How To Delete Trip History On Uber App: Tips For You

All your previous rides and other bookings will be saved in Uber History. This is also one of the important features of this application. It maintains a list of all the trips you have booked with details of routes, prices. Sometimes, users want to delete this history. There are many reasons to explain this behavior of customers to do this. And this website is the place to help you how to delete uber history.

  • Thus, if you find yourself searching for how to delete Uber history, then you have come to the right place.
  • There is no way to delete the Uber history itself, but you can get rid of the details easily.
  • Follow the guidelines explained below to know how to delete trip history on uber app.

Customers who want to exit the Uber service can also delete their travel history and personal accounts at the same time. Uber also provides a facility to check your uber history

Direction for how to delete trip history on uber app

how to delete trip history on uber app

  • All customer, driver, and trip information are saved in Uber history.
  • The information stored includes customer name, address, mobile phone number, email id, and account password.
  • Payment details include credit card information and transaction history.
  • Technical details include services hired, route, date, service time, and so on.
  • In case your Uber account is deactivated. Your Uber history will automatically be deleted within 30 days.
  • All customer information stored is subject to Uber’s privacy policy.

How to delete trip history on uber app

All operations related to deleting an Uber account must be performed by the customer using the application on mobile devices or online services.

Remember to delete your credit card before deactivating your Uber account. Once your account is deactivated, avoid using Uber services for 30 days.

After 30 days, your Uber account will be permanently deleted.

At the same time, your personal information and information about your previous trips stored in your Uber history will also be permanently deleted when you deactivate your Uber account.

However, according to Uber’s privacy policy, some information will still be withheld. To delete them, customers can call the support team directly and ask them to completely delete their Uber history from the server.

The latest Uber app also offers a permanent history deletion facility.

 Steps to delete Uber history

Follow these steps to get to know how to delete trip history on uber app easily and immediately.

Step 1. Launch the Uber application: For the first step, open the Uber app on your mobile device and look for the Uber brand logo as shown in the picture. Tap on it once. It will launch the app on your device. The Uber home screen will open by default.

how to delete trip history on uber app

Make sure you are logging in to your account with your email id, mobile number, and password.

Step 2. Tap on the Menu icon: When the Uber home screen is displayed, look for the Menu option. The menu option is represented by an icon of three horizontal and parallel lines, located in the top left corner of your phone screen. Tap the Menu icon once to use the services Uber offers.

how to delete trip history on uber app

Step 3. Select the “Help” option: After tapping on the menu option, you will have a list of options on the phone screen (as shown in the image below). You will see different options listed here. Find the Help option (shown by an arrow in the image below). Tap on it once to use the “Help” related options provided by Uber.

how to delete trip history on uber app

Step 4. Select the “Accounts and Payments” option: Tapping the help option will redirect you to the following section. This section will include a list of help options offered by Uber regarding:

  • Trip reviews and prices
  • Accessibility
  • Direction to Uber

And other options. These options are available in additional themes. Tap the option once to get help with your account and payments.

how to delete trip history on uber app

Step 5. Select the option “Change my account settings”: When you click on the “Accounts and payments” option, you will get a list of other options (they are listed as shown below). Then, find the option “Change my account settings”. Tap on it and your Uber history will be deleted.

how to delete trip history on uber app

Step 6. Click “Delete my account”: This option is usually at the bottom of the list. Tap on it and enter your password to confirm. So your account has been deleted.

how to delete trip history on uber app

Step 7: In the “your feedback” section, write the reason you deleted your Uber account.

Step 8: After you complete all the above steps, Uber will delete your account immediately.

Step 9: It takes about 30 days to delete your Uber account permanently.

Step 10: After a month, the company’s server will delete the Uber history

Step 11: Some information will be retained for business and legal reasons

Step 12: If you want to delete any other information, contact Uber customer support directly to ask them to delete the data in the server.

Now, do you know how to delete trip history on uber app? Follow the simple steps explained above to clear your Uber history. While the above steps are not the most optimal solution, it is quite simple to implement and follow. After deleting your account, you can create a new account to use if you want to experience Uber services in the future.

Note: If your issue is still unresolved and you have any other questions, please contact Uber customer care.

How does Uber collect user data?

All the personal information you provide as well as the information on the ride will be tracked by Uber and the earnings are then saved as part of Uber history. Uber provides taxi hire and driver services based on technology, and information is key to effective decision making and connectivity.

  • Data collected includes mobile notifications, origin and destination locations, other relevant addresses, customer credit card information, and payment details.
  • All of the above data is saved by Uber or the driver also has their privacy.

how to delete trip history on uber app

Uber provides you with transparent and flexible services through its online portal and mobile apps. Therefore, to use Uber’s services, customers and drivers must create personal accounts before they want to use Uber. 

Conclusion helps you to get to know how to delete trip history on uber app, just follow the steps above for the best experience. As far as you can see technology is changing our lives. No exception to that rule, Uber has improved technology to give customers the best experience when using the service.


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