How To Cancel Uber Ride With Cancellation Fee: 5 Step (with Picture)

Uber is a platform that provides a convenient and fast taxi rental service. With Uber, passengers can experience the best services when they want to commute. Sometimes for some reason, a customer wants to cancel Uber ride. If you are in that situation, you can do it through the cancellation procedure.

Read the article below to understand more about Uber’s policies and guidelines for trip cancellation.

  • You can only cancel your trip when the driver accepts your cancellation request.
  • You will be charged a cancellation fee as the driver is already on the way to your pick-up point. Uber will calculate this fee in advance.
  • In different cities, the cancellation fee will not be the same.
  • The explanation for this is that the fee is charged to protect the interests of the driver. Because after you book Uber, the driver has already started to move to your pick-up point.
  • It is compensation for the loss of time and effort of the driver.
  • Uber facilities review and adjustments in case of unfair or incorrect cancellation fee deductions.

Under what circumstances will Uber not charge you a cancellation fee?

  • There is no cancellation fee if you cancel your Uber ride within 5 minutes of booking an Uber.
  • There will also be no charge in case the driver departs 5 minutes later than the ETA or expected arrival time.
  • So pay attention to cancel the trip as soon as possible to avoid being charged by Uber for cancellation.
  • Scheduled rides can also be canceled without incurring any compensation.

How to cancel Uber ride in 5 steps

Follow the steps below to cancel your Uber ride easily and quickly.

Step 1: Open the Uber app

You can download the Uber app on any iOS and Android device. Once it finishes downloading, tap the Uber app logo icon to open it. Uber will take you to the homepage.

cancel uber ride

Step 2: Select the ride and tap on your driver card

Select the trip you want to cancel. The screen will then display detailed information about the driver’s location and vehicle information. Note that you can only cancel one Uber ride at a time.

cancel uber ride

Step 3: Select “Cancel trip”

After selecting the trip you want to cancel, tap the “cancel trip” option displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen. You can also view the driver’s name and the taxi details that you have booked.

cancel uber ride

Step 4: Confirm flight cancellation

The Uber app will ask you to confirm the cancellation. If any fees apply, you will see the details on the screen. You can still cancel your trip even if the driver is on his way to pick you up.

cancel uber ride

Step 5: Complete the cancellation procedure

The Uber app will ask you to confirm your trip cancellation again. Your screen will display the question “Are you sure you want to cancel?”. Continue to press ‘Yes’ to confirm cancellation. If you press “No”, you will agree not to cancel your trip. You can also view details of your canceled trips.

cancel uber ride

Here are 5 steps to cancel Uber ride. Follow them to make it happen. After a successful cancellation, you can immediately book a new Uber ride to use if you want.

Uber provides a transparent and flexible taxi service for commuters in cities around the world. The Uber app with modern technology offers a wide range of features to meet the interests of both drivers and passengers.

Uber’s services are characterized by speed and efficiency.

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How to cancel Uber ride for scheduled trips

Canceling a ride is as easy as booking an Uber. Sometimes you are forced to cancel Uber ride due to a change of plans or some emergency. In these situations, Uber will not charge you to cancel your trip.

You will incur some penalties if you cancel multiple trips at once in a short period of time. In the event that you are wrongly charged, you should call Uber’s customer support center directly to request a refund. You can cancel an Uber ride at any time after booking.

This article shows you the steps to take to cancel an Uber ride. You have the provision to cancel the ride for both Pool and Non-pool rides.

Steps that need to be taken to cancel an Uber ride are as follows:

1. Download the Uber app to your device and open it.

2. Select the three horizontal lines button in the top left corner of your screen.

3. Select the “Your trips” option on the next page.

4. Select the “Upcoming” tab to see a list of all scheduled trips.

5. Scroll down the list and select the specific trip you have scheduled.

6. Click the “Cancel trip” button.

7. The screen will show a confirmation of trip cancellation and you need to confirm it.

8. Confirm again by clicking the “Yes” button.


From the steps outlined above by, you can easily cancel an Uber ride in case of need. However, note that you will still have to pay a trip cancellation fee in some cases, so think twice before confirming your trip cancellation. We hope this article can help you better understand Uber and some of its features.

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