How To Contact Uber Eats Customer Service

Uber Eats is one of the world’s most popular apps involving allowing users to order food to their doorstep. With just a few simple steps, you can immediately order the food you want at your favorite restaurants. In some cases, you may encounter a number of techniques that make your ordering process difficult. What should you do in that situation? What you need to do at that time is to contact Uber Eats customer service to ask for help. So the question is “How to contact Uber Eats customer service?”. This article will give you the answer.

how to contact uber eats

Since Uber Eats is a popular food ordering app, it means its usage is huge, making it the reason for various complications or issues to raise.

In such situations, you can look to Uber Eats customer service for help. This service will solve all the problems you have during the ordering process.

Here are 8 ways you can use to contact Uber Eats customer service.

1. Through live support

One can call the UberEats customer service care where one can talk directly to the customer support. As it is present in different countries the number of these customer services is different.

You can call the school to discuss your problem directly to find the solution as soon as possible.

2. From the web

Uber provides customers with several links so that you can contact Uber Eats customer service at any time.

First, you need to visit the website After clicking this link, you will have the following options:

  • For the riders
  • Help for partners
  • For the eaters
  • For the restaurants

From this one can choose which falls and different types of issues are clubbed into different headings.

You can select a heading that is suitable for you and then the issues, there are certain solutions given to all these issues.

However, if your issue is still not fully resolved, you can log in to your Uber Eats account to complain about the Uber Eats service.

3. By the email

You can also email customer service directly at [email protected]. Uber will respond to you as soon as possible.

4. By Uber Eats app

You can also contact Uber Eats customer service through the Uber Eats app. In the app, there are some helpful options that you can tap and all the list of transactions will come from where one can select the transaction in which you had an issue.

After choosing a transaction, you can make a complaint about your issue via the app. Then, you will receive help from Uber Eats customer service.

how to contact uber eats

5. Visiting the local office

Uber Eats offices are available in most states where Uber Eats services are available.

You can visit the nearest Uber Eats office or file a complaint directly with the company. Within the time frame, one will get a reply to their query.

6. Through the Twitter

Twitter is the perfect place to get in touch with Uber Eats customer service. You can visit the following link to get a solution in case, you have any problem with the ordering process.

7. Filling the contact form

You can also enter the necessary information directly into the contact form available on the website, click here. In that form, you will have to provide some details about you and your problem in order to get help.

Email is something you are required to provide because Uber’s response will be sent to your email.

8. Greenlight locations

Sometimes one wants to discuss things or issues face to face for this uber had allotted various locations by the name of the green light locations.

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In this article, we’ve shown you all the ways you can follow to get help from Uber whenever you run into problems with your order. Now you have the answer to the question “How to contact Uber Eats customer service?”. hopes this information is useful to you.

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