Top 10 Best Motorcycle Baggers: Buying guide and FAQs

Retrofitting your motorcycle with a storage box is a good solution. The appearance of the best motorcycle baggers gives you a great solution to the above problem.

Motorcycles are a useful and popular vehicle all over the world. However, these models have a rather modest trunk. Most of the trunks of the motorcycle are not too large for us to have the necessary belongings with us when needed, which causes inconvenience for us. Especially for manual transmission motorcycles, sports motorcycles, hyper underbones, this difficult situation becomes even more pronounced.

And the best solution for a situation like this is to retrofit your best motorcycle baggers. This gives you more space to store items, important accessories in the rain and more benefits. If you are interested in the best motorcycle baggers, please check out this article of Motoczysz right now. 

Top 10 best motorcycle baggers on the market

On the market, there are many motorcycle baggers with different sizes, designs and models that you can choose from to suit your motorcycle. Below are some special motorcycle baggers that you can refer to.

1. Comfy motorcycle baggers: Kuryakyn 5283 Momentum Drifter Motorcycle Travel Luggage

Launched on April 18 th 2018, the 5283 Momentum Drifter Motorcycle Travel Luggage from the Kuryakyn brand becomes a fever for customers wishing to buy the best motorcycle baggers. It is suitable for many types of motorbikes, especially street cruiser motorcycles. It’s not the cheapest bagger, but if you want a quality bag with great ease of use, it doesn’t disappoint you.


  • Quality deserves 5 stars.
  • Weather resistance is a good job.
  • Sturdy shape like a box. Even if you have nothing in them, they will not be distorted.
  • Smooth zipper.
  • Convenient two-side entry doors let you access the main storage easily.
  • Large storage capacity allows you to store many objects.
  • It’s easy to fit into your motorcycle.


  • There is nothing to complain about these best motorcycle baggers.

best motorcycle baggers

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2. Functional motorcycle baggers: Stansport Saddle Bag

The Stansport brand is famous for its high-end motorcycle accessories, which are versatile. The products with this brand name are not only loved thanks to the quality but also the affordable price, which is very suitable for the majority of users. The Stansport Saddle Bag is a prime example. The bagger size is up to 8.5 x 5.5 x 8.5, allowing the user to actively carry the necessary luggage. It can store helmets, sun-protective clothing or other bike accessories during the daily commute.


  • It is truly a good investment that is value for money 
  • They can be used as everyday motorcycle saddle baggers.
  • The quality bag is excellent for the price.
  • The best motorcycle baggers are durable, sleek.
  • Most of today’s motorbike models are usable, the people in the back are still not uncomfortable.
  • You should have a dedicated plastic bag to cover when it rains.
  • Please note that you need to fix all straps correctly according to the instruction manual to avoid them getting caught in your motorcycle’s wheels.
  • Keep them away from high-temperature objects to avoid the risk of fire.


  • This motorcycle bagger withstands small rain and is still a little water absorbent.

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3. Practical motorcycle baggers: Motorcycle Seat Tail Bag 

One of the most common uses for a motorcycle bagger is space. Surely they are born to give us more spacious storage space. A larger space that allows us to carelessly carry a lot of accompanying belongings on riding trips. The Motorcycle Seat Tail Bag Backpack Dual Use Motorcycle Waterproof Helmet Bag from JFG RACING brand does well on this mission when it brings us the most convenience.


  • It looks neat and convenient to fit snugly into the rear seat of the motorcycle.
  • It can be quickly detachable leaving the saddle behind for your motorcycle.
  • Solo trips are no longer lonely with JFG RACING baggers.
  • Confidently show the characteristics with JFG RACING baggers.
  • It is compatible with most motorcycles such as the motorcycle, dirt bike, dual sport and enduro.
  • Besides, it can also be used as a handbag or shoulder bag for easy traveling long distances.
  • High practicality and flexibility.
  • It offers a classic-looking bagger with all the features you have expected from the best motorcycle baggers.
  • With base sizes of 16.9 “L x 11.8” W x 6.7 “H or expandable up to 16.9” L x 11.8 “W x 11.8” H, you can tuck anything inside from your helmet, wallet, phone, dashcam, energy drinks, foods and so on.
  • The bagger bottom can be extended.
  • The best motorcycle bagger is made of high-quality PU leather which makes it waterproof. You can use them in mild rainy weather without worrying that inside things are affected.


  • It is not suitable for use in heavy rain weather. There should be an outside plastic liner if you experience heavy rain.

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4. Advantageous motorcycle baggers: Motorcycle Tail Bags Waterproof – Motorcycle Rear Seat Bag 

Although the “Motorcycle Tail Bags Waterproof – Motorcycle Rear Seat Bag – Motorcycle Bags For Back Seat – Dual Use Sport Motorcycle Backpack Helmet Bag” is not too large in area, it can hold quite a lot of necessary items such as raincoats, helmets, gloves, masks, phones, so on. It is so extremely convenient. Being true to its name, it can be placed in the rear seat, back seat, so on. Now, you can be completely comfortable going long distances without worrying about storage space. With the roomy space, let YSMOTO serve your trip.


  • The best motorcycle baggers are made of high-quality material so it is quite thick and sturdy.
  • It ensures the safety of your storage.
  • Modern, trendy and very good design.
  • It makes your favorite motorcycle look cooler.
  • Large volume helps you accommodate 1 full-face helmet and many other accompanying items.
  • The rope can increase or decrease flexibly across the length of the saddle.
  • The detachable bagger is portable for you to carry with your side.
  • The product has high applicability in everyday life.
  • The bag is quite light, at just 2.29 pounds.


  • Some customers have judged that the zipper is not very secure, it may inflate under high pressure.

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5. Multipurpose motorcycle baggers: Kuryakyn 5281 Momentum Hitchhiker Motorcycle Travel Luggage

The Kuryakyn bagger deserves to be one of the best motorcycle baggers on Amazon. The 5281 Momentum Hitchhiker Motorcycle Travel Luggage: Weather Resistant Trunk Rack Bag is suitable for all users from genuine bikers to students using regular motorbikes or simply motorcycles used in their daily life. It is convenient and affordable. Sometimes it becomes a good habit and makes us want to apply it every day. 


  • The bagger is fitted with a sturdy zipper to increase the ability to preserve personal belongings inside.
  • A basic and easy-to-use bagger design ensures user privacy.
  • The bag is sturdy. It can keep its shape even when there is nothing inside.
  • It comes with resilient shock-resistant straps, hooks, and laces allowing you to freely choose a secure mounting style.
  • The bagger can be installed or removed within minutes but is extremely sturdy.
  • The Kuryakyn Momentum Hitchhiker Trunk Rack Bag is available for as low as less than 100 USD.
  • A rain cover is included.
  • Multi-purpose motorcycle bagger.


  • The water bottle pocket is not very certain. It is quite stiff and can easily drop items.

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6. Commodious motorcycle baggers: Kuryakyn 5285 Momentum Vagabond Motorcycle Travel Luggage

The next super product continues to call the brand name Kuryakyn. The 5285 Momentum Vagabond Motorcycle Travel Luggage: Weather Resistant Seat / Trunk / Rack Bag with Sissy Bar Straps is one of the best motorcycle baggers on the market right now.

The first thing we can see is its rather large size. Thanks to this ample capacity, it can help you store a lot of items every time you go away. When mounting them near your front seat, it’s great that they can also help you back up. The bag weighs 6 pounds and measures about 19 x 16 x 13 inches. They are made of good materials so they are resistant to bad weather quite well.


  • It’s super tough and durable, it feels like you can throw it down the mountain and pick it up but can still be used.
  • It is well built with very good material.
  • The zipper is sturdy and works smoothly (it avoids most of the problems other motorcycle baggers face)
  • The main compartment is very large, it can accommodate a full-face helmet and countless other items such as raincoats, food, drinks, clothes, clothes inside. 
  • More specifically, the main compartment has a fairly thick cushion, you can store a laptop or mobile phone without worrying about them being bumped during the ride.
  • The lanyard is beautiful and sturdy, it is quick to remove and offers a variety of mounting options according to your personal preference.
  • It is as beautiful as the needle stitches, the stitches look very solid and durable.
  • The included rain guard is made of umbrella material and works well.
  • In addition, it supports a few handles and straps making it easy to carry it out of the motorcycle.
  • The drink holders keep the drinks very tightly without worrying about losing them.
  • The money you spend will definitely be worth what you will get back thanks to these baggers.


  • Some customers considered that the price was a little bit higher than usual.
  • Their size is an advantage, but can also diminish the look of the motorbike if they don’t really fit your motorcycle.
  • If you want to use it as a backrest point when you are tired, you will have to keep something inside the bagger otherwise it cannot surpass your weight and maintain its original shape.

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7. Capacious motorcycle baggers: Saddlemen TS3200DE Tactical Deluxe Cruiser Tail Street Motorcycle Bags

The Saddlemen TS3200DE Tactical Deluxe Cruiser Tail Street Motorcycle Tail Bags from Saddlemen gives you comfort at an affordable price. You have a motorbike, but their trunk is not large enough to store things on camping days and need to bring a lot of items. This is exactly your solution in a good price range.

  • It fits a motorcycle perfectly.
  • The straps can be easily attached to your motorcycle.
  • It is manufactured with very good materials.
  • There’s plenty of storage space and lots of useful features.
  • It can be used as an extremely comfortable backrest.
  • Good performance.
  • Highly recommended motorcycle baggers.
  • It is very large so you can bring clothes, helmets or accessories if needed.
  • The simple and beautiful design of this bag makes the user friendly.
  • The quality exceeds your fruiting expectations.
  • Good durability and pressure.
  • It has many storage compartments.
  • Weight: 10 pounds.
  • Large dimension: 17.2 x 15.1 x 14.5 inches.
  • It comes with a reflective rain shield.


  • The Saddlemen have a little bit higher rate. 

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8. Roomy motorcycle baggers: Motorcycle Tail Bag Waterproof Luggage Bag Seat Bag Motorbike Saddle Bags 

The best motorcycle baggers are indispensable companions for long journeys, alone or with a companion, especially large displacement vehicles without trunk design or small trunk lines. It can hold helmets and accessories that are very handy for outings and hikes. Motorcycle Tail Bag Waterproof Luggage Bag Seat Bag Motorbike Saddle Bags Multifunctional PU Leather Bike Bag Sport Backpack, 15 Liters is designed to attach to the rear of your car. Compact, trendy design and all the features you want for the best motorcycle baggers are gathered in this product from the JFG RACING.


  • Large capacity accommodates many things such as helmets, shoes, backpacks, bags, raincoats, clothes, so on with safety locks that do not worry about robbing.
  • Completely water-resistant, not afraid of rain to wet things.
  • The mount can be used on any vehicle with a wide rack.
  • Opening and closing the barrel as well as removing the baggers from the motorcycle when not in use is only within 1 minute.
  • Super durable construction material.
  • It offers a variety of external pockets that allow you to hold a multitude of items on the ride.
  • It is very durable and sturdy. It holds more things than you would expect.
  • The compact and stylish design and all the features you could ever want.
  • Easy installation.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Value for money
  • Easy to lock
  • Storage capacity is well done
  • Water resistance is good.


  • There’s nothing to worry about this bagger.

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9. Ample motorcycle baggers: Dowco Willie & Max 58708-20 Black Magic Series: Synthetic Leather Compact

Shop Dowco on Amazon genuine is proud to be one of the genuine distribution brands of the Dowco brand globally. With a mission to bring the biker brothers the best equipment for long-distance trips. Each product sold is filled with enthusiasm, joy, hope that customers will have the best products and the most comfortable shopping moment.

The Dowco Willie & Max 58708-20 Black Magic Series: Synthetic Leather Compact Slant Motorcycle Saddlebag Set will be a wonderful friend on each ride. Please contact the shop immediately so that the shop can solve it for you immediately.


  • High-quality materials.
  • Baggers are made of resin-reinforced synthetic leather and are ideal for motorcycles brothers.
  • Material with high interaction, excellent bearing capacity.
  • The material also gives a different feel to the touch.
  • The roomy storage capacity is the point that customers love the most when choosing.
  • With 20 liters you can store two helmets and a 17-inch laptop inside, along with that are some other small gadgets like a cell phone wallet, so on.
  • The cushion is smooth and thick inside to help resist shock during traveling.
  • The cushion is cut into a thick mold to create a flat surface for easy storage of laptops, files and backpacks.
  • High-end bagger with excellent water resistance in all circumstances.


  • Some customers think that it is quite small with their motorcycle. It comes with a dimension of 12 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches. Kindly check the side of your motorcycle to fit it.

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10. Best motorcycle baggers: X-666-01 Zip-Off Double Pocket Studded PVC Throw Over Saddlebags

The X-666-01 Zip-Off Double Pocket Studded PVC Throw Over Saddlebags with Reflective Piping from the Milwaukee Leather brand is a multi-purpose motorcycle side bagger. It provides a solution to the storage space and makes your motorcycle look cooler. With a stylish design, scratch-resistant and sturdy high-quality PVC material, it is sure to make you totally satisfied.


  • The best motorcycle baggers are handy for storing items for long trips. 
  • It helps to limit the number of things to wear on the back.
  • It comes with a dedicated nylon backpack to wrap when it rains.
  • The motorcycle side bagger has a thick and safe design, modern, beautiful and fashionable design.
  • It is very valuable for money. It has the same quality as some $ 500 to $ 600 bag.
  • It is uncomplicated to install.
  • It is easy to lock.
  • Sturdy connection wire can be increased or decreased flexibly across the length of the saddle.
  • Genuine high-end goods from Milwaukee Leather.
  • Ergonomic, convenient and easy to use design.
  • Exquisite seams.
  • The good zipper is very gentle, durable and beautiful.
  • The bag dimension of 1 x 1 x 1 inch is comfortable to store accessories for riding such as a wallet, keys, raincoat, umbrella, repair kit.


  • The motorcycle side bagger can only withstand light rain and is still waterproof in heavy rain.

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Basic types of motorcycle baggers:

  • Motorcycle rear bagger
  • Motorcycle middle bagger
  • Motorcycle hip bagger

Frequently Asked Question

1. Does attaching the bagger in the center of the motorcycle have any problems with the handlebars?

The middle bagger design is located in the middle of the motorcycle. That means the bagger is located between the handlebars and the seat. So it will not obstruct or be cumbersome for the rider, but this position is also very convenient for users. You can pick up / store items easily as the bagger is right within the reach of the rider.

Nelson-Rigg NR-150 Journey Highway Cruiser Magnetic Tank Bag, Black

Adding a bagger to the motorcycle is both comfortable and convenient while adding a highlight to your motorcycle. The bagger is not too bulky and the color is quite simple, so it is suitable for many models of motorcycle, especially those with no trunk or small trunk.

2. What is the volume of the side bagger and the back bagger?

Baggers are born to hold things and allow us to store more and more things inside. When it comes to the volume of genuine motorcycle baggers today, we have many volumes. It is regulated from 30 – 60 – 80 liters of storage according to separate regulations.

In addition, there are also other optimal volumes and volumes of transport which are suitable for the power and performance of motorbikes today. Depending on the needs and different models of motorcycles, there are always optimal options for us.

Top 10 best motorcycle baggers

3. Why should I use the best motorcycle baggers?

  • Larger capacity for storage.

You have limited storage capacity when riding a motorbike. Having the back bagger will multiply this storage capacity by many times. This means you can bring more with you on your travels.

  • Protect your belongings.

Having your motorcycle bagger is safer for your belongings. Most material is either hard shell or water-repellent treated material. This keeps your furniture always clean and dry.

  • Keep your belongings safe.

Most motorcycle baggers on the market have a locking capability. This keeps your furniture safe. 

4. Should I choose the back bagger or the hip bagger?

Both the back and the side baggers have functions for storing items. A convenient and compact side bagger is suitable for use in the city. Depending on the purpose of use and preferences, you can choose a rear bagger or a side bagger to mount your motorcycle.

  • The back bagger is usually designed in a box shape or can be a filling with a volume of more than 20-40 liters. You can comfortably hold your helmet, travel gear or clothes with this miniature suitcase. The added advantage is that the rear bagger is easy to disassemble and has almost no effect on your driving, and even it can help the rear passenger lean on the back for fatigue.

So if you are looking for a versatile, volume-optimized bagger that’s still compact, convenient for city use, the back one is a perfect choice.

  • As a pair of baggers mounted on the two sides of the motorcycle, the side bagger usually has a volume of 20-25 liters per bagger. However, the design is a rectangular box, so it cannot accommodate a big thing but is suitable for storing clothes, camping gear or other tools smaller than the size of the bagger.
  • Dowco Willie & Max 59776-00 Triangulated Synthetic Leather Motorcycle Swingarm Bag: 9 Liter Capacity, Black w/Chrome Buckles

Side baggers are usually attached to the back bagger to increase storage capacity, reduce the burden when you go on tour. If you only focus on aesthetics without worrying about carrying a lot of things, hip baggers are good options because they are extremely convenient and make motorcycles look “cooler”.

Note when using the back and side baggers:

You need to pay attention to the weight and balance of the baggers. You should store things with weight and dimensions that conform to the manufacturer’s instructions. When packing things into two side baggers, kindly pay attention to the equal weight of both sides to avoid affecting the vehicle on the road.

5. Helpful advice

  • For a better fit and safety, you can look for motorcycle baggers which are specially designed for your motorcycle style. They will be installed easier and have better compatibility than common designs.
  • Think if you intend to use your motorcycle bagger with dense fluence? This will affect the type of bagger you should buy and how it will be attached to your bike.
  • Look for a bagger that is environment-resistant and weather-resistant. This will ensure your bagger is durable and protect your belongings from wind and rain.

6. Do not be greedy the too large volume 

Because bagger is an additional accessory on motorcycles, we can sometimes break the safety design norms of the motorcycle manufacturer. Choosing bagger products with a too-large size brings the possibility of collisions and the lack of safety with normal use.

That is not to mention when using motorcycle baggers these are too big and heavy, you will experience the feeling of controlling the car rather “strangely”. But not strange from the point of view of heavy load, when driving a solo motorcycle, it feels the most compact and safe. In fact, the heavy makes the motorcycle feel more lumbered. In the steady running like on the highway, nothing to say. But on the mountain roads, it gives a sluggish feeling of sluggishness, not impulsive as usual. Besides, choosing a too big bagger also has a bad impact on your motorcycle and your ability of riding because it loses balance and stability during riding.


The best motorcycle baggers really give people considerable convenience. Just spend a small amount of money, you can own the best motorcycle baggers. Hope this article has partly solved your questions when looking to buy the best motorcycle baggers.

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