helmets give the rider a larger field of view and give them the ability to touch their face freely. And of course, it’s for those who love wide viewing angles and freedom.

The second benefit you can get from the best open-face helmets is that they give you breezes along the way and are a lot cooler if you wear them on a hot summer day.

Another pretty cool advantage can happen while you’re in control of the car! Nothing bothers you more than itchy your nose while driving. Sometimes it gets so bad that you have to pull over to pick your nose. With an open face helmet you won’t need to stop, just raise your hand and scratch your nose. That way you don’t waste time stopping and moving on after that.

Communication is also a remarkable point for this helmet. Especially when you go with your friends or when you have a pillion. Talking to each other is easier when your mouth is not covered by a full face helmet.

You know some gas stations will allow you to refuel without taking off your face shield because the camera can see your face. However, this varies from one gas station to another. Anyway, it still has benefits, right?

Another advantage of an open face helmet that we want to share is that an open face motorcycle helmet is much lighter than a full face motorcycle helmet. So when you use them you will feel less tired than a full face helmet. 

We should thank the helmet manufacturers, who made the cases not only lighter but stronger in nature. Many helmet manufacturers are now using the same cover they use for full-face helmets, helping to increase the level of protection of the exposed helmet.

The open face helmet is trusted and chosen by the bikers because it has its own advantages. For example research has shown that 35% of all motorcycle accidents impact the chin area. The riders can minimize this risk by choosing open-face models with sturdy chin guards and straps.

Before deciding to buy a helmet consider, what type of motorcycle will you ride and how fast will you travel? Will you drive slowly through busy cities or along windy rural roads? In addition, you should also pay attention to the heat, cold, rain and wind to decide for yourself the right helmet.

Final Thoughts

If you have any further questions about the best open face motorcycle helmet do not hesitate to contact Motoczysz for assistance! Thanks for reading the article about the best open face motorcycle helmets review!

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