[A-Z] What Is Uber Taxi? Here A Detail Overview

Uber is one of the world’s leading companies that provide online taxi booking services. It provides people with a tech-enabled app to connect drivers with customers in different cities around the world. Uber facilitates urban commuting on a regular basis with instant hiring services. This article is the answer to the question “What is Uber taxi ?”.

Uber applies technological advancements in networks, mobile devices, web platforms, and internet availability. The Uber app allows users to book taxis to travel within cities at their convenience.

Drivers and passengers can seamlessly connect with each other, and they can access the app to use Uber’s services whenever and wherever.

What is Uber? | Explanation

Uber’s history

what is uber taxi

What services does Uber include?

From its founding in 2009 until now, Uber has launched many different services to meet the needs and conditions of each customer segment. Depending on the different cities, Uber has different services such as UberX, Uber XL, Uber Select, Uber Black Car, Uber Pool,… These services are provided with different types of cars. different features. These services also vary in the number of passengers allowed, the fare, and the quality of the trip. Depending on their willingness to pay for a ride, customers can choose any Uber service to use.

How to Use Uber?

Uber is a technology facilitator and the company also provides customer service support to clients. To be able to use Uber’s services, passengers and drivers must download the Uber app and sign up for a personal account.

The outstanding features of Uber include:

  • Determine the customer’s current location and destination thanks to GPS.
  • Allow customers to pay cashless.
  • Online booking.
  • Estimated fare.
  • Cancel the trip.

To sign up for a personal Uber account, users must provide their mobile number, email address, name, and city. Customers can also use promo codes to sign up for discounts.

Uber Drivers

Drivers and partners must stay in contact with Uber at all times, and they must also undergo background, vehicle and driver’s license checks.

Uber provides transparent, legal services, and customers can use the information to authenticate with the company.

Required Document for Drivers

When applying to become a driver for Uber, you must submit the following documents to the company for verification: personal and photo identity, age and address proof, driving license, vehicle registration, bank account, and insurance details.

  • Is a new car compulsory to join Uber?

Drivers are allowed to use new or old cars to carry customers. But a driver’s license is required.

  • How do passengers, drivers, and Uber communicate with each other?

All passengers must have the Uber app on their devices. GPS can be used to track ride requests, pick-up locations, destinations, and the drive itself.

Uber does not interfere with a passenger’s work or trip. The Company only monitors, records, and processes transactions and incidents that occur.

Uber always cares about passenger safety, so Uber’s drivers are usually experienced and professional drivers. Customers can rely on Uber for the daily commute, airport drops, weekly errands, parties, conferences, and other events. The drivers can be contacted immediately as riders do not require any reservations.

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What is the payment process of Uber?

Uber’s price per ride is relatively cheap. Passengers can choose to pay in cash or through credit channels.

Fares are automatically calculated and charged to the payment option selected by the passenger to facilitate cashless transactions. Allowed payment options include bank account, credit card, debit card, net banking, digital wallets,…

The drivers, on the other hand, Drivers receive weekly payments, and Uber itself service fees on every transaction for charges providing the necessary digital networking services. Here you can see How much Uber pays to Drivers.

Uber Fare estimator

You can estimate your fare before riding by clicking on the image below and entering your starting point and destination.

what is uber taxi



This article is the answer to the question “What is Uber taxi ?”. In this article, teamstertnc.org has explained to you all the information you should know including information related to Uber services, drivers, customer modes,… This useful information will assist you to have a great experience with Uber.

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