Get Your Uber Eats Refund In 8 Steps

In order to satisfy the needs as well as optimize the customer experience, Uber has released Uber Eats. This is an online ordering service. It is very convenient and suitable for people with busy schedules. However, you cannot avoid problems when paying online. There are many reasons for your refund. For instance, order cancellation, wrong payment,…

Follow the below steps to get to know how to get your Uber Eats refund.

How to get an Uber Eats refund on the app

Step 1: Open the Uber Eats app

You can easily download the Uber Eats app to any iOS or Android device.

Once you’ve downloaded Uber Eats to your device, look for the app’s logo icon (as shown in the image below) on your phone’s screen. Click it. Uber Eats will be launched.

uber eats refund
Step 2: Your Pre-Order

Tap the “all your pre-orders” list option at the bottom of your screen. The symbol looks like a draft or flag (shown in the image below). Here you will find all your recently placed orders along with your payments and specific details.

uber eats refund
Step 3: Select the order to be refunded

Select the most recent order for which you want a refund. The detailed information about the order including delivery status, payment status, accompanying products, and shipper’s name, … are displayed fully and clearly here.

Click on the shipper’s name at the bottom of the screen.

uber eats refund
Step 4: Rate your experience

To give a rating and comment on your experience, you must click on the option that asks your opinion about the order.

On your screen now appear “like” and “dislike” buttons. If you have any complaints, please click the “dislike” button. It is shown in the image below.

uber eats refund
Step 5: Rate your shipper based on your experience

After completing the above step, you will find some other ranking questions as shown in the picture. Find the question “How was the delivery?” and click the “dislike” button.

uber eats refund
Step 6: What happened to the delivery?

After completing step 5, your screen will switch to a new page. All possible reasons for your dissatisfaction with the delivery will be displayed on the screen. In other words, those reasons are common situations encountered by other customers as well. Go through them all and choose the one that’s right for you.

Select the desired option by clicking it. Some of the options available (shown in the photo below) include:

  • Didn’t come to the door
  • Package Handling
  • Didn’t get the item
  • Inaccurate ETA
  • Professionalism
  • Late to drop off

uber eats refund

Step 7: Add your comment

In some cases, the suggested causes are not relevant to your situation. To get around this, Uber Eats also has an option that allows you to add your own comments. You can manually enter your claim and add it as a comment. To do this, please go to the bottom of the page and tick the “add a comment” option. Tap on it and give your comment.

uber eats refund
Step 8: Submit your feedback

This is the last and most important step for you to get your Uber Eats refund. Go to the bottom of the page, below the list of suggestions you will see a “Submit” button. Make sure you’re sure with your ratings and claims, then tap on it for the last step.

uber eats refund

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After completing the above 8 steps of the article, The system will confirm your rating and complaint. If Uber confirms the complaint, you will get your Uber Eats refund. The above article has shown you the easiest way to get Uber Eats refund. Thank you for reading. Hope the information explained above can be of help to you.

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