Top 10 Best Motorcycle Drink Holder: Reviews, Buying Guide & FAQs

The best motorcycle cup holder helps you keep cups of your favorite and nutrient beverage in place and even has other functionality that you have never thought of before. The below article will guide you to get a better look at this small but very important item and after reading our experts, we hope you could choose the best motorcycle cup holder for yourself.

Top 10 best motorcycle drink holder on the market in 2021

1. The most popular Kruzer Kaddy 200 Chrome Handlebar Mount

If you decide to purchase a cup holder, the first item any would recommend to you is this cup holder. It is absolutely the most common cup holder out there with all the functionality you are hoping for in a cup holder, and you have to pay at only half the price. The chrome-like finish gives this a high class look and makes this cup holder a perfect match to any motorcycle.

Many customers claim to be continuing using this handlebar cup holder for years, which adds to the popularity of this line of cup holders from Kruzer Kadday, helping it to be the best seller in Motorcycle Handlebar Cup Holders and No 11 best sellers in Powersports Handlebar Accessories in the market right now.

Best motorcycle drink holder-Kruzer Kaddy 200 Chrome Handlebar Mount

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  • ✔ It has a polished outlook and pair well with most bikes
  • ✔ Comes with two liners to fit containers of different sizes
  • ✔ Reversible mounting stud for rigid positioning to keep your beverage securely fixed, or you can adjust for pivot positioning
  • ✔ You can easily detach the cup holder from the steel bracket or attach it back on
  • ✔ Simple and easy to use
  • ✔ Versatile in general


  • ✘ Limited ability in minimizing vibration of your water bottle or cup during your ride
  • ✘ Cannot hold a coffee cup for sure, so if you are a coffee lover, it would not help you much
  • ✘ You need to be aware that the stud turns loose at high-speed ride
  • ✘ Overall not the most versatile cup holder, but great at accommodating your water bottle


2. The most cost effective Universal Kuryakyn 1462 Motorcycle Handlebar Accessory

This cup holder uses a mesh basket to hold the drink on the go, together with exclusively designed fingers and sturdy chrome construction. Its unique design and great quality brings Kuryakyn 1462 Motorcycle Handlebar Accessory to be constantly included among top cup holders in the market. 

the best motorcycle drink holder-Universal Kuryakyn 1462 Motorcycle Handlebar Accessory

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  • ✔ Easy to install and sturdy overall
  • ✔  “Fingers” around the lid opening to hold firmly to containers of different sizes and to keep in drink holder
  • ✔ Combine chrome piece quality construction with black mesh basket and solid bottom to maximize the ability to hold and keep your beverage containers securely in place and minimize vibration from the road bike.
  • ✔ Universal with all necessary key features: drink holder basket, perch mount arm, anti-seize packet, perch mount kit, and hardware kit, shims, split lock washer, and (thumb nut; set of hex wrenches suggested for installation (not included)
  • ✔ The mounting system can fit a wide range of motorcycles
  • ✔ Can be mounted in handlebars and clutch or brake


  • ✘ The mesh basket may not be suitable if your drink container is smaller, it can flip and spill over
  • ✘ The price are not good enough and not fit in some Harley models 

3. The cup holder with best look CIRO Drink Holder Perch Mount Chrome Plated & Rubber

Besides looking great, this cup holder is also one of the best for its quality and versatility. After all, you do not buy a drink holder to show off, but to hold drinks and water bottles. 

the best motorcycle drink holder-CIRO Drink Holder Perch Mount Chrome Plated & Rubber

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  • ✔ Look elegant with a chrome lid and neoprene rubber net to hold your drink
  • ✔ Sturdy and durable
  • ✔ Soft contact and neat looking
  • ✔ Free from scratches with this CIRO cup holder
  • ✔ Rubber seals prevent your cans or bottles from vibrating
  • ✔ Made for Harley Davidson and fit all of the brand’s motorcycle models, except ’14-up Street Models
  • ✔ Can pair well with other brands’ motorcycle as well


  • ✘ Being too stiff, and at high speed, some part such as ring or even your cups will fall out
  • ✘ The flexibility is lower than a mesh structure

4. The best high-end CIRO Black Big Ass Drink Holder with ’14-up Passenger Mount

This could be an expensive cup holder, but its style, design and functionality we assure to make it worth the price. It has the best look from the most good looking cup holder for bikes, fits most of the Harley Davidson models and other brands’ motorcycles. It is made of a soft high quality rubber mesh that will not scratch your handlebars if it comes into contact with it. 

the best motorcycle drink holder-CIRO Black Big Ass Drink Holder with '14-up Passenger Mount

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  • ✔ Easy to install
  • ✔ The rubber net keeps your cans/bottles securely in place 
  • ✔ Work excellently even with large size bottles/cans/cups
  • ✔ Waterproof and resistant to sunburn or other environmental effects
  • ✔ Scratch-free


  • ✘ You can get the exact same quality of products from CIRO at lower price
  • ✘ Even though the rating is highest, at 4.8/5.0, there are not much difference between this line and the cheaper line except for the durability
  • ✘ It turns out to be much bigger in real life and makes it hard for a rider to find out what kinds of drinks to be fit by this holder.

5. The best choice CIRO Drink Holder Perch Mount Chrome Plated and Rubber

This cup holder remains Amazon’s choice for the best cup holders for motorcycles is CIRO Drink Holder Perch Mount Chrome Plated and Rubber. It has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5, thousands of ratings and reviews and remains in top 1 position of motorcycle cup holders because it provides you with all the desired key features of a motorcycle drink holder.

the best motorcycle drink holder-CIRO Drink Holder Perch Mount Chrome Plated and Rubber

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  • ✔ CIRO ball mount design is the most adjustable structure that help you direct your coffee cups/ soda cans/water bottles whatever way you want
  • ✔ Quick release
  • ✔ Rubber net is soft to touch and great at fitting around your drinks to help the beverage containers secured without being spilled or fallen out
  • ✔ Versatile at good price


  • ✘ Everything is great, except for the chrome top ring falling off after some using
  • ✘ It is chrome-like finish plastic, not the real one
  • ✘ You can easily buy a new one and the customer service is great

6. The top mobile Kruzer Kaddy 300BL Black Powder Coat Handlebar Mount

The unique structure of Kruzer Kaddy cup holders make all of the brand holders great at adjustability and flexibility. However, it does not come with sturdiness and you can find your drinks easily spilling over if it is not covered completely. Besides, the design is not what to die for, but simple enough and blend well with most of the motorcycle models.

the best motorcycle drink holder 6

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  • ✔ Simple and easy to attach and release
  • ✔ Comes with two insulated liners to hold up to 20 ounce bottles
  • ✔ Reversible mounting stud, same as other Kruzer Kaddy beverage holder


  • ✘ Need to work out at the beginning how to install it
  • ✘ Not as sturdy as the other cup holders in our list
  • ✘ Have low capacity to keep your drink securely and staying hydrated

7. The high quality rubber cup holder CIRO Black Rubber Drink Holder for Harley

Another Amazon’s Best Choice comes to the brand CIRO. This is for the best rubber cup holder especially designed for Harley. It has more than 450 ratings on Amazon and an average rating of 4.7 with many good reviews. Customers love it because they do not care about the polished look, but what is the main purpose of a motorcycle cup holder, which is to hold your cup perfectly secure and adjust well for different sizes of your drink cups.

the best motorcycle drink holder 7

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  • ✔ Can be easily installed without much effort
  • ✔ Versatile
  • ✔ Good price and great quality
  • ✔ You do not have to worry about the residue of chrome to your clothes/bags


  • ✘ Lack the polished look of a chrome cup holder

8. The coolest design Kruzer Kustom Kaddy Chrome Skull Motorcycle Cup Holder

And the cool rider motorcycle cup holder that you desire is absolutely Kruzer Kaddy 1080 Flat Black Skull Barmount. It is the only cup holder to appear in the list of Best Sellers Powersports Handlebar Accessories at No 14. Motorcycle riding is all about looking cool and chic, and together with the Kruzer Kaddy 1080 Flat Black Skull Barmount line that has been sold out, it is the only cup holder in the market that can serve your style marvelously.

the best motorcycle drink holder 8

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  • ✔ Unique design that will constantly gratify your look
  • ✔ It attaches to the control housing for the clutch or brake which makes it very sturdy
  • ✔ Standards bolts that you can fit to keep your water bottles/soda cans or even other accessories like sunglasses, cell phones, radios etc securely in place
  • ✔ Multi-purpose and versatile


  • ✘ It takes some effort to install and hard to release
  • ✘ Sometimes fall off the handlebars and the rubber grommet may be broken on installation

9. The best cup holder with mesh baskets Kuryakyn 1422 Motorcycle Handlebar Accessory

This line of cup holders is the one of the best motorcycle drink holders and proves that the mesh basket is an effective structure to hold your drinks in a bike.

the best motorcycle drink holder 9

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  • ✔ Universal Fit
  • ✔ Easy installation
  • ✔ Chrome-like finish for a polished look and blending well with your bike
  • ✔ Use a fingering system and a solid bottom in a mesh basket to grasp and hold the drinks sturdily
  • ✔ You can easily access your drinks on the go
  • ✔ Instant installation and comes with handlebar clamp, drink holder basket, anti-seize packet, and hardware kit: shims, split lock washer, hub nut
  • ✔ It can fit for different sizes of containers, from ⅞ inch and 1-inch bars with separate adapter kit (not included) to larger range from 2 inches to 3 ½ inches containers


  • ✘ It takes some effort to install and hard to release
  • ✘ Sometimes fall off the handlebars and the rubber grommet may be broken on installation


10. Best cup holder for large size CIRO Chrome Big Ass Drink Holder with Chrome Perch Mount

The great news for any rider who struggles to find a huge cup holder for their favorite cups of coffee or coke is that CIRO has produced a special line of drink holders exclusively for this purpose and offered a considerably affordable price, much lower than the high-end line.

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  • ✔ Can accommodate up to 30oz tumblers/cups/bottles, the biggest size available in the market
  • ✔ Combine all great qualities you most normally find in a CIRO product, including sturdiness and easy installation and scratch-free


  • ✘ Overpriced, but with the quality equal to high-end product, it is still worth it

Buying Guides to choose the best motorcycle drink holders

1. Tips on choosing a motorcycle cup holder

When it comes to motorcycle beverage holders, you would think that why do I need one. The most concern of a rider most of the time is gear for protection. Motorcycle drink holders are such a small item that sometimes you forget to include in your ride.

However, if you are among those who care about staying hydrated and love to keep you refreshing drink , especially for a long ride, a rider motorcycle cup holder is not necessarily made to be a difficult item to get. You just have to take some aspects into your consideration, which are: material, structure, flexibility, size and price.


A cup/bottle holder for bikes is made from different types of material. The most popular materials include metal, plastic, chrome, rubber and leather. Different materials bring out different durability, comfort, and finish.

  • CHROME: Chrome cup holders are good on the outside and durable if it is really chrome. Most cup holders in the market only come with chrome finish, but are still plastic. The low quality chrome finish can come off and stain your clothes or bike. So if you go for a chrome cup holder, be sure it is made of high quality chrome. However, the price would be slightly higher. If not, it is best to stick with plastic cup holders.
  • POLYCARBONATE: Polycarbonate cup holders are the alternative choice for those who dislike blotch from metal deterioration.
  • FABRIC: For example, motorcycle cup holders can be made from leather or mesh. Fabric cup holders are often better at adjusting abilities but not as sturdy as other materials.


  • Installment: To hold cups securely, you have to put some effort in installing your cup holder. Some cup holders are easy to install but terrible at other functionality, so it is just one aspect to consider. To my personal preference, I can switch the first try installment for a cup holder that is better at securely accommodating my cup/can..
  • Positioning: The best motorcycle cup holders can be placed at both side handlebars of your bikes, while others can only be put at one side left or right. Most cup holders are mounted to the handlebars by a clamp, so you would want to check the space to fit the clamp both in diameter and width with your bike’s handlebars.

Sizes & Flexibility to fix size

What types of your favorite beverage and how much drink you like for a ride will decide what type of cup holders would suit you. However, there are many products with great adjustability so that they will fit from small to larger size of containers.

Motorcycles often enjoy a long ride, so it is best to get a big size drink holder that can carry any cup/can/bottle of water you like. Be aware that if you prefer a big size cup/bottle holder, it may be bulky and not comfortable for your seat on the bike. Therefore, you have to consider the space amount on your bike and if it can fit a big or small cup holder.


The price range of a motorcycle cup holder is just slightly up above the usual cup holder. It is due to many features integrated into this special type of cup holders to help your drinks stay in place even at high speed. Typically, if you spend at least 30 USD, you would get a cup holder with full functionality. The high-end range fluctuates between 60 USD to more than 90 USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Should You Need A Motorcycle Cup Holder?

  • To keep yourself hydrated: The main purpose of a cup holder for motorcycles is undoubtedly to carry your drinks while you ride. You can live without food but cannot live and function effectively without water. In high traffic areas, it is especially difficult to get your beverage. A drink holder attached to your bike will keep your drink within your reach so that you will not be thirsty along the ride.
  • Can be a trash can: A cup holder can also be a place for your waste so that you do not have to turn around to open your backpack. After finishing your drink, you can put all your scraps of rubbish such as wrappers, gum, tissues or any things to the cup holder to keep it away from the environment and throw it away to the right place when you reach your stop destination.
  • Keep your food and other little things: It is also very convenient for your fast food and can be a tissue dispenser. Unlike the name, a motorcycle cup holder is more than a cup holder, it can keep anything that could fit its size.

2. Are there some tips on using a cup holder for my bike?

It is hard to avoid spillage while you ride, so to make cleaning in such cases easier, you can prepare first hand by putting some layers of paper inside your cup to prevent the water from directly staining your cup holder.

3. Can I customize or make a cup holder for my bike on my own?

The answer is yes, you can. It is the item that can freely customize and adjust for your preference. 

4. How to keep my cup holder in good condition?

Consider what material your cup holder is made of. You can wipe it with a soft piece of cloth to keep it clean. For metal ones, try not to use water to avoid erosion.

5. Is it easy to install or adjust the holder to fit my beverage container?

It will depend on the structure of the cup holder. The clamp structure will decide if it is easỉer to install than other cup holders and the main structure will determine how securely and adjustably they will fit your cups of coffee/soda cans or water bottles. 

Hopefully the article of Motoczysz has helped you in learning about the best motorcycle drink holders. Don’t forget to share with us your choice!

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