Best Smartphones for Uber Drivers

The direct rating system involved in Uber means that good drivers are matched with good passengers, and the same happens for drivers and customers with lower ratings. If you want to keep your scores as high as possible as an Uber driver, you’ll want to be sure that you have the best rideshare accessories.

Today, we’ll be looking at some of the best phones for Uber drivers, as you’ll want something powerful and responsive enough to run the app smoothly. A better phone means that you’ll be less likely to have issues during your fare, and you’ll also benefit from a quality smartphone during your free time.

Once we’ve gone through some of the best smartphones on the market for Uber drivers, we’ll cover what you should search for in the best phone for Uber. We’ll also take a look at some of Uber’s requirements for their drivers’ phones as well as the devices that they support.

Best Phones for Uber Drivers

1 – iPhone XR

iPhone XR

The more affordable of the two new iPhone X variants that released earlier 2018’s year is an excellent option for any Uber driver that isn’t looking to burn a hole in their wallet. You’ll find that this more affordable alternative to the iPhone XS has many of the same capabilities while losing some features that aren’t essential for Uber.

For example, the XR replaces 3D touch with Taptic Touch, which is slightly less advanced but plays the same role, all while reducing the cost of the device. At the same time, the iPhone XR still features a high-quality 6.1-inch LCD which is known as the Liquid Retina display and is more affordable than Apple’s LED panels.

The iPhone XR also features a single camera on the back, which is a first for the X series of iPhones. However, as you can see, the only features which have been omitted from the iPhone XR are those that will not affect Uber drivers to the extent that they will have to opt for the pricier XS.

The main benefits of the iPhone XS are the typical ones that you would expect from a phone that is made by Apple. The build quality of the XS is excellent, and the user interface is accessible, made all the better by the improved performance that is offered by iOS 12 when compared to iOS 11.

2 – Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

You may be wondering why we aren’t recommended Samsung’s newest entry in their Galaxy line, the S10, and like many other people, we find that the new features don’t justify the added cost. For example, small improvements like a moderate increase in speed and a repositioned fingerprint sensor aren’t all that necessary for an Uber driver.

However, beyond what you need for your job, you’ll find that the Galaxy S10 just isn’t all that different when compared to the S8. While many people are stating that this reflects poorly on the S10, we would argue that this instead speaks to the immense quality of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

From face recognition to curved sides, you’ll find that the Samsung Galaxy S8 was ahead of its time, and this phone is now available for a bargain with the release of the newest model. If you plan on using your phone on the job quite a bit, you may even wish to opt for the ruggedized version of this phone: the Galaxy S8 Active.

One of the main benefits to this phone for uber drivers is that it comes equipped with an audio jack, allowing you to use a standard 3.5 mm cable instead of being encumbered by all sorts of dongles. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is still one of the best phones on the market, and this makes it an excellent option for Uber drivers.

3 – LG V30

LG V30


If you want to save a bit of money on your new smartphone for Uber, you’ll find that the LG V30 is one of the best options on the market. This smartphone is available for nearly half the price of many of Apple’s models, and it still has most of the capabilities that you would need from a smartphone as an Uber driver.

There are two models of the V30 available to choose from: the first is the more affordable baseline V30 version and the second is the V30S ThinQ, which features improved performance. If you use intensive apps very often, then you may find that the newer model is a better option, but the original V30 is still powerful enough to make day-to-day use smooth.

One of the main advantages of the V30 is that it offers exceptional value for money when compared to the other phones on the market by virtue of its large screen size. The 6-inch display features a resolution of 1440p, so you won’t have to worry about anything looking fuzzy.

The V30 also features excellent battery life, which can come in handy if you forget your charging cable before you leave for your first pickup. While this device’s camera may not be up to par when compared to top-of-the-line phones, you won’t exactly be using while you’re driving regardless.

Uber Phone Requirements

uber phone requirements

You’ll find that Uber doesn’t have too many phone requirements for their drivers, leaving it mostly up to the driver’s discretion. You will need at least Android 6.0 or newer, at least 2 GB of both RAM and data, a processor speed of at least 2.0 GHz, and a screen size of at least 4.7 inches.

Phone Features for Uber

In this part of the guide, we’ll cover some of the essential features to search for in a new phone for uber. Our list of crucial elements should help you choose the right model for the job.

GPS Quality

One of the most crucial features to look for in a phone for uber is the reliability of the phone’s GPS and GLONASS systems. Both of these will allow you to navigate, and if there is a disruption in service your phone will lose track of where you are positioned in relation to the map on your screen.

Build Quality

You’ll also want to be sure that you purchase a quality phone, as it will be sure to last you a longer time, saving you money in the long run on replacement phones should it eventually fail. Superior build quality will often also mean that your phone is more reliable, which is a crucial aspect for an Uber driver.

Phone Accessories for Uber

You’ll find that some accessories are necessary, like a mount for your phone, while others will be optional, so let’s get right into them.

Phone Mount

This accessory is a matter of safety, as you can’t have your phone in your lap as you drive your client around. You can typically mount your phone to an air vent or the windshield, though some cars may have other possible mounting spots.

Audio Cable or Dongle

Another accessory that you’ll want to have in your car is a long enough audio cable to reach the back seat so that you can play music through your phone for clients. This also gives you the option of allowing passengers to choose their own songs using their devices.


As you can see, any of these three phones are excellent options for Uber drivers. The iPhone XR is perfect for any fan of Apple’s devices, while the Samsung Galaxy S8 gives it a worthy Android competitor. Finally, the LG V30 is an excellent choice for those on a budget. Thank you for taking the time to read through our guide.

Getting a Car Title Loan While Driving for Uber/Lyft

On the outside, becoming an Uber rideshare driver is an easy job. The growing number of people using ridesharing services and increasing costs of keeping a vehicle has led to a drastic rise in the demand for such services.

However, there are two sides to every coin, and the same is true for Uber rideshare drivers. They need to be active around the clock, picking up rides and ensuring that they safely arrive at their destination. Their car is the means to their livelihood, which means they have to take utmost care of their vehicles.

There Are Necessary Expenses To Be Made

Having a car is not enough, there is so much more to ensure a sense of security before you take upon a new job as an Uber rideshare driver. Even before the first payment is transferred to your account, there are some expenses which must be borne out of your own pocket.

Here are some of the examples:

  • Fuel expenses
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Car repairs and necessary oil change
  • Car cleaning and detailing
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Roadside assistance
  • A relatively expensive plan to ensure internet connection with Uber rider platform

These expenses provide an insight into the many expenses that a rideshare driver has to incur before they even get to pick their first ride. Additionally, in order to get higher customer approval ratings, drivers are required to go above and beyond – such as providing water or mints inside the car.

These are not primarily expenses, but an investment to become a high-rated driver and thus, fetch more rides. The problem arises when a new driver looks for money to kick start their road to financial independence as a rideshare driver.

Banks Aren’t Welcoming Of Ride-Share Drivers

As the largest lenders, banks are the first thought that comes to the mind. Unfortunately enough, the banks seem to have a difficult time in granting loans to drivers of rideshare services.

Financial institutions require extensive paperwork, bigger ticket loans in addition to considerable money and a credit check. For a driver who is just looking to start out, such prerequisites can be hard to fulfill.

Additionally, rideshare drivers don’t always have a proof of income to present, and their fluctuating level of income is viewed negatively by banks. While rideshare drivers earn stable incomes, there is no future guarantee of the rides you will get. Devoid of an organization that employs you, as you are self-employed and dictate your efforts, is also a reason why banks tend to hesitate when giving loans to rideshare drivers.

Non-Traditional Lenders Are The Solution

However, banks aren’t the only lenders who can help you. Nontraditional lenders emerge as the best alternative for rideshare drivers who are looking for a quick loan to get started with their work, as they require little paperwork and provide quick financing.

There is no excessive documentation involved when you look to obtain car title loans according to Face The Red – all you require is proof of identification and your car, which is to be registered as collateral.

The general stereotype of menacing and predatory lenders has become outdated, with many professionals entering the business to provide impeccable service to those in need.

As ridesharing services, such as Uber and Lyft, continue to gain popularity – people are quickly turning away from conventional employment and require quick loans to begin on a new career.

In this regard, nontraditional lenders provide an excellent service of ensuring the driver embarks on a new career as soon as possible. With competitive interest rates and minimum requirements, you can quickly rise to become a consumer-favorite rideshare driver in no time!

The Best Car Essential Oil Diffusers 2019

For ridesharing drivers, having great customer service can be the difference between making it and breaking it. They go out of their way to have bottles of water and packs of gum ready, get an extra-long aux cord, and any other car accessory to help get those coveted five-star ratings. Another way that can help these drivers get five stars is with an essential oil diffuser. Before we get to the different diffusers let’s go over some FAQs.

Car Essential Oil Diffuser Buyer’s Guide: FAQ

Q: What are essential oils?

A: Essential oils are oils extracted from plants. Usually, they contain the plant’s active components and can have multiple benefits.

Q: What are the benefits of essential oils?

A: Each kind of essential oil has their own benefit. For example, peppermint can boost energy, bergamot can relieve stress, and sandalwood can help calm you down and keep your focus. There are many other kinds of oils in the market, so keep looking for the one you’re after!

Q: Can essential oils be bad for your health?

A: Like many other products, when not used correctly, can lead to less than pleasant results. Just remember to avoid getting raw essential oils onto your bare skin and only use a few drops when using it for aromatherapy. They do have active components in them after all.

Q: How should I use essential oils with a diffuser?

A: For humidifiers/diffusers, you can add in 1-3 drops of your desired oil into the container, then add the water up to the container’s capacity. Some non-electrical diffusers don’t need water and will only need you to add very few drops into it.

Q: Can an essential oil diffuser improve my passenger’s ride?

A: Yes it can! Aromatherapy with essential oils is a great way to relieve stress and can help make the ride a much smoother experience for your passengers.

Top 4 Essential Oil Diffusers for Your Car

Essential oil diffusers can have multiple benefits: it can keep the eyes and skin moisturized, preventing bacteria that thrive in dry skin to accumulate; it can counter the static in the air, so your passengers won’t get a shock when they reach the car handle; and with the scent of the essential oils, it can cancel out bad smells and also help improve mood. Convinced? Let’s take a look at some of our top recommendations.

InnoGear USB Car Essential Oil Air Refresher

The InnoGear Air Refresher is a cup-shaped oil diffuser that can snugly fit into your cup holders. It comes with two mist modes: Continuous, and Intermittent. The product material is made from BPA-free plastic, so it can come free of toxins. It also comes with an automatic shut-off feature that turns the diffuser off when there isn’t enough solution inside the container. As an added feature, it also has seven color-changing LED lights.

This essential oil diffuser is easy to use and is very portable. It’s easy to keep stable with its shape and can prevent the essential oil solution to move around unnecessarily. The auto-shutoff is also a noteworthy feature, as it helps you conserve power, and also helps you increase the diffuser’s lifespan. Driving up and down hills can cause the auto-shutoff feature to trigger, so it’s best to use this product if you’re driving around a more leveled area.

EconoLED Car Humidifier

This 2-in-1 product from EconoLED is an essential oil diffuser and an air humidifier. It’s easy to use and can be plugged into the car’s lighter receptacle. Its reservoir can be detached from the main device. When attached to the diffuser, the reservoir can be rotatable and adjustable. The econoLED Car Humidifier also features an automatic shut-off feature, where it turns the humidifier off after using it for two hours.

The removable reservoir makes the product very easy to refill; it also doesn’t require you to remove the entire device from the lighter socket. This product is also great for older car models because it requires a lighter socket instead of a USB socket. Lastly, the automatic shut-off feature helps you protect the product from damage as using the humidifier without water or an essential oil solution in the reservoir can wear down the product.

RoyAroma Stainless Freshener

This diffuser acts like a clip-on car freshener, but for your essential oils. It’s also very simple to use. The container is made from stainless steel with a magnetic clasp, so it can keep the pad secure inside. After putting the pad in the container, simply clip it on your car’s A/C.

The RoyAroma Freshener can also be used in many other places besides your car. You can use it at home by clipping it to a fan or on your A/C unit. You can also use it in your bathroom, to keep it smelling nice and fresh. This product is very straightforward and does not require electricity, which makes it compatible with older car models.

RoyAroma Wooden Acorn Essential Oil Car Diffuser

This wooden acorn-shaped essential oil diffuser is small and compact. It can also double as a car decoration, and you can hang it on your rear-view mirror. Its materials are ethically sourced and are environmentally safe. The design is straightforward and it is very easy to use.

If you’re looking for something hassle-free, The Roy Aroma Wooden Acorn Diffuser might be the one you’re looking for. All you have to do is put a few drops of your essential oils inside the acorn then hang it in front of your A/C or rear-view mirror. If you have a later car model, this one is great for it too as it doesn’t need electricity to diffuse the essential oils.


The best car essential oil diffuser depends on your preference. If you live in a drier area, a diffuser/humidifier combo like the econoLED Car Humidifier would be a great accessory for your vehicle. And if you love the smell of essential oils, you can use the RoyAroma Stainless Freshener to get that scent.

If you’re all about giving your passengers a great ride, then investing in aromatherapy is one great way to go. With the right essential oil diffuser, you can reach the next level of customer service and be on your way to having consistent five-star ratings.

Should I buy, lease or rent a car for Uber and Lyft?

If you’re asking yourself whether you should buy, lease or rent a car in order to work for Uber or Lyft, it’s advised to do your research beforehand.

The best case scenario for you to begin working for Uber or Lyft is that you already own a vehicle that qualifies for a ridesharing app service. In most cases, people do not have cars that qualify for Uber or Lyft, which forces them to buy, rent, or lease, which can set them back a lot of money.

More often than not, you’ll have to go in debt to be able to work for Uber or Lyft, which is counterproductive for what you’re trying to achieve. For instance, a driver who participated in Uber’s leasing program ended up making $70,000 a year, but $50,000 of that went to Uber to cover his vehicle costs.

Below we will give you a run down as to what your car options are so you can make the decision that best suits your needs.

What if I already have a car?

Having a vehicle doesn’t mean that you can automatically begin working for Lyft or Uber. This is because Lyft and Uber each have different car requirements that vary from state to state.

For example, New York City has some of the strictest laws in regards to being a ridesharing driver because these apps negatively impact the income of other taxi drivers in the city.

General Uber Vehicle Requirements

  • Car must be a maximum of 10 years old (Depends on the city)
  • Must have four doors
  • Manual Transmission is allowed
  • Can be a minivan or truck
  • Goes through a mechanical vehicle inspection & pass
  • Full name of the driver must match that of insurance for the car
  • Full name of the driver not needed to be on car registration
  • Pass background check & driving record check with flying colors

General Uber Vehicle Restrictions

  • No Full-sized Vans, Taxis, & marked vehicles
  • No salvaged cars
  • No Advertisements

Read more: Uber vehicle requirements

Based on the information above, you might be sad to find out that your car doesn’t qualify for Uber. Well, you’re in luck because you could become a Lyft driver since the requirements for this app differs from Uber.

General Lyft Vehicle Requirements

  • Minimum age: 21 years old
  • Four-door car model
  • 2006 or newer
  • Passes mechanical & physical inspection
  • In-state insurance (Must be in Drivers Name)
  • One Year of Driving Experience in the USA
  • Car registration with in-state license plates
  • Must pass a background check
  • Own a smartphone

Lyft XL Drivers

Drivers who have bigger cars can qualify to sign up for Lyft XL, which consists of minivans for groups of five or more people. Keep in mind that Lyft XL costs more than 1.5 times the amount of a standard Lyft, so you might end up making more money driving a vehicle that qualifies as a Lyft XL one.

Lyft XL

Moreover, as a Lyft XL driver, you can accept requests for regular or XL rides, so imagine all the options at your disposal.

What if I don’t have a car? Buy, Lease or Rent a Car

Those who either have a vehicle that is not approved by Lyft and Uber or simply don’t have a car are forced to think outside the box. You won’t be the first driver to deal with this problem, so you should take advantage of the multiple solutions already available to you.

You have three options to choose from, and depending on your particular situation.

Renting a Car: The Uber Method

In a majority of cities, Uber partners with both Enterprise and Hertz to equip their drivers with vehicles. The weekly rate for a car rental is a minimum of $180 a week, which is something you have to keep in mind before you sign over your time to Uber.

Before you even pick up the car, the car rental requires a $200 deposit that is returned to you after you hand in the car.

car rental for uber prices

People are often taken aback by the weekly rate for the Uber car rental, but you shouldn’t it be. Uber deducts the rental fee from your paycheck, so unless you didn’t make enough money that week, your expenses for your car should be covered.

You also don’t have to pay for insurance since it is already included in the overall price of the rental. Another perk of renting through Uber is that you have unlimited mileage, which includes personal use. Whenever it’s time for an oil change, that’ll be free of charge as well.

The downside to renting a vehicle is that the option to reserve one in advance might not always be available to you. Whoever gets to the rental car lot first chooses the car. If there aren’t any cars free, then you’re out of luck.

And if you wish to make some more money on the side by driving for another ridesharing app, you can’t do so with a car you rent from Uber.

As of now, Uber offers car rentals through services such as Fair and Hertz, which you may have used in the past for traveling purposes.

– Hertz OR Fair

Hertz car rentalDriving with a Hertz vehicle means you have to provide a $200 refundable deposit while Fair requires you to pay a $500 one time fee. The upside of choosing Fair is that weekly rates are much lower than those of Hertz. For example, Hertz can cost as much as $200 a week while Fair is $70 cheaper a week.

If you plan on using a car rental for more than a month, then you should rent with Fair since it offers better deals for long-term rentals. Hertz, on the other hand, is ideal for those who aren’t sure as to the length of their rental.

Renting a Car: The Lyft Method

Lyft has their rental vehicle program called Express Drive. Lyft rental program is similar to Uber’s in that in order to access a car; you pay a weekly fee that ranges anywhere from $180 to $235 a week. The payment includes car maintenance, unlimited miles, as well as insurance.

– How Does Express Drive Work?

Express Drive functions to the benefit of Lyft drivers since it will offer drivers exclusive rates on car rentals from Flexdrive or Hertz. To make money off Lyft, the app matches you with people who request rides. Thanks to Express Drive, a portion of your check will go to your weekly rental fee.

You should think of Express Drive as a rewards program for drivers that will give you the incentive to drive more through Lyft. The more you drive, the less your weekly rate ends up being. When you reach a specific number of rides, you can offset the rental cost, which is good news for drivers who want to do this full-time.

Make sure to click on the “Rent Vehicle” option when you’re applying to be a Lyft driver. Those who want to stop using their car can opt out to rent a vehicle only meant for Lyft driving purposes.

Unlike with Uber, Lyft allows you to make a reservation beforehand which saves you time. If there are no cars available, you can try again a couple of hours later because someone is bound to return theirs.

Don’t forget that a refundable deposit is a requirement and that the amount will be specified in your application. Once everything is in order, you simply have to wait for an email from Lyft confirming your pickup time.

Leasing a Car

Lease a Car

A standard car lease is the typical route Uber, and Lyft drivers take if they are in the market to lease rather than to rent or buy. You’ll have to acquire a lease from a private dealership, but you need to read the contract carefully.

Most dealership car leases don’t permit rideshare drivers to use their car for commercial reasons, which includes Uber and Lyft. As an alternative, you could find leasing companies that specifically lease cars to Lyft and Uber drivers. Plenty of these companies have sprung up in the last couple of years, so you won’t have a problem locating a car.

Buying a Car

The optimal route to take when it comes for working for either Lyft or Uber would be to purchase a car. Only take this route when you can afford it. It wouldn’t make any sense to take out an auto loan on a vehicle you will use only for ridesharing purposes.

The apparent benefit of owning a car is that it’s yours and you can choose to sell it if you want. Keep in mind that your car won’t be worth what it was when you bought it so prepare to be settled to sell it for less.

Before you dedicate yourself to a profession, you need to find out how much you’ll be earning an hour. On average, rideshare drivers make about $14 an hour, and this is before expenses such as gas, insurance, maintenance, and depreciation. At the end of the day, you’ll probably make about $8 an hour, which is not worth the effort of buying a new car.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, owning a car is a definitive way of making a profit off of ridesharing apps such as Lyft and Uber. If that isn’t an option for you, then renting a car from a vendor working with the applications or one that permits you to rent straight from other drivers is the best solution for you.

Renting allows you to give up the car on a weekly basis, so you don’t have to fret about having to pay bills from month to month. The amount of money you’re willing to spend on a vehicle will determine whether you should buy, lease or rent a car for Uber and Lyft.

Paying Fewer Taxes as a Driver: Our Stride Drive App Review

Tax deductions and write-offs are essential in any business, but the difficulty of keeping track of them will vary, potentially making some more attractive than others. Thankfully, there is a lot of technology that you can use to make it easier for you to see just how much of a deduction you deserve.

Keeping track of your mileage for tax purposes has historically been a bit of a challenge, and technology has helped people who drive for employment immensely. The employees of companies like Uber and Lyft have had a much easier time of things due to the prevalence of smartphones and GPS.

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Automatic tax mileage calculators are some of the most helpful apps for people who drive for a living, and not just Uber and Lyft drivers, but also truck drivers and others who work on the road. Unfortunately, choosing the right app can be a bit of a challenge, and nobody wants to have to refer to two different records at the end of the year.

It is for this reason that we are presenting our Stride Drive app review, one of the more advanced options you have at your disposal when it comes to GPS-based tax mileage trackers. Without any further delay, let’s get right into what this mobile app can do for you.

Stride Drive App Review


  • Tracks mileage automatically through your GPS
  • Provides reminders to ensure that you track your miles when working
  • Ensures that miles are only tracked over the course of work
  • Format is approved by the IRS to make record-keeping easier
  • App provides advice on getting all the write-offs you deserve
  • Compatible with tax software, online filing, and accountant filing
  • Ensures that tax records won’t be audited

The Stride Drive app is meant to make your taxes easier to file as someone who drives for a living. Unlike many of the other options on the market, this one is designed with user-friendliness in mind, and you will rarely find another tax app that is as easy to use as this one. Let’s take a closer look at it.


As we just mentioned, we were most impressed by how easy this app makes everything related to your driving taxes. The interface is slick and easy to navigate, even for users who have little to no experience filing their own taxes, and the app can also provide guidance so that you can get all of your tax breaks.

If you don’t know what you are entitled to, Stride Drive can give you an idea of it, which can even end up saving you money that you didn’t realize you had! The mileage tracking is also more accurate than on other applications, ensuring that you won’t be cheated out of a mile here and there.

The app also gives you notifications and other reminders to activate it while you work to ensure that you won’t end up missing out on any mileage tracking. Another impressive part of this app is the format that it provides all of the complete info in, which is IRS-friendly, making it much less likely to be audited.

Since this app is meant to be compatible with a range of different filing techniques, you will be able to use other software for your taxes, or you can even bring the info to your accountant. One of our favorite things about this app is that it gives you the freedom to do your taxes the way you want to.

In the end, we were highly impressed by the Stride Drive app. Even though it is less established than some of the other options on the market, it is still an excellent choice of mileage tracker for tax purposes.

What Others Say

We’ve also taken a look at what other customers and buyers have to say about this app so that we can give you a better idea of what your experience will entail. Most users were impressed by the layout of this app, which is easier to navigate than many other apps that are related to taxes.

There was also praise for the range of functions that this application can provide, regardless of whether you are driving for work, charity, or medical mileage. There were a few complaints about this app having less frequent updates than other, more established options, but the developer support is improving by the day.

Buying Advice

You may be wondering how much you can expect to pay for an app that offers this much quality, and you’ll be surprised to find that Stride Drive is a free application. Since this app is free, it provides much higher value than many other options on the market.

Click here to try Stride Tax.

App Store | Google Play


Thank you for taking the time to read our Stride Drive app review. There are few tax mileage trackers can hope to compare to this one when it comes to the best level of user-friendliness.

A Guide to the Best Uber Accessories You Need as a Driver

Services like Uber and Lyft have nearly killed the taxi industry and with good reason. Why should you have to pay exorbitant rates to cab drivers who don’t even care about your experience when you ride with them. One of the best parts of Uber is that the driver has the incentive to improve your trip.

Good drivers are incentivized through the rating system that is used by Uber, and the only way to improve your rating is to provide the best ride possible. There are a few different methods that you can use to ensure that your riders are entirely satisfied with the trip, and I’ll be looking at one of the best ways today.

uber accessories

If you’re trying to get the highest rating as an Uber driver, you will need to ensure that you are doing everything that you can to improve the experience of your passengers. Uber accessories are integral so that you can make your drives more pleasant for both you and your riders, so let’s get into them.

15 Car Gadgets & Accessories To Improve Your Uber Driver Rating

Cleaning Implements

Having a way to clean your car on the fly in between rides is one of the most important things that you can do as an Uber driver, and you have a few options available when it comes to how. On one end of the spectrum, you have disinfectant wipes, which will work for relatively small messes, but not much else.

If you’re looking for cleaning capability that is a little more thorough, you can opt for a handheld vacuum cleaner like the BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L, which is one of the best options under $100 for 2018. Thanks to this vacuum’s lithium-ion battery, you won’t have to worry about it dying on you unexpectedly.

First Aid Kit

Of course, being on the road can be a hazardous experience at times, and if you are going to be a ridesharing driver, you should be prepared to treat some basic wounds, just in case. Even if someone has a small cut on their hand that you can disinfect, it will go a long way towards making you a better person (and improving your rating).

In the event of a car accident or something more major, your first aid kit may end up saving someone’s life, so there is no reason to go without one. In fact, you should even have a first aid kit in your personal vehicle, especially if you tend to go on long-distance drives relatively often.

Air Freshener

The inclusion of an air freshener simply makes the experience of riding in your car more pleasant for anyone, and there really is no reason that you should equip one in your vehicle. Air fresheners are some of the cheapest but most effective uber accessories that you can purchase, and going without one is a rookie mistake.

You have to consider the sheer number of people who will come through your car throughout the day and account for the likelihood that you will have to deal with some unpleasant smells. For your own sake, and for the sake of your riders, get an air freshener that will be able to keep your car smelling good, but not overpowering.

Chargers and Cables

The sign of a good Uber driver is often whether or not they have the right cord for your needs. While you may be a driver, it is likely that you have experienced the inconvenience of being in a taxi with music that you aren’t enjoying, and having access to your phone can greatly improve the ride.

Image source:

As a rule of thumb, you should always bring at least one charging cable for an iPhone, one USB charging cable for Android phones, and an aux audio cord for passengers who want to play music. The minute you bring these Uber accessories into your car, you will start to see your ratings improve dramatically.

Phone Mount

phone mount for driversIf you are driving for Uber, you will need access to your phone so that you can see the route, and holding onto it or leaving it in your lap is dangerous and irresponsible. A phone mount is one of the most necessary Uber accessories that you can opt for, and if there is a single thing on this list that you get, this should be it.

You have a range of options available when it comes to choosing the right phone mount as an Uber driver, and you will also have to decide where you want it mounted. Some drivers prefer to have their phone fixed somewhere higher up, and others prefer to have it located on the center console.

LED Flashlight

If you are going to be driving around at night, you will want to bring around an LED flashlight, as that will give you the ability to see in the dark if the need arises. For example, if your car suddenly breaks down and you have to peek around under the hood, you will need to bring along a flashlight.

Many drivers make the mistake of assuming that their phone light will be sufficient for their needs, but nothing can beat the power and efficiency of a proper LED flashlight. You can either keep your flashlight stored away in your glove compartment or in your trunk with the rest of your emergency supplies.

Floor Mats

If you are going to be working as an Uber driver, you may want to look into replacing the floor mats that come included with your car. Of course, if your vehicle is a high-end model, you will likely not want to do this as it probably comes equipped with quality floor mats already.

Keep in mind that new floor mats are often integral if you live in a place with a harsher climate during winter. WeatherTech’s Trim-to-Fit floor mats are excellent for drivers who have people continually getting in and out of their cars, and you can rest assured that they are durable enough to last.

Seat Covers

If you don’t want to deal with constantly cleaning the seats of your car, you may wish to invest in a set of seat covers that will keep them protected from dirt. You will want to make sure that you purchase quality covers, as cheaper ones may be uncomfortable and diminish the passenger experience.


Keep in mind that you may have to clean the seat covers from time to time, as they will not be impervious to getting dirty, but it will be much simpler than keeping the seats themselves clean. Seat covers may end up being necessary for a northern climate where you will often have to deal with snow.

Back Support

While this may not be necessary at all times, it helps to have something available in the car that can provide additional lumbar support for your passengers. If you ever have a passenger with a bad back, you will seem like the best driver in the world for providing them with a lumbar cushion.

For those of you searching for the best Uber accessory that can provide additional back support, there are few options better than the LoveHome Memory Foam Support Cushion. In addition to being affordable, this product is both comfortable and durable enough to last you a much longer time than most other support pillows.

Dash Cam

If your job is going to revolve around driving, you want to be able to make sure that someone else’s mistake won’t end up cutting off your source of income. For this reason, Uber drivers should always have dash cams in their cars so they will have evidence of any collisions or other occurrences.

Equipping your vehicle with a dash cam is the responsible decision when you don’t know who is behind the wheel of other cars. The Falcon Zero F360 is one of the most advanced dash cams on the market, and it is more affordable than most other comparable high-end dash cam models.


While this may not seem like something that you would immediately consider, a good pair of sunglasses can make it much easier for you to drive during sunny days. Instead of having to constantly adjust the shade above your head to keep your eyes shadowed, you can just rely on your sunglasses.

As an Uber driver, the choice is yours when it comes to the sunglasses that you should opt for. There are even sunglasses that are designed for driving at night! The BLUPOND Night Driving Glasses are an excellent choice of product for any Uber driver who tends to do a lot of driving during the night.


No one is saying that you need to have your car equipped with a buffet in the back, but it is always nice to have some provisions for your passengers, especially on longer rides. Having some gum or mints in the back of your car ensures that your customers will be able to freshen their breath on the way to meetings or dates.

Water, on the other hand, is merely a common courtesy that should be extended by every Uber driver, especially when you consider how affordable it is to buy a few bulk packs of bottles. While the water may not be chilled, it will be better than your customers having to deal with parched throats.

Paper Towels

Paper towels are always a good idea to bring along as Uber accessories since they are so versatile. If you ever need to clean something up, a paper towel will get the job done. Perhaps your rider needs to blow their nose? You can always offer them a paper towel so that they aren’t uncomfortable for the whole ride.

I would recommend keeping a package of at least two paper towel rolls in the trunk of your car so that you won’t unexpectedly run out halfway through the day. You will also want at least one roll in the car’s interior so that you won’t have to pull over to access the paper towels, of course.

Mileage Tracker

Stride Drive app

If you are going to be keeping track of the miles that you drive for work, one of the best ways to do so is using an app, especially if you are an Uber driver whose phone will be necessary. There are a few different options available when it comes to keeping track of mileage for your taxes.

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Two of the most popular options on the market are the Stride Drive app and the MileIQ app, both of which do the same task but in slightly different ways. MileIQ is by far the more popular app, but Stride Drive offers some features that may make it a more functional alternative for some other drivers.

Business Cards

If you provide a memorable experience for your riders, you may wish to include business cards in your vehicle for their perusal. It can’t hurt to offer something for the people in the back seat to take a look at throughout a ride, especially if you are going to be driving for long distances.

When it comes to choosing the right business cards, you will want to go with something that is a little more restrained so that it remains tasteful, but it should still be memorable. You will also want to leave them somewhere where they can be easily accessed, but you don’t want them to be too prevalent, so they don’t feel like an advertisement.


As you can see, a lot of thought goes into choosing the right Uber accessories, as that will have the single greatest influence on how your riders perceive the riding experience. We hope that this guide has been able to give you some ideas on how you can improve that experience for your customers.

From products that improve the safety of everyone in the car like first aid kits to little quality of life accessories like air fresheners, everything plays its role in your vehicle. Thank you for taking the time to read over my guide.

Drivers Rally at City Hall

Whenever there is a problem that needs to be solved within a company and the owners cannot do anything about it, then the only solution is to turn to people that have authority like council at the City Hall. I have been a part of such event before because I had many years of experience as a driver, so I can explain it to you the importance of this rally. First of all, what you need to understand is that every driver and employee of the company you are working for wants the same thing as you do and that is better working standards.

This means that you have to work together to achieve some changes, you alone won’t be able to do anything, but if all of you or the majority of drivers stand together, they can have a really loud message that will be heard across the country. The council at the City Hall is the only place that can make some really huge changes that will affect your future, so if you have an idea that can work, you have to make a proposal for that idea.

The Bigger the Better

The more people you gather to come with you to this even the better will be for the outcome because the council will realize that you are all dealing with a great issue that needs to be solved. They know that if they don’t do something about it, you will never stop complaining and making problems for them. They don’t want to see you protest at the City Hall, so they will do anything to get rid of you all. In some cases, the problem will be solved another way that you didn’t expect it. The key thing is to work together with your co-workers and create a working environment that you are satisfied with.

In most cases, these are very big events where few hundred people are gathering to share one message with the council. The goal of these events is to make some changes to the system that will benefit the drivers in the future.

Solving Problems with Driver Meetings

As a driver for some rideshare company such as Uber or Lyft, you will be experiencing all kinds of problems. Luckily for you, there are some meetings that are specially designed for drivers to gather and share some of their experience with each other as well as the owners of the company. These meetings are essential for a huge company such as Uber because they want to have happy and satisfied drivers.

Without these drivers, they wouldn’t exist and if the drivers are unsatisfied, they will quit, or they will be just very rude to passengers which will affect the reputation of this company. I have been working for a rideshare company for a very long time now and I have seen and attended some of these meetings. From personal experience, I can tell you that they are one of the most important meetings for drivers because we all get the chance to speak up and share our ideas that will improve our job.

Big Changes

A company cannot be successful if the owners don’t listen to their employees, simple as that. You never want to end up working for a company that isn’t treating you well. If you are not satisfied with your job, then you should do something about it because it will not change on its own. During these driver meetings, all the drivers are welcome to share their ideas for the future, this doesn’t mean that every idea will be accepted, but at least you have the option to affect the future. The owners of the company don’t understand all the needs that you might be having because they are not driving those cars. I was lucky enough to work for a very successful company that always listened to their employees.

Some of the biggest changes to these driving companies will happen due to these driver meetings where drivers will share their problems and find a solution to them. If your company doesn’t have these meetings, then you can be the one who starts them, people will support you because it will benefit all the employees.

Main Issues of Uber Drivers

uber mobNo matter what type of job that you have you will always find things that annoy you and represent an issue for you. I had a lot of experience working as an Uber driver, so I can tell you about the things that always annoyed me. This way, you can prepare yourself mentally for some of the things that you might face. Driving itself is frustrating sometimes because you have to constantly deal with other drivers on the road that might not be that experienced in driving. One of the first things that I needed to surpass was the frustration that I get from inexperienced drivers. After some time, I was immune to almost everything that other drivers were doing around me, I just avoided every conflict and continue to drive safely. Here is a short list of some other things that you might come across when you start working as an Uber or Lyft driver.

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Dealing with Passenger Expectations

Every passenger will want to get a fast ride to the destination they want, but only a very small amount really understands the reality that is traffic. Some passengers that I had were extremely upset because they didn’t get to their destination on time and they blame the driver. Well, with people like that you cannot even start arguing because they are too stubborn. With some passengers, you might be able to explain that you cannot control the traffic or the sudden roadblocks.

Tip: Best Time To Drive Uber

Accidents happen all the time on the road and you cannot predict any of that. Trust me, the longer you have the passenger in your car, the more money you will get, but in some cases, you will want to get rid of them as soon as possible because they will be extremely annoying. However, if you want to make money, then this is something that you have to deal with on a daily basis, especially if you are working in a very populated area.

Technical Issues

As a driver for Uber or Lyft, you will have to use their official app in order to get passengers. Unfortunately, these apps will sometimes malfunction, and you will have to fix it in order to continue working.

Find more apps:

How to Become a Successful Uber Driver

Being an Uber driver isn’t easy and a lot of people make the mistake of thinking it will be simple and a lot of fun. Don’t get me wrong it can be a lot of fun, but only if you love driving and you are doing everything the right way. Of course, when you first start driving, you will be making all kinds of mistakes and bad decisions, but along the way, you will be learning from those experiences. In this article, you will find all kinds of simple tips that will definitely help you become a successful Uber driver. You can also use these tips and implement them to any other driving job such as a taxi or Lyft driver.

Keep Snacks and Water in the Car

uberAs a driver in general, your main income depends on the number of people you are driving and also from the tips that you get from them. of course, there will be times when you won’t get any extra tip for the ride, but don’t let that discourage you. If you are the very friendly person who is always sharing positive energy with passengers, you will start getting better reviews and tips from passengers. Other than just being polite to people, you can also place all kinds of snacks and water bottles inside your car that the passengers can eat and drink while traveling.

Keep in minds these snacks and water bottles are for them to use for free, so don’t get mad when someone eats or drinks it all. People will appreciate this, and they will give you a great review as well as a good tip. Also, these snacks and drinks can come in handy for you also when you are on a long ride and you don’t have time to eat or hydrate at all.

Use the Uber Passenger App

Take advantage of this app and see where the other drivers are located. Try finding an area where there isn’t a lot of competition and you can make a lot of money this way. Avoiding very popular areas can actually benefit you.

The Rideshare Showdown: Lyft vs Uber

Ridesharing is one of the most revolutionary advancements in the modern transportation industry. It offers customers unprecedented ease of access through simple phone applications, allowing anybody to call for a ride, see information about their driver, and even track the progress of the vehicle.

It has opened a whole new world to taxi drivers as well. Before ridesharing if you wanted to be a taxi driver, you would have to go through a lengthy and tedious application process, then you’d be given a rickety old cab, pay most of your money to the taxi company, and hope you made some extra tips to cover your bills.

With the advent of companies like Uber and Lyft, anybody can use their personal vehicles to make an income. Whether you want to work part-time or full-time, you get to decide what time you clock-in and how many hours a day you work. Sounds pretty great right?

lyft vs uber

So who’s the best company to drive for? Who’s better to hitch a ride with? In the following article we’re going to examine the differences between the two largest ridesharing competitors, Lyft vs Uber, and take a look at what makes them great, and what makes them not so great.

For Drivers

Both Uber and Lyft both offer certain advantages and disadvantages in their perspective areas. These days, drivers often drive for both companies to maximize their income. They figure out which companies they can make the most money on a particular day or time. Below, we will lay out some of the information that you need to consider when deciding which company to drive for and when you should drive for both.


Obviously, location is a big factor when deciding who to drive for. Lyft is slightly newer to the ridesharing scene than Uber is, and it doesn’t have as big a handle on the market as it competitor.

Statistically, Uber tends to be far more popular in rural areas outside of the reach of big cities. Customers can usually hail a ride within twenty minutes even in small towns. In large metropolitan areas, however, Lyft offers much fiercer competition, rivaling and sometimes even trumping the popularity of Uber.

So check your city and see what the support rate is for both. Another great thing about hard competition is that both companies try to one-up the other by offering better incentives for their drivers. We will go into these incentive programs below.

Rate of Pay

Let’s face it, the only reason you’re going to purposefully choose to put hundreds of miles a day on your car is that you want to make money. So who are you going to make more money with?


The cost for an average Uber or Lyft is about the same:

  • $1 to begin your ride
  • $.25 per minute spent en route
  • $1.50 per mile

So it totals out to right around $2 per mile for an average trip, and the driver usually averages to keep 70-80% of this after the rideshare company takes their share.


The next thing to look at is surges. Surges are times of the day where there is a high demand for drivers. These are usually lunchtime, rush hour, weekends, or whenever the bars and nightclubs close. The surge prices are usually 1.5 to 2 times the base rate per mile, but in extreme situations can go up to 5 times or more.


Tips For Making The Most With Uber: Best Time To Drive Uber

The surges are what paper-chasing drivers live for. These are the times when they can really make good money. If a driver plays his cards right, he can make more money on a Friday night surge than he could all week.

This is where driving for both companies can pay out. The fewer drivers there are on one network, the higher the surge amount is. It pays to do your due diligence and figure out whether Uber or Lyft is busier in your city on a particular night. Statistically, though, Lyft isn’t always as popular and well-known as Uber is, so there is the potential to make more money with that if there’s a high demand in your city.


Another interesting new thing that both companies have started doing to compete is by offering guaranteed incentive-based programs which keep drivers on the road even during typically slow times and give their drivers motivation to maintain their loyalty to the company. Here are some of the common ones you will see:

  • Guaranteed hourly pay

This incentive is competitively offered by both Uber and Lyft to encourage drivers to stay active even during typically slower times. It does the rideshare company’s reputation no good if prospective riders can’t find a vehicle. That means as a driver, you are still making your fare money, but you have a guaranteed hourly pay for a period which is usually around three or four hours. These bonuses can be smaller at around $10 per hour, but they can go up exponentially to upwards of $50 per hour.

  • Power bonuses for newer cars

This is an incentive offered by Lyft and gives drivers extra money based on how many trips they gave in a given week. However, to be eligible for this you have to drive a vehicle that’s 2010 or newer.

  • Quest

Quest is an Uber incentive that offers drivers extra bonuses for getting passengers to their destinations within a certain amount of time. Besides getting the Quest bonus, passengers are far more likely to tip extra when they get to work on time.

  • Power driver

Power driver is an incentive by Uber that’s very similar to Lyft’s power bonuses, with one key difference; drivers have to have given a certain number of rides to get the bonus. Lyft offers bonuses based on a percentage of rides given, but Uber offers larger bonuses, with harder to meet goals. So if you’re a fan of challenges, this gives you a great incentive.

  • Boost

Boost is another Uber incentive that can really make drivers a lot of money. What boost does, is it multiplies your trip fare by a guaranteed amount, very similar to surging. The other great thing about boost is that it stacks with the surge, so if you can get lucky enough to get both at once, you’re guaranteed to make some good money.


Traditionally all cab drivers made their extra money in tips, and even with Uber and Lyft’s incentives that we reviewed, having the ability to make some extra tip money can be a dealbreaker.

Years ago when both companies were new on the scene, Lyft pioneered the tipping feature. Every time a customer got out of the car, they received a quick pop up asking if they wished to tip their driver and give them a quick review. As a result, Lyft customers got into the habit of always tipping their drivers.

Uber on the other hand, only just recently implemented the ability to tip within their app. Beforehand that the only option was to tip in cash, and these days people don’t carry around paper bills as much as they used to. As a result, Uber customers got used to not tipping their drivers for several years. Even with the new ability to tip within the Uber app, customers have become so accustomed to not tipping that drivers are far more likely to get stiffed. On average, Lyft drivers make a lot more tip money than Uber drivers do, so if tips are important to you, make sure you take this into consideration.


Having satisfaction with the company one works for is an important factor to keep in mind. Overall, Lyft drivers seem to be far more satisfied with their experience. According to a recent survey in 2017, 76% of drivers were satisfied with their Lyft experience, whereas only 49% of Uber drivers reported a positive experience.

A lot of this may have to do with the fact that Lyft drivers earn around $1.50 to $2 more per hour once you include the extra tip money that they make, and so this satisfaction percentage could change over the course of the next year now that Uber has implemented tipping into their app.

Many people who have driven for both companies claim that Lyft offers a better driving experience, and has more incentives readily available. Looking closer at individuals who work for both companies, you’ll notice that they typically drive more for Uber than they do Lyft, but prefer to drive for Lyft over Uber. This indicates that if Lyft were to grow bigger and offer the volume that Uber currently provides, that Lyft could have a good chance of massively trumping out Uber in driver ratings.

Vehicle Requirements

Both Uber and Lyft are comparable when it comes to driver requirements. In most cases, Lyft tends to be a bit more strict than Uber. The general requirements for the base level service both are as follows:

UberX Requirements

  • Vehicle year of 2002 or newer
  • Vehicle must be clean, presentable, and have minimal cosmetic damage. Small scratches are usually fine
  • The vehicle must have four doors
  • Super Duty trucks or commercial vans are prohibited
  • No commercial branding or banners are allowed on the vehicle
  • Vehicle must pass the Uber Vehicle Inspection

Lyft Requirements

  • Vehicle year of 2006 or newer
  • Vehicle must be clean, Air Conditioning and heat must work
  • Must have four doors
  • No commercial vehicles are allowed
  • Vehicle must be able to pass the Lyft Vehicle Inspection

As you can see, the main difference is that Lyft requires a slightly newer vehicle, but this is all dependent upon location. Certain states will require you have a newer vehicle to meet certain emission and safety standards, so make sure to double check your state’s specific regulations.

Driving in Luxury

Speaking of vehicles, let’s compare Uber and Lyft regarding their luxury service levels that they provide. Often if you have a luxury vehicle that meets minimum requirements, you can make a hefty bonus by giving rides to high-end clientele.

Uber offers the following luxury services:

  • Uber Select – Includes most base model luxury or sport-luxury models
  • Uber Black – This is Uber’s premier concierge service. They have stricter luxury requirements than Uber Select and require that your vehicle have an all-black interior and exterior
  • UberSUV – UberSUV provides the same service as Uber Black but offers large SUV’s that must be able to seat at least six people. Aside from luxury requirements, your SUV must also be all-black
  • UberLUX – This is the next level up from Uber Black. Drivers are required to rent or own exotic or high-end, fully loaded luxury vehicles such as Maybachs, Bentleys, or Rolls Royce

Lyft recently decided to compete with Uber’s luxury services and offers similar packages:

  • Lyft Premier – Similar to Uber Select offers base models of four-door luxury or luxury-sport sedans
  • Lyft Lux – Offers higher-end luxury cars with an all-black interior and exterior
  • Lyft Lux Suv – Similar to UberSUV offers high-end all-black SUV’s which must be able to seat at least six people

Now, these services are relatively the same, so you may wonder why I said earlier that Uber has the advantage in this field. This is because of one key factor; Uber offers their luxury services in almost every major city, whereas Lyft only provides their luxury services primarily in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. They do however have plans to expand to most major US cities by mid-2018, but until then Lyft drivers are out of luck if they had hoped to provide luxury rides outside of Canada.

Driver Requirements

Now let’s talk about Uber and Lyft’s requirements for their drivers. They both want to ensure that their company is represented by individuals who have proven themselves to be good drivers and have a clean criminal record, but here is a list of general requirements:


  • You must be 21 years old to apply
  • You must have had a drivers license for one year, and if you’re under the age of 23 you must have had your license for three years
  • Must have vehicle insurance in your name
  • Your vehicle must be registered and have plates in the state you’ll be operating in
  • Drivers must pass a criminal background check


  • You must be 21 years old to apply
  • You must have had a drivers license for one year and have a clean driving record
  • Must have a vehicle insurance policy in your name
  • Your vehicle must be registered with plates in your state
  • Drivers must pass a criminal background check in addition to the driving record check

As you can see, pretty similar, with a couple of differences. Uber requires three years of driving experience for applicants under the age of 23, and Lyft requires all their prospective drivers to pass a driving evaluation, and complete a training day with a Lyft associate. Ubers higher age restriction and Lyft’s driving test are both ways of ensuring that their drivers are capable of performing their job safely. If either company were to rack up a high percentage of accidents, it could be detrimental to their future.

Read more: Uber Car Requirements

For Riders

Maybe you’re not trying to drive, and instead, you’re just curious as to which ridesharing company provides the best experience for the riders.


Outside of the special surge pricing times (or “prime time” as Lyft calls it), reports have shown that on average, getting a ride from Lyft is a little bit cheaper than Uber in major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City.

Granted the differences between rates is marginal at best. Due to the high competition between Uber and Lyft, they are always trying to provide better, cheaper service than the other, so any major discount offered by one is quickly countered by a discount or offer by the other.

All fees included, the average cost totals out to around $2 per mile riding with both Uber and Lyft, not including any additional surge pricing.


As mentioned above, Lyft has always provided a way for riders to tip their drivers from their app, and Uber has recently followed suit. Should you wish to tip your driver, you will be given a quick pop-up in your Uber or Lyft app after you are dropped off which prompts you to rate and review your driver, also giving you the ability to tip them. They have buttons for 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25% tips which are automatically calculated based on your ride cost, or you can choose to add a custom tip. The tip will be added to your receipt the following business day and will be taken from the payment method you have set in your app.

App Usability

uber app usability

App usability and functionality is key when customers are looking to find an easy ride. Many times riders are in a hurry to get to work, standing in the cold or bad weather, or slightly inebriated after a night of drinking. Providing an app that is transparent, easy to use, and relatively simple is important to giving people the customer experience needed to keep coming back.

Upon review, both the Uber and the Lyft application share the same basic features. Both apps are available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone operating systems, so pretty much anybody with a smartphone can access them.

Both Google Maps and Apple maps have also integrated Uber functionality into their system, so you can see and hail drivers around your area. This is an interesting feature and offers a way for somebody who might be lost and staring at their mapping app to easily request a ride without having to switch applications.

As far as simplicity goes, both apps have become increasingly more complex which can affect individuals who aren’t as familiar with modern technology. The complexity and extra features are great for the tech-savvy and offer them an enhanced user experience, but this falls short on those who lack tech know-how.

One small difference to take note of is Uber’s transparency when compared to Lyft. Uber gives customers a better idea of what their final fare price is going to be before they pay, whereas Lyft requires you to do a little bit of extra work. Within the Lyft app you can request a ‘fare quote’, but they don’t offer it up in plain sight the way that Uber does. If you’re a rider who’s conscious of their spending, Uber is looking out for you.

As Uber has expanded into delivery and luxury services over the past year, their app has become slightly more clogged with advertisements and promotions for these services. Thankfully it’s not excessive, but it is noticeable, and if you’re not a fan of seeing these promotions, it might turn you away from the Uber app.

Aside from these slight differences though, both apps work well and function on the same level. In most big cities, riders will have both the Uber and Lyft apps downloaded and tend to hitch a ride with whoever is offering cheaper fare or quicker response time.

Rider Experience

Over the past year, Uber has picked up some flack for a few freak accidents and several sexual misconduct allegations against some of their drivers. While unfortunate, Uber has done their best to crack down even harder when conducting criminal background checks to prevent unsavory characters from obtaining driver status.

Overall, customers seem almost equally satisfied with both Uber and Lyft. Obviously riders will tend to be biased towards whoever’s cheaper on a given day, but in general, prices remain very similar.

Most rideshare drivers are also very friendly as their tip depends upon it. For those visiting new cities or in unfamiliar areas, Uber and Lyft drivers can be some of the best sources of information. They spend all day traveling around their city and can usually recommend a wide variety of tourist attractions, good eats, and popular nightlife locations.

Depending on what city you reside in and how friendly the people are, many drivers will even help you with your luggage and provide water or snacks to riders.


Availability is an important consideration, and both companies provide service in over 400 countries. Uber, however, tends to be more readily available in smaller towns and cities, whereas Lyft primarily operates in and around major metropolitan areas. If you live in a rural area, Uber can usually provide response times of under 20 minutes, and in most big cities, you’re guaranteed a ride from either Uber or Lyft in under 10 minutes.

In Conclusion

Both Uber and Lyft offer an exceptional service at an affordable price. They’re cheaper and provide nicer vehicles for customers to ride in than traditional taxis, and have opened up a goldmine for potential entrepreneurs.

In the article above we detailed the primary differences and small nuances that make each company stand out from the other in comparison, however, as far as who the better of the two competitors is, there is no cut and dry answer and that is a question that you will have to answer yourself with your own experiences.

What is the Best Mileage Tracking Apps for Rideshare Drivers?

If you’re driving for a ridesharing company like Uber or Lyft and haven’t been tracking your daily driving mileage, you’ve been doing it all wrong. Logging your daily miles is essential if you want to maximize your end of the year tax returns, and put money back into your pocket.

best mileage tracking apps for rideshare drivers

As a ridesharing driver, you are an independent contractor and as such can benefit from IRS tax-cuts and other special deductions that they give to small business owners. The most considerable deduction you receive is for the miles you drive as an independent contractor. Every time you drive somewhere for work (which is all the time if you’re an Uber driver) can be written off as a “business expense,” and you are entitled to receive a 53 cent deduction per mile.

The average full-time ridesharing driver who puts in 40-45 hours per week puts around 45,000 miles a year on their vehicle. If you do the math, that’s a deduction worth over ten grand!

Now you may wonder, “Why not just use Uber’s built-in tracker?” Well, the problem is, Uber’s tracker only records the miles in which you have an actual rider in your car. It doesn’t take into account the fact that you had to drive 15 miles into town or all the times you had to drive 10 miles out of your way to pick up a customer. That’s where personal mileage trackers come in. They allow you to keep a record of all those extra miles so when tax time comes around, you have a digital record of everything you need to file your paperwork.

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to figure out which apps are worth it, and which ones are a waste of time, so I decided to put together a list of some of the best mileage tracking apps you can get your hands on.

Google Maps

One of the simplest ways you can track your mileage is through Google Maps. It has built-in functionality that allows you to trace streets and find the distance between two points. It’s free and if you keep a record of all the rides you give in a particular day, it’s easy enough to go back and calculate how many miles you drove on your last shift. The only problem with Google Maps is that they don’t have a fully automated tracking feature yet, meaning that you have to enter all of your mileage and driving points manually. This can be rather tedious for many drivers who regularly travel hundreds of miles a day, or drivers who work in a busy city and give hundreds of separate rides every day.


Waze is a great community based mapping software. It allows users to live-edit the map, and alert other users to potential hazards like roadblocks or accidents. However, Waze also has a great background feature that tracks all of your mileage while you have the app open on your phone screen. That means as long as you’re using your Waze app while driving, your miles will be tracked, and you can easily go back and view them from your account.

Stride Drive

Stride Drive app

Stride is a tax services company that will keep track of all your expenses and tax deductibles. Also offered as part of that service is a great mileage tracking system. With your Stride Drive app open, you can start and stop recording miles anytime you wish. There is even a feature that lets you log all of your related driving expenses such as fuel, oil changes, and maintenance. The thing that makes Stride Drive is one of the best mileage tracking apps is that it’s completely free! While many other major apps have switched to being a paid service, Stride has stood firm in their commitment to remain cost-free.

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Quickbooks app

Intuit’s QuickBooks software has long been one of the top competitors when it comes to book-keeping and tax management. QuickBooks Self-Employed has a total mileage and expense tracking suite. The best feature of this app is its ability to automate everything completely. You can set it up to track every mile you drive, and even link the software to your bank account, so it logs every purchase you make at a gas station.


Hurdlr app

Hurdlr has an edge in the game as they were one of the first mileage and expense tracking apps to develop exclusively for the ridesharing industry. They later evolved to cater to other on-the-go entrepreneurs. They have a fully automated mileage tracking system that runs as a background program on your smartphone. Like, Quickbooks, Hurdlr also can sync to your bank accounts and automatically track your expenses. Another great selling point is Hurdlr’s metrics system. You can view your profile and see a spreadsheet displaying all of your recent activity. This allows you to keep track of your spending and see where you’re either losing or gaining money.


MileIQ is a mileage tracking app made for the busy professional and the ridesharing driver alike. In fact, the folks over at Microsoft liked it so much that they now offer it as a complimentary service along with their Office365 business management software. MileIQ effortlessly syncs across all of your devices from smartphones to tablets and laptops. It runs in the background and quietly tracks all of your driving, even allowing you to add multiple vehicles to an account.

Download MileIQ: App Store | Google Play


TripLog has a full suite for on-the-road entrepreneurs. They have an easy to use mobile app that integrates smoothly with their desktop application. TripLog has a full fleet tracking feature, which makes it easy to keep track of multiple vehicles, expenses, and even DMV registrations. Unfortunately, some of the more advanced productivity features could be lost on the typical rideshare driver. They offer a free 30 day trial period, so if you’re looking to try something new, they’re worth a second look.


TrackMyDrive is a new player on the scene, and they offer smartphone mileage tracking and IRS reporting that syncs data across multiple devices (even smartwatches). They focus on simplicity and affordability and offer plans as cheap as $9 per year.

Easy LogBook

Easy Logbook is Apple Store app for smartphones that makes it easy to keep track of one-way trips with the press of a button. Just punch the green button when you begin your trip, and the red when you complete your trip. This app is a little primitive in comparison to more advanced mileage trackers that offer full business suites and IRS reporting, but it gets the job done and could be great for a part-time driver who does not need the more advanced features.


MileWiz has an excellent mileage tracking app for both Android and iOS. $50 per year gets you a well-made app that keeps track of all the basics and automatically syncs data with a cloud server, so you never have to worry about losing your logs. The coolest feature about MileWiz is their built-in algorithm that automatically detects when you’re driving or not. This prevents the app from continually running in the background and draining your battery.


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of using the Evernote app, this is their version of a mileage tracking app and offers the same degree of usability and speed that their users have come to expect. Not only does Everlance offer ridesharing mileage tracking, but they also allow you to integrate your business debit and credit cards into their system to keep track of expenses.

They offer a free edition that has a 30 ride per month limit, or you can subscribe to their premium services for around $9 a month.


SherpaShare claims to be “the ultimate rideshare assistance app,” and they have the reputation to back it up. They’ve been featured in The New York Times and on Fox Business. They offer a full online dashboard with both Android and iOS integration. Not only do they offer mileage and expense tracking, but they also have an array of Driver Tools that alert you to traffic patterns and road hazards in your area.


If you haven’t looked into mileage tracking apps before now is the time to start! Check out one of these great apps and start putting money back into your pocket today.

Uber Car Requirements: Everything You Need To Know To Drive For Uber

Uber is one of the most revolutionary companies of the 21st Century. They completely disrupted the taxi industry, which before the advent of ridesharing was a very close-knit group and a hard industry to break into.

Uber offers customers unprecedented ease of access with their app, allowing anybody to see information about their driver, and track their ride with a built-in mapping system. Uber has also taken the credit for significantly reducing incidents of drunk driving, as they are often easier, cheaper, and more comfortable than the average well-used crown victorias used by most taxi companies.

Aside from benefitting the rider however, Uber has opened a whole new world to entrepreneurs. From the weekend warrior to full-time driver, you get to decide what time you clock-in and how many hours you work. Sounds pretty great right?

The process of becoming an Uber driver is now easier than ever, you don’t need to attend grueling training sessions, and you do not need to apply for additional business licensing. All Uber asks is that you follow a few simple guidelines and requirements to register as a driver and start making money.

Uber Driver Requirements

The first place to start is with you. Although anybody can register as a driver, Uber does have a few guidelines and minimum requirements for their applicants:

  • The driver must be at least 21 years old
  • They must have a valid United States driver’s license
  • Drivers must have valid and up to date insurance
  • They must have had at least one year of driving experience in the United States. For those under the age of 23, applicants must be able to prove at least three years of previous driving experience.
  • Applicants must be willing to complete an online screening. This process will review your driving record as well as your criminal background. Uber requires that all of their drivers have a clean history on both fronts.

Uber Car Requirements

To offer the best experience to their customers, Uber requires their drivers’ vehicles to be clean, presentable, and in full working order. This policy ensures that the rider will not only have any complaints about their trip, but it also ensures that in the event of an unforeseen accident, both the driver and the rider will be in a vehicle which has passed minimum safety tests.

Depending on which city you will be driving in, Uber offers several different levels of service which I will briefly go over, along with the specific vehicle requirements of each of these levels.

Car Requirements for UberX

car requirements for UberX

UberX is the base level service available in every city. It is relatively inexpensive and has the least requirements:

  • Vehicle must be a four-door sedan or mid-size car. It must be able to seat four passengers as well as the driver.
  • The Drivers legal name must be listed on the vehicle’s insurance.
  • Vehicle must have a year model of 2002 or newer for most major cities. Exceptions: New York, Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Washington DC require a year model of 2007 or newer.
  • Vehicles must clean with no obvious cosmetic damage. For example, small scratches or dings are okay, but a significant dent or cracked windows are not.
  • No Heavy Duty work trucks or large passenger vans. Standard four-door trucks and SUV’s are allowed, however.
  • The vehicle cannot have any commercial branding or appear to be in likeness to a traditional taxi cab.
  • No salvage titles or heavily modified vehicles.
  • The vehicle must be able to pass Uber’s Vehicle Inspection
  • In addition to these requirements, the following models are restricted for all Uber services:
    • Taxis or decommissioned taxi cabs
    • Ford Crown Victoria
    • Decommissioned law enforcement vehicles
    • Mercury Grand Maquis
    • Full-sized vans such as the Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter

Car Requirements for UberXL

car requirements for UberXL

UberXL is also available in most cities and provides customers with a larger vehicle like a Minivan or SUV. This is the best option for small parties or for those carrying extra baggage. There is a jump in cost for riders, and Uber has the following requirements for their vehicles:

  • The vehicle must have the capacity to seat six passengers in addition to the driver.
  • Vehicle must have a year model of 2002 or newer for most cities. Exceptions:
    • Pittsburgh, PA, Seattle, WA, and New York- 2006 or newer
    • Atlanta, GA, and Washington, DC- 2005 or newer
  • Vehicles must clean with no obvious cosmetic damage.
  • The vehicle may not have any commercial branding or appear to be in likeness to a traditional taxi cab.
  • No salvage titles or heavily modified vehicles.
  • The vehicle must be able to pass Uber’s Vehicle Inspection
  • Even though large SUV’s and four-door pickup trucks are allowed for UberXL, Heavy Duty or commercial models are strictly prohibited.

Car Requirements for UberSelect

car requirements for UberSelect

UberSelect is available mainly in larger cities. For a jump in price, this service level offers an upgrade in ride quality. UberSelect uses luxury-sport models primarily, and can be considered the “first class” level of Uber. The requirements are as follows:

  • Four-door luxury or luxury-sport sedans which seat four passengers, not including the driver.
  • Year model of 2008 or newer for most cities.
  • All vehicles must have a full leather interior.
  • No noticeable cosmetic damage.
  • No commercial branding or taxi vehicles.
  • Vehicle must be fully registered and insured.
  • Salvage vehicles are heavily modified cars are prohibited.
  • Vehicle must be able to pass Uber’s Vehicle Inspection.

Here is a list of UberSelect approved vehicles:

  • Acura – four-door sedans
  • Audi – four-door sedans and SportCross models
  • BMW – four-door sedans, and the X-series SUVs
  • Cadillac – ATS, CTS, DTS, SRX, XTS
  • Chrysler – 300
  • Hummer – H3
  • Hyundai – Equus and Genesis luxury sedans
  • Infiniti – EX, FX, G, JX, M, Q, QX50, QX70
  • Jaguar – XJ and XF models only
  • Lexus – four-door luxury models and SUVs
  • Lincoln – four-door luxury models, and SUVs
  • Mercedes – C Class, E Class, S Class, G Class, GLK Class, M Class, or R Class
  • Porsche – Cayenne or Macan
  • Volvo – S60, S80, or XC90

Car Requirements for UberBlack

car requirements for UberBlack

UberBlack is Uber’s luxury level chauffeur service and is available in most large cities. Drivers are paid significantly more than UberXL or UberSelect fares. Due to the professional environment, the vehicle requirements are far more strict than Uber’s other services. In addition to maintaining an excellent vehicle, drivers must also be commercially insured and carry a Transportation Charter Permit, which is commonly known as a TCP license.

Because limousines and chauffeur-style vehicles are often very expensive, Uber will usually arrange a deal with a local fleet owner for their driver to pay a weekly rental fee to the said fleet owner. After the rental fee has been paid, drivers get to keep their fares. In most cases, the fleet owner also pays for all cleaning and vehicle maintenance fees. The requirements are as follows:

  • Must comfortably seat at least four passengers, not including the driver.
  • Vehicle must be a model year of 2013 or newer.
  • The vehicle must be a four-door sedan.
  • The car must be fully registered in-state and commercially insured.
  • Must be associated with a TCP permit.
  • The car must be impeccably clean, with no damage to the interior or exterior.
  • The vehicle is required to have an all-black exterior and interior.

Here is the UberBlack list of approved sedans:

  • Cadillac – XTS
  • Audi – A6 or A7
  • BMW – 5 series
  • Infiniti – Q70
  • Jaguar – XF
  • Lexus – GS
  • Mercedes – E class

Car Requirements for UberSUV

car requirements for UberSUV

UberSUV is another branch of UberBlack, and offers the same chauffeur service, but gives customers the option of full-sized luxury SUV’s. The requirements are similar but slightly different.

  • The vehicle must be a full-sized, four-door SUV.
  • The SUV must be able to seat at least six passengers, not including the driver.
  • The vehicle must be a model year of 2013 or newer.
  • The SUV must be fully registered in-state and with commercial insurance.
  • The SUV must be associated with a TCP Permit.
  • Vehicle must have an all-black exterior and interior
  • The SUV must be able to pass the Uber Vehicle Inspection

Here is a list of UberSUV approved vehicles:

  • Cadillac – Escalade ESV model
  • GMC – Yukon XL edition
  • Chevrolet – Suburban
  • Lincoln – Navigator L
  • Mercedes – GL
  • Infiniti – QX80
  • Lexus – LS

Car Requirements for UberLUX

car requirements for UberLUX

UberLUX is also a branch of UberBlack, offering the same chauffeur service, but giving customers a real luxury experience. UberLUX deals exclusively with premium luxury and exotic cars and offers drivers the highest-paying fares. The requirements are:

  • Must have four doors and be on the list of UberLUX approved vehicles.
  • Vehicle must be able to comfortably seat at least four passengers, not including the driver.
  • Vehicle must be a model year of 2013 or newer.
  • The vehicle must have an all-black interior and exterior
  • The vehicle must be able to pass Uber’s Vehicle Inspection

Here’s a list of UberLUX approved vehicles:

  • Audi – A8 sedan
  • BMW – 7 series sedan
  • Jaguar – XJ class sedan
  • Land Rover – Range Rover SUV
  • Mercedes – S class sedan or G class wagon
  • Porsche – Panamera
  • Tesla – Model S
  • Bentley – Any four-door model
  • Maybach – Any four-door model
  • Rolls Royce – Any four-door model

Requirements For Passing the Uber Vehicle Inspection

uber vehicle inspection

Before you begin driving for Uber, they expect your vehicle to pass a full inspection and meet minimum safety standards. These inspections are given at Uber-approved garages and repair shops or special Uber activation centers.

The best way to find an Uber-approved inspection center is to check out Uber’s help website ( and enter your city into the search bar. The results should display a full list of inspection centers. Most auto garage chains such as Jiffy Lube or Midas are usually approved as well.

The Uber inspection is relatively easy to pass and covers basic mechanical and safety aspects that all cars should meet. The items that most frequently fail inspection are the brake pad test and the tire tread depth test. Should you need to shell out any money up front to meet these standards, however, Uber allows you to write them off as a business expense when you file your annual tax returns.

How much cosmetic damage is allowed?

Depending on which Uber service you are driving for the inspector may be more or less strict about the amount of cosmetic damage permitted to pass. If you are driving for UberX or UberXL, you can usually get away with a little bit more than if you’re driving for the premium UberBlack or UberLUX services.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that golf ball sized dings, scratches less than eight inches in length, and some minor upholstery wear are acceptable for most UberX and UberXL inspections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my car eventually become “too old” to continue driving for Uber?

-The answer is yes. Uber requires a vehicle inspection each following year that you continue to drive for them. If Uber decides to change the minimum model year of vehicles in a certain location, you will be given the option to either terminate your employment or update your vehicle to an appropriate model.

What if my vehicle qualifies for multiple Uber services?

-The good news is if your vehicle qualifies for multiple services, you will receive service calls for each unless you request for Uber to only send you certain requests. For instance, if you had an UberSUV approved vehicle, and business was getting slow, you could continue to make fare money from responding to UberXL and UberX requests.

What if I don’t own a car, can I use a rental vehicle?

-The great news is that if you don’t currently own a vehicle, you can easily rent one and drive for Uber providing you are properly insured. Uber has recently partnered with both Hertz and Enterprise. These two rental agencies offer special weekly rates for Uber drivers, which are affordable and require no initial down payment.

Another great option is Uber’s XChange program, which allows prospective drivers to lease lightly used Uber-approved vehicles. These short-term leases usually require a downpayment of less than $300 and offer weekly or monthly payments.


If you are looking to become an Uber driver, we hope that you have found this guide helpful. Uber is an excellent ridesharing company to work for and is known for treating it’s customers well. The Uber car requirements, while a bit extensive, are not hard to meet for most car owners who have a well-maintained vehicle, and even if you don’t have a vehicle Uber will work with you through their programs and partnerships to get you on the road and driving in no time.


10 Tips for Improving Your Lyft Customer Service Experience

When it comes to taxi services like Lyft, you can sometimes have issues that may require a call to customer service. If you would like to ensure that everything goes smoothly when speaking to Lyft customer support, keep reading, as we will go over some tried and tested tips to make sure of just that.

lyft customer service


Without any further delay, let’s dive right into our list of tips.

1 – If You Can Wait, Call at an Unconventional Time

While this tip may seem strange, it is quite simple, and it can be applied to any form of customer support, not just for Lyft. If you have the time to wait before contacting Lyft customer service, we would recommend taking a look at their hours in your region and contacting them at a less crowded time.

Contacting Lyft customer support when they have a lower call density means that you will be likely to spend less time waiting for a reply and more time dealing with your issue. If you hate getting in touch with customer support because it always feels like a waste of time, this is the tip for you.

If you have no choice but to wait for your reply, let’s move on to our next tip.

2 – You Can Do Other Things While Waiting

If you have an urgent message for Lyft customer service and you have a relatively long estimated waiting time for your reply, you should feel free to get other things done in the meantime. Instead of letting your time be wasted by your need to contact customer support, you can take advantage of it.

For example, should you find yourself at home while sending your request for help, you can catch up on housework as you check your phone or computer for any email notifications from Lyft. Doing this lets you get some chores or anything else out of the way in your downtime.

3 – Keep Your Driver’s Name and Your Ride Info Ready

Before you contact customer service, you should have every bit of information about the ride in question available, should your request for customer service concern a particular trip. If your issue has to do with several Lyft rides, you will want to have them all noted down and ready for the support agent.

Being ready with this information means that it will be much easier for you to get your support in a timely fashion since your representative won’t have to trawl through files to find your rides. Of course, it isn’t necessary to have every little bit of info about a trip, but it can help speed things up.

4 – Lyft Does Not Have a Phone Number

Unlike some other services, Lyft does not have a phone number for their customer support team. If you are not one to typically call customer support, you are in luck, since Lyft has a support form on their site. This form will let Lyft customer service know the nature of your issue, and they will then contact you.

lyft help contact form

The usual way to get a response from Lyft customer service is to fill in this support form on their website, in which you include your email, subject, name, number, and the nature of your issue. From then on, you will likely be contacted through email, but phone support is still possible.

We find that this is the most common issue with people trying to get in touch with Lyft support. While direct assistance is available through the app, many customers try to find a phone number that they can use to contact Lyft customer service, and they end up confused when there are conflicting results.

Even though Lyft doesn’t have a customer service number that you can use to get in touch with someone through the phone, you will find that they provide quality support. Each reply from Lyft representatives is written out, as they do not use automated forms to reply to their customers.

5 – Be Courteous and Polite While Interacting With Your Representative

If you are looking to ensure that things progress as smoothly as they can, you will find that a little bit of courtesy can go a long way. Keep in mind that the person on the other end is a human being and they are just doing their job. Customer support agents are bound by their company’s rules, so things are not up to them.

Taking the time to get to know your customer service rep’s name (at the very least) can help ensure that things progress more favorably and with greater ease. When on the line (or typing), showing a basic degree of politeness can make for a more pleasant interaction for both you and the representative.

6 – State Your Problem Clearly and Exclude Extraneous Info

While contacting customer service for Lyft, you will want to avoid including info in your report that you would deem unnecessary. Though it may be integral to ensure that your customer support rep knows everything they need to, you can avoid providing any info that may not help with the resolution of your issue.

Do not take this to mean that you should be curt and to the point, though you can be, should you please. As we stated in our previous tip, you will want to be polite, but you will also want to remain concise if you don’t want the investigation of your issue to take longer than it should.

7 – Ensure That the Issue is on Lyft’s End Beforehand

If you are having an issue with payment or something that relies on another party besides Lyft, it helps to ensure that there is no fault on that end before contacting Lyft customer support. For example, should your credit card be having some issues, it may not necessarily be on Lyft’s end.

Of course, if your credit card works with other services, the issue likely resides with Lyft, but this is just the kind of basic investigation that you can do yourself before contacting customer support. It may be possible that you know more about your issue than someone who is potentially hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Do not take this to mean that Lyft customer service reps can’t help you, but a little bit of checking around may reveal some unexpected issues. Customer support often gets calls that aren’t even related to technical problems, as some people may just have problems navigating the interface.

8 – Do Not be Embarrassed by Your Issues

You can rest assured that customer service issues have heard it all, even the ones that work for Lyft. That being said, you don’t have to worry about needing help setting up your Lyft account, or other minor issues that customer service can help you with.

While it may seem silly in retrospect that you couldn’t use your Lyft app because you had the wrong setting toggled, a call to customer service can save you some time searching through the app. Customer service reps get quite a few calls in a day, and it is not likely that they will remember a single call.

9 – Try to Use Proper Formatting, Grammar, and Punctuation

When you are writing to a Lyft customer service agent, you will want to type in a manner that is easy to understand and correctly structured. An email that you have taken a few moments to correctly format will be much easier to read than one large block of text that has to be deciphered.

Do not take this to mean that your writing has to be perfect, as customer support agents are trained to interpret messages that have been written on mobile or in a hasty fashion. Taking the time to ensure that your email is written correctly can help make things more clear for your customer service rep and speed up your issue resolution.

10 – Feel Free to Check Lyft Help Before Contacting Customer Service

Before you contact customer support, you may wish to go over Lyft Help, which is the section of their site dedicated to customer support. In this corner of the Lyft website, you will find FAQs, info about payment, and many other resolutions to common issues that Lyft riders can experience.

lyft help

You can save a lot of time contacting customer support by briefly glancing at the info that is available on Lyft Help and seeing whether or not it concerns your issue. It is possible that there may be a simple and quick resolution to your problem, as long as it is relatively common.


While the lack of a phone number may be confusing to customers who are used to being able to hear their customer service rep, you will find that Lyft’s support is rather streamlined. Since they are not regularly inundated with calls, Lyft can take the time to contact you and deal with issues on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you for taking the time to go over our list of the ten best tips for dealing with Lyft customer support, we hope that we were able to help you out.

Tips For Making The Most With Uber: Best Time To Drive Uber

Uber managed to single-handedly revolutionize the taxi industry, to the extent that some municipalities have even drafted by-laws protecting traditional taxi companies. Since Uber provides superior service at a fraction of the cost of standard taxi services, it is no wonder that they can’t compete.

While low cost may be excellent for the end user, it is less than ideal for Uber drivers. If you are looking to start driving for Uber and you want to maximize your profits, there are a few things that you can do. Today, we will be going over one of the best ways to ensure that your uber driving is lucrative.

Regardless of whether you are a veteran Uber driver, or if you are just starting out, you will want to ensure that you drive at the best possible times. If you are new to driving for Uber, you may be wondering exactly why you need to pick the right time to be an Uber driver.

best time to drive uber


Why is it Crucial to Choose the Right Time to Drive for Uber?

So why exactly should you take so much care when picking the best time to be an Uber driver? There are a few reasons, but in the end, you will find that it boils down to a single one: the number of passengers that will be available at any given time.

More passengers means more profits, but there is more to take into account than just the sheer volume of passengers that will be available.

When looking for the ideal time to be an Uber driver, you will also want to prioritize short, lucrative trips. Shorter trips tend to make you more money since your initial fee as a driver is higher than the rate that you get for the distance/time that you have to drive.

If you are looking to make the most money as an Uber driver, you will want to pick a time that has a large volume of potential customers who will likely be searching for short hops around. A more substantial number of short trips also lets you fulfill Uber quests, where you need a certain amount of rides in a period of time.

The main reason that you will make more money from Uber when there are more clients has surprisingly little to do with the availability of people who want to ride. You will typically be able to find a passenger with ease, as long as it isn’t in the dead of night on a weekday.

You will want to find the best time to drive for Uber so that you may take advantage of their surge times. A surge time is a period during which prices are increased due to high demand in a specific area. If you are transporting passengers in a surge area, you will be likely to make more money.

The surge system exists to ensure that there will always be enough Uber drivers to meet the demand of customers, and it does a relatively good job of that. If you want to make a significant profit as an Uber driver, you will need to take advantage of surge times whenever it is possible.

Quests can help increase your income as a driver, but the most critical thing to look for in the best time to drive for Uber is a large number of potential passengers. Now that we have explained the importance of choosing the best time to Uber, let’s get into the actual times that you will want to work.

Location is Everything

Of course, there is no single best time to drive for Uber, since different drivers live in various places. The best time to drive for Uber in a city may be the worst time to drive for them when you live in a smaller town. You will want to consider where you live when deciding on the ideal time to drive.

location is everything to drive uber


If you live relatively close to an airport, for example, you will find that you can make good money ferrying passengers to the airport during the early hours of the morning. With a bit of experience, you will be able to gauge the best times to drive to get riders to their departing flights.

While your location is crucial, you will find that there are a few times that are ideal regardless of where you live, so let’s get right into it.

Rush Hour

drive uber rush hour


If you can handle the traffic, you may want to drive during rush hour, as surge prices are not uncommon at these times. Evening rush hour will usually persist from 4 PM to 7 PM, but it can sometimes last all the way until 9 PM, depending on the job that your rider works.

Surge prices are frequent during rush hour since fewer drivers will want to deal with the hassle of traffic, but there will still be a significant number of potential riders since they will need to get home. Rush hour is ideal for more patient Uber drivers, but it can make you a decent amount of money.

Friday and Saturday Nights

Most Uber drivers agree that the most profitable time to be a driver is during the peak hours for nightlife. Keep in mind that the best time for revenue doesn’t necessarily make it the most enjoyable time to be a driver. Driving for Uber during partying hours takes a driver with patience.

use uber friday and saturday nights

Image Source:

Surge prices are so common during Fridays and Saturdays at night since there will be so many people going out and drinking. Taking an Uber is one of the best ways to avoid the risks associated with drunk driving, so you will find that the demand for Uber drivers spikes sharply during these times.

Of course, there are some disadvantages to driving at this time. At the beginning of the night, things should start off relatively pleasantly since most of your passengers will be sober and in control of their faculties. As the night goes on, things will get progressively worse, however.

When you reach the point in the night when people start going home (anywhere from 1 AM to 3 AM), you will find that your passengers will begin to get a little rowdier. Driving during these times means that you may have to deal with some potential messages and some customers that are less than polite.

If you are relatively thick-skinned and you don’t mind having to clean up your car every once in a while, you will find that driving during nightlife hours can make you the most money. Since many drivers don’t want to deal with the trouble of driving during these hours, there is almost a guaranteed surge.

Sports Events

Another common surge time is during sporting events like baseball or football games. There will likely be a large number of fans trying to get to and from the stadium, especially if they want to enjoy some beers during the game. Sports events will typically result in a surge, but it depends on your city and your team’s popularity.

If your team isn’t selling out their seats, it isn’t likely that there will be a significant surge during their games, but if we are talking about a franchise, a surge will be much more likely. While sports fans may get a little loud, you won’t have to deal with as much trouble as you would during nightlife hours.


Driving for Uber before a concert is another great way to nearly guarantee a surge. As with sports events, people like to drink before and during concerts, so they will likely need a taxi. Even if your passengers aren’t drinkers, some people don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding parking during a concert.

You will find that concert crowds will depend on the type of music that is being played. Your passengers will consist of everything from excited teenagers all the way to heavy metal fans dressed in black. In our experience, concert crowds tend to be raucous but bearable.

A Warning About Surge Times

While these times are all ideal for making good money, you will have to be prepared for your driver rating to suffer a little bit. When riders are paying more money for a ride, it is likely that they will be more critical of their driver, even if that criticism ends up being unwarranted.

If you are willing to trade some stars on your driver rating for better money, driving solely during surge times is the best way to operate. Keep in mind that Uber is implementing an algorithm to ensure that ratings are a little more fair during surge times, so they will likely start contributing less to your overall score.


As you can see, there are many different times when you can drive for Uber and expect a more hefty payout than usual. We hope that we have been able to help you find the info that you needed.


What are the Usual Causes When You Get Uber Waitlisted?

Even for its success, you can still consider Uber as a new platform. Therefore, a lot of individuals are still oblivious to the terms and conditions that it has. Unless you have read their list of comprehensive policies and guidelines, you will never be so sure about their system.

One of the most crucial problems that Uber partners (or drivers) encounter with Uber is getting waitlisted. This is a frustrating thing, considering that you are not allowed to engage in their operation unless your name or vehicle number is taken out from the list.

However, this is not an issue anymore. There is a considerable number of accounts that have experienced being waitlisted or deactivated. Fortunately, the deactivation is not permanent; as long as you can address the issue correctly, the system will be able to resolve your problem in no time.

But how someone can get Uber waitlisted? Are there particular clauses that can immediately subject you to this painful predicament? The next section will clarify all these questions for you. If you are an Uber partner, make sure you pay attention to the following details.

Uber Waitlisted: Causes and Possible Remedies

Uber partners are always in a tight spot whenever they operate. They have to be wary of the policies that the company has implemented to them upon the signing of their applications. However, they still have to realize that this is for the smoothness and convenience of both the driver and passenger.

Asking for Tips

If you are an Uber driver, you should know that asking tips to your passengers is a big blunder. Fortunately, this doesn’t cause immediate termination. It is just a moral ethics that every driver should exercise concerning their customers.

However, if the customer is the one that handed the tip first, then by all means, accept it. That is not a violation of Uber’s policies as the company doesn’t state this in their clauses. Just prohibit yourself from requesting extra fees because that would render your vehicle to scrutiny.

Wrong Car Possession

If there is a person that reports to Uber that there is another individual is using your vehicle, you will immediately go to the waitlist. Uber will conduct a fair investigation of this case. The only drawback here is that the probing can take several weeks to months.

To avoid this incident, you have to make sure that your Uber vehicle will not get used by anyone except you. Moreover, if you were seen driving an Uber car that is not yours, the suspension could be hammered to you and the other partner involved.

Cash Payments

You should be aware that letting your passengers pay through cash can kick you immediately towards the waitlist zone. If you accept this mode of payment, your account will become temporarily or permanently suspended. Permanent deactivation happens when you receive three or more complaints.

You have to put in your mind that Uber is still a business. Therefore, its owners will never allow their partners to steal money from their system. You just have to abide by this policy. Otherwise, your tenure in Uber will become curtailed.

Weak Ratings

Drivers that have ratings that are lower than 4.6 are susceptible to being waitlisted. Correctly, the rating system of Uber is anchored only on the total number of scores that you received. If you can remain about the safety margin, you can continue working on Uber. But if not, you have to improve your performance.

Luckily, Uber still gives a second chance to drivers that have sanctions with this penalty. They have a customer service session in where you can enroll. However, the enrollment fees will not be shouldered by Uber. It is you who is going pay for the class.


Any Uber accidents that got involved in accidents are at risk of being suspended. It doesn’t matter if it’s your fault or not. As long as your passenger will pass a complaint to Uber, your vehicle will become immediately waitlisted.

The only way you can escape this hole is through a waiting game. You have to wait for the investigation to get finished before your car can become clear. If the probe suggests that it is your fault, the suspension can go on forever. In fact, even simple grievances against dysfunctional door handles and seat belts can result in this kind of punishment.

Passenger Discrimination

Some Uber drivers out there are too picky when it comes to their passengers. Some will not open their doors to individuals that have nearby destinations because the fare will just be small. Other drivers will not accept a rider if the latter has a sophisticated route to take.

If someone calls you, there is no excuse for you but to cater them. Cancelling the ride because of these minor details can result in account suspension. After all, Uber is trying to build its name in the industry. Therefore, it is not a surprise anymore if they are willing to strip out anyone who stains their reputation.

Updates on Your Background

Uber is quite meticulous when it comes to their drivers. They are doing this to make sure that the vehicle operator has an excellent reputation in the community. They will never take someone who has withstanding legal issues or criminal records.

The background checking of Uber gets conducted regularly. It happens continuously, even if you are not aware of it. Of course, you have to comply with this scrutiny (which gets usually done with the help of Checker). If you do not provide your consent to Uber for the background check, your account will remain waitlisted.


Knowing all these sanctions will prevent you from getting Uber waitlisted. By adhering the policies of the company, you can avoid your account from being terminated. If Uber is your primary source of income, then you have to abide their rules religiously.

Of course, these caveats are not to scare you. Instead, consider them as your guidebook on how to operate an Uber car properly. Moreover, these policies are not too complicated. You don’t have to burden yourself with them, especially if you are a skilled and proficient driver.