5+ Step To View Your Uber Rating [With Picture]

As one of the most convenient and reliable taxi booking services, Uber is the company that provides the safest and most convenient rides for passengers. After each trip, you can rate your driver and the driver can also check their own rating. Ratings can range from 1 star to 5 stars. The driver average rating is made visible for the riders. This article lets you know the steps to view your Uber rating. So how to do this?

How to see your Uber rating on the website?

1. Locate the Uber app: Locate the Uber app on your mobile device. You can get this app on Playstore for Android or App Store for IOS in case it is not installed. If the Uber app is already available, tap its icon on the screen. The application is open.

view your uber rating

2. Tap on the Menu icon: You can see it in the top left corner of your phone screen. You can choose an option from the menu to view your Uber rating.

view your uber rating

3. Check Reviews: The rating displayed on your screen is now the average user rating. It is rated between 1 and 5 stars. The username will also appear along with Uber’s rating in this option.

view your uber rating

With this feature of Uber, riders can view your Uber rating. Both driver and passenger can rate each other. Those reviews will be recorded by the system and contribute to improving the quality of your trip in the future. Uber is always aiming for the best service for customers. This feature will help Uber contact qualified and experienced drivers to maximize the passenger experience on the trip.

The second way to check Uber rating

For the benefit and customer experience, Uber uses a 5-star rating system to select professional and safe drivers. All of these driver and customer reviews have a significant impact on Uber’s availability for your travel needs.

To ensure customer satisfaction, Uber provides innovative taxi services and applies modern technology.

view your uber rating

Uber’s business model is driven by a shared ecological sense. And Uber ratings also play an important role in providing new and convenient services that respond to customer needs immediately.

Drivers and passengers need to evaluate each other to eliminate negative characters that are detrimental to the company’s business processes and the passenger experience. You can view your Uber rating by using the following set of guidelines (in the Uber app and on the website).

8 steps to view your Uber rating in App

The operations to view your rating in the app can be used similarly on any Android or IOS mobile device.

Step 1: Make sure the Uber app is available on your mobile device. First, open it up and log in with your personal account to check the driver’s rating.

view your uber rating

Step 2: After logging into your personal account, you must access the main menu area of ​​Uber. In the left corner of your screen, you can see three horizontal lines. Tap on it to open the main menu of the Uber app.

view your uber rating
You can still do this while viewing the map on the screen.

Step 3: Select the “Help’ option on the newly opened options list.

view your uber rating

Step 4: On the next page, tap the “Account and payment options” button.

view your uber rating

Step 5: From the list of options, select the option “Change my account settings”.

view your uber rating

Step 6: Then go to the next page and select the option “I’d like to know my rating”. Go through the rating disclaimer to fully understand Uber’s terms.

view your uber rating

Step 7: Click “send” to view your Uber rating.

view your uber rating

Step 8: Your Uber rating will be displayed as a number from 1 to 5 stars.

view your uber rating

Check your name and the rating number below it to confirm. Criteria for ranking include punctuality, behavior, and use of the Uber app’s “praise driver” feature.

5 steps to view your Uber rating on website

The operation on the website is different from the operation on the phone, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the official Uber website at the link


Step 2: At the home screen, select “Login” then log in with your personal account.

Step 3: Provide personal information that the website requires including email, password.

Step 4: Select the “Send” button at the bottom of the page.

Step 5: On the next page to view your Uber rating, your rating will be displayed on the screen immediately.

You can also change your rating based on criteria such as polite behavior, politeness, showing up on time, right pick-up point. Safe and friendly drivers deserve a 5-star rating. Your rating will contribute to improving the quality of the service in the future.

How to view your Uber rating (Video)



Now you know how to view your Uber rating on your mobile devices. This is a great feature that contributes to improving service quality and providing a better customer experience. Follow the steps above to rate your trip. Uber guarantees to bring you the fastest, most convenient, and comfortable rides. You will experience the best services of Uber. Download the Uber app now on any Android or iOS device to experience it.

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