What Does Uber “Waitlisted” Mean & How Does It Solve?

Uber is an app that allows users to order taxis through a smart mobile app. Uber’s service is famous for its convenience and speed. This service is also very suitable for those who have a busy work schedule and want to save time. Uber is growing in popularity because of the increasing demand for a convenient ride-hailing service.

Uber’s service serves customers 24/7 so it’s not difficult for you to get an Uber whenever and wherever. However, in some special cases, you cannot use Uber’s services. That’s because your Uber account has been listed as “Uber driver waitlisted“. So what does Uber waitlisted mean and how does it solve the situation?

uber driver waitlisted

If you open your app to find your account “waitlisted”, it just means your account has been suspended. It is different from the case where you deactivate your account or are rejected, which means you’ve been kicked off Uber for good.

Having your account listed as Uber driver waitlisted will threaten your livelihood and can leave you stranded, having to pay for gas to get home when ordinarily you would bring a passenger.

This article, teamstertnc.org will explain to you the reasons why your account is listed on the Uber driver waitlisted.

Reasons why your account is listed as Uber driver waitlisted.

uber driver waitlisted

Wrong driver

In this case, the passenger must complain to Uber that the driver you meet is not the person on the photo or on the account.

Uber only allows drivers with an Uber account to drive. The reason for that policy is for the safety of passengers. Before being accepted to work for Uber, drivers are required to undergo comprehensive background checks and vehicle driving skills. This is to ensure passengers are safe when they use Uber’s services.

However, it is also possible that passengers make mistakes and make incorrect claims. In this case, all you need to do is just call Uber customer support to verify your identity and ask them to remove your account from Uber driver waitlisted.

An additional passenger in the vehicle

This is a situation where a passenger complains to Uber that the driver picked them up with another person in the car.

This violates Uber’s operating policies. Under this policy, only passengers who pay for the ride may use Uber’s services.

Some people will try to drive for Uber with their spouse in the vehicle with them – this is not allowed.

I’ve also heard reports of drivers taking passengers when they’re on their way home from picking up their kids from school. On an Uber ride, you should not have anyone with you other than the passengers.

If this is in error, contact Uber to discuss the issue.

Wrong vehicle

That’s when a passenger complains to Uber that the car that picks them up isn’t the one they were notified about on the Uber app. For example, wrong car model or wrong number plate.

If the driver has changed cars, they will need to verify this with Uber before accepting passengers. Drivers can do this with just a few simple taps on the Uber app.

Accepting cash

If Uber learns that you have accepted cash payments, the company will contact you directly to verify the matter. Three reports and you’re generally deactivated permanently.

Accident during trip

The rider reported an accident that occurred during the trip that may have damaged the vehicle.

If you have any kind of accident on the road, immediately make yourself unavailable and contact Uber.

Mechanical issues

If your vehicle is experiencing a mechanical problem, such as a broken seat belt, a broken door handle, or a noisy engine,… The rider will notify you. In this situation, drivers will not be able to pick up passengers until their vehicle is improved.

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uber driver waitlisted

The above article is everything you should know about Uber drivers waitlisted. In all cases when your account is listed as Uber driver waitlisted, the first thing you should do is contact Uber customer support directly for assistance. They will solve your problem in the most optimal way in the shortest time. Once the problem is resolved you can continue to use Uber’s services.

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