Top 6 Difference Between Uberx and UberPool

Uber is one of the world’s leading companies in providing online car booking services through a smart application called Uber. The service of this company is famous for its convenience and professionalism. Uber guarantees to provide a comfortable ride for its customers. Uber’s service is very suitable for those who have a busy work schedule and want to save time.

To suit each customer, Uber has released many different services such as UberX, UberXL, UberBlack,… to meet the needs of each customer. With the high cost of living as well as an increase in the cost of transport, there are various new ways adopted by individuals to reduce the cost. This article is mainly about the comparison between UberX vs UberPool.

uberx vs uberpool

If we do the Uberx vs Uberpool comparison, many things seem to be the same and many things are different.

What is the similarity between UberX vs UberPool?

Here are some points that you can easily see in both UberX vs UberPool services:

  • Both are online taxi booking services that take customers from pick-up point to destination quickly.
  • Fares of both UberX vs UberPool are relatively reasonable. It is suitable for the majority of Uber customers.
  • Passengers can give driver-related feedback for both of these services.
  • If there are any problems with your ride, you can file a complaint with Uber.

What is the difference between UberX vs UberPool?

Although these two services have a lot in common, they are nonetheless different services for different customer groups. Here are some of the different points:

1. Fare

uberx vs uberpool

UberPool fares are lower than UberX, according to customer comparison the Uber X fare is almost one-fourth times greater than that of Uber pool.

UberPool is more suitable for those who want to ride alone and are willing to pay a small fee. On the other hand, if you want to get comfort and urgency to any given destination, you should choose Uber X.

2. Passengers

If your group has more than two people, you should book the UberX service.

If the passenger wishes to travel alone, he should book an UberPool.

3. Sharing

uberx vs uberpool

For UberX, you don’t have to share the ride with anyone. All taxis are specifically booked for a particular destination.

In the case of Uber pool, one needs to share the ride with any one person or two as per the booking which comes to the cab driver.

Although many people feel unsafe sharing their trip with others. But for most people, it’s a good way to save money by sharing their cab with another user.

4. Time

If you are short on time then UberX should be the preferred choice between UberX vs UberPool. Because in the case of UberPool, if any pick-up and drop come in between your own pickup and drop, then one needs to wait for that pick-up and drop.

If any of the passengers or riders are there in the cab then if the drop of that rider is first then the cab will go first towards them.

5. Vehicle

In most cases, if you book an UberX service, you are sure to get sedans that will make your journey comfortable. These vehicles make traveling comfortable with all the best amenities on offer.

As for UberPool, one could get sedans or normal vehicles also for the journey to the selected destination.

6. Route

For UberX in this case, you can take the cab as per your own route if you would like to do. As sometimes there could be certain situations in which GPS could not be able to detect.

In such situations, you can choose your own route and can reach any destination within the allotted time.

As for UberPool, passengers must follow the route shown on the GPS because the route depends not only on your journey but also on the route of other passengers.

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The above is all about the similarities and differences customers can see when comparing UberX vs UberPool. Although there are many differences, which of the two services to book is dependent on the choice and needs of the passenger such as the time they have, the number of members in their party, the amount of money the passenger is available. willing to pay,… hopes this information helps you have a better comparing UberX vs UberPool.

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