Answer The Question: How Much For A Dirt Bike?

Riding through the forests, across the mountains, and on offroad paths is a thrilling experience. When you ride off the road, you receive a sensation of freedom and pure delight in addition to stress relief. On your dirt bike, you can embark on endless enjoyable outdoor excursions, whether you’re exploring alone or with your friends.

Dirt bikes are used for more than simply fun. A dirt bike is an excellent motorbike to have if you want to develop your riding skills. The question is, however, whether a dirt bike is cheap. What are the minimum requirements for owning one of these, and which one should you purchase? Also, which dirt bike is the cheapest for a beginner?

Before you commit to a certain dirt bike model, have a look at the costs of the many dirt motorcycles on the market to determine which one best meets your budget and ability level.

An Overview of Purchasing A Dirt Bike

Let’s say you’re looking for a dirt bike. In that scenario, you may anticipate being inundated with data on a variety of motorcycles with diverse power capacities, capabilities, and specific features that provide a unique riding experience. So, which one should you go with, and how much of a hole would it leave in your wallet? To address this, we’ll have a look at a variety of bikes with various engine capacities that you may pick from:

  • 125cc Dirt Bikes (Beginner)
  • 250cc Dirt Bikes (intermediate)
  • 450cc Dirt Bikes (Advanced)

Wear all needed safety equipment before riding, including your helmet, gloves, elbow and knee protectors, goggles, and leathers. Always respect the regulations of the road and never ride when inebriated.

Off-Road Biking: Choosing the Right Bike

It’s tough to find a dirt bike model that has all of the features you want. You must think about more than just the price. You should also consider how well the bike performs and how well it is maintained.

Don’t buy a dirt bike just on the basis of its attractive appearance. You’ll need a dirt bike that’ll be enjoyable to ride while also providing excellent performance over time. Before you choose a bike for off-road riding, keep the following in mind.

Dirt Bike Cost

Dirt bike pricing, of course, is a major factor to consider when purchasing a bike. Four-stroke dirt bikes are more expensive than two-stroke dirt bikes. If you need a bike with a lot of power, go for a four-stroke dirt bike. A two-stroke bike, on the other hand, is suitable for the occasional rider.

These low-cost dirt motorcycles are for you if you want to save money without sacrificing quality. Also, have a look at the top bikes under $500.

125cc Dirt Bikes

Because they are lightweight and easy to operate, 125cc dirt motorcycles are popular among rookie riders. These bikes are highly nimble, despite their modest engine displacement, making them a thrill to race across off-road tracks. The following is a list of the top 125cc dirt motorcycles.

Honda CRF125 – Look no farther than a Honda dirt bike if you want a dirt bike that is famed for its dependability. The CRF125 is equipped with a powerful 124.9cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine that is sure to pump adrenaline into your blood. Furthermore, the bike comes in two versions: normal and big wheel, which has a bigger wheel diameter, longer swingarm, and higher seat height. This bike has a suggested retail price of $3,199.

Yamaha TT-R125LE – The second Japanese legend on this list is Yamaha, which you may be familiar with. The TT-R125LE is a lightweight machine similar to its predecessor, but with a few added features like an automated cam chain tensioner, a tool-free air filter, and a lightweight exhaust that has been certified by the US Forestry Service. If you want to get your hands on one of these bad boys, prepare to pay roughly $3,349.

Suzuki DR-Z125SL – Do not be fooled by the fact that Suzuki is not the most popular brand on this list. The DR-Z125SL is a fast motorcycle with a 124cc single-cylinder engine, a 5-speed manual transmission, large-diameter wheels, and a front disc brake. This bike is an excellent all-arounder that will set you back between $3,100 and $3,000 depending on the model.

250cc Dirt Bikes


The 250cc division is a formidable opponent. If you’re new to dirt biking, you might want to start with something a bit smaller to get your feet wet. This category, however, is one of the most popular since these bikes have the ideal power-to-weight ratio. The top selections in this category are as follows:

Kawasaki KX250 – If you’ve ever heard of motocross racing, you’ve undoubtedly heard a tale about a green glow that leads the pack. Kawasaki’s distinctive trademark image is its green color. The KX250 boasts renowned low-end torque and only weighs 221 pounds. The major focus here is on its lightness, which makes it an absolute delight to ride on difficult terrain. You can get one for roughly $8,300 right now.

KTM 250XC – Due to their very competent and distinctive characteristic orange dirt motorcycles, Austrian motorcycle company KTM has recently earned some motocross notice. The 250XC is a dirt bike with an ungraded frame that results in great handling and straight-line stability. It costs $9,799 and is available now. These motorcycles also have an air boot and airbox to keep them from getting dirty.

2017 Beta 250 RR – The Beta 250 RR is an excellent choice if you want a taste of Italian workmanship. The ability of Beta to make high-quality dirt motorcycles is well-known, and the 250RR is no exception. You may find yourself speeding down the track in one of them for roughly $8,500.

450cc Dirt Bikes

The 450cc class is the way to go if you’re a seasoned rider seeking some significant power. These hunky machines are designed for only one purpose: speed. These dirtbikes can achieve speeds of up to 90 mph, which is incredible given the terrain they are built to handle. These are some of the top 450cc bikes available.

Kawasaki KX450 – The KX450 is virtually the same as the KX250 on this list, only it has somewhat greater power. This exceptional model has a chassis with a fully new front brake master cylinder, as well as a rear brake rotor that has been expanded in size from 240 mm to 250 mm. It is also powered by a 4-stroke engine. Because the bike is partially composed of cast aluminum, it is more stable and easier to control. It also has a handlebar mount and an adjustable peg. As a result, this bike is unquestionably reserved for serious riders, and at $9,399, it is a significant commitment.

Yamaha YZ450F –This Yamaha model has a stronger front axle for improved cornering handling and traction. The motorcycle has a 4-stroke engine and an electronic start mechanism, which makes it easy to get up and running quickly if it stops on the circuit. One of these motorcycles may be yours for $9,299 if you want to rip up the track.

GasGas MC450F – The 2021 MC450F is the first bike to carry the GasGas moniker, which is well-known in the motocross world. Sure, the MC450F includes many KTM parts, but it also has its unique characteristics, such as improved suspension, which is an important consideration when buying a dirt bike. The GasGas MC450F costs roughly $9,399, which is significantly less than the KTM.


Don’t get a huge dirt bike if you’re a novice. Because novices learn to bike quicker with smaller rides, this is the case. However, if the bike is too tiny, the rider’s weight might damage the suspension. While riding, you may bash the handlebars or tuck your legs under your jaw. When you sit on a bike, be sure it balances your weight. As you earn more experience, you will be able to manage it.


Aside from dirt bike pricing, bike riding requires balance. If the ride is appropriate for your size, both toes should touch the ground as you sit forwards on the bike. When you can only touch the ground with the tips of your toes, you know the dirt bike is too big for you. The bike is little if your feet are level on the ground. Choose a bike that you can sit comfortably on and that you don’t have to strain to reach the hand controls.

It’s not enough to just enquire about the price of a dirt bike while making a decision. When it comes to off-road riding, be sure the dirt bike is appropriate for you.

Types of Dirt Bikes

It’s advisable to study the many varieties of dirt motorcycles for off-road biking before imagining what your bike should look like. Examine the bike’s attributes before deciding on a ride that will match your requirements.

Trail Bikes

They are ideal for long rides on rugged terrain and not for racing at high speed. Due to their low suspension, they can’t absorb much impact from jumps. You can ride this type of dirt bike on various dirt surfaces.

Motocross Bikes

These dirt motorcycles are designed specifically for high-speed racing on tight bends and jumps. They are light and lack equipment like kickstands, speedometers, and electric starters, which can add weight. Motocross motorcycles, although having the necessary suspension and power, are not the greatest choice for trail riding.

Enduro Bikes

They’re made for lengthier events that include both off-road and street racing. They have mirrors, headlights, silencers, and turn signals, unlike motocross bikes. They are not, however, suitable for long-distance travel.

Dual-sport Bikes

This class of dirt motorcycles is capable of running on both asphalt and rugged terrain. They are equipped with characteristics that allow them to operate better in the dirt than street motorcycles. On asphalt, they are also quieter and smoother than conventional dirt motorcycles. They are, however, heavier than enduro or motocross dirt motorcycles.

Find out if you need a license to buy a motorbike before heading out to the bike store.


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