10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers 2022: Which One Is Better?

When upgrading or choosing to buy motorcycle accessories, speakers are probably not your top priority. In reality, the right set of speakers can open up a whole new horizon where driving becomes more enjoyable.

During a long trip, for example, the speaker can fill the silence with the tune of your favorite song. Besides, some speaker models also integrate with many guest features such as talking, keeping in touch with people on the same trip.

If you are still concerned that wired speakers may interfere with your driving, why not try a Bluetooth speaker that attaches to your helmet? This type of speaker has all of the above advantages, and at the same time, overcomes many disadvantages of traditional wired speakers.

If you are still confused about wireless speakers, here is a detailed guide, accompanied by 10 suggestions about Bluetooth motorbike helmet speakers that you should not miss.

Choosing The Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers 

As the name suggests, motorcycle helmet speakers are specialized Bluetooth devices that attach to the ear inside the helmet. As a result, you can enjoy your favorite tunes without worrying about ambient noise and the limitation of wires.

For backpackers, a motorcycle helmet with a built-in Bluetooth speaker is a great choice. But what are the criteria to choose a high-quality product? Sound quality – compatibility – duration of use are the top 3 essential criteria:

Good sound quality

Like any other speaker, sound quality is an essential factor in determining the overall quality of a Bluetooth speaker.

Each person has a unique musical preference, so evaluating the “quality” of the sound will have specific differences. Usually, many people will be interested in the bass range and easily overlook the speaker’s ability to play high-range tones.

However, a speaker model cannot be on the list of best Bluetooth speakers for a motorcycle helmet if it cannot transmit good sound in the high range. The lack of treble will reduce the impression of the sound, significantly affecting your listening experience.

Hat compatibility

As mentioned, you will attach this special one to the inside of the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet with speakers. There is not too much distance between the hat and the ear, so in order not to be pinched when using, the motorcycle helmet speaker must have the right thickness.

Precisely, if you have enough space, the best motorcycle helmet speakers with a large diameter will fit in and provide a great musical experience.

Meanwhile, in the opposite case, you need to sacrifice the speaker’s diameter for a comfortable wearing experience for a long time.

High playtime and standby time

Bluetooth helmet speakers will accompany you on your longest journeys. Therefore, you do not always have the conditions to charge the device’s battery.

A good speaker won’t interrupt your listening experience thanks to its long playtime, high standby time, and fast charging. To learn more, you can refer to the information in the next section below.

Things To Consider When Buying Helmet Speakers 

Suppose you have never used or even heard of best sounding Bluetooth helmet speakers before. 

In that case, it is almost impossible for you to know the points to consider when choosing a product that can meet these three fundamental factors.

To be able to make a choice easily, do not ignore the detailed instructions below:

Speaker Type

There are two main styles of motorcycle helmet speakers: using a wired connection and using a Bluetooth wireless connection. Speaker selection is a top concern because your decision will be directly related to usability.

Wired connection

Specifically, the wired connection is the most traditional style of speaker you can find. This speaker will connect to playback Bluetooth devices such as smartphones and music players by jack and lead.

The above traditional design makes the product suitable for many different devices. Because honestly, not all Bluetooth-enabled devices today support Bluetooth.

In addition, another advantage of this type of connection is that the audio quality is relatively stable because the speaker’s connectivity is not affected much by the signal.

However, it is no coincidence that wired connections are no longer dominant. Because the most obvious disadvantage of this type of speaker is that the wires can get in the way, especially when you are driving a large displacement sports car, wires are annoying and can also bring many dangers.

Besides, the rope’s durability during long trips is also a big question mark. Because in your journey, you will not be able to predict the negative effect of the force acting on the conductor.

Wireless Connectivity

Unlike products that use a wired connection, the wireless speaker eliminates the hassles of wires: you will no longer have difficulty taking off your motorcycle helmet, much less the risk of unsafety caused by wire entanglement is too long.

The question is, can you add Bluetooth to a motorcycle helmet?

In fact, you can add this feature to your motorcycle helmet.

However, due to the nature of the connection, the sound may be interrupted when the signal is not stable. And as mentioned, not all transmitters support Bluetooth connectivity.

Finally, another issue to consider is cost: wireless Bluetooth helmet speakers typically cost a bit more than wired products.

However, in terms of convenience and the audio quality you get in return, Bluetooth speakers are still an investment worth considering.

Sound quality

The sound quality of Bluetooth helmet speakers dedicated to the course journey cannot be weighed against high-quality studio or theater products.

However, you can fully expect a product with an easy-to-listen sound, giving a great impression.

If you do not have too much knowledge about evaluating the audio quality of the best Bluetooth helmet speakers, you can rely on information from the manufacturer to make a choice. 

Specifically, there are three main types of audio: mono, stereo, and multichannel surround sound, where mono sound, as the name suggests, originates from a single channel. It is currently not so popular because it has been replaced by stereo and multichannel surround sound.

  • Stereo sound: It feels like you’re listening to sound from various sources.
  • Multichannel surround sound: It is created from at least four independent audio channels. This type of sound puts the listener in a state of being surrounded by the melody.

In addition to paying attention to the sound pattern, you need to pay attention to the signal processing technologies of the speaker. The advanced noise control technology worth giving the most priority is DSP with effective noise and echo cancellation.

You need to pay attention to the above technology because your primary use environment cannot lack the sound of the engine, wind, and traffic. You desperately need a technology that can suppress and eliminate noise like DSP in this environment.

Battery life

Undoubtedly, having a wireless device run out of battery during the journey is sure to bring no minor frustration.

Therefore, it is recommended that you prioritize products with excellent battery life if you want an uninterrupted experience when choosing a Bluetooth speaker.

Usually, an excellent wireless music player should have at least 6-8 hours of playback time and a minimum of 300 hours of standby time.

Short charging time is also one of the advantages that should be in your final choice. A device that only takes 1-2 hours to fully charge to be able to use for a whole day will certainly not make your listening experience interrupted.

Speaker size

In addition to the aesthetic, you need to consider the overall size of the speaker because the diameter and related dimensions will directly affect the sound quality, frequency range, and comfort of use.

In particular, you need to make sure the speaker’s size doesn’t affect how you wear your motorcycle helmet with built-in Bluetooth speakers. A too-small product may fall off while you are driving, while too large will cause uncomfortable pressure on your ears.

A product with a perfect fit for your head size and hat type is sure to be with you for a long time.

Some extra features

In addition to features such as comfort, good sound, speakers need to have some supporting elements to make your experience more perfect. Some additional features include:

  • Waterproof ability: You will not avoid bad weather cases during the journey. And a waterproof product that will help control the car in the rain is not as bad an idea as you might have imagined.
  • Song sharing feature: You want to share your favorite tunes with your companions. A speaker with a song-sharing quality is definitely what you are looking for.

Pay attention to the price

In addition to the specifications, you need to consider the cost you are willing to invest in your sound system.

Low price

It’s almost impossible to find a good-quality Bluetooth connection option. Yet, you can still find wired speakers with small dimensions and basic features.

Mid-range price

Meanwhile, at mid-range prices, you can already access products with some high-end features such as wireless connectivity, built-in microphones, and especially amplifiers.

High-end price

You will have higher-quality products with the high-end segment with various feature options. Some advantages include remote audio control, two or more sets of speakers, and outstanding durability.

To sum up, in theory, the higher the value, the better the superior sound quality and ease of use.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a portable device like the best motorcycle helmet speakers.

If you don’t care too much about superior sound quality, a cheap product with good performance is more than enough. On the other hand, if you are a true audio enthusiast, it will be understandable if you don’t mind spending money to enhance the experience.

The 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers In 2022

Without making you wait any longer, here is the Bluetooth helmet speakers review. You can rely on the suggestions in the list to make the most appropriate choice:

#1. OutdoorMaster Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Helmet – Best for Overall

OutdoorMaster Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Helmet Drop-in

Important specifications

  • Weight: 5.9 ounces.
  • Speaker size: 40mm.
  • Playtime: 15 Hours.
  • Standby time: 500 Hours.

Product’s highlights

It can be that the OutdoorMaster is one of the best Bluetooth helmet speakers that meets all three of the criteria outlined in the previous sections: great sound quality, comfort, ease of use, and great battery life.

First, when it comes to sound quality, the manufacturer has equipped the product with the CSR Bluetooth 5.0 chip – the most advanced wireless Bluetooth technology available today. Therefore, you can not doubt the stable connection of OutdoorMaster with phone calls.

Besides, thanks to the 40mm driver, you can enjoy crystal clear sound with the perfect balance between bass and treble.

In terms of comfort and ease of use, the appearance of three common control buttons makes it easy to make adjustments even when using gloves.

In particular, thanks to the special Skier chip integrated with the microphone, you can answer calls at any time quickly and safely.

The product’s comfort and convenience also come from a unique design that can be charged directly without you having to remove the motorcycle helmet.

You also don’t have to worry about speaker and cap compatibility because the speaker’s design is suitable for most helmets available on the market.

And last but not least: the manufacturer has optimized the product’s power consumption. Therefore, OutdoorMaster is a phone calls speaker model with impressive standby time and music playback time in the price range.

Specifically, you get up to 15 hours of music playback and 500 hours of standby from a full charge. The above time is more than enough for your longest journey with phone calls.

Not only is it suitable for use on your motorcycle journeys, but you can also use the OutdoorMaster on skiing trips or other sports activities that require motorcycle helmet protection.

This speaker model is made of IP45 moisture-proof material and can operate well even in temperatures of – 4 degrees F.

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What We Like

  • IP45 waterproof material.
  • Playtime 15 hours, standby time up to 500 hours.
  • CSR Bluetooth 5.0 chip.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Easy to control.

Thing to consider

  • Speaker is a bit thick.

Bottom line

Without a doubt, the OutdoorMaster are Bluetooth helmet speakers that you shouldn’t miss.

#2. Chips 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet Speakers – Best for Conversation

Chips 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet Speakers

Important specifications

  • Weight: 2.24 ounces.
  • Speaker size: 40mm.
  • Playtime: 10 Hours.
  • Standby time: 500 Hours.

Product’s highlights

Making contact while driving is sometimes a dangerous act but needs many people. And with the best Bluetooth helmet speakers, you will minimize the risk of unsafe driving while still being able to talk without interruption.

This speaker model supports wireless connectivity and can connect to Siri virtual assistant. You need to make a sound signal instead of manual control, which poses many safety risks.

Especially with the built-in call feature with flexible adjustment, you can easily make and answer calls.

In addition to being suitable for conservation purposes, Chip 2.0 is undeniably one of the wired helmet speakers with excellent sound quality that you should not miss. 

Specifically, the product has 40mm drivers – the standard size to deliver clear sound at high volumes.

It is a product that cannot deserve to be on the list of best Bluetooth helmet speakers if it has too lousy battery life. And Chip 2.0, with a maximum playtime of 10 hours, is fully deserving of the title.

With such impressive playback time, Chips 2.0 speakers are the first choice to carry on long journeys.

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What We Like

  • Large sound quantity.
  • Control with Siri virtual assistant.
  • 40mm driver.
  • Charge once, use all day.
  • Built-in quick call receiving feature.

Thing to consider

  • The Bluetooth connection is not too stable.

Bottom line

Chips 2.0 appeared with a compact and somewhat simple design. However, behind the unimpressive design are convenient intelligent features such as quickly connecting calls, controlled by a virtual assistant, etc.

If you love simplicity and are looking for a product with high volume, this model of the loudest Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers will surely satisfy you.

#3. Sena SMH5-A0307 Slim Speaker – Best for Aesthetics

Sena SMH5-A0307 Slim Speaker

Important specifications

  • Weight: 1.9 ounces.
  • Speaker Type: Outdoor.
  • Playtime: 8 Hours.
  • Standby time: 100 Hours.

Product’s highlights

Some helmets that emphasize aesthetics when in use have significantly more compact designs than products intended for professional riders.

The compact, beautiful design is never a mistake. However, the above procedure is one of the obstacles when choosing top motorcycle helmet speakers because the product must be the right size and comfortable to wear, creating minimal pressure on your ears. And Sena SMH5-A0307 Slim Speaker is such a product.

Sena speakers are fragile and light. These wired helmet speakers model weighs less than 2 ounces with a unique flat design that eliminates any pressure when in use. Besides, the manufacturer is also equipped with ample padding and velcro to customize when wearing.

With the above design and equipment, Sena SMH5 is the best-fit speaker model, especially with a stylish motorcycle helmet with a neat design.

With Sena, you can experience high-quality sound and feel as comfortable as if you weren’t wearing anything other than a helmet.

You may not know it, but Sena is a pioneer in research and innovation in wireless Bluetooth-enabled devices for outdoor sports, including racing.

Therefore, you can not doubt the quality of the line, the signal ability of this speaker model SMH5-A0307.

With a development orientation in the direction of Lifestyle, this motorcycle helmet speaker model offers optimal performance in the long run but is still thin and light enough to be used anywhere.

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What We Like

  • Slim and compact.
  • Performance optimization.
  • Cheap.
  • Include gasket and velcro.
  • Suitable for use in many different sports.
  • Do not put pressure on the ear.

Thing to consider

  • No microphones.

Bottom line

With the SMH5-A0307, ​​Sena has reconciled contradictory characteristics: optimal performance for professional riders with a slim, compact design that goes well with the stylish helmet – our choice for many amateur racers.

With the above harmonious combination, at any level, you will find exciting points at Sena SMH5-A0307.

#4. Bluetooth Motorcycle FODSPORTS M1 S – Best for Connectivity

Motorcycle Headset FODSPORTS M1-S

Important specifications

  • Weight: 12.4 ounces.
  • Speaker size: 40mm.
  • Playtime: 20 Hours.
  • Standby time: 500 Hours.

Product’s highlights

A long road trip with your motorbike will be more exciting and meaningful with the presence of your companions. And let FODSPORTS M1-S Plus add to the fun with its exclusive music sharing feature.

FODSPORTS M1-S Plus is somewhat more complicated compared to the motorcycle helmet speaker models above. This product includes a high-quality speaker and has additional connectivity and Bluetooth intercom features for up to 8 people.

Besides the benefits of keeping in touch with fellow travelers, this M1- S Plus model is already worth considering with its excellent audio sharing capabilities.

With the above feature, as long as the companion also uses the same type of speaker, the two of you will be able to enjoy your favorite music together with a Bluetooth device.

While experiencing, you certainly will not be disappointed with the sound quality. Because like the high-quality products on the list, the M1- S Plus also uses a 40 mm significant capacity driver.

In addition, the manufacturer also offers the latest in CVC wind noise cancellation, ensuring the best sound quality you can ever get.

In addition to sound quality, the product also features intelligent shortcuts.

Specifically, in addition to the usual adjustment keys, you can perform some operations such as pressing and holding the volume up button for two seconds to mute/unmute the microphone.

The above shortcuts are helpful when you do not want to receive sudden calls but simply want to continue driving and enjoy your favorite tunes. In terms of helmet compatibility, what FODSPORTS M1-S Plus has to offer will surprise you.

Because instead of the usual one built-in microphone, you have up to  replaceable microphones. Each microphone has a difference in design to fit many different types of helmets, from ¾ to full-face or half-face.

And finally, it is impossible not to mention an outstanding advantage of the product: a large 900 mAh battery.

Compared with the 500 mAh battery of some wireless speaker models currently on the market, it is clear that FODSPORTS M1-S Plus will be the first choice if you are looking for a product with long talk time and music listening.

And indeed, the M1 – S Plus has met the above expectations quite well. After only 2-3 hours of full charge, you can use the speaker for the next 12-20 hours, depending on the purpose of use. Besides, the speaker also has up to 300 hours of standby – an impressive amount of time that you can’t help but consider.

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What We Like

  • Provide 2 microphones of different designs.
  • Allow communication and audio sharing with a group of up to 8 people.
  • Up to 20 hours of use.
  • Many convenient shortcuts.
  • Built-in CVC wind noise cancellation.

Thing to consider

  • Speaker placement can cause volume differences.

Bottom line

With the outstanding ability to communicate, share information, and sound with many different people, Fodsports M1-S Plus will be the first choice in small group journeys.

#5. Motorcycle Helmet Headset – Best for Battery Life

Motorcycle Helmet Headset

Important specifications

  • Weight: 2.89 ounces.
  • Frequency Response: 2 402 Hz – 2 480 GHz.
  • Playtime: 60 Hours.
  • Standby time: 500 Hours.

Product’s highlights

The FODSPORTS M1-S Plus’ playtime of up to 20 hours is impressive enough. But on this list, there is another product with an even more surprising playtime. And that is the motorcycle Helmet Headset – a product with up to 60 hours of playback time.

Almost the highest usage time in the above price range comes from the 900mAh Li-ion battery and innovations in design to optimize energy consumption.

One of the new features is the ability to support displaying parameters on the phone to quickly monitor and control the battery.

As a result, you have a product that takes only two hours to charge fully but can work continuously for days. It even has a standby time of up to 500 hours – higher than any speaker you’ll ever find.

But the motorcycle Bluetooth headset is not simply a product with an impressive time of use after charging. This speaker model is also loved for its great features, such as ease of operation, waterproof technology, and good sound quality.

Specifically, you can quickly fix the Bluetooth speaker model to the helmet thanks to the removable velcro.

The manufacturer has protected this speaker model with nano-coating, providing dustproof and waterproof performance to IPX7 standards.

And finally, in terms of sound quality, you don’t just have a product with a loud, apparent volume with the motorcycle Bluetooth wired headset.

The product also uses SP noise cancellation Bluetooth technology to eliminate wind noise from outside vehicles. From there, you’ll enjoy the most transparent and most realistic stereo sound possible.

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What We Like

  • SP wind noise cancellation Bluetooth technology.
  • Anti-dust and water-resistant nano-coating.
  • Secure the speaker with velcro.
  • Playtime up to 60 hours.
  • Innovative gesture control features.

Thing to consider

  • The driver is quite thick.

Bottom line

Extended use time, water-resistant, dustproof, soundproof – all the above significant advantages at the same time present at motorcycle Bluetooth headset have made the product one of the choices worth considering most current time.

#6. YOVDA Bluetooth for Motorcycle Helmets – Best for Comfort

YOVDA Bluetooth

Important specifications

  • Weight: 5.9 ounces.
  • Frequency Response: 2 402 GHz – 2 480 GHz.
  • Playtime: 8 Hours.
  • Standby time: 160 Hours.

Product’s highlights

In addition to sound quality and battery playtime, comfort is also an essential factor to consider when buying the best motorcycle helmet speakers.

And using the above essential factors to evaluate a product, the best Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmet will surely get an almost perfect score.

Compared to conventional speaker models, Yovda is much thinner when the two ear pads are only 0.27 inches thick. Therefore, you can be assured of the comfort of using the speaker because there is almost no intense pressure of the product on your ears.

Not only is it comfortable with its comfortable ear cushions, but the Yovda also makes you happy with its clear sound quality.

In addition to the primary function of playing music, the product also has an additional microphone to help you join the call. And it can’t be helped; the quality of the microphone, as well as the ability to transmit signals when talking, is also quite commendable.

In addition, Yovada also has an advantage that, although not directly related to product quality, has a significant impact on your experience with excellent customer service.

All you need to do is contact the brand when you have questions or problems with the product. And you will receive answers as well as instructions in the most enthusiastic and fastest way.

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What We Like

  • Ultra-thin earpads.
  • Fast charging.
  • Cheap.
  • Long connection distance.
  • Clear sound quality.

Thing to consider

  • Autoresponder cannot be turned off.

Bottom line

Maybe the Yovada is not the most impressive sound quality or extended battery life. But it’s the most budget-friendly option if you’re looking for a comfortable, durable speaker.

#7. Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Drop – Best for Sound Quality

Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Drop (link)

Important specifications

  • Weight: 5.56 ounces.
  • Speaker size: 40mm.
  • Playtime: 10 Hours.
  • Standby time: 300 Hours.

Product’s highlights

Are you looking for a product with impressive sound quality, durability, and all-day playability?

With the Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Drop-in Headphones, you have a speaker model to meet all of the above requirements. In particular, the sound quality of the product will surprise you.

Alta uses advanced, balanced sound technology, high definition, bass, and highs represent the tremendous first impressions you get with Alta Bluetooth Audio.

In particular, with the 40mm large-capacity Diver and the high-tech 5.0 driver chip case, the speaker’s bass becomes more impressive than ever.

Suppose you have a particular love and understanding of sound. In that case, you will surely understand how difficult it is to find a device with excellent bass at all volume levels, like the best Bluetooth helmet speakers for this music.

In addition to the emphasis on sound quality, the manufacturer also focuses on improving the user experience with helpful features.

Virtual assistant controls the first feature that can be mentioned. With just two taps on the right button, you can launch Siri or Google virtual assistants. With the help of the assistant, you can find your phone, make calls, turn on/off the music, and more.

Besides, the product also impresses with its excellent compatibility when using the speaker model with the most popular helmet brands today.

Another remarkable advantage of this speaker model is its high durability. The product is dust, sweat, and water-resistant to IP45 standards.

At the same time, some tests have also proven the product can work well in harsh conditions, such as when the temperature drops to – 4 degrees Celsius.

The key to all these impressive advantages comes from the high-quality building materials that the manufacturer delivers.

However, quality materials are not enough, and the product also undergoes a meticulous testing process before being put on the market.

Therefore, along with the sound quality, the durability of the Alta is an unquestionable point on the ALta speaker.

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What We Like

  • Durable.
  • Waterproof, sweat, and dust resistant to IP45 standard.
  • Deep bass, vivid sound.
  • High-end Bluetooth 5.0 wireless chipset.
  • Compatible with many hat styles.

Thing to consider

  • Short charging cord.

Bottom line

With all of the above advantages, you can hardly ask for more from Alta – the best-sounding Bluetooth helmet speakers.

#8. Cardo PTB00001-PACKTALK – Best for Voice Control


Important specifications

  • Weight: 2.1 ounces.
  • Speaker size: 40mm.
  • Playtime: 15 Hours.
  • Standby time: 500 Hours.

Product’s highlights

The Cardo PTB00001-PACKTALK is not the first speaker to add voice control, but it is the product that makes the most of this feature.

All you need to do is say, “Hey Cardo”. The intelligent assistant PACKTALK BOLD will appear and customize the volume, track, or related content based on your controls.

Besides, if you are familiar with the smartphone’s virtual assistant, Cardo also supports connecting with Siri and Google, so you can control it most efficiently.

In addition, you can control the product with an assistant, and you can also do the same things with the Cardio Connect app. With an app developed by the manufacturer, you can even control this speaker remotely quickly and easily.

The specialty of the product is not only in support of virtual assistants. Because you only need to experience it once, you will see the difference in the sound quality that the speaker brings. 

Also, using a 40mm diver has noise cancellation, but you will hardly find the same audio experience in other products.

Explaining this, the speakers’ sharpness and the efficient operation of the audio processor can be a good explanation.

The unique feature of the sound that Cardo brings is also evident in the processing cash when many sound sources play simultaneously.

For example, when listening to music, you can still make calls without interrupting relaxing moments with your favorite music. 

The sophisticated algorithms hidden in this tiny speaker model are smart enough to ensure that all sounds can work in parallel while maintaining the same quality.

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What We Like

  • JBL soundbar.
  • Dynamic Mesh Communication technology.
  • Smart audio mixing.
  • Remote control with an exclusive mobile app.
  • Smart virtual assistant.

Thing to consider

  • Expensive.

Bottom line

Price may be the biggest reason why you hesitate to choose Cardo PTB0001. Yet, it can be that the product’s experience is entirely worth the fee you spend.

#9. Gelaten Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets – Best for Half Helmets

Gelaten Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets

Important specifications

  • Weight: 5.3 ounces.
  • Sample rate: 48kHz.
  • Playtime: 8 Hours.
  • Standby time: 300 Hours.

Product’s highlights

If you own many different helmet styles and are considering a variety of speakers but can’t find a product that can fit all of the above, Gelaten motorcycle Bluetooth headsets is the most economical and effective solution you have.

The product is compatible with all types of helmets on the market. From the full-face hat that professional racers often use to more fashionable products.

In particular, if you pay a lot of attention to products compatible with half helmets, you cannot ignore Gelaten.

The manufacturer has been brilliant in designing large buttons so that you can easily install and disassemble them. Even when using gloves, you will not have any difficulty handling them.

The ability and connection quality is also worth considering this speaker model.

With Gelaten BT-S3, the maximum connection distance is up to 1000m. Meanwhile, you get a product that uses DSP noise cancellation technology, which ensures sound clarity in terms of sound quality.

In particular, thanks to the above-advanced noise cancellation technology, even if you drive at 120 km/h, wind resistance or engine noise cannot disturb your wonderful listening experience.

And in addition to listening to music, the product also supports other features such as communicating with friends, GPS, FM radio. It can be that by driving with Gelaten, you will not have a single moment of boredom.

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What We Like

  • Fully waterproof with Silica gel.
  • Support many entertainment features.
  • Long connection distance.
  • Fit a variety of hats.
  • Advanced noise cancellation technology.

Thing to consider

  • The manual isn’t too helpful.

Bottom line

The biggest downside of the product does not come from the speaker itself but from the user manual that can confuse you.

However, the above disadvantage is not too serious because Gelaten Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets are easier to use than you think.

#10. THOKWOK BT-S3 Bluetooth Set – Best for Glove Operation


Important specifications

  • Weight: 11.7 ounces.
  • Charging Time: 3 Hours.
  • Playtime: 8 Hours.
  • Standby time: 300 Hours.

Product’s highlights

Wearing gloves when driving a large displacement vehicle is not a strange habit. However, wearing gloves sometimes interferes with performing some operations, and adjusting the sound on the speaker is one of them.

Luckily, you have the THOKWOK BT-S3 1000m Helmet Bluetooth Headset, the most maneuverable, adjustable product you’ll ever know.

The first advantage of Thokwork BT-S3 compared to other speaker models is the large button, making all your operations more convenient. Besides, you can not use your hands but can still make calls and communicate efficiently.

The product supports the implementation of free conversion features. Besides, if you love a wired connection, Thokwork also provides you with a 2.5mm socket, which supports connecting to compatible transmitters.

When evaluating the quality of a speaker model, it is impossible not to mention the sound quality. And the integration with Thokwok’s already famous DSP noise cancellation was enough for you to choose this product?

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What We Like

  • Waterproof with silica gel.
  • DSP noise cancellation.
  • Support both wireless and wired connections.
  • Support to make and receive calls hands-free.
  • Easy to adjust with physical keys as well as the smart app.

Thing to consider

  • The sound distortion when driving at 130mph.

Bottom line

With a fairly reasonable price and a series of advantages in terms of both exterior finish quality and internal sound, it would be a significant omission if you do not include Thokwork BT S3 in the list of products. Best buy right now.

Final Thoughts 

Choosing Bluetooth helmet speakers can seem like a daunting task.

You have to have both a particular understanding of the sound and the balance between battery life, price, and compatibility with current helmets.

With the above list quite complete, we hope you have helpful suggestions to make a choice no longer as difficult as imagined. Instead, it is comfortable and exciting to have new experiences with great sound while driving.

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