Motorcycle Wave and Etiquette [2022]: How To Wave Like

Motoczysz was recently questioned why most motorcyclists wave to each other on the road. It shows togetherness, and it’s simply a nice thing to do, I told her. She didn’t seem persuaded, and after giving it some thought for the first time in decades, neither did I.

After all, if we’re genuinely in this together and looking out for one other, we’d greet each other as we pull into a gas station. But no, when we’re strangers, we normally just ignore each other. So what’s the point of waving?

The Motorcycle Wave’s Beginnings

Many riders claim there was once a hidden wave society, comparable to the Priere de Sion fraternal organisation, which was created in 1903, the same year the first Harley Davidson rolled out of the factory. There wasn’t any of that. It all began one day in 1904 when Arthur Davidson drove past William Harley and waved because they knew one other. Another biker observed the two “Kings of Motorcycles” doing it and decided it was a must-have for bikers. A custom was born.

Throughout the years, the waving custom persisted, although it was always haphazard. There were motorcycles doing the “Bye Grandma Wave,” “Howdy Waves,” and the incredibly feminine “Princess Waves,” among others.

After several years of these image-damaging motions, a group of crusty old motorcyclists decided to establish some correct waving standards in 1946. The Wave Hard And True Biker Society were created as a result of their efforts. WHAT-BS is an abbreviation for what-is-wrong-with-you.

How to Wave While Riding a Motorcycle

You’ve probably heard the term “the wave” if you ride a motorcycle. The wave connects you to your motorcycling brothers and sisters on the road, but does it hold a special secret? Did you look up to a wave expert and attempt to imitate their style when you first started riding, or did you develop your own? Have you ever wondered if your wave is correct? Wave training is unfortunately not included in either the basic or advanced motorcycle safety courses.

So there you have it: the five most basic motorcycle waves. Your concerns about not knowing fundamental motorcycle etiquette are unfounded.

To Wave or Not to Wave?

The dilemma is whether to wave or not to wave. We’ve all had the experience of feeling compelled to wave but then being unsure. The anxiety begins, followed by an overpowering sense of guilt. Now you don’t have to be concerned. To assist you, here are some general waving rules:

  • On the highway; it’s a waste of time.
  • In the rain or at night; unnecessary On a curve; unnecessary
  • On a pleasant two-lane road; appropriate
  • On a quiet route with little traffic;
  • Unnecessary during a rally
  • In traffic, it’s pointless.

However, there is some reality to the notion of solidarity. It used to be that Jeep Wrangler owners would wave to one another, but now that practically every other car on the road (and they’re almost always on the road) is a Jeep Wrangler, that practise is fading away. Mazda Miata drivers used to wave at each other, but only while the top was down; this is becoming less popular. Except for your kids, who are curious about the value of your clunky Mazda Miata.

However, motorcycle riders remain a minority on the road, and we value those who share our enthusiasm. A wave of positive affirmation may go a long way towards improving a ride.

Of course, there are some good and bad methods to do it.

• Use your left arm to maintain your right hand on the throttle and be ready for the brake lever, even if you have cruise control. A right-handed wave is a clumsy manoeuvre.

• If you need both hands on the bars, such as when passing through intersections or around corners, don’t even consider waving.

• If you’re waving on a split roadway, at a rally, in traffic, or at night, don’t bother.

• Don’t allow people to misinterpret your wave for a left-turn hand signal. Raise your arm to a 45-degree angle or higher, palm front, one or two fingers extended, or drop it to a 45-degree angle, pointing towards the road. You’re meant to be pointing to the other bike’s tyres and saying, “Keep the rubber side down.” Riders on Gold Wings and other motorcycles with large fairings prefer to point up for improved visibility, whereas cruiser riders tend to point down. Sportbike racers barely remove their hands off the handlebars and flash a finger wave. To everyone his or her own. If you’re going to wave, make sure you wave at all different types of bikes. Don’t be oblivious and only recognise brands or styles that are similar to yours.

• If they’re outside of Quebec, wave to trikes and Can-Am Spyders and Rykers, as their riders have a motorcycle licence. Waving is optional in Quebec, where three-wheeled Can-Ams are authorised to ride with a vehicle licence.

• Don’t wave to Polaris Slingshot drivers, who are likely only licenced to drive a vehicle, unless it’s raining and we’re all in it together.

• Don’t wave to 1 per cent bike gang (unless they wave at you, in which case they’re probably a bunch of dentists with tattoos on their way to Starbucks).

• Do not wave at electric bicycles, especially if their riders are on their way to get their daily beer fix.

• Also, don’t wave at sportbike riders wearing mohawk helmets. They’re completely oblivious to what you’re doing since they’re in their own universe.

• However, if you see a scooter rider, give them a wave. It truly brightens their day.



How to Make a Wind Turbine for a School Project?

People are growing increasingly interested in environmentally friendly inventions as global warming becomes a popular issue. The wind turbine is without a doubt one of the most efficient ways to create a green energy source.

For school science projects, building a wind turbine might be a good choice. Don’t be alarmed; making one out of cardboard and a DC motor isn’t difficult. You can build a wind turbine in a short amount of time for your forthcoming school project and make a distinctive and clever impression on visitors.

Building a Wind Turbine for a School Project

1. We’ll start by making the rotor. To accomplish so, cut four 3cm diameter circular cardboard pieces. Glue and adhere to all of them together. All four parts must be used to form a thick circle. As a result, one piece must adhere to the other on the top.

2. Glue it to the side of that enormous circle of cardboard and cover it in thin paper. Make sure you trim the paper to fit the circle’s diameter.

It’s time to start working on the blades. Cut four little pieces of cardboard from the cardboard. All four pieces measure 8cm x 2.5cm in size.

The round cardboard piece will be glued with these four components. As a result, one end of these parts must be rounded to fit exactly into the circle-shaped rotor.

Now bend all four sections slightly from the center, making them slightly round shaped like original turbine blades. Glue them all on the rotor and let them dry.

3. Now it’s time to build the tower. Take a 30cm by 12cm piece of cardboard paper and cut it into tiny strips. Wrap the paper around a pen or a round stick. Pull the pen out and glue the end of the paper.

4. Take the DC motor you gathered before. Wrap two pieces of cardboard around the engine. The first component is used to mount the motor, while the second is used to surround the motor from top to bottom. Ensure that the motor’s pointed end remains entirely outside of the cardboard pieces.

Take the four-bladed rotor and drill a tiny hole in the center. The motor’s pointed end must be inserted into this hole.

5. Using a shot pistol, connect the negative and positive wires to the motor. Make sure the cables are long enough to connect an LED light on the opposite end.

Attach the tower to the bottom section of the cardboard piece that holds the motor using adhesive. Allow 15 minutes for drying.

6. Once the tower is securely attached to the turbine’s upper section, go on to the base. Make a square piece of cardboard with a hole large enough to attach the bottom of the tower to it. Apply glue to the bottom of the tower and secure it to the base you’ve just finished.

7. The wind turbine is now complete. Now you must construct a cardboard home that will house the LED light. The size of the residence is entirely up to you.

Make the house’s walls out of four pieces of cardboard. On the broader one, which will be on the front side of the home, cut three windows and just one door. The final piece, which will be on the house’s back wall, will have no window or door cutouts at all.

To create the house’s walls, glue all four parts together and attach them to each other. Cut a roof out of another piece of cardboard, but don’t attach it to the walls yet.

8. Take the LED light and correctly connect the wires. With a piece of tape, secure the light at the front window of the house. To link the roof to the four walls, glue the tops of the four walls together. You may use a flat cardboard piece for the roof or two pieces of cardboard to construct a triangular shape for the roof.

9. Now, take a plywood board and glue the tower foundation that will hold the complete turbine together. Also, glue the home to the plywood. Connect the wires from the motor and the LED light together.

10. Finally, position a table fan far enough away from the turbine to keep it safe. When you turn on the fan, the blades will spin due to the breeze. When there is enough wind to power the LED light, it will turn on.


That concludes our discussion. For your school project, you successfully built a basic functional home turbine. This project’s supplies are widely available and inexpensive.

Is your turbine already lighting up your “house”?

Motoczysz wishes you all the best for your upcoming school project.


Should You Put Apes On Your Harley?

Now is an ideal time to replace your factory handlebars if you’ve been thinking about it. What kind of handlebars should you purchase, though? Should you put apes on your Harley®, or will it make you feel differently about it?

Types of handlebar 

Let’s take a look at all the different sorts of handlebars before we get into ape handlebars. Our offer is valid on new handlebars in any of the following options:

  • Café racer bars are another name for drag bars. They’re small and flat, forcing the rider to have a more aggressive riding position by leaning forwards. There is reduced resistance and somewhat increased acceleration since the rider’s body is tilted into the wind. They come in three different versions: zero drag, low drag, and high drag. We can set them up with straight or curved risers to fit the needs of different bike owners.
  • If you ride to relax and your arms are longer, you’ll enjoy the sensation of these low, swooping bars that enable your hands to rest just outside shoulder width.
  • Mustache handlebars — They’re formed like a handlebar mustache, as the name indicates. You won’t need to replace your bike’s standard cabling or wiring if you pick this sort of installation since they have a sophisticated aesthetic and sit lower than factory handlebars.
  • Z-bars — Even if you’ve never seen them, their name gives you a good idea of what they look like. They look a little like a lightning bolt. Z-bars are sharp and edgy and are designed for narrow bikes like Sportsters or custom bikes.
  • Chiseled handlebars — These are rather innovative, combining a Z-bar with a mini-ape.
  • Ape Hangers — This classic design goes with almost any bike. They receive their name from the fact that the rider must reach up and grip them, much like an ape hanging from a tree. Others are more moderate, while others are more radical. It’s all about the style with ape hangers.

Hangers for apes and comfort 

Some individuals claim that ape hangers are the most comfortable handlebars, while others disagree. For the most part, it is determined by the bars.

You’ll receive the pinnacle of in-your-face attitude if you pick the highest, most extreme option available, but your arms will grow numb on road trips. It’s only plain sense: your heart needs to work harder to pump blood to your fingers when your arms are much above your head. Vibration might lead your fingers to fall asleep, causing your hands to become colder faster.

Ape hangers are likely to be the most comfortable option for tall riders. Anything that helps you to stretch out is a benefit, and your arms are longer. Where they might be too high for an average height rider’s shoulders and heart, they’re exactly ideal for you.

Ape hangers are sometimes preferred by those with back problems over handlebars that produce a lower riding profile. Ape hangers provide a more upright stance rather than forcing you to slouch down. Apehangers that match your body type reduce pressure on the wrists, elbows, and shoulders during lengthy rides.

Hangers and handling for apes

Here, too, the same idea applies. Most riders benefit from apes that are somewhat high and broad. You may have difficulty managing the bike at moderate speeds if you go too wide. When cornering or making tight bends, you’ll probably realize that it requires more work or time. You’re also a bit of an upright sail, so while you’re riding fast, you’ll produce extra wind resistance for yourself.

When you purchase handlebars from us, we will guide you through the rider’s triangle, which is formed by your feet on the pegs, hands on the handlebar grips, and back on the seat. We can walk you through the options for weight distribution that will provide you with the best comfort, safety, and handling.

Sit on your present bike, close your eyes, and reach up to a natural posture with your elbows slightly bent and hands outside shoulder width to get a sense of what ape hanger handlebar height could be optimal for you. Play around with it, but most individuals will find a sweet spot between too high and too low.

Are ape hanger handlebars dangerous?

The safety of ape hanger handlebars is once again in the spotlight, with one American state possibly repealing a three-decade prohibition and others keeping a careful eye on the outcome.

In the 1960s, 30 American states outlawed high-set ape hanger bars. The American was adopted under the guise of safety, but it was more likely so that authorities would have a cause to stop and search motorcyclists suspected of being members of illicit motorcycle gangs.

Remember, this was after the 1966 release of Hunter S. Thompson’s book Hell’s Angels and the 1969 cult picture Easy Rider when there was a lot of media hype and popular concern about bikies/bikers.

The ape hanger restrictions have a striking resemblance to contemporary Australian profiling laws, which allow police to search for tattoos and other “outlaw” club symbols.

(By the way, the requirements in Australia vary by state, but the lowest section of the handgrip must not be higher than 380mm above the rider’s seat or bar connection point, and/or the bars must extend not less than 250mm nor more than 450mm on each side of the bike’s centreline.)

How to know if ape hangers are right for you

The choice of the handlebar is a very personal one. What works for one rider might not be suitable for another.

Ape hangers are the finest conceivable aesthetic on a bike for certain people, as well as the attitude and riding stance they desire. You’re already sold if you’re in that group. If you choose ape hangers that are too severe, you may have to shop around and make some tweaks, but you may also modify your seat and other sections of your bike to compensate for some of that.

On ape hangers, mirrors are typically more convenient. Your arms may get in the way of your eyes and mirrors if you have a lot of handlebars. Your body bulk may hide what’s behind you if you’re on the larger side. Mirrors are taller than barriers with ape hangers.


Motoczysz found because you have strong hand-eye coordination, they are surprisingly good for urban slow-speed navigating.

Ape hangers are also commonly connected with forks that have been raked out to offer high-speed stability by making them “slower” to turn. It can, however, increase fork and handlebar flex, which isn’t ideal for precision steering.

Overextended distances, anything exceeding your pulse rate will cause weariness in your hands, and riders will frequently lower their hands to re-establish blood flow to their fingers.

Perhaps the legislation should be more flexible, but there should still be certain top restrictions to avoid absurd handlebar heights that could endanger the rider and other road users.

Do You Need A Motorcycle License To Drive For A Moped?

A licence or permission is required to ride a motorcycle. However, there may be some misunderstanding as to whether or not a motorcycle licence is required to operate a moped.
It’s critical to grasp the state’s licencing requirements since failing to do so might result in hefty fines.
This article will address the issue, “Does a moped require a motorcycle licence?” We’ll also go through the licencing regulations in various states and how long it takes to receive a licence.

License Guidelines in the US States

Currently, California law mandates that riders of electric scooters have a valid driver’s licence and that scooters do not exceed 15 miles per hour. California’s legislation on electric scooters is more detailed than that of most other states. The answer to whether you’ll need a driver’s licence in other regions is largely determined by how your state classifies electric scooters, which might vary significantly.
In many places, motorcyclists under the age of 18 must first get a permit to ride a motorbike before applying for one. Riders who currently have permits can also qualify for a licence by driving with a qualified driver for the requisite amount of hours.
Drivers above the age of 18 do not require to get a permit before applying for a licence. A moped’s licencing procedure differs from that of a car. Motorcycles and scooters are not the same as mopeds. They are noted for their fuel economy and minimal maintenance costs, as well as their smaller size compared to motorcycles.

Mopeds, which have a 50cc engine, make it simpler to go around. It might be smaller in other circumstances. They may be pedalled or have a step-through frame, and they can reach speeds of 40 mph while getting outstanding gas mileage. Mopeds are far slower than scooters, which may exceed 75 mph with a larger motor. Mopeds, like motorbikes, may not be suited for all roads.

Do You Need Licence for Mopeds or Scooters?

It is dependent on the state in which you wish to ride the moped. Depending on the legislation in your state, you may be required to get a motorcycle licence to ride a moped. Scooters, for example, require a motorbike licence and registration regardless of where you reside due to their 150cc engines. Mopeds, on the other hand, feature a smaller 50cc engine. As a result, a moped may not need to be registered or have a motorbike licence.
Some jurisdictions, such as California, need a learner’s permit or a normal driver’s licence even if the moped has a 50cc engine. Other states may not require a licence, however, riders may be required to be of a certain age. North Carolina, for example, requires riders to be at least 16 years old.

In Arkansas, the minimum age to operate a moped is ten years old, but in New Mexico, the minimum age is thirteen years old.

A number of other states have stricter age restrictions for moped riders. The age range is often 14 to 16 years old. In Kansas, Alabama, and Alaska, the minimum age to ride a motorbike or scooter is 14 years old. The minimum age is 15 in Hawaii, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana, so it’s a little higher.

Other states have a minimum age requirement of 16 to 18 years, and some further require riders who do not reach the minimum age to complete an educational programme.

In addition, most jurisdictions demand a driver’s licence or a motorcycle licence if your moped has an engine larger than 50cc. If you receive a conventional driver’s licence, it should come with a motorbike endorsement. Vespas, for example, are classified as scooters rather than mopeds. If a Vespa is larger than 50cc, the rider must have a motorcycle licence in order to use it.

However, in certain places, 50cc Vespas can be driven with a conventional driver’s licence. Indiana, Arkansas, Connecticut, Colorado, North Carolina, New York, New Hampshire, Iowa, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Oregon, Virginia, South Dakota, and Wisconsin are among the states.
Other bikes, such as the Honda Grom, require a motorcycle licence to operate since their engines are greater than 50cc.

So, how about the Honda Ruckus? Because this moped has a 49cc engine, it does not require a motorcycle licence to operate. The Metropolitan from Honda likewise features a 49cc engine, making it feasible to ride without a motorcycle licence and with only a conventional driver’s licence. If your moped does not fall into the category of being exempt from requiring a motorcycle licence, you will need to obtain one.

What Is the Time It Takes to Get a Motorcycle License?

The length of time it takes to obtain a motorcycle licence is determined by several criteria, including your riding experience and age. After completing the road test, riders with a permit and experience can obtain their motorcycle licence.

It may take longer for unskilled motorcyclists to obtain a motorbike licence. In most states, those who are still under the age of 18 must first get a learner’s permit before being eligible for a motorbike licence. They must also utilise the learner’s permit until it has accumulated a certain amount of hours on the road. This might take months, but in the end, they will be able to obtain an endorsement licence.

What Are the Consequences of Riding Without a Permit?

In most places, riding a motorbike without a licence may result in jail time and hefty penalties. Driving a motorbike without a licence in California can result in a six-month jail sentence or a $1,000 fine.

In several states, drivers who do not have a licence face tax fines. Repeat offenders are likewise subject to harsher penalties. Similarly, failing to pay the licencing fee might result in hundreds of dollars in fines.

This is why, before riding, you must be certain of the moped’s kind and engine size. You may proceed if it fits the conditions to avoid obtaining a motorbike licence. This does not negate the need for a conventional driver’s licence. Riding a moped requires a licence, but not a motorbike licence. Failure to follow this guideline might result in penalties and jail.

Do Mopeds and Motorcycles Have Different Traffic Laws?

All vehicles, including automobiles, motorbikes, mopeds, and scooters, are subject to the same traffic rules. However, certain areas have special rules that apply to mopeds, so it’s necessary to be aware of them to avoid fines. Mopeds are not allowed to ride between lanes in traffic in any state. Mopeds are not permitted to travel side by side in several states.

Mopeds are also slower since their engines are smaller. This implies they can’t be driven on highways. It is preferable to stay on roads with modest speed restrictions. Mopeds must also have tail lights, headlights, a bell or horn, and turn signals in most states. The rules in each state may differ significantly, so double-check your state’s requirements.

Helmet laws may also range from one state to the next. For passengers and riders on a moped, 20 states have authorised helmet designs. Some states, on the other hand, merely mandate helmets for young cyclists. Riders in states like Delaware are required to wear helmets at all times. Only motorcyclists under the age of 19 are required to wear them.

Passengers, not riders, are obliged to wear helmets in areas like Rhode Island. Other states, such as Iowa, Colorado, and Illinois, do not require moped riders to wear helmets. If the moped does not have a windshield, riders in some states are obliged to wear goggles.

Do you need a driver’s license to drive a moped? – This question has been answered by 

How Long Does Spray Paint Take to Dry

Spray paints are the quick cuisine of paints in today’s fast-paced world. Spray paint’s main benefit is its mobility and adaptability.

You might use it to decorate your home, automobile, or furniture, or perhaps become the next Banksy. When compared to painting with a brush, it takes half the time and produces twice as much.

The back of a spray paint can will usually inform you how long it will take to dry. Because this writing is generally little, you may have to seek for it. However, numerous things might impact how long clothing takes to dry, so this isn’t always an exact estimate.

We’ll go over some of those aspects in this post and help you figure out how long you’ll have to wait for your new paint to cure.

How Long Does it Take for Spray Paint to Dry?

This response has most likely been given before, but it depends… on the following circumstances.

The Surface Material’s Influence

A physics professor will tell you that nothing is ever completely smooth. Everything has a texture (smooth or rough), which you can see sometimes and feel at other times. Even the most delicate surfaces have texture down to the smallest level.

The rule of thumb is that if the surface is smooth, it will dry faster. If it’s tough, on the other hand, the time required will rise accordingly.

Metal surfaces dry fast; nonetheless, environmental conditions must be considered, especially in the case of metal. The time clothing takes to dry increases dramatically as the temperature and humidity rise.

Because of absorption, the drying process for wood is sluggish. Before applying paint, it’s a good idea to clean the surface with a moist towel to remove any dirt.

Using high-grit sandpaper, you may smooth out any abnormalities. Another option is to use a precise recipe for pre-coating.

When it comes to plastics and rubber, tread carefully. The time it takes for these materials to dry may vary depending on their texture.

This difference is also heavily influenced by the type of spray paint you choose. Use high-quality, wash-resistant paint, according to experts.

Spray Paints That Are Currently In Use

On the market, you can choose from a variety of spray paints. Each product has its own unique construction, which has a significant impact on how long the drying process takes.

The issues discussed in this article will have an impact on the drying time. As a result, go through this section to have a complete knowledge of what sort of paint you should use.

Enamel Paint

Enamel paint starts to dry within minutes. The principal reason contributing to that is the evaporation rate of the solvent. Here the existence of air in the formula cross-links the polymers and results in the creation of a firm surface.

After completing the application, it takes between ten to thirty minutes for a dry surface. It usually takes 8 hours for a full dry.

Paint with Lacquer

You may speed up the drying process by using lacquer spray paint. If you dilute the paint with water, you may get the similar result with some varieties of latex.

A thermoplastic polymer is used to make lacquer paint. The surface-drying operation might take anywhere from three to five minutes. It normally takes three hours for a firm dry.

Paints made of epoxy or polyurethane

The fastest drying spray paint on the market is epoxy or polyurethane paint. In this recipe, you must stop to allow the two components to react chemically.

In five minutes, you’ll see that the surface has dried. It normally takes around an hour for a firm dry.

The Effects of Temperature

The temperature has a significant impact on how long spray paint takes to cure. Most paints work best at temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature rises considerably higher than this, the drying period will be sped up. Paint does not dry well in hotter temps.

Colder, on the other hand, isn’t always a bad thing. You don’t want it to be too chilly since the wet paint will freeze. Although the chances of this occurring are slim, you should examine your local environment before spray painting something in the dead of winter.


The amount of time it takes to dry depends on the type of material you’re painting. Distinct materials have different elements that affect how long it takes for your item to dry.

Metal dries rapidly because it is not porous. It also dries more quickly in hotter conditions, which is unique. In most cases, it will be dry in around 10 minutes.

Because cardboard is porous, it might take up to 15 minutes to dry. However, ventilation is necessary. Painting outside or with fans is a good idea.

Glass is a unique substance. Because the paint will run freely on these surfaces, you’ll want to paint sparingly. You should wait 15 minutes between applications, although the paint may take up to 24 hours to dry completely.

Rubber is a porous material. The spray paint will most likely take at least 24 hours to dry. As a result, especially if you’re doing many coats, you’ll want to schedule your time.

Other Factors to Consider

When predicting how long it will take for your spray paint to dry, you may need to factor in the wind speed and humidity. In most cases, these variables have little impact on speed. However, if the wind is really strong, the paint may dry more quickly. You might want to do it on a different day since it can spread it around.

The humidity may also have a little impact. Paint may take longer to dry in places with high humidity levels. This is due to the fact that there is more moisture in the air, which keeps the paint wet. If the humidity is really low, the paint may dry faster. Humidity, on the other hand, has a negligible impact.To enhance drying time, you don’t have to wait till the humidity is low.

You’ll also need to consider the thickness of the paint coat you’re applying. As you may expect, thicker coats of paint will take longer to dry. To avoid pooling and running, spray paint should be applied in very light layers.

How to Make Spray Paint Dry Faster?

Isn’t the paint drying quickly enough for you? Is there a deadline on your project? Do you need the area to be ready to use as soon as possible?

Don’t panic; there are a few methods for accelerating the drying process.

Apply A Thin Coat of Paint

To begin with, if the paint layer is thin, there will be less paint available for drying. So, if you want to speed up the drying time, apply a thin coat of paint. If you didn’t obtain adequate coverage the first time, don’t recoat over wet paint.

Please wait for the last coat to dry before proceeding to the next step. Even professionals are prone to forgetting this.

Run A Heater Near the Object

Simply said, heat is good and cold is bad. The warmer your workplace is, the faster your paints will dry.

If you’re working indoors, dial up the heat on your thermostat or use a little heater.

You may also use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process in minor areas. However, keep in mind that raising the heat will not significantly speed up the procedure.

Decrease Humidity

If you’re working indoors in a humid atmosphere, running a dehumidifier in the room can be a good idea.

When the weather is damp outdoors, it’s best to keep the windows closed. Please bring any moving objects into the less humid room if you are painting them during this time.

It’s the twenty-first century, the age of the internet and limitless knowledge. If you’re painting outside, take advantage of this.

Check the weather forecast ahead of time and schedule the painting project for a nice, warm, and dry day. The rainy season is not the best time to renovate your home’s exterior.

When you’ve decided on a day, get up as early as possible and make the most of the daylight hours.

Turn on a fan to circulate the air.

The wind is your best friend if the sun is your friend. If there isn’t any wind, this incredible piece of technology can create it for you.

It’s known as ‘Fan.’ Fans help art directors in film units get the set ready on time since the filmmakers and producers never allow them enough time – fans come to the rescue.

Due to the movement of the surrounding air, the rate of evaporation increased. Ceiling fans or heavy-duty stand fans might be used to generate the desired effect.

However, if your workstation isn’t clean, don’t turn on the fan. Dust, grime, and other material may be carried along by the wind and adhere to the paint.

It’s a good idea to start utilizing the sooner rather than later.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long for Spray Paint to Dry on Wood?

The drying time varies greatly depending on the kind of wood and the type of spray paint used. Most paints dry to the surface in about 30 minutes on wood, but it can take up to three to four hours to dry fully.

How Long for Spray Paint to Dry on Metal?

This depends on the type of metal your workpiece is constructed of, but spray paint takes far less time to cure on metal than it does on wood. Humidity, the smoothness of the surface, and the thickness of the coatings being sprayed are all factors to consider when spray painting metal.

How Long Should You Wait for Spray Paint to Dry Before Sanding?

This is a frequently asked question. Paint dry time, like other paint-related questions, is dependent on the state of your workpiece, the ambient temperature of your workplace, and the volume of paint used. Before sanding down for the next coat, you should wait 30 minutes between coats. You should wait around two hours for things like plastic.


Motoczysz answered the question: ”How Long Does Spray Paint Take to Dry?” . 

Spray painting is the fastest kind of painting and is a mainstay of modern art culture. It may be used to apply a colorful coating on metal, wood, and other objects in addition to being a work of art.

We have covered all of the important points in this essay. Motoczysz hope you found our thorough guide about spray paint use to be both helpful and educational.


How to Schedule Uber Trip

Uber is one of the most popular companies in the world that offers transportation services such as taxis or deliveries. Customers like to use Uber’s service because it is very convenient and saves time. Therefore, Uber’s service is also very suitable for those who have a busy work schedule and want to save time. In some cases, customers can schedule an Uber trip to have a ride on time whenever you want. In the article below, we will guide you how to schedule Uber trip. This is one of the great features available on the Uber app. It allows customers to book their taxis in advance, and they also won’t have trouble with fare increases during peak hours.

How to schedule Uber trip

1. Open the Uber app

First of all, you must locate the Uber app on your device. Tap it once to open it up. You must make sure the Uber app is available on your device.

In case you haven’t downloaded the Uber app, you can download it from the App Store for iOS devices or from Google Play for any Android device.

2. Click the “Schedule” option

Once the Uber app is launched, you may see a “schedule” option next to the “Where to” option. Click on it to start scheduling Uber trip.

3. Adjust the date

Enter this you want to use Uber to move.

4. Choose a date

Uber will display a calendar page for you to choose the date you want to use the Uber service. Tap any date you want to select.

5. Click “OK”

After you have selected the date, click Ok to confirm the date.

6. Choose a time

A window will open as soon as you click on the time box. Uber will display a clock for you to choose an appropriate time. First, choose the time you want the driver to pick you up.

7. Select minutes

After choosing the hour, you will have to choose the exact minute. For example, if you want the driver to contact you at 10:15, you should choose 10:05.

8. Click “confirm”

After choosing a specific date and time, click “confirm” to schedule an Uber trip.

9. Enter destination

You can see a “where to” option on the Uber home screen. Tap it and then enter your destination. Uber will recommend several locations below, choose the one that works best for you.

10. Click “Schedule Ubergo”

After completing the above steps, you can choose UberGo or Uber premium service. Then tap on “Schedule UberGo”.

Now, your trip has been successfully scheduled. Uber will notify you with Uber driver details 30-45 minutes before your ride begins.

How Fast Is A 50cc Dirt Bike For Kids? | Best Kids Dirt Bike: A Beginners Guide [2022]

The 50cc dirt bikes are the smallest on the market, making them ideal for teaching young children how to ride a motorcycle. As a parent, you may be wondering how fast a 50cc dirt bike moves and whether the pace is appropriate for children.

In general, 50cc dirt motorcycles have different speed restrictions based on the model’s brand and engine architecture. Furthermore, most children can enjoy riding their motorcycles without using the entire throttle in order to maintain a comfortable speed.

So, how fast does a 50cc dirt bike go? Let’s have a look.… 

How Fast Does a 50cc Dirt Bike Go?

how fast does a 50cc dirt bike go

Trail, motocross, and electric dirt motorcycles are the three varieties of 50cc dirt bikes available.

Because of its modest speed of 15 mph, the Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 electric dirt bike is an excellent entry-level alternative for youngsters. On the plus side, it is permitted to ride on the street and is safe to do so in the area. Electric bikes, on the other hand, are too sluggish for anything thrilling like racing or trail riding, and your youngster may outgrow it fast.

Beginner riders prefer the 50cc trail dirt motorcycles, such as the Honda CRF50F and Yamaha TTR50E, since they have adjustable speed restrictions that allow kids to get used to riding dirt bikes safely.

Depending on the type and size of the bike, trail dirt bikes have maximum speeds ranging from 25 to 40 miles per hour.

Mini trail motorcycles with a low seat height, such as the Yamaha PW50, have a speed range of 20 to 28 mph and are suited for children aged 4 to 6.

For larger 5- to 7-year-old children, the Honda CRF50F has a 3-inch taller seat and a much greater maximum speed of 35 mph.

Because of its greater peak speed of 45 mph and a larger seat height appropriate for bigger youngsters, motocross bikes like the KTM SX50 Mini are perfect for kids with riding expertise. Due to its lightweight structure and suspension system, it also offers greater handling, making it a perfect choice for introducing kids to motocross racing.

Which is the Safest Speed for Kids?

Before you get too worked up over how fast your child’s bike is going, make sure they’re wearing enough safety gear. Dirt motorcycles have the potential to go out of hand, so make sure your kids are fully protected.

Even if your children don’t want to reach top speeds, it’s still crucial to keep them safe. Do not introduce the sport to extremely young children. They should be at least 5 or 6 years old.

Show them how to get into second gear and make it obvious that they should not go any farther. Their bike will be restricted as a result of this action. You can avoid showing them how to shift into third gear for your own peace of mind.

Falling is also less deadly when driving in second gear. When learning to ride a dirt bike, children will undoubtedly fall a lot. To assure their safety, install a throttle limiter as well.

Having a dirt bike capable of high speeds comes with its own set of dangers. Amateur motorcyclists are prone to what is known as “Whiskey throttle.” It happens when a motorcyclist pulls back on the throttle and becomes afraid of the speed, causing them to freeze.

The youngster may be unaware that they should let off of the throttle to slow down the bike, and the excessive speed leads them to collide with obstruction and fall.

Choose an easy-to-use throttle limiter like the Yamaha TTR50, which has a bolt that juts out under the throttle that you screw in.

Is Dirt Biking a Safe Sport for Children?

There is no such thing as a risk-free hobby. Dirt biking appeals to parents because it allows their children to spend time outside while learning new skills. Dirt riding is one of the strategies to provide a healthy and enjoyable childhood for our children.

Expect a sprained ankle and a fractured bone, albeit you should take additional precautions to keep them safe.

The next question is how to make dirt bike riding safe. Children above the age of six should be able to participate in the thrilling sport of dirt biking.

Keep the dirt bikes clean and well-maintained so that your children are always riding in a safe vehicle.

Additionally, trail riding should be monitored at all times. You might also incorporate the following safety tips:

  • During each session, all children should be outfitted with protective gear including a helmet. To provide a good example, you should be equipped with the same.
  • Encourage your children to ride dirt bikes on authorized dirt bike paths and off-road. Jumps should be avoided since they might be difficult for children.
  • Starting with a two-wheeler is a good place to start. It is a prevalent misconception that four-wheelers are safer, but facts show that this is not the case.
  • Set a speed restriction and install a throttle limiter.
  • Dirt bike riders should be accompanied by an adult.

Our family’s choices for keeping the kids safe are as follows. My boys adore dirt riding, and I’ve found it to be quite beneficial to them. It has toughened them up because dirt riding entails falling and suffering bruises and scratches. I enjoy pushing my sons to do new hobbies, such as dirt riding, that stretch them but don’t overextend them so they stay motivated. Now that my boys have begun dirt riding, they are more confident, which means it has been a success for our family.

Factors Affecting Dirt Bike Speed

While engine capacity is the primary determinant of motorcycle speed, other factors can influence how quickly your 50cc dirt bike can travel. One consideration is the dirt bike’s weight. In comparison to a heavier model, lighter dirt motorcycles, such as the Yamaha PW50, are faster and easier to control.

Type of Engine

Specifications of dirt bikes, such as engine type and sprocket gearing alterations, can have an impact on the motorcycle’s performance and speed.

2-stroke engines are often significantly quicker and lighter than 4-stroke engines, making them suitable for dirt bike motocross racing. A 4-stroke dirt bike, on the other hand, has a wider power range, which requires less gear shifting and is easier to handle for beginner riders.

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio is another component that influences speed. You can increase the dirt bike’s performance and average speed by modifying the sprocket gearing, which you may do by adjusting the gear ratio.

The goal is to boost maximum speed when racing and obtain a competitive edge without sacrificing low-end torque acceleration. The size of the front and rear sprockets in relation to each other is referred to as gear ratio.

For example, you may gear up or down by replacing the dirt bike’s front or rear standard sprockets with a bigger or lower tooth sprocket to attain the desired speed.

A smaller rear sprocket increases peak speed whereas a bigger rear sprocket increases acceleration but reduces maximum speed.

How to Design a 50cc Dirt Bike to go Faster?

Following the techniques below, you may make some modifications to your 50cc dirt bike to make it move faster:

  • Get the exhaust pipe and muffler off of the car and clean them. The exhauster may be cleaned using a cleaning rug, and carbon by-products can be removed by shaking the muffler. The accumulation of residual carbons in these components obstructs the airflow, which is necessary for proper motor performance.
  • With the impact wrench or the socket wrench, remove the revolution restriction. Because the exact position varies by brand and model, it’s best to consult the handbook. To extend the engine’s lifespan, the limiter guarantees that the engine does not power the bike over a certain speed. The speed limitation on 50cc dirt motorcycles is set to 30 mph.
  • Replace the oil in your motorbike with 100% synthetic motorcycle oil. Compared to frequently used oils, the oil is excellent for cooling and lubrication. When riding a 50cc motorbike at higher speeds, it’s critical to keep the bike cool for both safety and performance.
  • Choose a fuel with a higher octane rating. The ideal octane gasoline for every dirt bike model is determined by the model and make. Despite the fact that higher-octane fuel improves a bike’s performance. You may try out a few different types to discover which one appeals to you the most.
  • V-notch spark plugs should be used instead of factory spark plugs. The former style of plugs ignites more quickly, increasing your bike’s speed.
  • Drill a few small, accurate holes in the air intake box of the bike. The airflow in the system will be increased as a result of this activity. When used in conjunction with the previous stages, this can increase performance even further.
  • Any additional pipes and hoses that may have gathered residue should be cleaned. Inspect the bike to confirm that all of the parts are in good working order and that it functions properly.

While increasing the speed of your dirt bike might be enjoyable, there are certain rules to follow.

The safety of modifications to boost the speed of a 50cc dirt bike cannot be guaranteed. Any configurations should be done with prudence, as well as a thorough study of your individual model and brand.

Before you ride, double-check your parts to make sure they’re in working condition. Most manufacturers’ warranties will be voided if you modify your dirt bike.

Modifying a dirt bike may cause it to be classified as a small motorcycle, requiring a license. Any specs you would need to know can be found at the DMV.

Which is better for kids: a new dirt bike or a used dirt bike?

If your child is just five or six years old when they begin riding dirt bikes, you will most likely go through many bikes before they reach adolescence.

For safety reasons, a child should ride a bike that is appropriate for their size. As a result, children must change bikes as they grow older.

Dirt bike riding is hardly the most inexpensive activity available. However, getting into the sport without breaking the money is feasible. Purchasing a new bicycle provides a number of benefits.

The model will be covered by warranty, and within the first six months of ownership, some degree of service is usually offered.

The bike will be in fine shape, and you may easily resale it at a reasonable market price if they outgrow it.

If you’re on a tight budget, check for a secondhand dirt bike to get your kids started with. Perhaps you believe that the sport is only a passing interest for your children, and you are unsure whether or not you should invest much money in it.

Because dirt bike communities are often small, you may ask around for recommendations. Some setups or parts upgrades may be required for a secondhand bike.


For good reason, most parents are hesitant to allow their children to ride dirt motorcycles. Dirt riding comes with its own set of dangers, and it’s only normal to be apprehensive of risky activities.

To answer your worry regarding how fast a 50cc dirt bike runs, a 50cc dirt bike’s average speed range is between 25 and 40 mph, which some parents believe is too fast for their children. However, we’ve included some suggestions for lowering the speed restriction to make it easier for your child to ride the bike until they get more expertise.

If you’re still worried, start your little rider on an electric bike, which goes at a considerably slower 15 miles per hour and is, therefore, safer for youngsters than gas-powered bikes. Furthermore, by providing your children with safety equipment, you can ensure that they ride safely and reduce the severity of their injuries in the event of an accident. hopes you find the most suitable option!

How To Start A Motorcycle Club? | You Should Know [2022]

To start a motorcycle club is a terrific way to meet individuals who share your passion for riding and spend days having fun and adventure together.

Unfortunately, starting a club from the ground up when you have no prior experience is not easy. The process isn’t simple, from finding like-minded riders who share your beliefs and enthusiasm to devising an effective plan and executing it effectively.

Not to mention that most existing motorcycle clubs do not usually welcome new groups with open arms.

The goal of putting this book together is to walk you through the full process of starting your own motorcycle club from the ground up, including how to operate it, common traps to avoid, and more.

The following article will guide you through the steps to starting a motorcycle club.

Should You Start A Motorcycle Club?

If the concept appeals to you, there are several factors to consider before forming a club. It is definitely feasible to start your own motorcycle club, but you will need to conduct research and follow the necessary measures.

Before deciding to create your own club, look into what possibilities are available in your region. If you want to escape the usual “biker” connotation, not all motorcycle groups have it. If they ride in separate circles or have a specific specialization, many MCs may accept “riding clubs,” often known as RCs.

The Purpose and Types of a Motorcycle Club

The American Motorcyclist Association, or AMA, is the largest motorcycle club in the United States. Under its umbrella, there are hundreds of thousands of active members and well over 1,000 chartered groups. They were created in 1924 and had a white-only membership for the first several decades.

Many people consider one percenter motorcycle clubs, often known as outlaw clubs, to be the counterculture group of motorcyclists. These organizations arose partly in response to the AMA’s antiquated beginnings.

How To Start A Motorcycle Club


Outlaw clubs do not all have links to criminal activity in general today, but several have been identified as being linked with crime families, gangs, and drug trafficking. The prevalent vibe of these clubs is one of defiance against authority. Many MCs, on the other hand, have their own hierarchy of power and, unfortunately, engage in unlawful behavior.

Other subgroups, such as the Harley Owners Group and the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America, gather together because they share a passion for their particular brand of motorcycle. For people who are uncomfortable with the two categories above or prefer a more specialized niche to ride with, other demographics depending on gender, religion, and sexual orientation exist.

Biker clubs are formed for the purpose of providing a sense of brotherhood and a common interest in their demographic or kind of motorbike. Check to check whether one that matches your interests already exists before starting your own. If you wish to create one for another purpose, think about if it will be disrespectful to other clubs in your region, or whether it makes sense for both to coexist peacefully.

The 9 Most Important Steps To Start A Motorcycle Club:

Step 1: Figure out what kind of motorcycle club you want to start.

First and foremost, you must determine why you want to start a motorcycle club. This will assist you in determining the sort of club you want to start.

Having stated that the motorcycle clubs may be divided into two categories:

Riding club: a group of friends or acquaintances who like talking about, working on, and riding motorcycles. Members normally meet together on a regular basis to chat and ride their bikes. Most riding clubs are made up of owners of the same motorcycle brand, however, this is not always the case—for example, Honda Goldwing riders’ clubs, BMW riders’ clubs, and so on. Church members, police enforcement personnel, military veterans, and others could form a riding club.
Motorcycle club: A motorcycle club, abbreviated as MC, is not the same as a riding club. To identify themselves, members of an MC commonly wear vests. On the back of these vests are three-piece patches. The MC’s name is on the top piece, the club’s emblem is in the middle, and the club’s locality/state/city name is on the bottom rocker.
Overall, forming a riding club will be a lot easier because you won’t have to worry about branding the club, establishing a hierarchy, and so on.

Unlike an MC, where you must keep all of these factors in mind.

You’ll also need to contact the most powerful MC in your region and advise them of your plans if you’re an MC. If you have a compelling rationale for creating a club, they’ll give you the green light and walk you through the process.

We recommend that you follow their counsel if they don’t want you to create the club.

Step 2: Establishing a Brand (Club name and logo)

After you’ve chosen what kind of club you want to start, the following step is to come up with a distinctive name and logo.

You should name your motorcycle club after anything that relates to its philosophy, mission, or image. Most clubs have names that include their hometown, city or county, area, and so on. This helps to express their origins or distinguishes them from other clubs with similar names.

We also encourage you to avoid names that are suggestive, insulting, or aggressive. This can not only harm your club’s reputation, but it can also draw the attention of legal enforcement.

You’ll also need to create a logo to represent what your new club stands for as part of the branding process. You can make it yourself if you have some graphic design abilities. Otherwise, you might want to consider hiring an expert to design a high-quality logo for you. Keep in mind that you’ll be stamping this emblem on everything your club produces, including shirts, newsletters, riding gear, business cards, and more.

Step #3: Create a clear purpose statement for your organization.

Coming up with a clear mission statement for your group is another important step to consider when starting a club.

This will assist you in defining the goals of your new club and how it differs from the existing clubs in your region. Furthermore, it might aid in the formation of your club’s vision.

Fortunately, writing a thorough purpose statement does not need any unique abilities.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a message, consider reducing it to a single essential phrase or term, such as brotherhood, recreation, or community service.

How To Start A Motorcycle Club

Step #4: It’s time to start looking for recruits.

You should now start looking for new members to join your club. And there are numerous approaches to take…

  • To begin, take a glance at yourself. You may have motorcycle-riding friends and family members who would like to be a part of a larger community. Prioritizing friends and family is a smart option because you already know them and won’t have to go through the vetting process to see if they’ll fit in your club.
  • Another method for attracting new members is to extend an open invitation to other riders. Create pages for your group on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share the newest news and announcements. Using local message boards to spread the news can also assist.
  • Consider including it in fliers and distributing them to places frequented by bikers, such as rest stops, racetracks, motorcycle dealers, repair shops, and pubs.

Quick Tip: Have registration paperwork ready for those cyclists interested in joining your new groups. Allow them to fill in all pertinent information, such as their age, residence, employment, and the sort of bike they possess, among other things.

You may also wish to specify any other prerequisites for membership in your group, such as the lack of a criminal background, religious affiliation, and so on. By going over these forms, you’ll be able to quickly choose who you should let in and who you shouldn’t.

Quick Tip 2: Make sure that all of your recruits have reached the legal age to ride a motorbike on public roads in your state.

Step #5: Name your club’s officials.

Do you want a formal framework for your new club?

If this is the case, you might consider creating a hierarchy.

Assigning various roles to members of your new club based on their distinct talents and skillsets should be simple now that you have them.

The following are the most prevalent officials in a motorcycle club:

  • Mr. President (you)
  • President’s Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • The road captain is in charge of guiding the group on runs.
  • Enforcer: guarantees that the club’s bylaws are followed by all members.

An emergency repair specialist, a medic, and a chaplain (or the Wise One) who handles all of your club’s spiritual requirements are all officials you should consider having in your club. He’s also in charge of conducting funerals, weddings, and other similar ceremonies at the club.

Step #6: Form a non-profit organization out of your clubs.

It’s time to think about registering your new club in your state now that practically everything is in place.

We strongly advise you to submit an application for non-profit status.

You’ll only need to fill out some paperwork, submit your club’s purpose, mission statement, and a list of your major committee members and their titles, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

You’ll be eligible for liability insurance, sales tax exemption, and solicitation permits, among other legal perks, if your application is approved as a non-profit company.

Step #7: Getting your new club off the ground

Finally, your new club is up and running—properly it’s registered, you’ve recruited all of the necessary members and officials, and you’ve arranged a meeting location and regular meeting hours.

It’s completely operational!

So, where do we go from here?

It’s time to start participating in other activities, such as community building, which is something that many MCs undertake.

Consider holding fundraisers to collect money for a variety of philanthropic activities, such as exhibition races, donation-based raffles, food and gift drives, and more.

Such gatherings might help you strengthen your ties with your community and perhaps improve your public image.

You might also approach local companies and ask them to sponsor your events or provide services such as catering and entertainment.

Cost of a Club

You want to be fair to your club members, but you also don’t want to go into debt to keep your organization afloat. Consider the costs of recruiting members, conducting events, the time you’ll spend administering the club, and all of the tiny details, such as having patches manufactured for members to wear different colors on their coats if you want to do so.

The cost of running a motorcycle club is likely to rise.


So that’s how you start a completely functional motorcycle club from the ground up. Join by deciding what kind of motorcycle club you want to start, then come up with a name and logo, write a mission statement, recruit new members, and assign them to various positions depending on their individual abilities and skillsets.

Giving back to the community should be a part of your club’s operations. This will assist you to strengthen your ties with your community and improve your public image.

Keep in mind that your motorcycle club’s success is dependent on its ability to expand. Recruit new members that meet your requirements and take advantage of any other chance that will benefit and develop your group.

Motoczysz wishes you success!

How To Avoid A Tank Slapper or Speed Wobble

When the handlebars wildly vibrate, it’s called a tank slapper. They’re also known as speed wobbles or death wobbles, and they may be deadly, as the latter term indicates.

They are frequently created at a high rate, as shown in the video below.

It’s a compelling incentive to always wear appropriate motorcycle safety equipment.

It’s an “underdamped torsional oscillation of the front wheel/suspension that may be set off by either a road input or input from the rider’s weight causing a steering moment or even a gust of wind,” according to racing engineer Jeromy Moore.

It’s for this reason why world speed records are established on flat salt lakes with little wind.

However, as demonstrated in this footage from The World’s Fastest Indian, aerodynamic streamliner motorcycles may develop speed wobbles even on salt lakes.

This is an example of “yaw oscillation,” which is caused by aerodynamic imbalance, most likely caused by a gust of wind, according to Jeromy.

“The entire bike is responding,” he explains, “but no steering damper could help in this scenario.”

“It’s more of a problem of aerodynamic stability, where the tail fins’ stabilizing moment isn’t enough. This is why planes have tail fins: they place the aerodynamic center of pressure behind the center of mass, enabling the plane to return to its original trajectory rather than veering away from it in the event of a side wind.”

How to get out of a tank slapper?

So, if you ever have a speed wobble, what should you do? How do you get back on your feet after a tank slapper? On this subject, the Internet is awash with differing viewpoints. Even professional riders are unable to adequately describe it, and in this situation, the majority of them rely on their gut instinct.

Some advice pinning the throttle and getting the most power out of it.

Some advice turning off the engine.

Some advice applying brakes, while others advise leaving them alone.

Some people recommend holding the tank between your thighs and leaning forwards.

To shift weight to the back, others recommend loosening the hold on the handlebars and sitting upright.


When the load is moved to the rear tyre and the front tyre is un-weighted, they most commonly occur on a motorbike at fast speeds.

When the oscillation begins, the front tyre contact patch is offset from the steering axis and attempts to reestablish itself by swinging back the opposite way, according to Jeromy.

Unless a steering damper is installed, the steering overshoots and moves past the straight-ahead position, amplifying the oscillation.


So, what happens if you hit a speed bump?

There are several points of view about this.

Some suggest you should power out of it, while others say you should back off the throttle.

Some advice slamming on the brakes, while others advise leaving them alone.

Some advice holding on with your hands and knees. Others argue that you should lean forwards to lessen aerodynamic resistance and weigh the front wheel, as seen in the British video. Others advise loosening your hold and sliding backward to relieve pressure on the front wheel.

There appears to be little widespread agreement.

However, according to Jeromy, physics dictates that you accelerate and lean back.

“This lessens the weight and hence the oscillations’ movement till you can control it with your arms,” he explains.

“It’s simple to say on paper, but it’s not a natural reaction to want to go faster when the bike beneath you is going wild.”

He claims that catching it in the straight-ahead position is nearly difficult since speed wobble oscillation is recorded at 4-10hz (each change of direction in the handlebars takes from 1/10 to 1/4 of a second).

In actuality, there’s not much you can do to avoid a speed wobble, especially when the bars shake so violently that your hands are thrown off the grips, as shown in the video above. The majority of persons who have had them have also crashed.

Avoiding them is the best approach to stop them.


A succession of undulations can cause low-speed wobbles or a tank slapper even at low speeds. They frequently occur in off-road situations or on winding rural roads.

A low-speed tank slapper may usually be safely stopped by leaning back and accelerating.

The deceleration can also cause speed-wobbles, especially if you only have one hand on the handlebars.

They are typically not as crazy as they appear and may be readily adjusted by releasing the brakes and applying some power. Of course, if you’re approaching a stop sign, this will be an issue!

They might mean your front tire pressure is too low, the tire is unevenly worn (often from riding about with low pressure), your suspension is worn out, or your steering head bearings are worn, loose, or too tight.

Check the pressures and wear on your tires. If it isn’t the issue, look for loose or worn bearings in the handlebars. If so, replace them, but do it with the help of a professional technician.

It might be your suspension if it’s not the tires or steering. Seek the advice of a professional once more.

In any case, you should be prepared in the event of a mishap. To be cautious, spend some time researching the finest vehicle insurance companies that also provide motorcycle insurance.

My Experience with Speed Wobble

It happened within the first month of ownership on my first sportbike, and sure, the bike was in poor mechanical condition. It had a damaged fork seal and a suspension fluid-covered right fork leg.

Yes, I was pushing it too hard on the public road since I was inexperienced.

As you can see, the deck was stacked heavily against me.

My pals and I drove to an isolated lane on a chilly Sunday morning to pop wheelies and snap some great photos. I realize it’s a stupid move.

I noticed an open stretch of road as we were departing and pinned the throttle…

BOOM TANK fu*!ing slapper in first gear…redline…second gear….redline…third gear…and BOOM TANK fu*!ing slapper in second gear…redline…third gear…and BOOM TANK fu*!ing slapper in third That moment when you realize you’ve messed up.

I was completely unaware of what had occurred. I had no idea what a tank slapper was back then. But, happily, I was able to escape.

What exactly did I do? As soon as the handlebars began to shake violently, I trusted my instincts and sat up straight. And, happily, everything came to a close swiftly.

You can’t keep the throttle closed or fully open when the handlebars are wildly vibrating. Keeping your hands off the brake and throttle keeps the bike in a predictable state. The bike should be steady again after a few seconds, and the front wheel should prefer to stay in line.

When it happened, I was fortunate to have a big straight length of vacant road in front of me. It might have happened in the canyons or in the back of a car.

So, I’d think that loosening your grasp and shifting your weight to the back is the best thing to do.

It’s terrifying, therefore it’s better to take precautions and avoid having to cope with motorbike speed wobble. I have discussed how important strong vision is when riding a motorbike.


What Causes Tank Slapper?

Poor motorcycle maintenance or a faulty riding posture can cause Tank Slapper. The lack of a steering damper and the uneven route make it more likely.

Do steering dampers help to keep tank slapper at bay?

The main purpose of the steering damper is to keep the motorcycle from shaking. Hydraulic and electronic dampers are the two types of dampers. As the speed increases, the electronic damper tightens up, while the hydraulic ones remain constant. For track riding, hydraulic dampers are preferable. At low speeds in the city, the automatic damper keeps the steering soft, but at greater speeds, it tightens.

How can you get rid of the tank slapper?

What helped for me was letting go of the handlebars or relaxing the grip. By gripping the handlebars tightly, you aggravate the problem and risk falling off the bike.

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Top 10+ Best Cheapest Harley Davidson You Can Buy 2022

Harley-Davidsons are the pinnacle of cruiser bikes, but there are plenty of secondhand Harleys on the market that won’t break the bank.

It takes a particular amount of pride to own a Harley-Davidson motorbike. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are a cherished procession that is frequently likened to luxury automobile brands such as Rolls-Royce and Bentleys.

As a result, it’s no wonder that these motorcycles are quite expensive. You should expect to pay at least $20,000 for these devices if you buy them new from a dealership. If you don’t want to spend a fortune but yet want to buy one of these renowned motorcycles, secondhand Harleys are a good option.

As a result, you may become used to Harleys for pennies on the dollar with this alternative. It may take a little TLC to get back on the road for some, but it is well worth it. Here are the 10 cheapest Harley Davidson motorcycles that are available for a low price.

The Cheapest Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Various bikers may interpret the term “cheapest” in different ways. However, for the sake of this article, we’ll use the term to refer to any motorbike that costs less than $10,000 USD.

Harley Davidson bikes range in price from $6000 to $440,000, with the lowest model costing roughly $6000. There are also various additional inexpensive versions (under $10,000) available.

However, the company divides its bikes into six distinct categories: Street, Sportster, Softail, Touring, Trike, and CVO.

HD’s low-cost bikes are typically classified as Street or Sportster motorcycles.

10 Best cheapest Harley Davidson

1. 2016–2017 Dyna Low Rider S – $15,000


Harley-Davidson riders expect their motorcycles to have greater power and better handling. The Dyna Low Rider S was introduced by Harley-Davidson in 2016 as a performance-oriented motorcycle. The Dyna Low Rider S suited the needs of many riders and motorcycle fans as the only equipped low rider.

The Dyna Low Rider S features an eagle 110ci engine, as well as updated suspension, brakes, and tyres. Its SoCal style is excessive. This motorbike comes equipped with an electronic cruise control system that allows users to relax and enjoy the ride without having to concentrate too much on the road or the bike’s handling.

2. 2009–2010 CVO Fat Bob – $10,000

Many motorcycle aficionados and owners find it difficult to believe that a high-performance twin-shock Dyna can be had for the same price as a Low Rider S.

People from all over the world wanted a piece of Harley-bike Davidson’s because it combined the best of both worlds. In 2009 and 2010, the CVO Fat Bob was built. The engine was the same as the Dyna Low Rider S.

The CVO Fat Bob was designed with a good suspension system and adequate braking power to please riders looking for a Dyna experience. The initial price of this bike was $25,299. The price was decreased to $10,000 a few weeks after the premiere.

3. Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight – $11,299

In comparison to other Sportster models on the market today, the Forty-Eighty is a more aggressive and rough-looking Harley. The front tyre on this bike is larger. It also has rustic and beefier prongs. The Iron 1200 shares a 1,200 CC engine with this motorbike, which is mated to a five-speed gearbox.

The seat height on this bike is low, as it is on all Sportster models. The Forty-Eight is a slimmer and lower Harley model, weighing 545 pounds. Both the front and back wheels are equipped with dual-piston caliper brakes. ABS and bespoke security measures are also available for a fee.

4. 2018 Harley-Davidson Iron 1200 – $9,999

The 2018 Harley-Davidson Iron 1200 is the Davidson family’s lightest cruiser. This stripped-down Harley is the most affordable contemporary Harley on the market right now. All of this comes at a cost in terms of power. In comparison to other bikes in its class, the Iron 1200 is a lemon.

The iron 1200 has a 25.7-inch seat height and weighs two pounds more than the 833. The engine has a displacement of 1200cc and is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. A motorbike with dual-piston caliper brake discs in the front and rear wheels is available for $9,999. A unique security system can also be installed for a cost.

5. 2009–2013 Touring Models – $9,000

If you’ve become interested in Harley-Davidson Touring models, you’ve probably heard about the Road Glide Limited and the Ultra Limited. The base price for these Touring variants is $28,000.

Touring motorcycles are not cheap, so you know you’ve hit gold when you find one for under $10,000. The Harley-Davidson Touring series was overhauled in 2009, providing it a much-needed makeover.

These bikes include a large, sturdy frame, electronic cruise control, and contemporary components. The six-speed tranny is equipped with a 103-inch engine and a comfortable rider and passenger seat.

6. 2017 Harley-Davidson Street Rod – $8,699

The 2017 Street Rod is an upgrade from the Street 750, in both power and performance. The Street Rod gets its own version of the 749 CC liquid-cooled engine with more power and more torque, with a six-speed manual transmission as the cherry on top.

A performance suspension provides more responsive handling, increased travel distance, along with a more upright riding position. The brakes have two-piston discs in both the front and rear. The beefy Street Rod weighs 505 pounds and has a taller, 29.8-inch seat height – higher than the other Street models.

7. 2015-2018 Harley-Davidson Street 750 – $7,599

The Harley-Davidson Street 750 model, which is available from 2015 to 2018, is a more powerful version of Street 500.

The engine, pipes, and wheels are all blacked out.

Street 750 is aimed towards the same urban demographic. Aside from the 750’s larger engine and higher price, the motorcycles are similar in every way, including dimensions and weight.

To cater to shorter riders, this bike has a small frame and a 25.7-inch seat height. It’s driven by a 749cc liquid-cooled two-cylinder engine with a six-speed gearbox and front and rear two-piston disc brakes.

8. 2007–2017 Heritage Softail Classic – $7,000

The bike’s wonderfully flowing two-tone fenders, spoke wheels, chrome trim, and leather saddlebags make it easily identifiable from a distance. The Heritage Softail Classic is said to be a motorbike that Willie.G developed when he was a baby.

This Harley is for everyone who wishes to rekindle their childhood dream of owning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. This bike isn’t as strong as a Dyna, doesn’t go as fast as the Ultra Limited, and doesn’t stand out as much as other Softails.

Regardless, it gets the job done. It had a 103ci V twin-engine, a six-speed transmission, and a spacious two-up seat.

9. 2007–2013 Sportster – $3,500

Sportsters has a reputation for being the place to go for beginner riders. This Harley is inexpensive, allowing first-time riders to experience the excitement of riding without breaking the bank.

People flocked to Harley-launch Davidson’s of this low-cost motorbike. And when they got on the road, it didn’t let them down. Unlike other versions, this Sportster is not only inexpensive but also requires little upkeep.

The Sportsters from 2007 to 2013 are simple to repair. These motorcycles have sophisticated technology systems similar to current versions, with the exception of an enhanced CAN bus electrical system.

10. 1987 Evo Softail – $2,500

The 1987 Evo Softail is the bike for old-school Harley fans who don’t mind getting a little grease under their fingernails. The Evo features a barebones wicked appearance, feel, and sound that makes you feel like you’re riding a high-end Harley. If you decide to purchase this bike, take in mind that most of them are not in perfect condition.

It’s possible that you’ll have to invest a few dollars to get it up and running. You, on the other hand, do not need to be concerned about parts availability because OEM components are easily accessible.

Consider buying a used Harley motorcycle.

You shouldn’t expect the previous owner of a high-end HD motorcycle to sell it for the same MSRP they paid for it.

For example, if you desire the most costly HD, such as the CVO Street Glide, which costs $40,539, but your budget won’t allow you to purchase one brand new, a used model will be available at a reduced price that is within your budget.

The beautiful thing about Harley motorbikes is that they depreciate slowly, so you can be confident that even a pre-owned model will provide you with many fun miles.


This finishes our list of the cheapest Harley Davidson bikes. As you can see from this list, the cheapest bikes are in the manufacturer’s Street and Sportster categories.

The bike has a lightweight construction, a small frame, and a low seat height, all of which are useful to novices. It also has a blacked-out design for aggressive aesthetics, keeping with Harley’s legacy of “great looks.”

Motoczysz offered information about the top 10 cheapest Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Good luck!

Top 8 Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories 2022

If you prefer to go on two wheels rather than in a car, these must-have motorbike accessories are for you. A decent cross-country bike tour is an unforgettable adventure. However, how do you go about doing this? Simple. Before the big journey, you must gather all of your necessities.

Granted, not everyone is a fan of motorcycles. However, dealers sold 470,000 new motorcycles in 2017, indicating that they remain popular.

Not to mention motorcycle accessories, which make these machines even more enjoyable to ride. This market generated $2.87 billion on a global basis in 2017.

This brings us to the primary point of this article: motorbike accessories that are a must-have. There are several biking gadgets, gears, and techies available for motorheads, which might be overwhelming.

But don’t worry! We’ve already done the legwork for you. Take a look at this list of essential motorbike accessories!

1. A Bluetooth Helmet with Aerodynamics

What better way to begin this list than with the basic protection of every rider?

Only three states do not mandate motorcycle helmets: Illinois, Iowa, and New Hampshire. When it comes to helmet rules, the rest of the states, as well as D.C., are serious. Even whether you live in Illinois, Indiana, or New Hampshire, you should never ride without a helmet.

It not only keeps your grey matter where it belongs, but it also keeps bugs and other creatures at bay. Today’s helmets are unquestionably smarter, allowing you to pair Bluetooth devices with them! Plus, if you get the appropriate appearance and fit, you’ll seem more badass than if you don’t.

However, you should get a helmet with an aerodynamic design. This allows you to ride with the needle on the right side while making the least amount of noise possible.

Last but not least, choose a helmet that is both lightweight and robust, as well as DoT-approved. Be prepared to pay a little extra money on the best motorbike protection gear. It will, nevertheless, be worthwhile, especially if you want to ride for speed.

2. A Leather Armored Jacket

A thick, substantial motorcycle jacket is one of the few things that scream “kickass” louder than anything else. But it’s more than just a stylish piece of motorcycle gear. In the event of an accident, it also protects your delicate skin by bearing the brunt of skids and drags.

The elbows and shoulders, which are frequently injured, should have armored characteristics. Consider the weather in your location as well; if it rains frequently, you’ll require weatherproofing. You’d want airflow, heated body warmers, and waterproof fabrics.

3. Sliders for your palms

During slips, stumbles, and falls, the body’s natural reaction is to extend the hands. In fact, when you think about it, it’s your hands that protect your body from nearly everything, right?

Consider the following to put things in perspective:

Every year, more than one million employees in the United States visit emergency rooms due to hand injuries. Because they weren’t wearing gloves, 70% of them had injuries.

Hand injuries were also reported by 93 percent of surveyed firms in Australia. As a result, they are among the most prevalent industrial injuries in Australia.

Imagine the amount of harm to one’s hands if they are launched off their bike. The hands will strive to reduce the force on the body, which might cause the wrists to shatter. The friction created by the asphalt against the hands is frightening enough.

Is it a little too graphic for you? That is, in fact, the case, and all new riders should be aware of it.

That’s why anytime you go for a bike ride, you’ll want to slide your hands into palm sliders as well. You’re almost done safeguarding your upper body with them, plus your helmet and jacket.

Plastic gloves with low friction but the decent quality are sufficient to protect your palms. Invest in leather sliders for a more long-lasting (and more attractive) option.

There are better gloves out there with enough cushioning and protection for the full hand. You’ll also have improved protection for your knuckles and wrists with them.

4. A pair of earplugs

A pair of high-quality earplugs completes the list of upper body must-have cycling gear. They don’t make it difficult to stay focused and connected to the road, contrary to common opinion.

The only thing they isolate motorcyclists from is the high-pitched wind noise. The sensitive inner workings of the ear are therefore protected. After a long ride, this genuinely makes you feel calmer and less weary!

5. Riding Pants

You’ll shred those jeans faster than you can say 0 to 60 on the pavement. Even if they are the thickest, most robust pair you own, they are not designed for safe riding. What you need is road armor, and thankfully, Kevlar-lined pants are now available.

Riding trousers include knee armor, and some riding pants also have foam cushioning in the hip area. Riding trousers, like riding jackets, are composed of abrasion-resistant textile/mesh or leather. So, even if you fell, the armor in your trousers would take the first impact, and the material would not tear if there was a little accident.

Any excellent riding trousers will feature a specific surface in the sitting region to provide extra grip and prevent you from sliding forwards or back on the seat while riding. These biking trousers also have thermal and rain liners, allowing you to ride in any weather while keeping your family jewels dry and warm.

6. Tough Boots

Apart from your hands, the most vulnerable parts of your body in an accident are your feet and legs. So make sure you’re wearing strong, safe riding boots! Don’t worry about going out of style; the greatest riding footwear still looks great.

The tiny bones in your feet are protected by features like reinforced toe tips, soles, and cushioning. They’re cushioned well enough to be both comfy and breathable. Although most work boots include a protective toe box, they lack characteristics that protect the feet.

7. Motorcycle Insurance

Choosing the best insurance coverage is similar to selecting the best motorbike. You want it to meet your demands and fit into your lifestyle while still staying within your budget. Here’s a rundown of bike insurance coverage, as well as some pointers on how to make your insurance ride more “easy” on your pocketbook.

8. Toolbox

Wrenches, top motorbike spoke wrenches, Allen sockets, screwdrivers, and pliers are all included in this roadside toolkit. Also, get some cable ties, a multi-tool, and some microfiber towels for cleaning.

Pro Tip: If you plan on taking your bike on extended road excursions, you’ll need more gasoline storage. If you have the funds, a self-bunded gasoline tank is a way to go. That way, you’ll be able to get from point A to point B with as few stops and top-ups as possible.


Now is the time to start shopping for these essential motorcycle accessories.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of must-have motorbike accessories. But they’re the greatest and most vital motorbike gear you’ll ever own. So, before you go out and get all the bells and whistles, start with these seven.

Do you want to learn more about two-wheeler riding, safety, and travel? Contact Motoczysz if you have any questions.

Answer The Question: How Much For A Dirt Bike?

Riding through the forests, across the mountains, and on offroad paths is a thrilling experience. When you ride off the road, you receive a sensation of freedom and pure delight in addition to stress relief. On your dirt bike, you can embark on endless enjoyable outdoor excursions, whether you’re exploring alone or with your friends.

Dirt bikes are used for more than simply fun. A dirt bike is an excellent motorbike to have if you want to develop your riding skills. The question is, however, whether a dirt bike is cheap. What are the minimum requirements for owning one of these, and which one should you purchase? Also, which dirt bike is the cheapest for a beginner?

Before you commit to a certain dirt bike model, have a look at the costs of the many dirt motorcycles on the market to determine which one best meets your budget and ability level.

An Overview of Purchasing A Dirt Bike

Let’s say you’re looking for a dirt bike. In that scenario, you may anticipate being inundated with data on a variety of motorcycles with diverse power capacities, capabilities, and specific features that provide a unique riding experience. So, which one should you go with, and how much of a hole would it leave in your wallet? To address this, we’ll have a look at a variety of bikes with various engine capacities that you may pick from:

  • 125cc Dirt Bikes (Beginner)
  • 250cc Dirt Bikes (intermediate)
  • 450cc Dirt Bikes (Advanced)

Wear all needed safety equipment before riding, including your helmet, gloves, elbow and knee protectors, goggles, and leathers. Always respect the regulations of the road and never ride when inebriated.

Off-Road Biking: Choosing the Right Bike

It’s tough to find a dirt bike model that has all of the features you want. You must think about more than just the price. You should also consider how well the bike performs and how well it is maintained.

Don’t buy a dirt bike just on the basis of its attractive appearance. You’ll need a dirt bike that’ll be enjoyable to ride while also providing excellent performance over time. Before you choose a bike for off-road riding, keep the following in mind.

Dirt Bike Cost

Dirt bike pricing, of course, is a major factor to consider when purchasing a bike. Four-stroke dirt bikes are more expensive than two-stroke dirt bikes. If you need a bike with a lot of power, go for a four-stroke dirt bike. A two-stroke bike, on the other hand, is suitable for the occasional rider.

These low-cost dirt motorcycles are for you if you want to save money without sacrificing quality. Also, have a look at the top bikes under $500.

125cc Dirt Bikes

Because they are lightweight and easy to operate, 125cc dirt motorcycles are popular among rookie riders. These bikes are highly nimble, despite their modest engine displacement, making them a thrill to race across off-road tracks. The following is a list of the top 125cc dirt motorcycles.

Honda CRF125 – Look no farther than a Honda dirt bike if you want a dirt bike that is famed for its dependability. The CRF125 is equipped with a powerful 124.9cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine that is sure to pump adrenaline into your blood. Furthermore, the bike comes in two versions: normal and big wheel, which has a bigger wheel diameter, longer swingarm, and higher seat height. This bike has a suggested retail price of $3,199.

Yamaha TT-R125LE – The second Japanese legend on this list is Yamaha, which you may be familiar with. The TT-R125LE is a lightweight machine similar to its predecessor, but with a few added features like an automated cam chain tensioner, a tool-free air filter, and a lightweight exhaust that has been certified by the US Forestry Service. If you want to get your hands on one of these bad boys, prepare to pay roughly $3,349.

Suzuki DR-Z125SL – Do not be fooled by the fact that Suzuki is not the most popular brand on this list. The DR-Z125SL is a fast motorcycle with a 124cc single-cylinder engine, a 5-speed manual transmission, large-diameter wheels, and a front disc brake. This bike is an excellent all-arounder that will set you back between $3,100 and $3,000 depending on the model.

250cc Dirt Bikes


The 250cc division is a formidable opponent. If you’re new to dirt biking, you might want to start with something a bit smaller to get your feet wet. This category, however, is one of the most popular since these bikes have the ideal power-to-weight ratio. The top selections in this category are as follows:

Kawasaki KX250 – If you’ve ever heard of motocross racing, you’ve undoubtedly heard a tale about a green glow that leads the pack. Kawasaki’s distinctive trademark image is its green color. The KX250 boasts renowned low-end torque and only weighs 221 pounds. The major focus here is on its lightness, which makes it an absolute delight to ride on difficult terrain. You can get one for roughly $8,300 right now.

KTM 250XC – Due to their very competent and distinctive characteristic orange dirt motorcycles, Austrian motorcycle company KTM has recently earned some motocross notice. The 250XC is a dirt bike with an ungraded frame that results in great handling and straight-line stability. It costs $9,799 and is available now. These motorcycles also have an air boot and airbox to keep them from getting dirty.

2017 Beta 250 RR – The Beta 250 RR is an excellent choice if you want a taste of Italian workmanship. The ability of Beta to make high-quality dirt motorcycles is well-known, and the 250RR is no exception. You may find yourself speeding down the track in one of them for roughly $8,500.

450cc Dirt Bikes

The 450cc class is the way to go if you’re a seasoned rider seeking some significant power. These hunky machines are designed for only one purpose: speed. These dirtbikes can achieve speeds of up to 90 mph, which is incredible given the terrain they are built to handle. These are some of the top 450cc bikes available.

Kawasaki KX450 – The KX450 is virtually the same as the KX250 on this list, only it has somewhat greater power. This exceptional model has a chassis with a fully new front brake master cylinder, as well as a rear brake rotor that has been expanded in size from 240 mm to 250 mm. It is also powered by a 4-stroke engine. Because the bike is partially composed of cast aluminum, it is more stable and easier to control. It also has a handlebar mount and an adjustable peg. As a result, this bike is unquestionably reserved for serious riders, and at $9,399, it is a significant commitment.

Yamaha YZ450F –This Yamaha model has a stronger front axle for improved cornering handling and traction. The motorcycle has a 4-stroke engine and an electronic start mechanism, which makes it easy to get up and running quickly if it stops on the circuit. One of these motorcycles may be yours for $9,299 if you want to rip up the track.

GasGas MC450F – The 2021 MC450F is the first bike to carry the GasGas moniker, which is well-known in the motocross world. Sure, the MC450F includes many KTM parts, but it also has its unique characteristics, such as improved suspension, which is an important consideration when buying a dirt bike. The GasGas MC450F costs roughly $9,399, which is significantly less than the KTM.


Don’t get a huge dirt bike if you’re a novice. Because novices learn to bike quicker with smaller rides, this is the case. However, if the bike is too tiny, the rider’s weight might damage the suspension. While riding, you may bash the handlebars or tuck your legs under your jaw. When you sit on a bike, be sure it balances your weight. As you earn more experience, you will be able to manage it.


Aside from dirt bike pricing, bike riding requires balance. If the ride is appropriate for your size, both toes should touch the ground as you sit forwards on the bike. When you can only touch the ground with the tips of your toes, you know the dirt bike is too big for you. The bike is little if your feet are level on the ground. Choose a bike that you can sit comfortably on and that you don’t have to strain to reach the hand controls.

It’s not enough to just enquire about the price of a dirt bike while making a decision. When it comes to off-road riding, be sure the dirt bike is appropriate for you.

Types of Dirt Bikes

It’s advisable to study the many varieties of dirt motorcycles for off-road biking before imagining what your bike should look like. Examine the bike’s attributes before deciding on a ride that will match your requirements.

Trail Bikes

They are ideal for long rides on rugged terrain and not for racing at high speed. Due to their low suspension, they can’t absorb much impact from jumps. You can ride this type of dirt bike on various dirt surfaces.

Motocross Bikes

These dirt motorcycles are designed specifically for high-speed racing on tight bends and jumps. They are light and lack equipment like kickstands, speedometers, and electric starters, which can add weight. Motocross motorcycles, although having the necessary suspension and power, are not the greatest choice for trail riding.

Enduro Bikes

They’re made for lengthier events that include both off-road and street racing. They have mirrors, headlights, silencers, and turn signals, unlike motocross bikes. They are not, however, suitable for long-distance travel.

Dual-sport Bikes

This class of dirt motorcycles is capable of running on both asphalt and rugged terrain. They are equipped with characteristics that allow them to operate better in the dirt than street motorcycles. On asphalt, they are also quieter and smoother than conventional dirt motorcycles. They are, however, heavier than enduro or motocross dirt motorcycles.

Find out if you need a license to buy a motorbike before heading out to the bike store.


Do you have the answer to the question How much for a dirt bike? Motoczysz hopes you discover a bike that you enjoy riding.

New Information On The Pagan’s Motorcycle Club 2022

Along with the Hells Angels MC, Bandidos MC, and Outlaws MC, Pagans Motorcycle Club is one of the main four one percenter motorcycle groups.

Unlike other motorcycle clubs such as the Hells Angels MC and the Bandidos MC, the Pagans MC website provides very little information about the club. In fact, the Pagans MC website is merely a shell for advertising events and does not provide any history about the club or the locations where they are active, so information must be obtained from a variety of other sources. The club is most likely hoping to expand its aura of secrecy since it makes it more difficult for law authorities to determine their size and whereabouts.

The Pagan’s Motorcycle Club’s History

Lou Dobkin formed the Pagans Motorcycle Club in 1959 in Prince George’s County, Maryland, United States.

They had only 13 members when they originally started.

The Pagans were known for wearing blue denim jackets and riding Triumph bikes when they originally started out, but by the mid-1960s, they had evolved to be more in line with the other one-percenter motorcycle clubs, riding Harley Davidson motorcycles and wearing more conventional one-percenter apparel.

The Pagans are portrayed alongside the legendary Hells Angels in the mythos of illegal motorcycle gangs. The 1% er MC has a strong presence in the Eastern United States and is “81’s” most formidable competitor. The Federal Bureau of Investigation classifies them as a “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang” and refers to them as a “One-Percenter” motorcycle club (FBI).

Pagans Motorcycle Club Logo

Surtr, the Norse fire-giant who sits on the sun and wields a sword, is shown on the Pagan’s MC’s official symbol. Surtr is surrounded by the words “Pagan’s” and “MC,” both of which are printed in red, white, and blue.

The Pagans, unlike other One-Percenter motorcycle organizations, do not display their chapter on their badge. It’s thought that they omitted this information on purpose to keep law enforcement officers guessing about which chapter they belong to.

Members of the Pagans MC do not wear a bottom rocker, which would normally show their chapter’s location. This is supposed to have been done in order for the police and other law enforcement organizations to be unaware of the Pagans’ origins.

The following numbers are some of the most prevalent additional patches observed on members:

  • The slogan “Live and Die” is number four.
  • The Nazi SS slogan is number five.
  • Patch number seven is an “In memory” patch.
  • The Pagans’ member’s chapter is number nine.
  • Affiliation with the mother chapter (number 13).

Pagans MC Motto

Many people consider the number 4 patch, which represents the phrase “Live and Die,” to be a semi-official Pagans MC Motto.


The Pagans actively embrace violence into their ethos, unlike most other criminal motorcycle gangs. The national sergeant-at-arms of the organization is in charge of selecting 13 members to act as “Enforcers” or “Regulators.” To keep all resistance to the Mother Club at bay, these members utilize intimidation and violence.

The gang has a reputation for having a negative culture. Many members are known to have fascist or racist sentiments, and some even wear patches to show their support. Furthermore, conflicts are frequently handled by violence, contributing to the group’s general bad-boy reputation.

Chapters of the Pagans MC

The Pagans Motorcycle Club chapters have grown significantly as a result of their mergers with lesser groups.

The East Coast of the United States has the most chapters, with over 40 in total.The following places serve as major centres for chapters:

  • Pagans MC Delaware
  • Pagans MC Florida
  • Pagans MC Maryland
  • Pagans MC New Jersey
  • Pagans MC North Carolina
  • Pagans MC Pennsylvania
  • Pagans MC Virginia
  • Pagans MC West Virginia

There are rumors about Pagans MC France, Pagans MC Sweden, and Pagans MC Europe chapters, although there is no substantial proof to support this. Other motorcycle gangs, such as the Hells Angels MC, have strongholds in certain places.

Delaware County, Pennsylvania is home to the Pagans Motorcycle Club’s headquarters.

Indian River County, Florida Pagans MC Clubhouse
Indian River County, Florida Pagans MC Clubhouse
Details are hazy, as is much information regarding the club. The photograph above of the “clubhouse” in Indian River County, Florida, is the sole image of any of the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club Clubhouses that could be found. In contrast, practically all of the other main four organizations, such as the Hells Angels and the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, have massive plaques outside their clubhouses, making them much simpler to recognize.

Members of the MC for Famous Pagans

Founder of Pagans MC Lou Dobkin

In 1959, Lou Dobkin created the Pagans Motorcycle Club. Lou Dobkin worked as a medic in the Navy before being honorably discharged.

Former Pagans Motorcycle Club Leader John “Satan” Marron

During the 1970s, John Marron, popularly known as Satan Marron, headed the club and directed it towards increasing levels of criminality.

Supporting Pagans MC

One of the well-known Pagan MC Support Clubs is the Sons of Satan MC. John “Satan” Marron, who eventually became the Pagans’ National President, was the club’s president at one point.
The Pagans MC Support Clubs include the Thunderbirds MC, a black motorcycle club established in Baltimore. This is odd since it’s a black motorcycle club supporting a mostly white motorcycle club.

Pagans MC Enemies and Allies

Pagans MC Enemies:

  • The Hells Angels are a gang of mercenaries that Due to territorial disputes in some places, the Pagans MC’s main adversary is the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.
  • The Hells Angels’ backup club, the Demon Knights MC, are adversaries.
    Fates Assembly are also known as Pagans MC Enemies, however, because this club has merged with the Hells Angels MC, they practically belong under the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club category. The same may be stated for other Hells Angels MC fan groups, such as the Tri-County MC (discussed later in this article), where members of the Pagans were slain in a battle.
  • In the North East of the United States, the Breed MC is a recognized opponent of Pagans.
  • In the Midwest, the Avengers MC are adversaries.
  • The Road Disciples are adversaries.

Pagans MC Allies:

  • Thunderguards MC is a dear friend of mine.
  • Tribe MC is a personal friend of mine.
  • The Mongols MC and the Mongols MC are allies.
  • Sons of Satan MC is a group of friends (Pagans support club).

The Pagan’s MC and Crime

The pagan religion has a lengthy history of criminal behavior.

The Pagans appeared in a charity event hosted by the Tri-County MC in Hackettstown, New Jersey, in 1994. They were there to get local motorcycle groups to join them in order to keep the Hells Angels out. A brawl erupted, resulting in the deaths of two Pagans and countless injuries.

At the Hellraiser Ball in Long Island, New York, in 2002, 73 Pagans faced Hells Angels members. A brawl occurred, resulting in the death of a Pagan and the injury of ten others. Two weeks later, a tattoo shop operated by Pagan’s was firebombed in Philadelphia, possibly in vengeance for the Long Island event.

In 2005, the Pagans reportedly assassinated the VP of the Hells Angels Philadelphia chapter, continuing their feud with the Hells Angels. Later that year, the Hells Angels closed the chapter, implying that the Pagans had been forced out of their stronghold.

In 2010, nineteen members of the Pagans were arrested in Rocky Point, New York, on charges of plotting to assassinate Hells Angels members. Assault, illicit drug distribution, extortion conspiracy, and firearms offenses were among the allegations.

These and a slew of other crimes involving illicit substances, firearms, brutality, organized crime, and more have earned the Pagans a reputation as the world’s most ruthless 1% er motorcycle gang. To this day, the Hells Angels and law enforcement personnel have almost daily run-ins with the gang.

Motoczysz hopes that the given information will assist you in learning more about Pagans Motorcycle Club.

[Top 7] Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock In 2022: Review & Buyer’s Guide

When you turn off the engine and get out of the car, carrying a helmet will make you uncomfortable and feel entangled. Sometimes, you will feel annoyed when you do not know where to store them safely and conveniently for yourself. 

A helmet lock will be the most effective solution for you to help secure the helmet with the car in your absence. 

The best motorcycle helmet lock has a unique design with intelligent features that allow absolute safety for your carabiner locks.

However, you need to choose quality locks with all essential features for yourself to do that. So what is a reputable product? 

Our article below will help you answer this question precisely. MotoCzysz builds this best motorcycle helmet locks collection based on customer feedback, so you can rest assured to refer to it!

Why Do We Need Helmet Locks

Survey data shows that up to 85% of helmet consumers today report that their helmets have been stolen when left out in the community.

Many people were afraid of buying themselves quality helmets because they were worried that their equipment would be lost. Of course, frequent use of poor-quality helmets will affect our safety. So how to solve this problem?

We recommend that you use your helmet with a protective device, which can enhance the safety of your device. And helmet lock is the perfect proposal we have for you. 

The lock has a unique design with the primary function of ensuring the absolute safety of your hats in your absence. We recommend using a helmet buckle because of some of the great benefits to your practical life. Specifically:

  • Leave your helmet behind: You don’t have too much room for storage when you’re riding a motorbike. Therefore, you need a key to connect the helmet to the car and thus limit theft.
  • Protect your investment: With every quality helmet, the budget to own it is not tiny. Therefore, a helmet lock gives you peace of mind and saves the associated costs.
  • Inexpensive: Helmet buckles are now relatively cheap and practical for most consumers’ budgets.

Different Types Of Helmet Locks

We always understand your concerns when faced with many different hat locks. Therefore, we have synthesized several helmet locks to help you have an in-depth view of the characteristics of each type.


This type of buckle is characterized by a cord usually covered with rubber. The rope wraps around it and another part of the vehicle to keep your helmet in place. On the other hand, these helmet locks are also accessible by key. 

The drawback of this hat is that it has a loose motorcycle helmet locks cable. If you do not know how to store them carefully, it will likely affect other parts. Their locks are our favorite part because of their versatility and convenience.


Flash is a lock that is permanently installed on your vehicle. They are usually cylindrical and require a key to operate. The product has a versatile design, is flexible, and adapts to many parts of your vehicle.

For example, the frame or the engine guard are the components that are easy for you to connect to your helmet. The locks are relatively compact and convenient to use in terms of size. 

The operation is also relatively simple, and you just need to open them and connect the caps to the car’s parts. In no time, you’re all set to secure your helmet.

However, their protective effect is not significant. So please consider carefully.

License plates

The license plate helmet locks are installed behind the plate holder and designed to be invisible to the casual observer. The device is a premium metal, durable, and sturdy with outstanding protection.

Setting them up is also very simple; you need to unlock and connect to the hat. These license plate helmet locks are also the ideal solution for permanently protecting your helmet while ensuring the aesthetics of your vehicle.

On the other hand, their prices are also relatively affordable. Not too expensive compared to the features it brings.


The helmet locks on the handlebar have an impressive design with a particular style that is relatively easy to see for your vehicle. It’s made of sturdy metal with a delicately polished finish that gives it a great overall aesthetic.

In general, steering is also a relatively perfect choice for you, and their price is not too high for you to complain about.

How to Choose High-Quality Motorcycle Helmet Lock?

The classification of helmet locks is not really clear to fully understand their properties and characteristics. Therefore, we continue to develop some quality key selection criteria.

Each of these criteria has been tested by us for accuracy on a specific target group, so rest assured and consider it as a complete guide to help you make a final decision.


Material is the first important factor we consider when choosing a motorcycle helmet lock. It directly affects the quality and security features of your hat. 

There are two main types of materials that you should pay attention to metal and heat-treated steel. Metal allows for more extended and more durable protection of yours, while this feature in steel is deemed superior.

However, the cost of steel is relatively high. It is much better than metal. Moreover, the more complex the steel, the higher the price.


Weather resistance is an essential feature needed in any buckle. If you regularly ride a motorbike in various weather conditions, chances are your helmet buckle will be open. A permanent motorcycle lock with a PVC coating will be the best solution to ensure that you do not need to replace them shortly.

On the contrary, you will pay a hefty price if you use poor-quality insurance keys and do not have this feature.


Some helmet locks are easier to use, more convenient than others. Therefore, be very careful in choosing locks that are easy to install and are friendly to yourself.

Only then will it bring you meaningful and pleasant experiences. Using locks that are difficult to establish causes a lot of trouble for you.


When it comes to corded locks, sometimes users complain that the cord is not as long as they would like. They want the line to be a few inches longer for installation and use. From that fact, you also need to pay attention to the length of the rope to make sure you are comfortable with what you choose.

Check Out These Top 6 Helmet Locks For Motorcycles 




Little Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable

  • Material: ‎Steel fiber cable
  • Size: 3 x 2 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 0.12kg

BigPantha Helmet Lock

  • Material: ‎Steel 
  • Size: ‎3.54 x 0.2 x 1.97 inches
  • Weight: 0.7 pounds

Master Helmet Lock 99KA

  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: ‎4.25 x 4.21 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight: ‎10.4 ounces

Lockstraps 901 Helmet Lock

  • Material: ‎Steel 
  • Size: 24 x 2 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: ‎4.8 ounces 

Kuryakyn 4232 Motorcycle

  • Material: Chrome
  • Size: ‎8 x 7 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 14.6 ounces

OnGuard Double-Team PITBULL and Cable

  • Material: Hard ‎Steel 
  • Size: ‎9.65 x 12.55 x 2.75 inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds

Biker’s Choice Helmet Lock

  • Material: ‎Steel 
  • Size: ‎9 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Weight: ‎10.4 ounces

This Quick Video explains How To lock your Helmet Jacket

Nowadays, we realize that many people do not understand installing a motorcycle helmet lock. They were confused in each of their pairing operations.

They don’t even know how to do even the most straightforward steps. It is a sad reality, and we have a responsibility to change this.

The meaningful gift we give you in this category is this video.

The video content mainly covers the steps to connect your motorcycle helmet lock successfully. After watching this video, we are confident that you will be able to install the lock easily on your device.

Do not rewind them because you will miss important information. Please be patient and calm when watching our videos for the best effect!

The Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks Review

To help you accurately evaluate the performance of each motorcycle helmet lock, we would like to present you with a collection of motorcycle helmet locks. They are all the best products that our experts thoroughly test for protection effectiveness, so you can rest assured to refer!

#1. Little World Helmet Lock & Cable – Best for Easy Installation

Little World Motorcycle Helmet Cable

Important Specifications

  • Material: ‎Steel fiber cable
  • Size: 3 x 2 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 0.12kg

Product highlights

Our biggest impression of Little World is how easy setting up your motorcycle is. It has a wide mouth buckle that comes with a 6-foot cable that allows you to attach your hat to various locations on the vehicle. 

A more notable feature of this type of carabiner helmet lock is protection with a pin code instead of using a lock like other products. You need to set up a security code with three different digits, and very quickly, you have completed your security procedure.

The Little World with a straightforward design is along with these superior features. The buckle has a neat design with tightly linked components to ensure no bad guy can compromise your hat.

Products made of high-grade steel fiber cable enhance the protection and longevity of the lock. What’s more, the premium PVC coating also provides outstanding weather resistance for your safety.

Besides, Little World is also a typical device for easy compatibility with many different car models. You can completely manipulate them on a variety of vehicles. At the same time, they also have a lot of applications in protecting suitcases, bags, trolleys, ladders. 

From there, show the excellent benefit when you own Little World. The cost to own the product is not too high; you only need to spend about $ 18.99 to bring yourself a versatile protective device with full modern features.

Check Latest Price

What We Like

  • Easy to install
  • Ideal budget
  • Multi-features
  • High-quality materials
  • Good weather resistance

Thing to Consider

  • The coating is not tight

Bottom line

Miniature World is the perfect choice for you. The product provides absolute protection for your hat from bad guys and is perfectly adapted to all your needs.

#2. BigPantha Motorcycle Lock & Cable – Best for Design

BigPantha Motorcycle Helmet & Cable

Important Specifications

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: ‎3.54 x 0.2 x 1.97 inches
  • Weight: 0.7 pounds

Product highlights

Aesthetics is an important factor and has a significant influence on the judgment of each user. They believe that only products with beautiful appearance bring inspiration and the spirit of desire to use the product in them.

That’s why we get you the BigPantha product line. It is the most eye-catching lock in our collection. The details on the key lock are depicted with high meticulousness and care. Covering that design is a subtle and attractive matte black layer.

Not only impressive with its design, but BigPantha also offers many innovative features that make your experience even more valuable. The main protection feature is typical of this lock line.

The device uses a pin code for security instead of a key like traditional lock models. The most significant advantage of this type of lock is that it provides absolute protection for your hat. 

However, if you, unfortunately, forget their passcode, it is your big trouble.

In particular, the lock’s 6-foot self-winding steel cable allows you to make a connection on any position of the motorcycle, making your journeys sweeter.

An impressive BigPantha is a durable, solid feature from high-quality stainless steel. This material prolongs the life of your buckle and enhances your helmet securely. Any physical impact from bad guys can’t affect your BigPantha lock.

Check Latest Price

What We Like

  • Impressive design
  • Durable material
  • Largemouth opening for more flexibility
  • Protective rubber sleeve
  • Cable length

Thing to Consider

  • Pin codes can be reset accidentally

Bottom line

You are lucky if you have BigPantha in hand. We firmly believe that BigPantha will satisfy you with its unique features. Choosing it will help you minimize the worry that your hat will be stolen.

#3. Master Motorcycle Helmet Lock 99KA – Best for Dual Set

Master Motorcycle (link)

Important Specifications

  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: ‎4.25 x 4.21 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight: ‎10.4 ounces

Product highlights

If you are looking for a dual lock set to pair your two hats simultaneously, Master Lock is not to be missed. We highly recommend these best motorcycle helmet locks for their protection as well as their design. Everything is perfect for doing the job of a regular helmet buckle.

Master Lock is a dual lockset that comes with a separate lock, and they are sturdy and super durable for your needs.

The motorcycle helmet lock on the bike is premium, and thieves will need a heavy-duty bolt cutter to cut the lock and steal your helmet. It is an impossible and challenging activity to do in a short period.

Besides, installing the best motorcycle helmet lock is also extremely easy; you need to connect the caps to the car and lock them, all procedures are completed. The buckle comes with a 14-inch vinyl-coated cable and a 5mm diameter that enhances the security of your helmet.

On the other hand, a cap with a plastic buckle protects your hat from being scratched. The device also comes with a deadlock mechanism to prevent someone from forcing a lock that you cannot open.

Both locks have the same key, so you can ultimately use one for your two locks to reduce the complexity and the need to carry two different keys simultaneously. The budget for this lockset is not too large, only about $16.42. We think this is a fair price for you considering the exceptional features the product has to offer.

Check Latest Price

What We Like

  • The best dual lock
  • Compatibility with a variety of helmets
  • Use the key
  • Impressive budget
  • Easy to install

Thing to consider

  • The cable is quite small

Bottom line

We express our regret to you if Master Lock is not your Choice. It is the best dual lock set with many excellent features that you should consider using.

#4. Lockstraps 901 Helmet Lock – Best for Compactness

Lockstraps 901 Helmet

Important Specifications

  • Material: Steel
  • Size: 24 x 2 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: ‎4.8 ounces

Product highlights

The bulky appearance of the best motorcycle helmet lock is sometimes a barrier that prevents many people from accessing the product. They are shy to carry those same universal motorcycle helmet locks with them throughout their journey. 

A compact handlebar helmet lock will be the most effective solution for you. And Lock straps 901 is the perfect recommendation we have for you. Lockstraps 901 has a compact appearance, and it is simply a cable combined with a hook.

Simple structure, flexible, but the features it brings are compelling. With a cable system carefully wrapped in nylon, it allows maximum protection for your hat from harm from evil forces. The lock works based on a unique latch structure. 

To open the device, you simply press the latch, and your product quickly opens. We highly recommend this feature to you and especially to beginners. Lockstraps 901 could be the start you’ve been looking for.

Not only that, the high-grade heat-treated steel material allows your handlebar helmet lock to be durable and provides outstanding protection. 

On the other hand, the lock is also compatible with many different installation programs. You can use them to lock your car, ladder, or anything else you want.

What disappointed us most about this lock model is its braided steel cable length, which is too short of performing distant purposes in the future.

Check Latest Price

What We Like

  • The most compact lock
  • Nylon coated cable lock
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for many applications
  • Ideal material

Thing to Consider

  • Short cable

Bottom line

Lockstraps 901 deserves your attention because what it brings is completely practical for your needs. You can get more than that if you know how to be creative and apply them to many different models.

#5. Kuryakyn 4232 Motorcycle – Best for Safety

Kuryakyn 4232 Motorcycle

Important Specifications

  • Material: Chrome Plated
  • Size: ‎8 x 7 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 14.6 ounces

Product highlights

We appreciate the protection of the Kuryakyn 4232 with your helmet. Lock clamps directly to your motorcycle, ideal for securing engine, frame tubes, and any kind of hose.

On the other hand, the product is designed with tamper-proof screws providing extra protection. These are the most impressive and convenient cable locks we have come across and researched.

With its chromium-plated material, Kuryakyn 4232 also allows adapting to many different vehicles to provide the best experience for consumers. This material also ensures your locks will perform better for a long time.

Kuryakyn 4232 lock set includes one chrome lock assembly, key, and two tamper-proof screws. This kit is exclusive to the ability to protect your helmet and many other places on your vehicle.

However, its significant minus point is its weight and portability. It lacks flexibility and seems pretty heavy for your every use.

In particular, the lock is easier to install than many other product lines on the market. You just need to pair the hat and the chassis and press them together quickly after completing all the procedures to protect your hat. 

To steal your hat, the bad guys will have no choice but to use the particular saw to break the lock. But this action cannot be performed because the protection of the Kuryakyn 4232 is advanced.

Check Latest Price

What We Like

  • The best protection feature
  • Solid Chrome material
  • Tamper-proof screw included
  • Easy to install
  • Quick key lock style

Thing to Consider

  • Too big to fit left hand

Bottom line

Above all, we always want to bring you the best quality products. And Kuryakyn 4232 is the perfect suggestion we give you.

#6. OnGuard Double-Team and Cable – Best for Durability

OnGuard Double-Team PITBUL  and Cable

Important Specifications

  • Material: Hardened Steel
  • Size: ‎9.65 x 12.55 x 2.75 inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds

Product highlights

Weather can directly affect the protection of the lock. And of course, you will need to choose for yourself a device capable of operating flexibly with all harsh weather conditions. 

And PITBULL U-Lock is the perfect product line for this subject. This locking model is made from high-grade hardened steel, helping to promote protection in all different situations.

PITBULL U-Lock is also distinguished by its solid and personal appearance and is full of flexibility and sophistication. The product has the ideal braided steel cable system to secure your hat or bike. The protection of the PITBULL U-Lock is outstanding with the X4P locking mechanism.

Furthermore, the painted finish of the PITBULL U-Lock allows it to protect the surface from scratches. At the same time, also ensure the overall aesthetic of your model.

What surprised us more about this lock line was the time of use. You can maintain it for five years or ten years if you are a person who knows how to take care of them and take good care of them. Clean them regularly to remove dirt and strengthen the protection of the product.

However, the size of the PITBULL U-Lock is quite bulky. You need to have a detailed assessment of the practicality of the key for your usage requirements.

Check Latest Price

What We Like

  • Features resistant to extreme weather
  • Good protection
  • Long use time
  • Sure
  • Lock feature

Thing to Consider

  • High price

Bottom line

PITBULL U-Lock is practical with your wishes. Therefore, you should pay attention to it for your future protection activities.

#7. Biker’s Choice Helmet Lock – Best for Budget

Biker’s Choice Helmet

Important Specifications

  • Material: Hardened Steel
  • Size: ‎9 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Weight: ‎10.4 ounces

Product highlights

Not everyone has the conditions to own expensive locks with full preeminent features for themselves. That’s why we’ve conducted quite a few small surveys as well as interviews to hopefully find the quality lock at a special price for you. 

Biker’s Choice results from constant efforts, and we want to dedicate it to you. The product has a budget of around $28.63. This price is considered appropriate for what you will get from them.

The first great feature of Biker’s Choice is its special protection. The dedicated motorcycle helmet lock works according to an intelligent structure, opens, and closes with specialized keys.

Only when you have our key can you operate the system. With this structure, it is possible to minimize the theft from destructive forces to your hat.

In addition, the ability to operate in harsh weather conditions is also clearly reinforced in Biker’s Choice. You can use them in any weather without worrying about their protection.

Moreover, with Biker’s Choice, you can also efficiently perform installation operations. You just need to put yours in a fixed position and then press them together very quickly, and you are done with all your helmet locking operations.

Check Latest Price

What We Like

  • Stable budget level
  • Protection feature
  • Easy to use
  • Strong colors
  • Efficient operation

Thing to consider

  • Limitations in protection in positions

Bottom line

Choosing Biker’s Choice will save you a lot of unnecessary costs. We think it’s a good fit with such a price tag and the features you get.

How To Lock Helmet To Motorcycle?

Use the built-in motorcycle locks

Most motorcycles come with built-in locks. Depending on your motorcycle model, the size and shape of the locks will be different. Your only problem right now is to pay attention to their protection.

If yours has other fastening styles, such as a chin buckle, it will not work with your collar buckle. All you have to do is give it hooks and locks it tight to secure yours. This operation has helped you fix your hat and minimize theft correctly.

Use the padlocks

If your motorcycle lacks pre-installed locks, then you can use regular padlocks as the easiest and most economical way to lock your helmet onto your bike.

All things you need to do are make sure the locks are easy to use and fit in a suitable position to fasten your motorcycle helmet. These positions can be mentioned as the steering wheel, part of the chassis.

To use the motorcycle helmet locks near me, simply pass the hat through the locks and then lock it onto your bike.

Use Motorcycle Helmet locks

The best and safest way to lock it on your bike is to use dedicated locks. Compact padlocks will undoubtedly be the ideal choice for you to secure yours.

However, consider carefully when choosing locks because today, this item is sold quite a lot and is complicated.

Use bicycle chain locks

If you have new bike chain cable locks at home, you can use them to lock your motorcycle hat. The braided steel cable of the buckle is usually very long, so you should never have problems with your cord. Their extensibility is also perfect, allowing you to thread through multiple positions to secure your device.

Wrap Up

With the information about motorcycle helmet locks above, we hope to help you somewhat better understand the locking mechanism of the lock. 

Helmet locks are essential to ensure that your helmet is not stolen. You can refer to our previous collection. Try it out, and don’t forget to leave feedback!

Thank you for reading!

Motorcycle Tire PSI Chart [How To Do It Right]

As you know, tires are always the part that provides the necessary traction during travel. Therefore, each type of vehicle has a pressure suitable for traction to provide perfect driving and safety in traffic. Today, MotoCzysz will learn together about motorcycle tire PSI pressure and how to get them correctly.

Motorcycle Tire PSI Chart

Although motorcycle pressure always plays a vital role in the control process and is a part that needs attention every time car maintenance.

However, many motorists do not regularly check them. Therefore, you need to check out your vehicle before moving, exceptionally long trips.

It is important to note that, in vehicles, the check tire pressure is always on the rear axle and the axle.

To get the proper motorcycle wheel pressure, you need the help of experienced and qualified people. They may be car repairmen or reputable manufacturers known for a wide range of vehicles, car brands, and vehicle parts.

Usually, the tire manufacturer or technical support will calculate your car’s pressure based on the OEM tire sidewall size. They will have particular pounds per square inch or pressure PSI of tire failure.

For novice repairers or drivers, it is assumed the highest wheel pressure will be marked by the manufacturer on the tire wall for easy identification and repair with square inches.

However, the important thing is top pressure display number will help you be safer every time you move. In fact, the pneumatic tires will often be greater than what the manufacturer recommends.

Suppose you have any complaints or dissatisfaction with the manufacturer. Find a reputable wheel specialist with many years of experience so they can answer and fix the condition of your vehicle.

In addition, one thing you need to know is to see the pressures chart before performing any repairs or enhancements to your vehicle.

Tire Pressure Calculator Motorcycle 

Pressure Calculator (Youtube)

You need to be aware that the use of improper motorcycle tire pressure can lead to wheel bursts at high speeds, which can be dangerous to yourself and those around you while traveling on the street. 

Therefore, it is essential to follow the correct inflation pressure. In this case, using the motorcycle tire psi calculator is the most accurate and appropriate.

You need to remember that the motorcycle’s load capacity will be supported by the amount of air present inside the wheel. 

The motorcycle manufacturer has determined this from the beginning of their production and distribution to the market.

When you intend to modify or replace your new wheel, determine the proper pressure. In addition, with the motorcycle tire psi calculator, Racers can quickly determine the most suitable inflation pressure level for your vehicle and choose one with a similar capacity.

You can watch this video for details!

The Tire Pressure Is Low Or High, What Would Happen?

Too low or too high pressures

It depends on if you get little or much pressure on the tires. As shared above, if the correct tire pressure is not appropriate, it can lead to severe consequences affecting yourself and those around you.

Suppose the motorcycle tire inflation is low. In that case, several problems can arise, such as: not being used regularly, the wheel will wear out faster, the ability to move to be worse, and making it difficult to stop the primary vehicle precisely as before.

In addition, after a period of use, your rear tire may have the less waterproof ability, no more extended friction when pulling around, etc.

When your wheels are no longer able to work, they will gradually bring some annoying noises when you move on the road and make the driver feel no longer comfortable and excited when driving as before. 

Which Tires Usually Have Stable Pressures

Here are some criteria to help you choose the right wheel for your vehicle and will become a companion for every trip:

Quality of Your Ride

Tires are the part that directly affects the quality of your ride. If you do not choose for yourself a quality wheel, you will not have a safe and fun ride.

In worse cases, they can cause problems like a wheel burst in the middle of the road, which is extremely dangerous. Therefore, it is essential to choose a suitable and high-quality one.

Ability to Take the Terrain

Ability to Take the Terrain

Your car will have to go through all different terrain. You can drive on a flat city road, a gravel road, or a jungle, a narrow road with many dangerous turns. Therefore, choose for yourself a wheel that can overcome all terrains.

It is also essential because on bad weather days, no matter how you move on the road, it will be wet, challenging to drive, and especially for weak drivers, the more likely it is to be in danger.

So, you need to use quality tires that are easy to balance and conquer terrains.

Ability to Take Speed

Choosing a durable one will help them travel at high speeds without wearing down or changing quickly over time. Although every vehicle has a suitable wheel, they also have different capabilities. However, a top and safe one is a product that can accompany you to conquer all speeds at the allowable level.

Overall Safety

The last and most important thing is to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.

For example, traveling on dirt roads requires a version with a solid grip to overcome those tricky sections easily.

However, if you use a poor-quality one, your car will be straightforward to overturn at any time and endanger not only yourself but those around you.

Buying Guide for Motorcycle Tires

How to choose a good pressure one

If you do not have too much knowledge about wheel selection, look to experienced people to listen to instructions or consult, and read the information on the website. Here are four notes you need to know when changing tires for your car:

Tread Pattern

First, you need to pay attention to the tread you aim for. In general, all tires have a corresponding thread pattern and have different functions.

So, when choosing a version, look at the tread and a few specifications to know what type it is and if it is suitable for your car.


The bead is one of the essential parts of the wheel because it helps the wheel to fit entirely and not leak air during movement.

When choosing a good tire inflation pressure, you need to carefully check the wheel’s compatibility with the bead to make them as close to each other as possible.


The body of the wheel is the backbone. The body is usually made of steel and is connected to the bead. If the body is changed, inevitably, the tire will also happen to deviate from its original shape slightly.

The radial tires have better heat dissipation and are more versatile with all types of vehicles than bias ply. However, bias-ply is heavier and will be highly suitable for cars that often go for a long time, go on long journeys.


The last thing you need to check is the sidewall of the car. It is the part that helps support the handling of the wheel.

It is also a place where you can easily find all information related to wheel specifications before purchasing.

Overall, with just four pretty easy-to-remember and detailed notes, we hope to help you choose the right one for your vehicle!

How Often Should You Check Your Tire Pressure? 

You need to check out your motorcycle tire pressures at least once a month in normal or warm conditions. The reason is that under normal conditions, there won’t be any obstructions from the weather that affect your tire pressure.

However, suppose the weather changes like colder or rainy. In that case, you need to regularly check your pressures at least once a week to ensure your wheel condition is still excellent and safe during travel.

Especially for those who live in snowy areas, you should spend more time checking your motorcycle pressures.

Perhaps, the most careful thing is that before moving or going a long distance, check your car carefully for everything, not just the tires, to make sure the car is fine and you will be safe too while controlling them.

However, if your car, unfortunately, gets hit by debris or any object on the road in the process of moving, especially when you have to drive to areas with harsh climates, your tires will also be affected more or less.

In the above case, you should check the air pressure more often.

Many people do not know what pressures are at a safe level. They seek professional advice to understand tire pressure chart Michelin and know when their tires are safe or when to change them.

If you have not used the car for a long time (at least 15 days), you should check them carefully before driving.

According to experts or experienced people, you should not use Flat wheels. However, the outer appearance can easily fool you. Therefore, you need to take a closer look at your tires before driving.

Final Thoughts

The right wheel air pressure is significant because they help prolong your tires’ life and make sure your safety on every journey.

However, you should also not let the wheel be over-inflated or out of the air because this will harm you. You also should not influence others because you do not know to read the Michelin motorcycle tire pressure chart.

In addition, you should also regularly take your car for maintenance or consult experts, workers with many years of experience to know the proper motorcycle tire inflation pressure.

This article has shared helpful information about motorcycle tire pressures with you. We hope that the information we share will help you better understand and regularly take the time to check your wheels to drive safely on all roads and ensure the safety of others. Thank you for reading!

The 5 Best Kids Motorcycle Helmets In 2022 “You Can Buy Right Now”

Every parent’s worst nightmare is a kid who falls from a motorcycle. That’s why it is critical to choose a head protector that’s appropriate for your child.

Kids motorcycle helmets are created the same way as helmets for adults are made. Although the color and style are different, they are equally protected.

MotoCzysz has collected the best kids motorcycle helmets available on the market and come with excellent value. Let’s dive into the details!

Why Should Kids Wear A Youth Helmet?

When riding, wearing a helmet is the most straightforward and efficient approach to avoiding head injuries. If you are under the age of 16, it is also required by law in North Carolina.

Moreover, wearing a head protector when riding a bike has been shown to minimize the risk of brain injury by 85 percent. Only a cut on the head can be avoided by wearing a correctly fitted motorcycle helmet.

Injury to the brain can occur due to a fall or accident. Mild brain trauma can create a concussion, which can cause dizziness, headaches, inability to focus, memory loss, and sleep disturbances, even if the damage appears minor.

The head protector functions as an additional layer to absorb impact force, allowing the head to rest.

Essential Keys For Choosing A Helmet

Each helmet feature is equally essential for safety, dependability, comfort, resistance, guaranteed holiday delivery, and other criteria. You need to be aware of them to make the best option for your kids’ welfare.


In terms of materials, children’s styles are identical to adults’. Molded plastics are another popular choice, as they provide plenty of durability and comfort.

Fiberglass is a popular choice since it is highly sturdy and scratch-resistant. In the case of an accident, this can withstand catastrophic repercussions while protecting your child.

Fiber, composite, and Kevlar are among the most frequent options. Poly alloy and polycarbonate are virtually as light as aluminum but have a far higher impact resistance.

For cushioning textiles, several manufacturers utilize soft foam. Look for one that is antimicrobial and simple to clean. 

While removing the foam cushioning does not appear to be a substantial factor. The pads must be removable for washing.

Safety Standards

Children’s motocross helmets are designed to keep the user safe; this is when safety regulations play a role. On high-quality kids helmets, you’ll find three different sorts of safety certifications:

  • CPSC: This is the minimum specification for every helmet you buy. If it does not meet it, it implies the CPSC does not believe it is safe enough to recommend.
  • DOT: This certification assesses whether or not driver helmets are permitted to be worn on public roadways.
  • SNELL: SNELL certified sophisticated safety features in helmets. While this isn’t a requirement for a helmet to be considered safe, it is something to keep in mind while buying your child’s helmet.

How To Measure Youth Motorcycle Helmet Size?

The size of a head protector is even more crucial than its overall form. It’s essential to consider “what size helmet does my child need?” and a children’s motorcycle helmet size chart while shopping for a new helmet.

Most adolescent helmets are classed by shape, much like adult helmets: intermediate oval, round oval, and long oval. If you are searching for a helmet for your toddler, you must know “what is the smallest size of child bike helmet.”

The first step in obtaining a suitable fit for your child’s motorbike helmet is learning how to size a child motorcycle helmet by following the instructions in this video. 

In addition, a head protector must have appropriate inside padding to cushion the face in the event of an accident, and a snug fit. Helmets that are too loose won’t protect you in an accident, but they shouldn’t be too tight either.


The most significant element to consider is the internal cushioning since children desire a comfortable helmet that they can throw away without suffocating.

An ideal head protector must have ample interior cushioning for the chin and cheeks for added protection. Seek a helmet with a detachable and washable inner liner if you’re concerned about your health and cleanliness.

The inner padding is detachable and washable in almost every helmet mentioned in these reviews. If it is well-padded on the inside, it will provide excellent protection in the event of an accident.

Comfort And Other Additional Features

Ensuring your child’s head protector is comfortable is critical to lessen the risk of a straining accident. Helmets might strain a child’s head or neck because they are too heavy for them.

That’s why it is critical to select a lightweight helmet, which is also trustworthy and safe. Finding a light one that also allows your child’s head to breathe is excellent.

Helmets with negligible permeability might be oppressive to youngsters and lead them to overheat. A moisture-wicking type will keep them cool and less uncomfortable while riding for the same purpose.

Moreover, if your kid is uncomfortable in their headgear, they are more likely to take it off and not be happy to use it anymore. If this is the case, your kids will not be secured during their rides.

The lining, which plays a vital role, is designed to keep the head in place. It’s essential, though, that you have the option to remove the liner for cleaning and sanitary reasons. Your kid may sweat within the helmet, and you’ll want to wash the liner now and again, so it’s pleasant to wear after a long time.

Type Of Youth Motorcycle Helmet

Helmets for children are very comparable to adult products. When it comes to dirt-bikes helmets, though, it is unlikely that you will find open-face helmets for youngsters as quickly as you can for older ones.

The majority of models for children are half-face, full-face, or modular.

  • A half-face leaves some room around the eyes for goggles while wearing it. The region is still accessible if the child does not wear goggles.
  • The full-face variants are the most snug. They cover every inch of the face and are highly safe and secure.
  • Modular is a cross between the two. These helmets perform as well as half-face or full-face helmets.

Top 5 Kids Helmet in The Market

After much research, we have compiled this list of five ultimate products on the market. We hope you can find the most suitable.

#1. Storm Motorcycle Modular Full FaceBest for Overall

1Storm Modular Full Face

Important Specifications

  • Brand: 1Storm
  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 11.2 x 11.1 inches
  • Weight: 5.15 Pounds
  • Material: ABS
  • Style: Motorcycling

Product’s Highlight

With a mix of a full-face and open-face helmet with a glossy coating to enhance UV light coverage, 1Storm has got to the top of our list. If your kid prefers a modular helmet, this one has all they need! 

This juvenile motorbike helmet provides excellent protection for children. The head protector features an ingenious modular and dual visor construction that gives you the freedom to ride at any time of day or night. Your youngster will not be afraid to ride at all hours of the day!

The hat includes clear outer covers and smoked internal visors to allow removing and replacing it without tools effortlessly. This feature enables a large field of vision with no elements interfering with the ride.

This 1Storm product has an aerodynamic shell that provides excellent head protection against damage in terms of material. The thicker the material, the safer the ride!

The head protector contains six ventilation systems, including two front vents, two top adjustable ventilators, and two rear vents for optimal airflow. Your youngster will never suffocate in this gear! 

In terms of sanitation, the helmet contains a washable and detachable inner liner that keeps the headgear clean and odor-free. It will provide a lot of relief. The headgear includes a quick-release button that makes it easy to put and take off.

Check Latest Price

What We Like

  • Six ventilation systems
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price tag
  • Strong protection for head and face

Things To Consider

  • A bit noisy when racing

Bottom line

The helmet is DOT-certified and comes with a set of full-finger gloves. It is our best overall product since this inexpensive children’s helmet offers good value for the cost.

#2. WOW Youth Kids Motocross BMX – Best For Wind Resistance

WOW Youth Kids Motocross BMX MX ATV

Important Specifications

  • Brand: WOW
  • Dimensions:  ‎13 x 9.5 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 3.05 Pounds
  • Material: Thermoplastic alloy
  • Style: ATV, UTV

Product’s Highlight

This helmet gives maximum head protection if your children ride off the roadway! There are many reasons why it appears on our list. First, this off-road head protector is designed aerodynamically and attractively to improve road stability. 

This feature also reduces wind resistance so that there will be no noise or wind to get in the way! The inside of the head protector is extensively padded to provide excellent head protection for off-road rides. 

Your youngster will never feel restricted or disturbed, thanks to the substantial inside cushioning! The outside of the helmet is composed of thermoplastic alloy, which provides comprehensive head protection while appearing to be lightweight.

The headgear contains seven ventilation to disperse excellent airflow throughout the head protector from various directions. This feature keeps the head cool and prevents suffocating in the heat. 

It includes a detachable and washable lining and cushions to keep it clean and odor-free. This headgear is DOT certified and has a glossy surface to protect against UV rays. In direct sunshine, no gloss will fade!

Check Latest Price

What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • Aerodynamic structure  to minimize wind resistance

Things To Consider

  • Lack of visors

Bottom line

This beautiful headwear has given children the joy of a motorbike trip! WOW has landed on the second position of our kids’ motorbike helmets with a bold red pattern.

#3. 1Storm Dual Off-Road Full Face – Best For Off-Road Riders

1Storm Dual Off-Road Full Face

Important Specifications

  • Brand: 1Storm
  • Dimensions: 15.3 x 11 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Material: thermoplastic alloy
  • Style: Dual Sport

Product’s Highlight

You’ve chosen the proper helmet for your youngster if they ride on and off the streets. This kids’ helmet sparkled with a gleaming finish. As one of the top-rated kids’ motorbike helmets on our list, 1Storm came in 3rd place. 

The exterior consists of a thermoplastic shell to provide maximum head protection. Thanks to the lightweight design, it ensures a more secure riding.

Moreover, the head protector includes a dual visor with a sophisticated dual-sport technology that simplifies the inside visor and a transparent exterior shield. This feature allows riders to adjust the visor to their needs for eye protection.

Your youngster will appreciate that this head protector gives them a lot of visibility without making them dizzy! The shield may be removed and replaced without the use of tools. 

The product contains comfortable cushioned and nice detachable and washable inside cushions based on the inside of the helmet. It maintains the pads dust-free and clean.

The DOT approved this 1Storm helmet and included eleven ventilation holes to offer massive airflow for cycling air intake.

In the heat, you won’t feel claustrophobic! The headgear straps have a quick-release clasp to keep the helmet in position, so it will not slip off!

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What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for on and off-road riders
  • Dual visor
  • Eleven ventilation holes
  • Quick-release buckle

Things To Consider

  • Not ideal for simple riders

Bottom line

For motorcyclists who wish to enjoy an exciting ride, 1Storm has created a sporty and off-road helmet. This 1Storm helmet is ideal for riding on and off the road.

#4. Vega Mach 2.0 Jr. Gloss Black Full Face Helmet – Best For Comfort

Vega Mach 2.0 Jr. Gloss Black Full Face Helmet

Important Specifications

  • Brand: Vega Helmets
  • Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 2.9 Pounds
  • Material: Polycarbonate shell
  • Style: Street-touring-motorcycles

Product’s Highlight

Vega came up with this pink graphical design that expressed the outstanding appeal in the kids’ full-face motorcycle helmets market.

The Mach 2.0 JR comes with a sophisticated polycarbonate shell that provides excellent head protection from traumas and accidents. It enables a large amount of energy displacement while maintaining a safe ride.

A multi-channel ventilator with flexible venting keeps the head cool and pleasant without suffocating. Through adaptive ventilation, the ventilation provides a satisfying ride in any situation.

This full-face helmet may be used in all weather. The inner liner may be replaced as the youngster grows older, with three distinct-sized liners available.

Your youngster will not have to face the effects of incorrect head size. This helmet is flexible from the street to snow protection thanks to its multi-position and detachable shield.

It allows you to ride in various circumstances while maintaining a high sight level. A cushioned D-ring strap secures and detaches from the helmet with a snap.

A detachable and washable tech lining keeps the product clean and free of dust and odor. The hat is light, ECE, and DOT approved and may be used on various rides. All of these features give riders maximum comfort during the race.

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What We Like

  • Superior material
  • Replaceable inner liner
  • Lightweight
  • Removable shield
  • Ideal for various ridings

Things To Consider

  • Hefty price tag

Bottom line

The brand has made it into a list of children’s motorbike helmets. If your girl or boy wants to wear a pink full face protector, this one is a lovely pick!

#5. GLX Unisex-Child GX623 DOT – Best For Budget

GLX Unisex-Child GX623 DOT

Important Specifications

  • Brand: GLX
  • Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 2.75 Pounds
  • Material: EPS
  • Size: Motorcycling

Product’s Highlight

The GLX Unisex Child GX623 helmet is one of the most affordable children’s motorcycle helmets on the market. We choose this product since GLX helmets have become well-known for their good value and reasonable price tag.

This protective gear is ideal for your youngster if they like the look of a paint glob. This helmet is made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), extending the whole chin bar for increased head and face protection.

It protects the entire head and keeps you from becoming tired on extended rides. The hat contains an innovative ventilation system with a combination of 14 intake and exhaust vents to enhance airflow. It has an aerodynamic frame.

A flexible shatter-resistant visor constructed of high-grade steel screws is included with the headpiece. This feature ensures that the visor is securely in position. Under challenging terrains, the visor will not rattle.

The helmet incorporates a quick-release strap to keep the headgear in place. To add to the product’s safety features, it offers a detachable and washable inside material.

Check Latest Price

What We Like

  • Reasonable price tag
  • Unisex
  • Aerodynamic structure
  • Comfortable wearing experience

Things To Consider

  • Not wind-resistance

Bottom line

This children’s dirt-bikes head protector comes as our budget picks on the list. The multi-color design has captured the eye of kids’ riders with its stunning paint glob look!

Final Words: Kids Motorcycle Helmets

Hopefully, you can find suitable kids motorcycle helmets for your children after reading this article.

You can go for the Storm Motorcycle Modular if you want an affordable product, which comes with the best value. Besides, other motorcycle helmets in this list also offer users maximum protection. 

Thank you for reading!

Automatic Motorcycles: How Good Are They?

One of the most common challenges about motorcycles is shifting the gears. Fortunately, automatic motorcycles have emerged in recent years that do not require the rider to clutch or shift. 

What are these models good at? Should you choose them as your adventure motorcycle? MotoCzysz will give you comprehensive guidance about automated transmission. Let’s read on and consider whether or not to use it!

What’s The Difference Between An Automatic Motorcycle And A Manual Motorcycle?

The automatic motorcycle is in charge of all gear changes automatically. It employs a dual-clutch transmission (DCT) to allow smooth and rapid gear shifts. 

On the other hand, the manual motorcycle depends on the rider’s operation rather than the engine. Gears allow the rider to adjust the engine power to the actual speed on the road. 

Both motorcycle automatic vs. manual methods have upsides and downsides. One type of gearbox may be more suitable for your journey, depending on your use and preferred riding experience.

Some of the most apparent differences between motorcycle automatic transmission vs. manual include: 

Ease of use

Automatic bikes are easier to handle since they manage all gear changes and clutch operation for you. 

Automatic is ideal if you’re searching for a method of travel that will get you from one place to another with the minimum trouble. Especially well-suited to urban areas. And you can learn how to ride a bike from this video. 

The electric models are easier to use

Focus on the road

One argument in favor of automatic motorbikes is that you can focus 100% on the road. There is no worry about whatever gear you are in and how to modify it.

Definitely Not A Scooter 

Many people confuse automatic bikes and scooters because of their similar appearance and operation. There are some differences between them that you should check.

Engine size

Motorcycle engines come in different sizes, ranging from 150cc to more than 2000cc. A 150cc engine may reach a maximum speed of up to 60 mph. You can occasionally come across automatic motorcycles above 400cc

On the other hand, Scooters have motors ranging from 50cc to 550cc in capacity. 

Wheel size

A motorbike has a front and rear wheel size of 16 inches or bigger. When operating rapidly, it makes the motorcycle much more stable.

A scooter’s wheels come in sizes, from 10 inches to 16 inches. The two wheels are small, making the bike unstable when running at top speed.

Fuel efficiency

Motorcycles need around 44 miles per gallon on average. On the other hand, new models may now go up to 85 miles per gallon on average.

Because a scooter has higher mileage than a motorbike, it is more fuel-efficient. Some scooter variants have a fuel economy of up to 132 miles per gallon.

There are several differences between the bikes

Is Automatic Motorcycle Right For You? 

If you don’t like shifting gears now and again, you should purchase an automatic motorcycle. Automatic transmission not only makes your riding more enjoyable but also makes it safe.


Poor shifting is a factor in unavoidable motorcycle accidents. So, learning the technique of shifting gears is vital if you want an exhilarating, safe ride.

For newer riders, the automatic transmission has shown to be really beneficial. Women love it since it is simple to use.

Even old riders who don’t want to shift continuous gear often choose automated motorcycles over manual models.

Learning how to shift, clutch, and brake with both feet and hands can be complicated for new riders. 

Moreover, the anxiety of probable incorrect shifting, which might result in an accident, just adds to the hardship.


The less you worry, the more enjoyable your experience will be. 

You won’t have to be concerned about lousy switching with an automatic motorcycle. You have to activate the throttle and shift gears for you.

The vehicle offers a high level of safety and leisure

Different Types Of Automatic Motorcycles 

Electric cars have gained popularity all over the world. These models account for more than 90% of all vehicles sold in the USA. On the other hand, electric motorcycles come with a different story.

Some riders are still unwilling to take away the pleasure of changing their riding experience. Yet, some will start to adopt automatic transmission soon.

Besides, the growth of electric bikes does not end here. Whatever the automatic transmission is missing might show up later. 

For the time being, you may choose from a range of automatic bikes as follows.

No-shift automatic

This type of gearbox, often called CVT transmission (Continuously Variable Transmission), offers you the convenience of entirely gear shifting.

There are no clutch or shift levers to cope with. All you have to do now is to crank the throttle, and there you go.

Dual-clutch manumatic

This transmission combines the advantages of both automatic and manual transmissions. This method employs a mechanism that utilizes two clutches to handle the even and odd gears, respectively.

It lets the rider select between two alternative gear shifting modes. You may choose between moving manually at your own speed with an automated gearbox or a dual-clutch manual transmission.

Centrifugal-clutch design 

Semi-automatic transmission is another term for this centrifugal-clutch design.

These electric motorcycles don’t include a clutch lever positioned on the handlebar. Hence, you’ll have to swap gears by stomping on a foot lever.

There are three options to consider

Five Most Popular Automatic Motorcycles 

There are some famous options for electric bikes in the market. We’ve broken down the priority list to the top five best automatic motorcycles to assist you in concluding.

1. Honda NC700X 

Honda is the indisputable leader in the field of automatic bikes.

Currently, only a few brands produce electric bikes. However, you can expect to see more significant corporations soon follow.

The NC700X DCT from Honda runs with a 670cc liquid-cooled two-cylinder motor. It generates 51 horsepower and 45 pound-feet of torque.

According to its specifications, you can immediately tell that this motorbike is suitable for racing.

Its dual-clutch innovation lets you choose from the wholly automated or the manual 6-speed gearbox, depending on your interests.

This option also comes with a DC fast charger. Hence, you do not need to worry about waiting too long for a full charge.  

2. Honda Africa Twin DCT 

With the dual-clutch transmission design, the parking brake stays where the clutch lever would typically be. 

There isn’t even a shifter in the Honda Africa Twin, at least not the one like on an ordinary motorbike.

The drivetrain of this Africa Twin Adventure Sports is relatively smooth. The throttle is seamless, and the fueling is spot on. There are no concerns with rapid throttle response even in the faster modes.

The clutch on the Africa Twin DCT is lightweight and straightforward to control. You will also find the manual gearbox light and easy to use.

The structure on the basic Africa Twin comes with a 45-millimeter upside-down frame and a linkage-style mono-shock at the rear. 

The electronically variable suspension comes on the more costly Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT variant.

Journeys and new places are important to the Africa Twin. And now, in addition to the current Apple CarPlay functionality, they’ve added Android Auto support to make it even easier.

3. Honda NC750x DCT

The Honda NC750X has extensive structural improvements as well as a reworking of its purpose. 

There is also a 6-speed manual transmission available and a fully automatic dual-clutch transmission.

The updated electronics in the NC750X make it much easier to handle and improve your opportunity to customize the power supply. There are three default power settings on the NC750X and a user-configurable alternative.

Throttle response, shifting programming, stability control, and compression braking are customizable DCT model settings.

This Honda DCT option slows upshifts to optimize acceleration. Its throttle response is also the harshest. 

To optimize deceleration, you will increase the engine compression braking but reduce the traction control.

4. Aprilia 850

Aprilia is an Italian automobile manufacturer that specializes in scooters. 

Aprilia’s Mana 850, unlike Honda’s DCT-focused model, comes with a CVT system and cornering ABS. 

The gearbox may turn to a seven-speed DCT utilizing the foot pedal and clutch lever placed on the handlebar, making this electric bike even more remarkable.

It features a solid 839cc V-twin motor with three riding modes to select from Rain, Sport, and Touring.

The sport-tourer mode saves fuel by reducing response and power delivery without decreasing ride comfort. 

The Sports mode aims to reach maximum torque, engine braking, cruise control, and instant power. 

Meanwhile, rain mode reduces torque by 25% to assist you in managing the bike more easily in wet conditions.

5. Honda VFR1200X

If you’re a fan of solid engines, the VFR1200 DCT is perfect for you.

Imagine a 1237cc V4 engine that produces 127 horsepower and 93 pound-feet of torque. Then, you will have the most enjoyable riding experience ever. 

You may choose between two transmission choices: automatic with a few riding styles or the traditional 6-speed manual gearbox.

The Honda DCT gearbox features software updates to give real-time efficiency, whether on quiet city traffic or the motorway.

It also includes a cutting-edge design and outstanding features like anti-lock braking and traction control systems. 

Aside from the options above, motorcycle news also reports that there are new worth-trying options, such as the Honda Gold Wing or the CTX700 DCT. 

Some models include an adjustable windscreen, wheelie control, and LED lighting. They also offer a warranty. If you notice any problem, you can ask to receive financial compensation.

Are Automatic Motorcycles Good? 

The answer depends mainly on your preference.

Allowing your bike to move to the next gear on its own saves you a lot of time and effort. If you have any trouble shifting gears, you can leave it for the automatic transmission bikes. 

Furthermore, automated motorcycles, such as the Honda Gold Wing Tour, are no longer confined to scooters. You may now choose from a more extensive selection of electric full-sized bikes.

If you’re used to gearboxes, though, shifting gears turn out to be a breeze.

The rider can find that shifting the gears manually gives them a more pleasant experience.

It all comes down to how you think about shifting gears when deciding whether or not the automatic transmission is good for you.

Honda dominates the list

Pros and Cons of Automatic Transmission 

Everything has both benefits and drawbacks. So does the electric motorcycle transmission. It would be best to consider both sides before deciding to go for it.


This system comes with advanced technology that guarantees the convenience of the rider’s safety. Here are some of their advantages:

  • Because of the simplicity, it is ideal for novices.
  • It’s perfect for high-traffic regions since it eliminates the need to change gears every second.
  • Motorcycles with automatic shifting gears will be able to stop more rapidly.
  • It is the ideal answer for people who have trouble clutching and changing gears at the same time.
  • This option allows for a more comfortable and safe driving experience.
  • The transmission removes the worry of clumsy shifting, which may cause an accident.


Aside from the outstanding benefits, this kind of transmission has some drawbacks that may discourage you from buying. Please check these features carefully:

  • Automatic motorbikes are more costly than manual bikes since they have more sophisticated features.
  • It also implies that maintaining an electric motorbike is more expensive than maintaining a traditional motorcycle.
  • Automatic transmissions have more components, which might increase weight.
  • Compared to a manual gearbox, a planetary gear system features fewer gear ratios.
  • The torque converter may reduce total maximum torque

Consider both pros and cons to come up with the best decision (Link)


By weighing the benefits and drawbacks, you should be able to determine whether an automatic gearbox is the right approach for your bike.

Whether you choose manual or automatic, it’s essential to think about your demands and choose the one that will offer you a more satisfying ride.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for being interested in the post!

Top 7 Best Gmax Motorcycle Helmets That You’d Love [Updated 2022]

GMAX Helmets is one of the helmet brands sought after by many users. With sound construction and suitable for motorcycles, snowmobiles, and dirt bikes, GMAX gradually became popular. Each GMAX helmet has a variety of designs and designs that are very different and create many highlights.

However, In the following article, we introduce the top 7 best Gmax motorcycle helmets reviews that you’d love. Here are the most honest GMax motorcycle helmet reviews for you. Let’s learn and discover now:

Types Of GMAX Helmets

GMAX comes in various designs and styles. So, we will provide you with some information about the types of GMAX helmets that you should know.

Determining the purpose of use and the appropriate kind of helmet is a must to decide for yourself a satisfactory product.

You will come across a few popular types of helmets: GMAX helmets for snowmobiles, GMAX modular motorcycle helmets, GMAX for motorcycles, and many others.

GMAX Snowmobile helmets

The first is a helmet exclusively for customers who ride sleds. Usually, they are designed for young people and adults. You will find that GM49Y will suit young audiences, and GMAX FF49 is primarily for adults.

However, whether the subject is young or adult, their general structure is masked by two lenses and an airbox. The difference between FF49 compared to other products is a unique electric double protective glass.

GMAX Snowmobile modular helmet

It continued to be the type of helmet reserved for customers using snowmobiles.

However, there are additional modules. Overall, this helmet includes a dual-lens shield, a breathing box, and a front that can be flipped up and pushed a button. There are also some other separate extras.

GMAX Dual Sports snowmobile helmet GM11S

Also, you have another option for your ski helmet. Maybe you came across the GM11S hat during your selection process.

Furthermore, this GM11S helmet with a hood design and a Gmax motorcycle helmet with light is for a regular full-face snowmobile rider. It also has a few rugged folds that fit snugly and a dual-lens shield, including the breathing box.

GMAX helmet for motorcycle riders

In addition to Gmax motorcycle helmets for snowmobile riders, GMAX has specially designed helmets for motorcyclists. GMAX has become a leading brand with its deluxe ear pockets and fit and excels in both motorcycle helmets.

Most of these snowmobile helmets are designed with rare and premium materials. However, the Gmax motorcycle helmet price is very affordable with anti-fog visors.

With a unique windscreen feature on street helmets, GMAX deserves to be the perfect and most satisfactory choice if you often use motorbikes as a means of transportation.

GMAX is also very subtle when designing the helmet to ensure risks in case you fall or have a substantial impact.

In particular, right here in this article, we will introduce a few features of GMAX exclusively for motorcycles that experienced riders will get after owning it:

  • Lightweight and right size: fit and comfort are top criteria when choosing, as you can use the hat on the long road. Motorcycle-specific GMAX won’t give your head too much power
  • High-class ventilation system: It is designed with a high-class ventilation system to bring safety and health to consumers.
  • Coolmax Interiors: unique feature and put GMAX to the top of the motorcycle helmets on the market.

GMAX Dirt Bike Helmets

GMAX has unique designs for motorcycles, but the brand also offers some of the best mountain bike helmets and ignites the competition of helmet manufacturers.

With highly modern technology, GMAX introduces a variety of hats with beautiful and luxurious designs with various rich features. Not only that, these features bring the most safety and certainty for the use process of customers.

The approval came shortly after manufacturers had to release their dirt bike helmets through a more rigorous support process than the method in which the DOT places the masks.

Where To Buy GMAX Helmets?

GMAX has authorized many small and very reputable companies. Yet, no matter where you buy it, make sure it is equipped as safe and comfortable as possible.

Also, keep an eye out for features before buying the GMAX with detachable, sturdy plush ear bags, chin curtains, removable accessories, and padded chin straps.


We will cover 7 GMAX helmets models that you will probably love. Indeed, whether used when riding a snowmobile or a motorcycle, or a mountain bike, you will be delighted with this product.

#1. GMAX OF-17 Open-FaceBest for UV protection

GMAX OF-17 Open-Face

Product’s Highlight

The first product in the top 7 GMAX helmets is the Gmax OF17. With many unique features and premium ventilation, it is a perfect choice if you are looking for a special helmet at the lowest price.

In particular, like many other GMAX helmets on the market, the OF-17 comes with a built-in 100% UV shield for legal protection. 

This helmet also has a Coolmax interior that provides optimal ventilation without being secretive. Not only that, DuPont Coolmax will control moisture from sweat, and of course, it will dry in the shortest time.

Not only that, but the GMAX motorcycle helmet visor also provides a great experience when having long trips and having to wear a hat for too long.

And yet, the inside is also designed to help you always feel comfortable and dry during use. Not only that, the Coolmax interior that we mentioned earlier is completely adjustable and removable for washing.

So, you will feel more secure with your hygiene. Moreover, you can save more time cleaning it and spend that time on other things with integrated led light.

Not only that, the OF-17 includes 6 EPS vents with a design that provides multi-directional airflow control.


  • Additional chin strap
  • Use a prominent sun visor.
  • Coolmax offers breathability and moisture resistance.
  • Guaranteed helmet material


  • Some customers think that this hat is quite heavy

Bottom line

The GMAX OF-17 features six industry-leading vents and includes top and rear vents that provide maximum control over airflow while you’re on the go.

#2. OF-77 Open-FACE HelmetBest for Portability

OF-77 Open-FACE Helmet

Next, one of the products that make up the GMAX brand is the OF-77 open-face helmet. First of all, the OF-77 has excellent portability and greatness, and with an easily removable SpaSoft interior, the OF-77 is a helmet that has received a lot of positive feedback from users.

The unique feature that all GMAX helmets possess is Coolmax technology that removes moisture and provides breathability thanks to bamboo charcoal fibers that significantly reduce the growth of bacteria with removable cheek pads.

And yet, the sun three-snap visor system of OF-77 makes a difference to help protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight with UV400 rays.

Moreover, taking off the hat and putting it on comfortably without entanglement is also straightforward.

Not only that, this helmet has received DOT approval for use on motorcycles, mopeds, or other road-legal vehicles. In addition, it is also the most worthy ATV or Side by Side helmet in your closet. OF-77 especially brings endless comfort to you.

And yet, the OF-77 is the ultimate upgraded version, so it gives you a variety of unique and additional accessories. With a set of LED brake lights for increased visibility and a windscreen and other elements, the OF-77 deserves to be the perfect Gmax motorcycle helmet with light with a great variety of features.


  • Dual side ventilation system
  • Ability to help reduce fog and perspiration through hot air entry
  • Soft chin strap
  • Get approval from DOT
  • Additional LEDs


  • The face shield is not removable.

Bottom line

Finally, this helmet has the most exceptional anti-fog technology on the market today with perfect inner heated shields.

#3. GMAX OF-2 Adult Open-FaceBest for Versatility

GMAX OF-2 Adult Open-Face

Product’s Highlight

Next, with its lightweight and allowing you to expand your peripheral vision, the OF-2 is a helmet that receives rave reviews from many professional players.

In general, these colors are the colors that receive a lot of love from motorcycle enthusiasts, UTV or ATV. And yet, unlike many other helmets on the market, the OF-2 is both portable and offers improved air circulation and a certain sense of comfort and coolness for you.

Moreover, it offers absolute comfort and safety performance as we mentioned earlier. Not only that, thanks to the safety design, you can easily remove the lining inside the hat and clean it by washing it in water and soap, which is guaranteed holiday delivery.

In addition, this hat has a built-in 5 snaps sun visor and allows you to install a variety of panels according to your cheek pads preference.

Besides, similar to previous products, GMAX-OF-2 has received DOT approval for use on motorcycles or scooters and many other off-road vehicles.

Not only that, but it has also complied with the minimum requirements issued by the Ministry of Transport with the Gmax motorcycle helmet size chart.


  • Lightweight, convenient to move
  • Suitable for a variety of vehicles on the road
  • Built-in 5 snaps sun visor
  • Various designs and colors


  • Some unsatisfied feedback about the chin strap

Bottom line

Modern design and variety of colors are among the most significant plus points of the GMAX OF-2 helmet line. Whether you want to buy it for children or adults, age is not entirely a concern anymore as you can choose from sizes from XS to XXL along with a variety of beautiful colors.

#4. GMAX GM-11 Adult Dual-Sport HelmetBest for Sun Protection

GMAX GM-11 Adult Dual-Sport Helmet

Product’s Highlight

The GM-11 is a must-have helmet if you’re on the road or riding your motorcycle or mountain bike. You certainly won’t need an extra helmet to squeeze even more space in your garage; get the most out of your gear with a dual-sport helmet.

Not only that, if you use the car during your year, the use of a dual helmet is more than necessary. With the ability to pair with a weather timer to switch from sun mode to winter blizzard, you’re in complete control of your usage.

And yet, with unique differentiating details and the inclusion of a goggles-compatible tip, you’ll also have an easier time closing the shield through your goggles.

Not only that, the protection can be optionally covered or not covered and offers many other additional features that make users more satisfied with the GMAX GM-11, which is guaranteed holiday delivery.

Plus, with comfortable protection with a fully removable and washable Coolmax interior showing soiling, this interior offers a sense of coolness without being cluttered. You can be sure to use it comfortably even in the hottest weather thanks to the design of the vent visor, which minimizes lift on the highway.

A plus point that you may also be interested in is that it is similar to the products mentioned before; GMAX G-11 has received DOT certification and fully complies with the requirements of the Ministry of Transport proposed transportation.


  • Affordable price
  • Unique, different design
  • Optimal sun protection
  • Coolmax interior is removable and easy to clean
  • Get DOT safety certification


  • Up to now, GMAX G-11 has not received any mixed reviews from users

Bottom line

This GM-11 helmet offers optimal sun protection, so it is suitable for those who often have to go on the road and are exposed to direct sunlight in the summer.

#5. HH-65 Half Helmet Full DressedBest for Safety

HH-65 Half Helmet Full Dressed

Product’s Highlight

Next, HH-65 is a perfect helmet with a unique design and remarkable design.

This low-profile motorcycle helmet offers a sleek and modern look while providing a giant motorcycle helmet’s protection, comfort, and features. The HH-65 is a must-have addition to any riding gear enthusiast.

And yet, the plus point that makes the HH-65 different is the design that ensures safety, comfort, and efficiency because the most versatile helmets with chin strap buckles can be removed quickly in a few seconds.

Not only that, but this helmet also has two drop-down sun visors combined with 2 included retractable UV400 shields to provide maximum sun protection. Not only that, but it also comes with a removable neck curtain with speaker pockets for the intercom and a moisture-resistant COOLMAX lining that’s easy to wash.

Thanks to dual-density EPS technology and a comfortable, removable lining, the HH-65 Haft combines a relaxed fit with solid and secure protection.

In addition, since this motorcycle helmet has received DOT approval, you can use it with confidence on regular roads and highways.

And yet, as a different version, the HH-65 Naked has an entire outer lightweight shells and comes with a visor to help reduce the glare of summer days as well as on tight roads.


  • Comfortable, convenient, and breathable
  • Suitable for all roads
  • Optimal sun protection effect
  • Neat and easy to disassemble


  • Up to now, we have not seen any negative comments from users

Bottom line

Overall this half helmet offers a neat look and unique styling so you can look better and stylish. Owned and operated by motorsport enthusiasts, the HH-65 provides safety equipment that racers, commuters, and hobbyists can trust.

#6. GMAX HH-65 Naked DOT ApprovedBest for Design

GMAX HH-65 Naked DOT Approved

Product’s Highlight

Next, the HH-65 naked is the perfect helmet with a unique design. Indeed you will be easily confused with the previous HH-65 Half helmet because the name and design are pretty similar. However, the HH-65 Naked has a vintage-style rose tattoo design for added appeal.

This low-profile motorcycle helmet offers a sleek and modern look while providing a giant motorcycle helmet’s protection, comfort, and features. The HH-65 is a must-have addition to any riding gear enthusiast.

Not only that, but this Gmax motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth also has two drop-down sun visors combined with 2 included retractable UV400 shields to provide maximum sun protection.

It also comes with a removable neck curtain with speaker pockets for the intercom and a moisture-resistant COOLMAX lining that’s easy to wash.

And yet, the plus point that makes the HH-65 different is the design that ensures safety rating, comfort, and efficiency because the motorcycle helmets with chin strap buckles can be removed quickly in a few seconds.

Not only that, thanks to dual-density EPS technology and a comfortable, removable lining, the HH-65 Haft combines a relaxed fit with solid and secure protection. In addition, since this full-face helmet has received DOT approval, you can use it with confidence on regular roads and highways.

And yet, as a different version, the HH-65 Naked has an entire outer half shell ​and comes with a visor to help reduce the glare of summer days as well as on tight roads


  • Good sun protection
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable comfort lining
  • Comfortable and breathable


  • Not have a good dustproof feature

Bottom line

All in all, the HH-65 Naked offers users a fully adjustable, flexible visor with vent holes designed for maximum visibility and protection.

#7. GMAX unisex-adultBest for Flexibility

GMAX unisex-adult

Product’s Highlight

The GMAX unisex is the last helmet we want to cover in this article. With a weight of 2.8 lb, it gives users a full-face Poly Alloy shell that is windproof and dustproof.

In particular, with a comfortable design and protection function, this helmet features 19 vents for optimal airflow, a flexible ventilation visor, and an extremely light shell.

And yet, the Coolmax interior is an integral feature of every GMAX helmet. You can completely disassemble and wash it whenever you want. And yet, this helmet also received DOT approval with a state-of-the-art terrain design experience.

Any bike or motorcycle and ATV or UTV, you can hit the trail with confidence that you’ll get complete protection from it.


  • Beautiful design, luxury, high quality.
  • Vents for optimal airflow
  • Helmet bag included
  • Get approval from DOT


  • Not too suitable for short road trips

Bottom line

Sure, you can comfortably use the GMAX unisex-adult in the hottest weather thanks to the design of the vent visor, which minimizes lift on the highway.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you can fully get the information on the 7 best Gmax motorcycle helmets that we mentioned just before. 

We hope that you will soon find a hat that suits your needs. If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment, and you will get your answer soon.

10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers 2022: Which One Is Better?

When upgrading or choosing to buy motorcycle accessories, speakers are probably not your top priority. In reality, the right set of speakers can open up a whole new horizon where driving becomes more enjoyable.

During a long trip, for example, the speaker can fill the silence with the tune of your favorite song. Besides, some speaker models also integrate with many guest features such as talking, keeping in touch with people on the same trip.

If you are still concerned that wired speakers may interfere with your driving, why not try a Bluetooth speaker that attaches to your helmet? This type of speaker has all of the above advantages, and at the same time, overcomes many disadvantages of traditional wired speakers.

If you are still confused about wireless speakers, here is a detailed guide, accompanied by 10 suggestions about Bluetooth motorbike helmet speakers that you should not miss.

Choosing The Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers 

As the name suggests, motorcycle helmet speakers are specialized Bluetooth devices that attach to the ear inside the helmet. As a result, you can enjoy your favorite tunes without worrying about ambient noise and the limitation of wires.

For backpackers, a motorcycle helmet with a built-in Bluetooth speaker is a great choice. But what are the criteria to choose a high-quality product? Sound quality – compatibility – duration of use are the top 3 essential criteria:

Good sound quality

Like any other speaker, sound quality is an essential factor in determining the overall quality of a Bluetooth speaker.

Each person has a unique musical preference, so evaluating the “quality” of the sound will have specific differences. Usually, many people will be interested in the bass range and easily overlook the speaker’s ability to play high-range tones.

However, a speaker model cannot be on the list of best Bluetooth speakers for a motorcycle helmet if it cannot transmit good sound in the high range. The lack of treble will reduce the impression of the sound, significantly affecting your listening experience.

Hat compatibility

As mentioned, you will attach this special one to the inside of the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet with speakers. There is not too much distance between the hat and the ear, so in order not to be pinched when using, the motorcycle helmet speaker must have the right thickness.

Precisely, if you have enough space, the best motorcycle helmet speakers with a large diameter will fit in and provide a great musical experience.

Meanwhile, in the opposite case, you need to sacrifice the speaker’s diameter for a comfortable wearing experience for a long time.

High playtime and standby time

Bluetooth helmet speakers will accompany you on your longest journeys. Therefore, you do not always have the conditions to charge the device’s battery.

A good speaker won’t interrupt your listening experience thanks to its long playtime, high standby time, and fast charging. To learn more, you can refer to the information in the next section below.

Things To Consider When Buying Helmet Speakers 

Suppose you have never used or even heard of best sounding Bluetooth helmet speakers before. 

In that case, it is almost impossible for you to know the points to consider when choosing a product that can meet these three fundamental factors.

To be able to make a choice easily, do not ignore the detailed instructions below:

Speaker Type

There are two main styles of motorcycle helmet speakers: using a wired connection and using a Bluetooth wireless connection. Speaker selection is a top concern because your decision will be directly related to usability.

Wired connection

Specifically, the wired connection is the most traditional style of speaker you can find. This speaker will connect to playback Bluetooth devices such as smartphones and music players by jack and lead.

The above traditional design makes the product suitable for many different devices. Because honestly, not all Bluetooth-enabled devices today support Bluetooth.

In addition, another advantage of this type of connection is that the audio quality is relatively stable because the speaker’s connectivity is not affected much by the signal.

However, it is no coincidence that wired connections are no longer dominant. Because the most obvious disadvantage of this type of speaker is that the wires can get in the way, especially when you are driving a large displacement sports car, wires are annoying and can also bring many dangers.

Besides, the rope’s durability during long trips is also a big question mark. Because in your journey, you will not be able to predict the negative effect of the force acting on the conductor.

Wireless Connectivity

Unlike products that use a wired connection, the wireless speaker eliminates the hassles of wires: you will no longer have difficulty taking off your motorcycle helmet, much less the risk of unsafety caused by wire entanglement is too long.

The question is, can you add Bluetooth to a motorcycle helmet?

In fact, you can add this feature to your motorcycle helmet.

However, due to the nature of the connection, the sound may be interrupted when the signal is not stable. And as mentioned, not all transmitters support Bluetooth connectivity.

Finally, another issue to consider is cost: wireless Bluetooth helmet speakers typically cost a bit more than wired products.

However, in terms of convenience and the audio quality you get in return, Bluetooth speakers are still an investment worth considering.

Sound quality

The sound quality of Bluetooth helmet speakers dedicated to the course journey cannot be weighed against high-quality studio or theater products.

However, you can fully expect a product with an easy-to-listen sound, giving a great impression.

If you do not have too much knowledge about evaluating the audio quality of the best Bluetooth helmet speakers, you can rely on information from the manufacturer to make a choice. 

Specifically, there are three main types of audio: mono, stereo, and multichannel surround sound, where mono sound, as the name suggests, originates from a single channel. It is currently not so popular because it has been replaced by stereo and multichannel surround sound.

  • Stereo sound: It feels like you’re listening to sound from various sources.
  • Multichannel surround sound: It is created from at least four independent audio channels. This type of sound puts the listener in a state of being surrounded by the melody.

In addition to paying attention to the sound pattern, you need to pay attention to the signal processing technologies of the speaker. The advanced noise control technology worth giving the most priority is DSP with effective noise and echo cancellation.

You need to pay attention to the above technology because your primary use environment cannot lack the sound of the engine, wind, and traffic. You desperately need a technology that can suppress and eliminate noise like DSP in this environment.

Battery life

Undoubtedly, having a wireless device run out of battery during the journey is sure to bring no minor frustration.

Therefore, it is recommended that you prioritize products with excellent battery life if you want an uninterrupted experience when choosing a Bluetooth speaker.

Usually, an excellent wireless music player should have at least 6-8 hours of playback time and a minimum of 300 hours of standby time.

Short charging time is also one of the advantages that should be in your final choice. A device that only takes 1-2 hours to fully charge to be able to use for a whole day will certainly not make your listening experience interrupted.

Speaker size

In addition to the aesthetic, you need to consider the overall size of the speaker because the diameter and related dimensions will directly affect the sound quality, frequency range, and comfort of use.

In particular, you need to make sure the speaker’s size doesn’t affect how you wear your motorcycle helmet with built-in Bluetooth speakers. A too-small product may fall off while you are driving, while too large will cause uncomfortable pressure on your ears.

A product with a perfect fit for your head size and hat type is sure to be with you for a long time.

Some extra features

In addition to features such as comfort, good sound, speakers need to have some supporting elements to make your experience more perfect. Some additional features include:

  • Waterproof ability: You will not avoid bad weather cases during the journey. And a waterproof product that will help control the car in the rain is not as bad an idea as you might have imagined.
  • Song sharing feature: You want to share your favorite tunes with your companions. A speaker with a song-sharing quality is definitely what you are looking for.

Pay attention to the price

In addition to the specifications, you need to consider the cost you are willing to invest in your sound system.

Low price

It’s almost impossible to find a good-quality Bluetooth connection option. Yet, you can still find wired speakers with small dimensions and basic features.

Mid-range price

Meanwhile, at mid-range prices, you can already access products with some high-end features such as wireless connectivity, built-in microphones, and especially amplifiers.

High-end price

You will have higher-quality products with the high-end segment with various feature options. Some advantages include remote audio control, two or more sets of speakers, and outstanding durability.

To sum up, in theory, the higher the value, the better the superior sound quality and ease of use.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a portable device like the best motorcycle helmet speakers.

If you don’t care too much about superior sound quality, a cheap product with good performance is more than enough. On the other hand, if you are a true audio enthusiast, it will be understandable if you don’t mind spending money to enhance the experience.

The 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers In 2022

Without making you wait any longer, here is the Bluetooth helmet speakers review. You can rely on the suggestions in the list to make the most appropriate choice:

#1. OutdoorMaster Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Helmet – Best for Overall

OutdoorMaster Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Helmet Drop-in

Important specifications

  • Weight: 5.9 ounces.
  • Speaker size: 40mm.
  • Playtime: 15 Hours.
  • Standby time: 500 Hours.

Product’s highlights

It can be that the OutdoorMaster is one of the best Bluetooth helmet speakers that meets all three of the criteria outlined in the previous sections: great sound quality, comfort, ease of use, and great battery life.

First, when it comes to sound quality, the manufacturer has equipped the product with the CSR Bluetooth 5.0 chip – the most advanced wireless Bluetooth technology available today. Therefore, you can not doubt the stable connection of OutdoorMaster with phone calls.

Besides, thanks to the 40mm driver, you can enjoy crystal clear sound with the perfect balance between bass and treble.

In terms of comfort and ease of use, the appearance of three common control buttons makes it easy to make adjustments even when using gloves.

In particular, thanks to the special Skier chip integrated with the microphone, you can answer calls at any time quickly and safely.

The product’s comfort and convenience also come from a unique design that can be charged directly without you having to remove the motorcycle helmet.

You also don’t have to worry about speaker and cap compatibility because the speaker’s design is suitable for most helmets available on the market.

And last but not least: the manufacturer has optimized the product’s power consumption. Therefore, OutdoorMaster is a phone calls speaker model with impressive standby time and music playback time in the price range.

Specifically, you get up to 15 hours of music playback and 500 hours of standby from a full charge. The above time is more than enough for your longest journey with phone calls.

Not only is it suitable for use on your motorcycle journeys, but you can also use the OutdoorMaster on skiing trips or other sports activities that require motorcycle helmet protection.

This speaker model is made of IP45 moisture-proof material and can operate well even in temperatures of – 4 degrees F.

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What We Like

  • IP45 waterproof material.
  • Playtime 15 hours, standby time up to 500 hours.
  • CSR Bluetooth 5.0 chip.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Easy to control.

Thing to consider

  • Speaker is a bit thick.

Bottom line

Without a doubt, the OutdoorMaster are Bluetooth helmet speakers that you shouldn’t miss.

#2. Chips 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet Speakers – Best for Conversation

Chips 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet Speakers

Important specifications

  • Weight: 2.24 ounces.
  • Speaker size: 40mm.
  • Playtime: 10 Hours.
  • Standby time: 500 Hours.

Product’s highlights

Making contact while driving is sometimes a dangerous act but needs many people. And with the best Bluetooth helmet speakers, you will minimize the risk of unsafe driving while still being able to talk without interruption.

This speaker model supports wireless connectivity and can connect to Siri virtual assistant. You need to make a sound signal instead of manual control, which poses many safety risks.

Especially with the built-in call feature with flexible adjustment, you can easily make and answer calls.

In addition to being suitable for conservation purposes, Chip 2.0 is undeniably one of the wired helmet speakers with excellent sound quality that you should not miss. 

Specifically, the product has 40mm drivers – the standard size to deliver clear sound at high volumes.

It is a product that cannot deserve to be on the list of best Bluetooth helmet speakers if it has too lousy battery life. And Chip 2.0, with a maximum playtime of 10 hours, is fully deserving of the title.

With such impressive playback time, Chips 2.0 speakers are the first choice to carry on long journeys.

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What We Like

  • Large sound quantity.
  • Control with Siri virtual assistant.
  • 40mm driver.
  • Charge once, use all day.
  • Built-in quick call receiving feature.

Thing to consider

  • The Bluetooth connection is not too stable.

Bottom line

Chips 2.0 appeared with a compact and somewhat simple design. However, behind the unimpressive design are convenient intelligent features such as quickly connecting calls, controlled by a virtual assistant, etc.

If you love simplicity and are looking for a product with high volume, this model of the loudest Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers will surely satisfy you.

#3. Sena SMH5-A0307 Slim Speaker – Best for Aesthetics

Sena SMH5-A0307 Slim Speaker

Important specifications

  • Weight: 1.9 ounces.
  • Speaker Type: Outdoor.
  • Playtime: 8 Hours.
  • Standby time: 100 Hours.

Product’s highlights

Some helmets that emphasize aesthetics when in use have significantly more compact designs than products intended for professional riders.

The compact, beautiful design is never a mistake. However, the above procedure is one of the obstacles when choosing top motorcycle helmet speakers because the product must be the right size and comfortable to wear, creating minimal pressure on your ears. And Sena SMH5-A0307 Slim Speaker is such a product.

Sena speakers are fragile and light. These wired helmet speakers model weighs less than 2 ounces with a unique flat design that eliminates any pressure when in use. Besides, the manufacturer is also equipped with ample padding and velcro to customize when wearing.

With the above design and equipment, Sena SMH5 is the best-fit speaker model, especially with a stylish motorcycle helmet with a neat design.

With Sena, you can experience high-quality sound and feel as comfortable as if you weren’t wearing anything other than a helmet.

You may not know it, but Sena is a pioneer in research and innovation in wireless Bluetooth-enabled devices for outdoor sports, including racing.

Therefore, you can not doubt the quality of the line, the signal ability of this speaker model SMH5-A0307.

With a development orientation in the direction of Lifestyle, this motorcycle helmet speaker model offers optimal performance in the long run but is still thin and light enough to be used anywhere.

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What We Like

  • Slim and compact.
  • Performance optimization.
  • Cheap.
  • Include gasket and velcro.
  • Suitable for use in many different sports.
  • Do not put pressure on the ear.

Thing to consider

  • No microphones.

Bottom line

With the SMH5-A0307, ​​Sena has reconciled contradictory characteristics: optimal performance for professional riders with a slim, compact design that goes well with the stylish helmet – our choice for many amateur racers.

With the above harmonious combination, at any level, you will find exciting points at Sena SMH5-A0307.

#4. Bluetooth Motorcycle FODSPORTS M1 S – Best for Connectivity

Motorcycle Headset FODSPORTS M1-S

Important specifications

  • Weight: 12.4 ounces.
  • Speaker size: 40mm.
  • Playtime: 20 Hours.
  • Standby time: 500 Hours.

Product’s highlights

A long road trip with your motorbike will be more exciting and meaningful with the presence of your companions. And let FODSPORTS M1-S Plus add to the fun with its exclusive music sharing feature.

FODSPORTS M1-S Plus is somewhat more complicated compared to the motorcycle helmet speaker models above. This product includes a high-quality speaker and has additional connectivity and Bluetooth intercom features for up to 8 people.

Besides the benefits of keeping in touch with fellow travelers, this M1- S Plus model is already worth considering with its excellent audio sharing capabilities.

With the above feature, as long as the companion also uses the same type of speaker, the two of you will be able to enjoy your favorite music together with a Bluetooth device.

While experiencing, you certainly will not be disappointed with the sound quality. Because like the high-quality products on the list, the M1- S Plus also uses a 40 mm significant capacity driver.

In addition, the manufacturer also offers the latest in CVC wind noise cancellation, ensuring the best sound quality you can ever get.

In addition to sound quality, the product also features intelligent shortcuts.

Specifically, in addition to the usual adjustment keys, you can perform some operations such as pressing and holding the volume up button for two seconds to mute/unmute the microphone.

The above shortcuts are helpful when you do not want to receive sudden calls but simply want to continue driving and enjoy your favorite tunes. In terms of helmet compatibility, what FODSPORTS M1-S Plus has to offer will surprise you.

Because instead of the usual one built-in microphone, you have up to  replaceable microphones. Each microphone has a difference in design to fit many different types of helmets, from ¾ to full-face or half-face.

And finally, it is impossible not to mention an outstanding advantage of the product: a large 900 mAh battery.

Compared with the 500 mAh battery of some wireless speaker models currently on the market, it is clear that FODSPORTS M1-S Plus will be the first choice if you are looking for a product with long talk time and music listening.

And indeed, the M1 – S Plus has met the above expectations quite well. After only 2-3 hours of full charge, you can use the speaker for the next 12-20 hours, depending on the purpose of use. Besides, the speaker also has up to 300 hours of standby – an impressive amount of time that you can’t help but consider.

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What We Like

  • Provide 2 microphones of different designs.
  • Allow communication and audio sharing with a group of up to 8 people.
  • Up to 20 hours of use.
  • Many convenient shortcuts.
  • Built-in CVC wind noise cancellation.

Thing to consider

  • Speaker placement can cause volume differences.

Bottom line

With the outstanding ability to communicate, share information, and sound with many different people, Fodsports M1-S Plus will be the first choice in small group journeys.

#5. Motorcycle Helmet Headset – Best for Battery Life

Motorcycle Helmet Headset

Important specifications

  • Weight: 2.89 ounces.
  • Frequency Response: 2 402 Hz – 2 480 GHz.
  • Playtime: 60 Hours.
  • Standby time: 500 Hours.

Product’s highlights

The FODSPORTS M1-S Plus’ playtime of up to 20 hours is impressive enough. But on this list, there is another product with an even more surprising playtime. And that is the motorcycle Helmet Headset – a product with up to 60 hours of playback time.

Almost the highest usage time in the above price range comes from the 900mAh Li-ion battery and innovations in design to optimize energy consumption.

One of the new features is the ability to support displaying parameters on the phone to quickly monitor and control the battery.

As a result, you have a product that takes only two hours to charge fully but can work continuously for days. It even has a standby time of up to 500 hours – higher than any speaker you’ll ever find.

But the motorcycle Bluetooth headset is not simply a product with an impressive time of use after charging. This speaker model is also loved for its great features, such as ease of operation, waterproof technology, and good sound quality.

Specifically, you can quickly fix the Bluetooth speaker model to the helmet thanks to the removable velcro.

The manufacturer has protected this speaker model with nano-coating, providing dustproof and waterproof performance to IPX7 standards.

And finally, in terms of sound quality, you don’t just have a product with a loud, apparent volume with the motorcycle Bluetooth wired headset.

The product also uses SP noise cancellation Bluetooth technology to eliminate wind noise from outside vehicles. From there, you’ll enjoy the most transparent and most realistic stereo sound possible.

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What We Like

  • SP wind noise cancellation Bluetooth technology.
  • Anti-dust and water-resistant nano-coating.
  • Secure the speaker with velcro.
  • Playtime up to 60 hours.
  • Innovative gesture control features.

Thing to consider

  • The driver is quite thick.

Bottom line

Extended use time, water-resistant, dustproof, soundproof – all the above significant advantages at the same time present at motorcycle Bluetooth headset have made the product one of the choices worth considering most current time.

#6. YOVDA Bluetooth for Motorcycle Helmets – Best for Comfort

YOVDA Bluetooth

Important specifications

  • Weight: 5.9 ounces.
  • Frequency Response: 2 402 GHz – 2 480 GHz.
  • Playtime: 8 Hours.
  • Standby time: 160 Hours.

Product’s highlights

In addition to sound quality and battery playtime, comfort is also an essential factor to consider when buying the best motorcycle helmet speakers.

And using the above essential factors to evaluate a product, the best Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmet will surely get an almost perfect score.

Compared to conventional speaker models, Yovda is much thinner when the two ear pads are only 0.27 inches thick. Therefore, you can be assured of the comfort of using the speaker because there is almost no intense pressure of the product on your ears.

Not only is it comfortable with its comfortable ear cushions, but the Yovda also makes you happy with its clear sound quality.

In addition to the primary function of playing music, the product also has an additional microphone to help you join the call. And it can’t be helped; the quality of the microphone, as well as the ability to transmit signals when talking, is also quite commendable.

In addition, Yovada also has an advantage that, although not directly related to product quality, has a significant impact on your experience with excellent customer service.

All you need to do is contact the brand when you have questions or problems with the product. And you will receive answers as well as instructions in the most enthusiastic and fastest way.

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What We Like

  • Ultra-thin earpads.
  • Fast charging.
  • Cheap.
  • Long connection distance.
  • Clear sound quality.

Thing to consider

  • Autoresponder cannot be turned off.

Bottom line

Maybe the Yovada is not the most impressive sound quality or extended battery life. But it’s the most budget-friendly option if you’re looking for a comfortable, durable speaker.

#7. Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Drop – Best for Sound Quality

Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Drop (link)

Important specifications

  • Weight: 5.56 ounces.
  • Speaker size: 40mm.
  • Playtime: 10 Hours.
  • Standby time: 300 Hours.

Product’s highlights

Are you looking for a product with impressive sound quality, durability, and all-day playability?

With the Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Drop-in Headphones, you have a speaker model to meet all of the above requirements. In particular, the sound quality of the product will surprise you.

Alta uses advanced, balanced sound technology, high definition, bass, and highs represent the tremendous first impressions you get with Alta Bluetooth Audio.

In particular, with the 40mm large-capacity Diver and the high-tech 5.0 driver chip case, the speaker’s bass becomes more impressive than ever.

Suppose you have a particular love and understanding of sound. In that case, you will surely understand how difficult it is to find a device with excellent bass at all volume levels, like the best Bluetooth helmet speakers for this music.

In addition to the emphasis on sound quality, the manufacturer also focuses on improving the user experience with helpful features.

Virtual assistant controls the first feature that can be mentioned. With just two taps on the right button, you can launch Siri or Google virtual assistants. With the help of the assistant, you can find your phone, make calls, turn on/off the music, and more.

Besides, the product also impresses with its excellent compatibility when using the speaker model with the most popular helmet brands today.

Another remarkable advantage of this speaker model is its high durability. The product is dust, sweat, and water-resistant to IP45 standards.

At the same time, some tests have also proven the product can work well in harsh conditions, such as when the temperature drops to – 4 degrees Celsius.

The key to all these impressive advantages comes from the high-quality building materials that the manufacturer delivers.

However, quality materials are not enough, and the product also undergoes a meticulous testing process before being put on the market.

Therefore, along with the sound quality, the durability of the Alta is an unquestionable point on the ALta speaker.

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What We Like

  • Durable.
  • Waterproof, sweat, and dust resistant to IP45 standard.
  • Deep bass, vivid sound.
  • High-end Bluetooth 5.0 wireless chipset.
  • Compatible with many hat styles.

Thing to consider

  • Short charging cord.

Bottom line

With all of the above advantages, you can hardly ask for more from Alta – the best-sounding Bluetooth helmet speakers.

#8. Cardo PTB00001-PACKTALK – Best for Voice Control


Important specifications

  • Weight: 2.1 ounces.
  • Speaker size: 40mm.
  • Playtime: 15 Hours.
  • Standby time: 500 Hours.

Product’s highlights

The Cardo PTB00001-PACKTALK is not the first speaker to add voice control, but it is the product that makes the most of this feature.

All you need to do is say, “Hey Cardo”. The intelligent assistant PACKTALK BOLD will appear and customize the volume, track, or related content based on your controls.

Besides, if you are familiar with the smartphone’s virtual assistant, Cardo also supports connecting with Siri and Google, so you can control it most efficiently.

In addition, you can control the product with an assistant, and you can also do the same things with the Cardio Connect app. With an app developed by the manufacturer, you can even control this speaker remotely quickly and easily.

The specialty of the product is not only in support of virtual assistants. Because you only need to experience it once, you will see the difference in the sound quality that the speaker brings. 

Also, using a 40mm diver has noise cancellation, but you will hardly find the same audio experience in other products.

Explaining this, the speakers’ sharpness and the efficient operation of the audio processor can be a good explanation.

The unique feature of the sound that Cardo brings is also evident in the processing cash when many sound sources play simultaneously.

For example, when listening to music, you can still make calls without interrupting relaxing moments with your favorite music. 

The sophisticated algorithms hidden in this tiny speaker model are smart enough to ensure that all sounds can work in parallel while maintaining the same quality.

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What We Like

  • JBL soundbar.
  • Dynamic Mesh Communication technology.
  • Smart audio mixing.
  • Remote control with an exclusive mobile app.
  • Smart virtual assistant.

Thing to consider

  • Expensive.

Bottom line

Price may be the biggest reason why you hesitate to choose Cardo PTB0001. Yet, it can be that the product’s experience is entirely worth the fee you spend.

#9. Gelaten Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets – Best for Half Helmets

Gelaten Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets

Important specifications

  • Weight: 5.3 ounces.
  • Sample rate: 48kHz.
  • Playtime: 8 Hours.
  • Standby time: 300 Hours.

Product’s highlights

If you own many different helmet styles and are considering a variety of speakers but can’t find a product that can fit all of the above, Gelaten motorcycle Bluetooth headsets is the most economical and effective solution you have.

The product is compatible with all types of helmets on the market. From the full-face hat that professional racers often use to more fashionable products.

In particular, if you pay a lot of attention to products compatible with half helmets, you cannot ignore Gelaten.

The manufacturer has been brilliant in designing large buttons so that you can easily install and disassemble them. Even when using gloves, you will not have any difficulty handling them.

The ability and connection quality is also worth considering this speaker model.

With Gelaten BT-S3, the maximum connection distance is up to 1000m. Meanwhile, you get a product that uses DSP noise cancellation technology, which ensures sound clarity in terms of sound quality.

In particular, thanks to the above-advanced noise cancellation technology, even if you drive at 120 km/h, wind resistance or engine noise cannot disturb your wonderful listening experience.

And in addition to listening to music, the product also supports other features such as communicating with friends, GPS, FM radio. It can be that by driving with Gelaten, you will not have a single moment of boredom.

Check The Latest prices on Amazon

What We Like

  • Fully waterproof with Silica gel.
  • Support many entertainment features.
  • Long connection distance.
  • Fit a variety of hats.
  • Advanced noise cancellation technology.

Thing to consider

  • The manual isn’t too helpful.

Bottom line

The biggest downside of the product does not come from the speaker itself but from the user manual that can confuse you.

However, the above disadvantage is not too serious because Gelaten Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets are easier to use than you think.

#10. THOKWOK BT-S3 Bluetooth Set – Best for Glove Operation


Important specifications

  • Weight: 11.7 ounces.
  • Charging Time: 3 Hours.
  • Playtime: 8 Hours.
  • Standby time: 300 Hours.

Product’s highlights

Wearing gloves when driving a large displacement vehicle is not a strange habit. However, wearing gloves sometimes interferes with performing some operations, and adjusting the sound on the speaker is one of them.

Luckily, you have the THOKWOK BT-S3 1000m Helmet Bluetooth Headset, the most maneuverable, adjustable product you’ll ever know.

The first advantage of Thokwork BT-S3 compared to other speaker models is the large button, making all your operations more convenient. Besides, you can not use your hands but can still make calls and communicate efficiently.

The product supports the implementation of free conversion features. Besides, if you love a wired connection, Thokwork also provides you with a 2.5mm socket, which supports connecting to compatible transmitters.

When evaluating the quality of a speaker model, it is impossible not to mention the sound quality. And the integration with Thokwok’s already famous DSP noise cancellation was enough for you to choose this product?

Check Latest Price

What We Like

  • Waterproof with silica gel.
  • DSP noise cancellation.
  • Support both wireless and wired connections.
  • Support to make and receive calls hands-free.
  • Easy to adjust with physical keys as well as the smart app.

Thing to consider

  • The sound distortion when driving at 130mph.

Bottom line

With a fairly reasonable price and a series of advantages in terms of both exterior finish quality and internal sound, it would be a significant omission if you do not include Thokwork BT S3 in the list of products. Best buy right now.

Final Thoughts 

Choosing Bluetooth helmet speakers can seem like a daunting task.

You have to have both a particular understanding of the sound and the balance between battery life, price, and compatibility with current helmets.

With the above list quite complete, we hope you have helpful suggestions to make a choice no longer as difficult as imagined. Instead, it is comfortable and exciting to have new experiences with great sound while driving.

An Ultimate Guide To Custom Motorcycle Helmets

f you want to own a helmet with your style and personality, why not try a customized motorcycle helmet.

There are many different ways to make your hat more unique. You can paint, apply color decals or draw a few strokes on it to bring out your personality.

Today, MotoCzysz will look at some cool and unique ways to customize your motorcycle helmet. Let’s get right into the details!

Option 1: Get Your Helmet Custom Painted

Get Your rough helmet

Painting your custom motorcycle helmets is always the first choice many people think of to own a helmet like new. You can either airbrush or paint them with water.

For those who know a little art and draw well, be creative with the drawings you want. It can be a picture of your pet dog, of friends, or simply a meaningful quote that you like. 

Before you do it yourself, a small note is to read some books explaining various techniques and tactics to custom motorcycle helmet painting. It is an excellent way to help you arrange the composition and mix colors properly.

However, if you have no award-winning airbrushing artist talent but still want to transform your customizable motorcycle helmet, then ask a friend or acquaintance to help you customize.

Here are a few things you need to know before customizing a motorcycle custom helmet:

  • Step 1: You need to disassemble the parts of the hat to prevent paint or paint from sticking, including Shield, Visor & inner Form/pads; properly Clean the Outer Surface (the outer shell).
  • Step 2: Clean the hat shell, and make the inside of the hat very clean, skillfully and wrap the inside so that they do not stick to the custom paint or color.
  • Step 3: Use sandpaper to scrub the outer shell or the areas you want to customize. That way, it will make the paint adhere to the surface of the hat more tightly. In addition, you can find a professional customizing person to make and create your hat.

Option 2: Apply A Sticker Or Custom Motorcycle Helmet Decals

Motorcycle Helmet Decals

If you want a safe option for your tin hat, buy custom helmets with these pretty decals to customize them to your liking.

Currently, there are many different types of stickers or decals on the market, ranging from extremely cute colors and designs.

Before applying stickers, make sure that your hat has been washed and dried. If the cap is dirty, the adhesive ability of the stickers will not belong.

Customizing a motorcycle helmet with decals properly, you need to align everything so that everything is balanced with each other. 

Then remove the plastic paper and slowly peel off the sticky side. Next, you stick the decal carefully on the tin hat. When you have finished gluing, gently press the decal down.

You do this carefully, precisely so that no wrinkles appear on the face of the drawing. 

If the decals appear wrinkled by carelessness, you can gently peel them off and then re-glue them carefully to lose that crease.

Thus, with just a few simple steps, you can stick yourself with lovely stickers or decals on your tin hat. Now, you seem to own a brand new hat.

Option 3: Get A Helmet Skin Or Cover To Get Your Helmet Customized

Instead of choosing custom motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth or stick stickers and decals on your hat, you can use the skin to your entire helmet, which is quite a novel and exciting way.

If you have ever tried stickers or decals, you can see that they can only paint stick to a small area and cannot cover your entire hat. If you use a skin, that means they can replace your original color with a new, more unique color.

Besides designing the hat according to your wishes, choosing to use skin is also a pretty good way for you to protect your hat from scratches or bumps in daily use.

Option 4: Get An Excellent Mask To Wear Instead Of A Helmet

If you want to impress with your bike and tin hat, wear a mask along with your custom helmet.

Leather face masks

The unique mask with unlimited custom design ideas will help you unleash your passion for decoration. You can use leather masks to add personality and make helmet unique.

Neoprene face masks

Neoprene face masks

It is a mask pattern that is often used in cold weather. When using it, you can feel the comfort, but there is no tricky even at full speed.

The reason is that their materials and design have excellent wind resistance. The quality is amazing, and you can engrave a few more details on it, like your name or a famous character you love. 

However, this product also has the disadvantage of not covering the neck area.


Unlike Neoprene, Balaclava is a mask used for the entire neck area. This product was originally created to protect soldiers from cold in the face, neck, and nose. Today, this type of mask is still used quite popularly with those who participate in customized helmet skiing.

In addition, in Balaclava, there is a tube mask. It is a mask for the face and neck area with a lighter weight than Balaclava and Neoprene, made of Polyester Microfiber. 

It is the material often used to print unique designs in quick time.

In general, these products are pretty compact, easy to pack, and you can bring them anywhere with extreme convenience for the bones aesthetic.


Bandanas are made from cotton and a few other synthetic materials. When using Bandanas, you will feel incredibly light and used immediately.

Besides, you can take a medium-duty in the balaclava middle and the tube mask with an old helmet.

The product is relatively easy to move to provide instant protection from dust and insects on the go.

In general, the products that we introduce above are just one of the ways to help you combine with your custom helmet to become more personal and exciting.

Option 5: Pinstripe A Motorcycle Helmet


If you want to make your tin hat unique, try customizing it with pinstripe. In simple terms, in-striping or pinstripe is the thin line application of a paint or pinstripe material used for decoration.

Pinstripe can accomplish everything you want, like cars, trucks, custom helmets. Yet, this method is unsafe and requires tact and care to complete it accurately.

Here are two popular types of pinstripe today:

  • Mechanical Pinstriping: This type is done with the support of machines. Basically, they will be available on large surfaces like trucks and loaders.
  • Freehand Striping: This type is suitable for manual execution. However, to do this, it is necessary to seek the help of experts. If you want to use Freehand Striping, take the time to learn and practice before you start doing them.

Check out this video for details!

Tips To Take Care Of Your Customizing Motorcycle Helmet

  • After going in the rain, use a soft towel to dry your hat and eyeglasses, and dry the straps and lining to prevent bacteria from growing.
  • It should not be used when the hair is wet because then the scalp will quickly become dandruff or lead to a fungal condition.
  • Do not use gloves, towels, or any other object on the custom motorcycle custom helmet because dirt and sweat can easily damage the inner lining.
  • It should be cleaned at least once a month.
  • Avoid exposing the customizing motorcycle helmet to direct heat or prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Avoid letting the custom motorcycle helmet fall many times because it will scratch and scratch the customizing part and cause the foam part to crack.

Wrap Up

This article has shared with you five different options for customizing the motorcycle custom helmets. Each option is diverse, engaging, and unique. 

What matters is what you like best to decorate your hat with. Hopefully, the above sharing has helped you get more information, and you will choose the most suitable decoration style. Thank you for reading!

8+ Best Scooter Helmets In 2022 [Tested & Ranked by Top Experts]

Driving without a helmet or using a poor quality helmet can cause 40% of head injuries and 53% of traumatic brain injuries in accidents.

One of the best safety measures when driving high-speed vehicles such as scooters is to use a helmet. In particular, the helmet you choose needs to meet safety standards.

If you do not have much information about the above standards or even do not have much experience in choosing a helmet, do not ignore the list of best scooter helmets below. The products on this list are what you need to protect your body from injury or accidents.

Best Scooter Helmets – Best Moped Helmets 2022

Not all scooter helmets for adults can protect you from collision injury. Poor quality products that break easily when subjected to force damage also do not guarantee your safety. The best way to avoid this scenario is to choose one of the helmet models in the list below:

#1. Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full FaceBest for Overall

Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face

Important specifications

  • Weight: 4.85 Pounds.
  • Type: Full Face.
  • Shell Construction: Polycarbonate/ABS.

Product’s highlights

A good helmet not only needs to protect you from any kind of injury, but it also needs to be comfortable, fit, and stylish. All of these significant advantages appear on the Bell Unisex-Adult Street Helmet.

The product has met FMVSS 218 standard in terms of injury protection, receiving the prestigious DOT certification. Besides, the hat model also uses the NutraFog II shield and Velocity Flow ventilation system. Thus you will not face limited visibility, ensuring maximum safety.

In terms of feeling to use, it’s hard to find a product that offers a comfortable fit experience like Bell.

This helmet model is available in different sizes, suitable for many head sizes and ages. Besides, with the addition of the windscreen washers and the ventilation system, you will have the best noise-canceling experience ever.

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What We Like

  • Lightweight Polycarbonate/ABS housing.
  • Velocity Flow ventilation system.
  • Obtained DOT certification.
  • Shield NutraFog II.
  • Fit.

Thing to Consider

  • The padding near the chin can come off.

Bottom line

With good protection and comfort in use, Bell scooter helmets for kids are not only suitable for use when riding scooters. You can also use the product to participate in street bike and motorcycle races.

#2. Vega Helmets Half Size WarriorBest for Fashionable Design

Vega Helmets Half Size Warrior

Important specifications

  • Weight: 2.2 pounds.
  • Type: Half scooter helmet.
  • Fabric Type: Polyester Blend.

Product’s highlights

If you don’t like bulky sports scooter helmets near me with solid lines, Vega will satisfy you because the product has excellent protection under the highly fashionable look.

As a half motor scooter helmets model, Vega still equips the product with a sun visor, which can protect your eyes from UV rays as well as insects or dirt. The visor can be easily dropped, so it doesn’t lose the fashion of the design.

More than simply a product with a beautiful design, Vega also has all the features needed for a safety device. There’s almost no doubt about the product’s protection from the sizing dial system to the advanced lining.

In particular, Vega also meets all the safety rules of FMVSS 218. So you can use the product every time you ride a scooter, street bike.

Vega also provides warranty service of up to 5 years for this product model. 5 years is the maximum warranty period in the scooter helmet industry – enough to see Vega extremely confident with the durability and quality.

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What We Like

  • Warranty 5 years.
  • Fashion Designer.
  • Dial system for size adjustment.
  • Soft lining.
  • Sun visor protects the eyes.

Thing to Consider

  • Cover only half to keep the head cool.

Bottom line

Fashionable, light, and comfortable – the features are more than enough to make the Vega Motorcycle scooter helmet one of your most considered options.

#3. O’Neal Sierra Full-Face SlingshotBest for Light Weight

O’Neal Sierra II Mens Full-Face Slingshot

Important specifications

  • Weight: 1 Pound.
  • Type: Full Face.
  • Shell Construction: ABS.

Product’s highlights

Weight is one of the issues to consider when choosing a scooter helmet. Long usage time makes carrying a product that weighs up to pounds painful.

The O’Neal Sierra II has a shell made of ABS, durable, and light in weight. A model that measures 16 x 1 x 12 inches in dimensions weighs less than 1 pound.

By being almost the lightest in its price range, the O’Neal Sierra II is one of the most comfortable options for long-distance driving.

Underneath the incredibly durable and lightweight ABS shell is a removable moisture-resistant lining. This flexibility makes it both comfortable to use and easy to clean.

Last but not least, the O’Neal Sierra II meets the required safety standards such as DOT and ECE 22.05. You can use the product while participating in long-distance races, sports activities, and many other purposes.

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What We Like

  • Meet DOT and ECE 22.05 safety standards.
  • Lightweight.
  • Removable breathable lining.
  • Strap with safety buckle.
  • Integrated with visor.

Thing to Consider

  • The design is quite cumbersome.

Bottom line

O’NEAL has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing equipment and accessories for motorcycles and bicycles. With rich experience and constant innovation, O’NEAL in general and the Sierra II scooter helmet model, in particular, is a choice that will surely make you satisfied.

#4. MMG Helmets Open FaceBest for Windshields

MMG Helmets Open Face

Important specifications

  • Weight: 3.1 Pounds.
  • Type: Pilot Style.
  • Shell Construction: ABS.

Product’s highlights

Some scooter helmet models have a built-in shield for many purposes, from wind, sun, and dust protection. But the quality of the windshield is sometimes a drawback when you can have limited visibility and other unpleasant experiences.

However, MMG scooter helmets Open Face is not such a product.

Although the product’s windshield is vast, it still gives you a clear view. Besides, the manufacturer also integrated anti-scratch technology to bring a perfect experience.

Another advantage of products from MMG is the aerodynamic design, providing maximum breathability and comfort. With MMG, you can sometimes forget you’re wearing a scooter helmet.

The product’s ability to protect DOT standards (FMVSS 218) is also an advantage worth considering. Because meeting the FMVSS 218 standard means that the product can protect you from impacts with a significant impact force.

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What We Like

  • Aerodynamic design.
  • Large, scratch-resistant windshield.
  • Meet DOT FMVSS 218 standard.
  • Include a protective bag.
  • Comfortable.

Thing to Consider

  • The strap is quite long.

Bottom line

Driving at high speed will become less safe with the appearance of sunlight, dust, and wind. To minimize the impact of these risks, a scooter helmet with a high-quality visor such as the MMG Open Face is the optimal choice.

#5. GLX Unisex-Adult Size M14 Best for Convenience

GLX Unisex-Adult Size M14

Important specifications

  • Weight: 2.1 Pounds.
  • Type: Half scooter helmet.
  • Shell Construction: ABS.

Product’s highlights

In principle, you can listen to music, make calls while driving the scooter. However, not many people choose to do these activities because of the limitation when using best-selling helmets.

If you want the experience of listening to music and communicating on the go, the GLX Cruiser Scooter Motorcycle Half Helmet with a unique design will surely meet your needs.

The manufacturer has made improvements to integrate the use of wireless communication devices. With the GLX, you also have enough space to wear sound-enhancing devices.

An interior design is convenient for the use of communication devices, but the scooter helmet model from GLX also has a high-class aesthetic appearance. From the premium leather around the bottom edge to the stylish look, the GLX has a superb finish in every detail.

Talking about the design of the GLX, it is impossible not to mention the transparent Anti-Scratch shield that both ensures aesthetics and protects you from environmental influences.

Specifically, the face shield can protect your eyes from the impact of 99% of UV rays and effectively block insects and dirt.

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What We Like

  • Anti-Scratch transparent face shield.
  • The EPS foam layer absorbs impact.
  • Meet DOT certification standards.
  • Ready-to-use design for headsets and other communication devices.
  • Stylish look.

Thing to Consider

  • The strap is a bit short.

Bottom line

It would be a mistake to ignore the GLX Scooter Motorcycle Half Helmet, not only for safety but also for convenience. GLX Scooter Motorcycle Half Helmet is one of the best scooter helmets currently loved.

#6. Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet Best for Teens

Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet

Important specifications

  • Weight: 1 Pound.
  • Type: Half scooter helmet.
  • Construction: ABS, EPS foam.

Product’s highlights

If you love the classic Triple Eight look, you’ll be drawn to the brand’s Dual Certified Helmet model.

The product is loyal to a simple exterior design suitable for teenagers and adults, and the interior includes a practical impact-absorbing foam lining. The upper structure is quite traditional, which is a unique characteristic of Triple Eight.

The most crucial point is the support size of the product. Triple Eight offers three dimensions with this best electric scooter helmet, with the most petite being XS suitable for people with head sizes from 18.9 – 21.25 inches. 

Meanwhile, the significant size L, is ideal for people with head sizes from 23.25 – 24 inches. With the sizes above, whether you’re an adult or a teen, you’ll always have a helmet that fits well.

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What We Like

  • Impact-resistant EPS foam lining.
  • Two removable Sweatsaver Fit pads.
  • Easily adjustable strap.
  • Various sizes.
  • Durable, lightweight ABS housing.

Thing to Consider

  • No CPSC or NZ certification.

Bottom line

With many options in both size and color, the Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet is a product worth buying, especially for teenagers.

#7. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-SportBest for Budget

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport

Important specifications

  • Weight: 0.95 Pounds.
  • Type: Half Helmet.
  • Shell Construction: Polycarbonate/ABS.

Product’s highlights

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a device that helps keep your scooter safe. Because for less than $50, you’ve got a helmet that meets the CPSC safety requirements like the Razor V-17.

It claims superior protection with its high-quality padding, adjusted for a personalized fit. Not only to ensure safety, but this helmet model also provides absolute comfort with 17 air vents and an easy-to-adjust opening buckle.

Speaking of Razor’s adjustment buckle, it is impossible not to praise the safety lock that can fix the helmet even in the most unfavorable conditions, such as high-speed driving or participating in the most extreme activities.

In addition, the comfort of the Razor comes from the high-quality padding inside. You also get removable pads that can be adjusted for an optimal fit.

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What We Like

  • Meet all CPSC safety requirements.
  • Affordable.
  • 17 vents.
  • Safety lock to secure the helmet.
  • Comfortable padding.

Thing to Consider

  • There is no rear fit adjustment.

Bottom line

If you value breathability when wearing a helmet or simply need to find an affordable product that still meets safety standards, don’t miss the Razor V-17.

#8. Thousand Adult Bike HelmetBest for Warranty

Thousand Adult Bike Helmet

Important specifications

  • Weight: 1 Pound.
  • Type: Half Helmet.
  • Shell Construction: Polycarbonate/ABS.

Product’s highlights

One of the most significant advantages of the Thousand Adult Bike Helmet is the manufacturer’s replacement guarantee against theft and accidents.

With this policy, you will get a free replacement helmet sample if the previous product is lost due to theft or an accident.

The individual customer care policy in the best scooter helmet manufacturing industry has made many people stick with products from the Thousand brand for a long time. And with a series of advantages below, choosing to stick with Thousand for a long time will not let you down.

Specifically, the Thousand Adult Bike Helmet is an excellent convenience with a stylish design. Besides, the product also has many unique features, such as the swivel joint system to ensure a perfect fit and, most especially, the PopLock anti-theft lock.

With this patent-pending locking feature, you can leave your lightest helmet in your vehicle without worrying about problems with theft. That’s why Thousand is so confident in its free return and renewal policy.

Check Latest Price

What We Like

  • PopLock is patent pending.
  • Rotating joint system.
  • New product replacement policy.
  • High-quality leather strap.
  • Magnetic zipper.

Thing to Consider

  • The glossy cover is easy to scratch.

Bottom line

Looking for a helmet that offers a safety lock to keep motorcycle riders out of danger of theft? Or you want to find a product with excellent customer service. Whatever your needs are, you can stop your search when you own the Thousand Adult Bike Helmet.

What Helmet To Use For Various Activities? 

A helmet is not only a necessary piece of equipment to protect the safety of riding a scooter. A helmet is also a must-have item if you want to participate in several different activities such as skateboarding or other sports.

For each operation, you will need a protection product with unique features.

Specifically, while operating a scooter, you will need a product that meets international safety standards. At the same time, having extra dustproof glass is also an advantage worth considering.

With bicycle helmets for skateboarding, you need to pay attention to products designed to cover the back of the head. Because of the characteristics of this sport, scooter riders will often collide and exert a lot of force on the back part.

For potentially dangerous sports that can cause a forceful impact on the head, such as paintball, racing, etc., wearing a helmet is a mandatory requirement.

To make a choice, you should consult the manufacturer’s information to make sure the product is suitable for the above activities with riding gloves.

Guide To The Top 8 Scooter Helmets 

As mentioned, a perfect helmet should provide maximum protection and be comfortable, durable, and fashionable.

If choosing one that meets the above criteria is too tricky for you, please refer to some suggestions below:


Size is the most crucial factor when choosing a helmet because the product will not maximize protection if it does not fit your head size.

To know which product can provide a comfortable fit, you first need to measure your head circumference.

Measuring operation is quite simple, and you will use a tape measure, set the starting point to be from above the eyebrow. Then proceed to measure so that the tape measure goes around the highest position at the back of the head.

Once you have an accurate head circumference measurement, compare it with the size chart provided by the manufacturer. Sometimes some manufacturers will have some error in the table, and you need to be aware of this and limit the error by testing it directly.

Type of hat

There are different types of full-face helmets, from full-face protection to affordable half-helmets. Here are some of the most common bicycle helmets you can find:

Full face

Full face helmet ​is always considered the safest type of helmet. Drivers of large displacement motorcycles often use products with the above design.

Some people who are not used to this hat type will reflect on heat and heaviness in the background. However, with improvements in the air circulation system, these problems have disappeared entirely.

Open face

This design is slightly worse than Full Face in safety. However, the feeling of ventilation, comprehensive visibility, and the ability to put on and take off easily that the design brings is no denying with a customer creating.

Half helmets

This type of helmet has the lowest protection because it can only cover the upper half of the head. Other areas such as the head’s back, face, and ears can all be seriously injured in an accident.

However, this product is top-rated because of its lightweight, ventilation and compact size, convenience to carry.


This hat has a similar design to the Full face but has a long cap and quick release chin strap guard, so it is very suitable for racing off-road.

Safety standards

If you want to choose a helmet that can participate in races, meeting safety standards is necessary. Even if you’re simply looking for a helmet for everyday use, it’s worth considering one of the following criteria:

  • CE is the uniform safety standard in all EU member states.
  • ECE is also a European safety standard determined for impact absorption and side stiffness. ECE is currently the world’s most popular safety standard, with more than 50 countries and territories recognizing and using it.
  • DOT is a standard set by the US Department of Transport, similar to the European ECE standard. To meet the above standard, the helmet needs to undergo tests for impact absorption, penetration resistance, and even strength of the hat buckle.

Some additional features

In addition to safety, helmets need to have several other additional features. Some features include a ventilation system, eliminating wind noise when driving, and a UV protection visor.

The ideal helmet should have a scientific ventilation hole arrangement, creating air circulation, bringing a feeling of comfort and coolness when worn.

Besides, the hat rope needs to withstand pulling force, splash force greater than 130 lbs to fix the hat firmly in any conditions.

In addition, the strap should both hug the head circumference without causing discomfort and can be adjusted to a short length easily.

If you need a product that can accompany you on long trips, lightweight is one of the top priorities. For more tips for choosing, check out this video:

What Are Some Cool Or Vintage Scooter Helmets? 

There is no denying the excellent protection of helmets for professional riders such as Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult, O’Neal Sierra II Mens Full-Face.

However, if you don’t like being too bulky and less refined, you will need products with a more vintage design. Thousand Adult Bike Helmet, Vega Helmets Half Size are such designs.

Can I Listen To Music While Riding A Moped/Scooter?

You are not banned if you listen to music while driving a scooter. However, you will encounter some problems when enjoying music, one of which comes from wearing a helmet.

Every helmet model tries to fit and hug your head as tightly as possible. Going against the above general trend, to have a comfortable experience when listening to music, some manufacturers have integrated other headphones or communication systems.

The communication system that you can find on a high-end helmet model will include a speaker and a microphone – the two most basic devices for you to talk, communicate by phone as well as listen to music.

However, not everyone agrees to spend a large amount of money to get this feature. To save your budget, you can buy each listening device separately. During the selection process, you need to keep in mind the compatibility of each device with your helmet.

Final Thoughts

The more you invest in a helmet, the safer you will be when driving a scooter and participating in your specific sports.

You can find very affordable but excellent quality products if you invest time and effort in learning and researching helmets. 

With the list of best scooter helmets above, you have more materials and user bases to make a choice no longer too difficult.

Hopefully, the above list has the product you’ve been looking for – a product worth the investment with comprehensive safety protection without sacrificing comfort and durability.

How Long Are Motorcycle Helmets Good For?

A high-quality helmet and a powerful motorcycle make a perfect couple. However, your helmet tends to degrade quickly. So, how long are motorcycle helmets good for? 

Your helmet will weaken after 5 years of continuous wear and tear. Yet, its lifespan also varies depending on factors, such as frequent uses or accidents.

You are the one that has the most influence on your gear’s durability. Keep reading this article from MotoCzysz, and you can learn more about this issue. 

How Long Are Motorcycle Helmets Good For? 

Every manufacturer has a suggestion for their products. Arai suggests that you should replace your helmet every five years from the day you first use them.

Other makers, like Shoei, recommend upgrading your gear seven years after its manufacture date. 

All helmet manufacturers say that you should update your gear every five years with normal wear. 

Please underline, though, that the lifespan of a motorcycle helmet should primarily depend on how you use it. The more you ride with it, the lower the life expectancy of your gear.

In addition to frequent use, UV rays do the most long-term deterioration on your safety hat. 

how long are motorcycle helmets good for

Helmets often last for five years with normal use

Materials For Helmets 

Let’s talk about the material for a road helmet first to go any farther. Analyzing the materials used by producers might help you gain a better grasp of helmet longevity.

A helmet has two main parts: exterior and interior. Each area requires high-quality materials to last longer and remain durable. 

Often, a motorcycle helmet has an outer shell constructed of tough plastic, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and other commonly encountered materials.

These compounds are among the most durable materials available for helmet production. They can also last for a long time.

Moreover, those materials are remarkably resilient and are quite sturdy. 

If your helmet comes with one of these compounds, a drop onto the floor can’t cause any severe damage. Things may be different with other materials.

Another protective characteristic is the EPS foam. There is dense foam inside the helmet.  You might need to examine the foam for distortion if you dropped your gear with something hefty inside it.

The foam is in charge of dispersing and absorbing impact. As a result, dropping should not significantly influence its interior, necessitating the purchase of a new helmet.

Inside your gear, you’ll also discover some kind of moisture-wicking inner liner. This comfort liner will assist in maintaining its integrity by absorbing sweat and other body fluids.

The materials for interior and exterior must be durable

Signs To Replace Your Motorcycle Helmet 

Here are some indicators for something wrong with your gear. If you’re a new rider, these pointers might help you figure out if you need helmet replacement. 


According to extensive research, motorcycle helmets expire after five years of regular wear and tear.

It may appear to be in excellent condition, but please remember its age and its damage to the components.

When you wear your gear consistently, it is susceptible to temperature, dirt, prolonged UV exposure, and other factors. 

All external elements have an impact on its integrity. They also weaken the glues and resins that keep the components in their positions.

Despite the lack of actual proof, most companies apply the 5-year age expiry date. 

Some additional elements might influence how long your helmet lasts. So, while the suggested age limit for a repair is five years from the production date, it might be less or more.

Shoei helmets have a 5-year average lifetime. Because they are one of the most well-known companies in the motorcycle industry, you may take it as a starting point. 

Snell Memorial Foundation safety requirements also include a 5-year warranty. As a result, Snell Foundation makes sure to follow this in order to avoid potential litigation.

Five year helmet replacement is advisable


When you wear your gear every day, it may experience more wear and tear. Consistent usages may degrade materials and the durability of your helmet over time, even if it isn’t entirely obvious.

It’s comparable to riding your motorcycle or driving your car on a daily basis. As the miles rise, you must either perform multiple maintenance or purchase a new automobile.


Although this factor is obvious, it is worth mentioning. If you’ve been in an accident, it’s possible that you need a new helmet. 

You should adequately check your gear and, if necessary, have it x-rayed for any problems.

Wearing a broken helmet will provide little security. It irritates your head, preventing you from controlling your vehicle correctly.

Moreover, the broken part from the safety hat may make you injured. It shouldn’t save money on such issues. 

Loosen components

When you purchase a new helmet, it should fit perfectly. It sticks to your head like glue no matter how much you shake or turn it.

To see whether your gear has loosened, perform this test: Make a side-to-side shaking motion with your head. 

Does it remain secured on your head, or does it move around? The helmet padding has compressed if it moves about when you shake your head.

It’s better to upgrade the helmet comfort padding in this case. You should also check the indentations in the comfort liner.

Your safety hat should have a tight fit around your head. You don’t want to be involved in an accident while carrying a sagging helmet. 

Loose-fitting safety gear may cause traumatic brain and head injury. As a result, make sure that yours can fit firmly. If not, replace your helmet. 

Make sure that your hat fits your head perfectly

Deteriorating interior

Often, the helmet shells are not the first to degrade. 

There is foam and inner lining equipped inside the helmet. If the inside begins to peel off onto your shoulders or into your hair, it’s time to get a new one. 

Whether this problem occurs after three or five years of usage, you should consider upgrading your gear. 

Because the EPS liner usually has a black paint coating, you may also look inside the helmet for slight white fractures.

If this incident occurs, the helmet’s structure will be deteriorating. It will fail to absorb impact properly. The deterioration can also affect liner materials.

When you use a hair conditioner or have hair oils, be aware that it may add to the deterioration of the internal components of your hat. 

The cheek pads are also important to ensure the comfort of your rider. So check its performance too. 

Deteriorating exterior

If the shell gets brittle, fractures form, or breaks apart; it is time to upgrade it. You need to check if wearing a helmet in this damaged state is acceptable.

In an accident, the shell is the main point of contact. As a result, this component must be robust and long-lasting. 

In the event of an accident, any breaks in the shell will quickly expose your head to danger.

Strap failure

Also, check to see whether the straps are still functional. If you use your helmet frequently, you may realize that the strap hooks have rusted due to inclement weather and grime.

The chin strap is essential for securing it on your head. If this component stops functioning correctly, it may be time to replace the chin strap or even get a new safety hat. 

The chin straps are important for security

Helmet Safety Checks 

Is your motorcycle helmet good? There are some things you need to check to ensure your gear’s quality and prudent safety philosophy. 

The first and foremost thing to examine is the retention system. 

Thoroughly monitor your safety hat to make sure that the EPS liner is securely fastened to the outer shell.

Also, make sure the retention straps aren’t fraying. The stitching isn’t pulling loose, or the helmet isn’t coming off.

Additionally, check that the clip structure can close and stay closed as needed. Ensure that your helmet’s movable components, like the windshield or the flip-up jaw bar, aren’t getting loose.

Look for chips and fissures in the outer shell. If your helmet has any fractures, you should change it right away. 

That one small crack might be the vulnerable point that opens up in a crash, allowing the rider to sustain potentially deadly head injuries. 

Check your gear inside out carefully

How Often Should You Replace Your Helmet? 

Do you have to update your helmet when it reaches the age of five years? Perhaps yes, and maybe no. You’d spend the time carefully checking it both inside and out.

Pull firmly on the chin buckles. If it cracks, that could be the issue. 

If everything seems to be in proper working order, the protective foam comfort liner and the cushion liner are still in excellent condition.

Replace your helmet if it has been in an accident when it has collided with something sharp. 

Even though it appears to be in good shape, there might be an undetectable crack in the outside shell.

If the safety hat has an EPS comfort liner, it can only work for one collision. The foam can’t stand another depression again. As a result, it will not withstand the pressure on the following impact. 

The last reason you may need helmet replacement is for noticeable improvement. 

Headgear technology has gone a long way in the last decade. One of the finest motivations to upgrade your gear is to adapt to the most up-to-date technologies in terms of security, comfort, and lightness.

These advances permit manufacturers to come up with innovative production methods.  

Check to see if your first helmet can work properly

Frequently Asked Questions 

Riders have shown their concerns about motorcycle and bicycle helmets possibly degrading performance. Here are some of their frequently asked questions. 

1. Does a motorcycle helmet expire? 

The manufacturer says that you should replace your helmet every 3 to 5 years, depending on how old it is.

2. How can you check for helmet degradation?

Photo-oxidative deterioration harms your helmets. However, you can notice that the color of your gear is beginning to fade, often starting from the top. 

The PC would start turning yellow if your safety hat is made of transparent polycarbonate. It’s a phenomenon known as photo-yellowing.

Many factors will influence how rapidly the helmet shell deteriorates. Check to see if your location is UV-susceptible. Consider how often you use your gear and at what times of day, and how you store it while not in use.

There are many things to check used helmets

3. Do motorcycle helmets expire?

Most helmet manufacturers do not have an expiration date on their products. 

On the other hand, many helmets are subject to wear and tear as well as technical obsolescence. As a matter of thumb, you need to replace your gear every five years.

4. What is the ideal fit for a motorcycle helmet?

A helmet should fit snugly over the whole user’s head without causing pressure. Also, his or her helmet does not have any side-to-side or up and down motions during the ride. It shouldn’t be too snug or too loose.

You can learn more tips about sizing your gear from:

Final Words 

If you keep your helmet correctly and maintain it regularly, it will last a long time. When it comes to purchasing new gear, you should keep in mind the age and use of your older helmet.

Aside from natural wear and tear, innovations in helmet technology are another motivation for replacing helmets. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for being interested in the post! 

Wish you have a safe and enjoyable ride! 

Expert Sharing: How Does Uber Pay Employees?

Uber is one of the most popular companies in the world that offers transportation services such as taxis or deliveries. Customers like to use Uber’s service because it is very convenient and saves time. Uber is present in most major cities around the world to meet people’s travel needs. Along with that, Uber employees are also distributed in many cities to operate Uber’s services. Have you ever wondered how much an Uber employee earns? This article is the answer to the question “How does Uber pay employees?”

how does uber pay employees

The average annual salary an Uber employee can receive is $76,852 for a Logistics director and about $219,374 for a director. Uber applies a fairly fair compensation policy for the effort and time that employees spend. Employees in different positions and with different experiences will be paid by Uber a different salary commensurate with their ability.

All Uber employees from junior to senior are paid fairly and commensurate with their abilities. This is the core factor that helps the company to function well. There are various companies which are running successfully all around and some of them grow within no time.

The success of the Uber company is largely due to the contributions of their employees. Uber employs a lot of people around the world. In each country, Uber employees with the same job will receive different salaries. In the article below, we will list some positions in the Uber company.

Drivers/ Partners

how does uber pay employees

In the case of Uber, the person driving the car is not a driver but a partner which is along with the company. In this, it is the whole preference of a driver that when one wants to drive and for how many hours.

The more kilometers a driver travels, the more money they can get. In particular, during peak hours, the fare for each Uber ride may increase based on customer demand and the availability of Uber drivers. This policy helps drivers not to be harmed if they have to wait for a long time during rush hour. Even when the driver is sitting in the rush one will get compensation for the same.

In some areas, drivers will be paid by the day. While in others one can swipe for getting the money in between the journey almost 5 times in a day or lesser in other parts.

In some places, Uber will pay the driver’s insurance. All other costs must be borne by the driver. So it depends from place to place. There are many Uber drivers who work part-time.

If you’re an Uber driver, you don’t necessarily have to be ready to provide service all the time. Although Uber allows customers to book taxis 24/7 based on its operating policy. This means that in addition to being an Uber driver, you can also do another job if you want. This policy creates comfort for drivers and partners.


The salaries of Uber engineers are also paid differently in different places based on the nature of their work. Most of the engineers working for Uber are software engineers and that too at different levels.

But compared to other engineering companies, Uber not only offers a good working environment but also pays its engineers a decent salary. There are different types of software in which they are working and experimenting with new things.

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Uber has managers at all branches. Their job is to manage and ensure the quality of service provided to customers. Uber has managers at different levels such as Logistic manager, office manager, regional sales manager, operations manager, and many more.


In the above article, has given you the answer to the question “How does Uber pay employees“. Generally, Uber has a pretty good salary and bonus policy. Salary standards vary from place to place, but compared to other companies in the same field, Uber offers a good salary deal that still ensures the best working environment.

Top 20+ Uber XL Cars In 2021 For Every Uber Service

Uber is one of the world’s leading companies that provide transportation services to everyone. The company’s success is explained by its varied and comfortable service. Uber has a lot of different services with different features to meet the needs of each customer segment. For example, if you want a safe and comfortable ride at a relatively cheap price, UberX will be the perfect choice for you; or if you want a luxurious ride with all the conveniences regardless of any price levels, you should choose Uber Premium. For each different service, Uber will use different cars. This article is mainly about Uber XL cars.

One of the standout features of the Uber XL service is that it can carry up to 6 people. So if you’re traveling in a group of six, we recommend you choose the Uber XL service for a comfortable ride. The cars used for the Uber XL service belong to the low-cost SUV segment or they can be called minivans.

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Top 12+ Best Uber Black Cars List For You

Top Uber XL Cars In 2021

These cars provide passengers with a comfortable experience. Below, we list the top 20 best Uber XL cars, you can refer to:

1. Chevrolet Traverse

xl cars

This car gives passengers a smooth feeling during the trip. They don’t even feel that they are traveling in a car. So it is a perfect choice for rough roads.

This car can accommodate up to 8 people, so if your group has 6 people, this car still has enough space for you. You can also bring a little luggage in this car.

This car has a great interior that gives a luxurious experience to the passengers while sitting in the car.

2. Dodge (Durango)

xl cars

This car has a beautiful design and a comfortable interior. It has a luxurious feel that makes anyone who has used it want to experience it again and again.

Dodge brings the most comfortable feeling for passengers when sitting in it. With the best of seats, there is infotainment of around 5 inches in which one can get the best sound experience.

3. Chrysler (Town & Country)

xl cars

This car has the best performance because it is equipped with a powerful V6 engine. It also helps drivers have the best driving experience.

The design of this whole car is amazing with display, satellite radio, audio system with six speakers, and many other features which make it comfortable to perform journey on it.

4. Ford Explorer

xl cars

This is a large-capacity vehicle. Its ride can carry up to 7 people.

The design from the outside to the inside of this car sets it apart from other cars. Passengers can feel the special of this car compared to other luxury cars.

The ride is also very smooth which gives the best travel experience to the riders.

5. GMC Acadia

xl cars

This car offers the best passenger experience thanks to its powerful and modern engine.

The fuel economy of this car is also very good, which helps the car operate efficiently. It has a 3-row seat in which easily around 7 people could sit.

This car is also equipped with additional features such as a rearview camera, airbags, … to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.

The body of the car is also very sturdy in case any accidents happen.

6. Toyota Siemens

xl cars

This car has a very spacious and comfortable interior. The driver will get the most comfortable experience on this car. This makes it the best Uber XL car ever.

It is also equipped with a V6 engine, a powerful engine that makes for a comfortable ride.

This car also has many other features which make it more comfortable like Bluray entertainment. intercom facilities and many others.

7. Mitsubishi Outlander

xl cars

This car has a perfect exterior design that makes it unique.

Its interior is also full of luxury and offers a comfortable experience for riders. It has a fuel tank capacity of 60 liters.

If you are traveling in a group of 7 people, this car is also a great choice for you. With the interiors and the exterior full car has been done for the safety of the riders such as providing airbags and different safety features.

8. Lincoln MK

xl cars

This vehicle has a very spacious legroom that provides comfort for passengers during the trip. It is equipped with a powerful V8 or V6 engine.

It brings comfort to both driver and passenger. Its braking system is very smooth, so when the car has to stop suddenly, passengers do not feel jerks.

9. Land Rover LR3

xl cars

This is the most luxurious SUV car because passengers when using it will have a luxurious experience and they will not likely to get get off the car.

The interior of this car gives an elite feeling and makes it different from the inside making it feel royal.

10. Cadillac Escalade

xl cars

The design of this car is such that no one can take their eyes off it if they meet it on the road.

Its interior and exterior are very luxurious. The one who gets off the car will be known by the car that the rider came in that car.

The status of the person if going to the party will increase manifold.

11. Kia Sorrento

xl cars

This car belongs in the mid-size SUV category but its versatility is incredible.

The look of this car sets it apart from other cars. Also, the information system which we are using is great.

This car is so comfortable that passengers will not feel like they are sitting in the car during the trip. It will make the person feel like the comfort of the house.

12. Toyota Highlander

xl cars

Jute is an SUV with five doors. It is also equipped with a powerful V6 engine that gives passengers a smooth ride.

Its cabin space is superb and its elegant interior also makes it unique.

This vehicle also offers various features to meet the needs of customers.

13. Dodge Grand Caravan

This car has all the features that make it different from other cars.

It has a music system with 6 speakers. Its interior is also very quality, which makes it one of the most rewarding Uber Eats cars.

I guarantee that those who have used this car want to experience it again.

14. Hyundai Santa Fe

The engine of this bike is 2199 cc. It’s a powerful engine that offers a safe and quick ride.

This car is also equipped with various features to make the ride comfortable such as an infotainment system with touch,
climate control which could be done two ways, auto headlamps for outer beauty, and many others. Its features make it different from others.

15. Dodge Journey

This car comes with a powerful V6 engine and can accommodate about 7 people.

In addition, it also has a rearview camera which helps the driver to control the car more safely.

This car has a great look and a variety of colors that make it even more attractive.

16. Ford Flex

This car has low ground clearance which does not give much of jerks.

It seats about 7 people and each seat has enough legroom for passengers to sit comfortably during the trip.

In addition, this car also has space for passengers to carry luggage.

17. Subaru Tribeca

The design of this car and its interior make it feel like a royal car.

It gives majestic features which make the rider want to ride in the car again and again.

The interior features set it apart from other SUVs at this price point.

18. Volkswagen Tiguan

This car can carry 5 people.

This is the car for the adventurous. But with the adventure, it has all the elite features in it which make it love for the people who want to have a comfortable experience.

19. Honda Odyssey

The wheels used in it are 19 inches and with alloy features.

This is a perfect family car and it can be classified as the best minivan for your family outing.

This vehicle is also equipped with unique features that make the ride more enjoyable.

20. Honda Pilot

The exterior and interior of this car give it a unique style. It can accommodate about 8 people.

With the looks car is also being ensured on the safety aspects as there are features of adaptive cruise control, Collision Mitigation Braking System, Lane-keeping Assist system, and many others.


Above are the top 20 best Uber XL cars wants to share with you. Overall, all these Uber XLs have great features to give passengers a safe and comfortable ride. Passengers can choose any Uber service to use. Uber guarantees to give you a comfortable ride at an affordable price regardless of the Uber service you want.

What Is Uber Select? [A-Z] How To Ride In Uber Select

Uber is one of the most popular transportation services in the world. It allows users to book taxis to move quickly and save time. Its convenient and comfortable service is perfect for those who have a busy work schedule and don’t have too much time to move. Since Uber was established now, Uber has launched many different taxi services to meet the needs of each customer segment such as UberX, UberXL, Uber Premium,… This article will share with you all the information about Uber Select.

Uber select is just above your normal everyday car. This is a luxury taxi service. Its fare is also higher than most other Uber services but that guarantees you a better and more comfortable ride than a regular Uber ride. In other words, Uber select was released to serve people who want a luxurious and comfortable ride and are willing to pay a higher amount for their ride.

The different categories are indicative of the nature, value, and style of car models, driver credentials, comfort features, and pricing mechanism. The UberX is the basic and highly popular normal car share that can be used by a maximum of 4 people to reach their destination at a very low cost.

Uber Select: Expert Sharing

uber select

Highlights of Uber Select

1. Uber select service ensures a balance between luxury rides and affordable policy.

2. This service is also often compared to Uber Black except that 100% of the cars used for this service are black.

3. Uber select can guarantee a stylish and luxurious ride for a group of 4 passengers.

4. Uber select service only works in certain cities around the world where customers have high demand.

5. The main car models used for this service include electric sedans, BMWs, and sports cars such as the Porsche Macan.

6. Official sources suggest that only rated drivers are selected after screening.

Uber Select Cars

Uber is a professional company that also services simple sedans, mid-tier luxury vehicles, and high-end limousines for various services. For the Uber select, cars will be thoroughly inspected by an employee or mechanic to ensure comfort and eligibility for driving excellence requirements. Here are the common vehicles that are tested and selected by technology-based transportation support staff to drive:

  • Acura MDX, Cadillac CTS, Audi Q3, BMW X3, X5, and Series 5 and 7.
  • Sports cars like Porsche Cayenne and Macan.
  • Compact and contemporary luxury cars such as Land Rover Luxury, Evoque.
  • Sophisticated Sedans like the Kia K900, Tesla Model S, Hyundai Genesis, Infiniti, etc.
  • Full-Size SUVs from Lincoln, Mercedes Benz, and Lexus for refinement and capacity.

How to book an Uber select ride?

Uber select service is the best choice for you if you are in need of a luxurious and convenient ride. The interested riders have to confirm the availability of this service on the country-specific website for individual cities.

Here are the steps you can follow to book an Uber select ride.

1. First, you must download the latest version of the Uber app.

uber select

2. Open the Uber app and provide the destination details by clicking “enter pickup address”.

uber select

3. You must then confirm your pick-up point and destination.

uber select

4. Select the “SELECT” option at the bottom of the screen and tap the “confirm SELECT” button at the end.

uber select

5. Tap on “request Uber select”: Once the software finds a match, the diver’s photo and information about his vehicle will be listed on your screen.

uber select

6. You can track the vehicle during travel on the Uber app.

7. The driver will follow Uber’s instructions or you can also specify the fastest and shortest route.

8. Uber select provides users with an automatic payment method in case they do not have cash available.

9. When the trip is over, you can also rate the driver based on factors such as the safety or comfort of the ride.

10. On the other hand, Uber select an entry-level luxury service that has another name is Uber Plus.

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In this article, has provided you with all the information about Uber Select. Although Uber select is not available in all cities in the world in case, you want to book Uber services, you can also refer to other Uber services.

How To Tip Uber Eats Driver – 4 Steps With Picture

Uber Eats is one of the most popular online food ordering apps in the world. You can order food easily and quickly with just a few clicks. Uber Eats allows you to order food depending on your location and time. Uber guarantees your food will be delivered on time and to your door. If that delivery is quick and refundable and you’re 100% satisfied with it, you can tip the delivery person right on the Uber Eats app in case, you don’t have cash at the time. So how to tip Uber Eats drivers. Check out this article for more on tipping Uber Eats drivers.

how to tip uber eats

Usually, you can tip them from $1 to $6. Or you can also enter the amount you want to tip the driver.

Here are 4 steps you should follow:

How to tip Uber Eats driver?

Step 1: Launch the Uber Eats app

how to tip uber eats

You must make sure the Uber Eats app is available on your device. If it hasn’t been downloaded, you can download it from the App Store for iOS devices or from Google Play for Android devices.

Once the Uber Eats app is downloaded, locate it on your device. Find the Uber Eats logo and tap it once. The application will open.

You are now ready to use Uber Eats.

Step 2: Tap on “Rate order”

After the driver completes your delivery, you can see the details of the order placed. Tap on “Rate order”

Step 3: Add feedback

You can also give some feedback to your food delivery driver. This feedback will help improve the service Uber Eats provides.

You can also add notes if you want

Step 4: Add tip

how to tip uber eats

If you are satisfied with the service of Uber Eats, you can add a tip to them.

Note that the tip is optional. You can tip the driver or not.

If you don’t want to tip the driver for some reason, you can skip this step.

In case you want to tip him, the system will suggest several tip levels including $2, $4, or $6. You can also choose an arbitrary tip amount by clicking “Enter custom amount” and enter the amount you want to tip.

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In this article, has shown you how to tip Uber Eats drivers. You can tip the driver or just give feedback for Uber Eats to improve their service, or you can even choose both.

Honest feedback will help the Uber Eats community grow positively. Once you receive your order, you can give feedback with a quick tap on the Uber Eats app. You can even provide specific information about the foods you have ordered, with a thumbs up or thumbs down option for each one. Restaurants will use that feedback to improve their dishes.

How To Contact Uber Eats Customer Service

Uber Eats is one of the world’s most popular apps involving allowing users to order food to their doorstep. With just a few simple steps, you can immediately order the food you want at your favorite restaurants. In some cases, you may encounter a number of techniques that make your ordering process difficult. What should you do in that situation? What you need to do at that time is to contact Uber Eats customer service to ask for help. So the question is “How to contact Uber Eats customer service?”. This article will give you the answer.

how to contact uber eats

Since Uber Eats is a popular food ordering app, it means its usage is huge, making it the reason for various complications or issues to raise.

In such situations, you can look to Uber Eats customer service for help. This service will solve all the problems you have during the ordering process.

Here are 8 ways you can use to contact Uber Eats customer service.

1. Through live support

One can call the UberEats customer service care where one can talk directly to the customer support. As it is present in different countries the number of these customer services is different.

You can call the school to discuss your problem directly to find the solution as soon as possible.

2. From the web

Uber provides customers with several links so that you can contact Uber Eats customer service at any time.

First, you need to visit the website After clicking this link, you will have the following options:

  • For the riders
  • Help for partners
  • For the eaters
  • For the restaurants

From this one can choose which falls and different types of issues are clubbed into different headings.

You can select a heading that is suitable for you and then the issues, there are certain solutions given to all these issues.

However, if your issue is still not fully resolved, you can log in to your Uber Eats account to complain about the Uber Eats service.

3. By the email

You can also email customer service directly at [email protected]. Uber will respond to you as soon as possible.

4. By Uber Eats app

You can also contact Uber Eats customer service through the Uber Eats app. In the app, there are some helpful options that you can tap and all the list of transactions will come from where one can select the transaction in which you had an issue.

After choosing a transaction, you can make a complaint about your issue via the app. Then, you will receive help from Uber Eats customer service.

how to contact uber eats

5. Visiting the local office

Uber Eats offices are available in most states where Uber Eats services are available.

You can visit the nearest Uber Eats office or file a complaint directly with the company. Within the time frame, one will get a reply to their query.

6. Through the Twitter

Twitter is the perfect place to get in touch with Uber Eats customer service. You can visit the following link to get a solution in case, you have any problem with the ordering process.

7. Filling the contact form

You can also enter the necessary information directly into the contact form available on the website, click here. In that form, you will have to provide some details about you and your problem in order to get help.

Email is something you are required to provide because Uber’s response will be sent to your email.

8. Greenlight locations

Sometimes one wants to discuss things or issues face to face for this uber had allotted various locations by the name of the green light locations.

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In this article, we’ve shown you all the ways you can follow to get help from Uber whenever you run into problems with your order. Now you have the answer to the question “How to contact Uber Eats customer service?”. hopes this information is useful to you.

How To Delete Lyft Account: 13 Steps With Picture

Like other taxi applications, Lyft is an application that provides transportation services that are both fast and convenient for everyone. To start using Lyst’s services, you must create a Lyft account to maintain. However, you may want to delete your Lyft account in some cases and for several reasons, for example, leaving the site, change of number,… This article will help you find How to delete Lyft account.

You should follow the steps below.

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A Guide to the Best Uber Accessories You Need as a Driver

Delete Lyft account in 13 steps

Step 1: Open a web browser

In this article, we will guide you through google chrome.

Tap the Chrome logo icon once to open it.

how to delete lyft account

Step 2: Tap on New Tab

Open a new tab. Do you see a public sign in the top left corner of your screen? It’s the icon of the “New tab”. Tap on it.

how to delete lyft account

Step 3: Search Bar

Once a new tab is opened, you’ll find a search bar in the center of the screen. Click it.

how to delete lyft account

Step 4: Web address

You can use the link below to go directly to the desired page. This link will take you to the “Delete my account on Lyft” website.

Copy and paste this link in the search bar.

Step 5: Delete Lyft account

You’ll find a hyperlink just below the subheading that says “To delete your Lyft account and data, visit us here”.

Click on that hyperlink, which will take you to the next web page.

how to delete lyft account

Step 6: Enter your phone number

In this step, you must provide your exact phone number. This is the number you used to sign up for a Lyft account.

Enter it along with your country code in the blank bar provided.

how to delete lyft account

Step 7: Click the “Next” option

Do you see a purple button below the phone number bar?. It is given below the “Keep me signed in” option.

Click it to move to the next step.

how to delete lyft account

Step 8: Verification code

The Lyft system will send a verification code to your device immediately.

Copy and paste that code in the space provided.

This is to verify information about your account.

how to delete lyft account

Step 9: “Next”

Click “Next” again to move to the next page.

how to delete lyft account

Step 10: Tap on “Reason for leaving”

At this step, Lyft will ask you to provide a reason why you want to delete your account. The system will also suggest you a few common reasons. Please choose the reason that best suits your situation. If none of the reasons match, please click “Other” and enter your reason.

Please note that this is a voluntary step in the Lyft account deletion process.

how to delete lyft account

Step 11: Click “Next”

Once you’ve selected or entered your reason for leaving, tap the purple “next” button below.

how to delete lyft account

Step 12: Confirm deletion of your Lyft account

Each app/website will have a different way of asking you to confirm your decision to delete your account. Lyft will ask you to enter the words “DELETE”.

Then you have to click on the “Delete account” button.

how to delete lyft account

Step 13: A confirmation message

After completing all the above steps, you will receive a confirmation message on the screen. Here. you are notified that all data about your account has been deleted.

Now you have successfully deleted your Lyft account.

how to delete lyft account


The above article showed you how to delete Lyft account. There are 13 steps in all. They are relatively simple so you can follow them easily. If you want to use Lyft’s services in the future, you must create another Lyft account to use it. hopes this helpful information can help you in a situation where you want to delete your Lyft account.

Expert Tips: How To Get Uber Receipt

Uber is the world’s leading popular transportation service company. Uber’s service is not only comfortable and convenient, but it also saves passengers time and money. That is also the reason for the popularity of Uber worldwide. Uber also successfully applies technological achievements to give customers the best experience with its services such as ride-hailing, fare estimation, and payment operations. In this article, we will give the answer to your question “How to get Uber receipt?”

As far as you can see, technology plays an important role in location selection through digital maps and GPS tracking to ensure the safety and reliability of the trip. Your transactions as well as your ride history are saved on Uber’s servers. Passengers will receive email updates of Uber receipts to ensure transparency and accountability in the whole range of services.

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how to get uber receipt

How to get Uber receipt?

Uber has a process of updating all customer account information so that after each ride, it can send them a receipt via email. You can refer to and follow the process below for more UberX input or an economy class ride receipt.

1. Open the Uber app and go to Menu

First, open the Uber app on your phone. Makes sure Uber is available on your phone. Otherwise, you can download the Uber app from the App Store for iOS devices or from Google Play for any Android device.

Once the download is complete, tap the Uber logo icon once to open it up. Then keep clicking on the top left corner to go to the Menu.

2. Click “Your trips”

3. Click a Past trip

4. Check Details

Here you can check all details related to your past trip including route, pick-up point, destination, and even the price of that trip.

5. Tap Receipts

For a detailed breakdown of your fare tap on Receipt and you will get it easily

Verification email

Check the email account that you used to sign up for an Uber account to update your receipts automatically for all rides.

Make sure you’ve searched for it in all the mailboxes on the email.

Go to your Uber app’s “Settings” option to verify or modify the email address.

Receipt Verification and Resending

how to get uber receipt

1. Open the official Uber homepage at the following link:

2. Provide complete and detailed information about your email id or mobile number to log in to your Uber account.

3. You can also choose another input method, which is login via Facebook.

4. On the dashboard you have to select the option “My trips”

5. Select the trip you want and click the “resend” button.

6. Sign in to several of your email accounts and check your inbox for new emails and trip history.

7. You have to manage the receipt updates through manual operations for downloading, printing, or filing operations.

8. Third-party software is also available for direct downloading from the email account, and storing the freshly updated receipts as PDF files in the cloud (Security concerns and personal identity issues have to be satisfied before).

Mandatory Items or Data for Uber Receipt

  • Any smartphone or mobile device with touch screen, SMS, pixel screen,…
  • Personal information includes first name, last name, email ID, and mobile phone number.
  • A rider, driver, and partner account.
  • Fast internet and login details.
  • The latest updated version of the Uber app with full features.

History Review

Passengers can use Uber’s convenient features to access all necessary historical data related to their rides. The company has various software applications, servers, and database records with account holder’s information.

1. Open the Uber app by tapping once on its logo icon. Make sure it’s the latest version of Uber.

2 Select “Menu” and select the “Your Trips” option

3. Select a past trip and view all the information about that trip.

4. You can check your route history, pick-up and destination points, and trip costs.

5. Tap the “Receipts” option on your phone screen and you can see a complete breakdown of fares.

6. Download and print receipts for analysis, comprehension, or accounting needs.


Above is all the information you need to know about “How to get Uber receipt”. hopes this information will be useful to you. If you have any questions, you can visit Uber Help to respond and get help from Uber.

Top 15+ Best UberX Cars To Drive in 2021 for Every Uber Service

Uber Eats is one of the leading online taxi booking companies in the world. Its services are relatively comfortable and convenient and suitable for those who want to save time and money. Uber has many different service IDs to suit each customer segment such as UberX, UberXL, Uber Select, Uber Premium,…Each of these services is provided with different types of cars and features, but the common goal is still to give passengers a comfortable ride. This article will show the top 15 best UberX cars for Uber service.

Of all Uber services, most customers choose to use the UberX service. This is because it is a popular service and passengers do not have to pay too much for that trip.

UberX can carry up to 4 people but still ensures enough space in the car.

Best UberX cars list for Uber service

1. Dodge Charger

uberx cars

This is a sedan with the best performance. Its exterior design is distinctively different which sets it apart from other cars. Most people can’t take their eyes off it.

The interior of this car brings a luxurious and comfortable experience to the passengers.

It gives the best of mileage saves fuel.

2. Toyota Prius

uberx cars

This car offers the best driving experience because depending on the weather it can adjust the driving by itself.

During the driving, the rider will not feel jerky and has a comfortable ride in it.

Its powerful engine and luxurious interior make passengers want to experience it again.

3. BMW 3 Series

uberx cars

This car is the best choice for a comfortable ride if you need to move around every day.

Not only does it provide features to ensure a comfortable ride, but its design is also very luxurious.

The power of the car is also an amazing point that ensures the safety of both the driver and the passengers.

4. Kia Sorento & Optima

uberx cars

This car has a different style compared to other cars. The design of its interior and exterior gives a royal feel to the occupants of the vehicle.

It has all the features that passengers ask for.

It gives an awesome feeling when it moves outside on the road and every person sees it again and again.

5. Ford Escape

uberx cars

This car has plenty of space for luggage and there are no problems. Passengers can carry a lot of luggage with this car.

This car is also fully equipped with a music system to make the ride even more enjoyable. The music gives a stereo-like effect. This car can carry up to 4 people and still has comfortable legroom.

6. Nissa Maxima

uberx cars

It is a sedan with sporty styling. This car is also equipped with a powerful engine of about 300 horsepower.

If you move in a group of 4 people, this car still meets enough space for you.

With this, the movement of the person could be done easily and will not have any problem. The design from the interior is great which adds to the sporty look.

7. Toyota Camry

uberx cars

This is a family sedan because it ensures the safety and security of everyone in the family. This car is also fuel-efficient.

Its exterior looks great. At the same time, the driver will not face any problems while driving, which makes the trip safer.

8. Honda Accord

uberx cars

This is considered the best car of the sedan class ever. Its design is amazing, and hard to resist. Those who have been in that car will definitely want to experience it again.

The car’s ability to operate on the road is also great, providing the best experience for everyone in the car.

9. Ford Escort

uberx cars

This car is the best car which gives value for the money invested in it. It has a lot of space and the driver will not have any problems during movement.

The overall look of the car from the outside and inside is great. It offers a luxurious experience for both driver and passenger.

10. Hummer H3

uberx cars

This car is like an SUV with a beautiful design. The interior of the car is also great.

It also has enough space for passengers to carry their luggage when they travel.

it provides an average of 19 to 20 which is good in terms of heavy cars. Safety is the top concern of this car, so the outside body of this car is very stiff in case something goes wrong.

11. Ford Fusion

uberx cars

This car is relatively heavy and brings the most comfortable feeling to the user. It also has all the features needed for a comfortable ride such as air conditioning, a music system, and more.

The color of this car is beautiful and each one is better than the other.

12. Ford Crown Victoria

uberx cars

This vehicle does not require much maintenance and having a powerful engine that provides the best ride to the riders.

However, this car is suitable for longer trips. The seats in this car are also very good.

13. Nissan Altima

Driving can easily be done on this vehicle. It has a comfortable cabin with all the necessary features for a comfortable journey.

The ground clearance level is also good which gives fewer of jerks to the rides.

14. Chevrolet Equinox

This is one of the best UberX cars for a ride because it is so comfortable that passengers can sit in it for hours.

The interior of this car is gorgeous. And it also saves fuel. This is very useful for a long road trip.

15. Chrysler 200 & 300

This is the best car in the Uber service and has about 295 horsepower. The motor is powerful and can run stably at high speed.

It is equipped with a V6 engine that helps save fuel.

This is the best family car and gives the best passenger experience.

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The above article has mentioned the 15 best UberX cars. In general, all the cars used for the UberX service are good cars and they can guarantee passengers a safe and comfortable ride. What these cars have in common is that they are both suitable for a long distance and it also helps save costs for riders. hopes that this information is useful to you.

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