Top 10 Best Motorcycle Goggles 2021 – Best Price For The Buyer

One of the indispensable equipment when traveling by motorcycle is the motorcycle goggles. Because you will have to be constantly exposed to dust, sunlight and strong winds when traveling long distances and continuously. Not using motorcycle goggles will adversely affect your eyes such as swelling, pain… This also obstructs vision and difficulty in observing the road. So, you need to choose yourself the best motorcycle goggles to protect your eyes to have the most enjoyable ride.

The best motorcycle goggles on the market in 2021

Here are the best motorcycle goggles on the market in 2021:

1. Crg Sports Aviator Style Motorcycle Goggles

Crg Sports Aviator Style Motorcycle Goggles is designed with many styles and colors for you to choose from. This style is suitable for individual people who have a sense of humor and style. With a price not too high, this motorcycle goggle is resistant to ultraviolet rays, dust and scratches. It feels extremely comfortable to drive.


  • Sunproof, dustproof and highly scratch resistant
  • Many styles and colors to choose from
  • Good eye protection
  • Light, smooth and comfortable to wear


  • After a period of use it is easy to fade if it comes up with fog

CRG Sports Vintage Aviator Pilot Style Motorcycle Cruiser Scooter Goggle T08 - Parent

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2. Global Vision Eyewear Big Ben Goggles

Global Vision Eyewear Big Ben Goggles is consider as one of the best quality motorcycle goggles on the brand. With a slim profile, this car is suitable for those with a dynamic, sporty style. Although its price is quite high, many people are still willing to pay for its excellent quality. This one is resistant to UV rays, scratch-resistant and anti-fog. It will give you a comfortable and flexible feeling to wear. In particular, its durability is very high so you can use it for a long time.


  • Shatter-resistant Polycarbonate lenses
  • Maximum UV resistance with UV400 filter
  • The ability to prevent fog with a double-sided coating
  • There are microfiber bags for cleaning and keeping it safe
  • There is scratch resistant coating
  • Comfortable and flexible to wear


  • The design is quite small

Global Vision Big Ben Goggles Kit Includes Clear and Smoke Lens

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3. Pacific Coast Airfoil 9305 Goggles

With its classic design, Pacific Coast Airfoil 9305 Goggles is suitable for folk and casual style. It is produced by a reputable company for over 30 years so you can feel secure about the quality. Therefore, it is too familiar to many motorcyclists. Its lenses are anti-fog thanks to the guaranteed ventilation system. Resistance to UV rays is 100%. This is also designed to fit and comfortably on the user.


  • Guaranteed good visibility
  • 100% UV resistant thanks to polycarbonate lens
  • Durable
  • Do not get pinched in the face of the user
  • Good ventilation
  • Resistance to fog


  • The design is quite bulky

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4. The 4-Fq G4 Motorcycle Goggles

The 4-Fq G4 Motorcycle Goggles is beautifully designed, big enough to protect eyes. It is aesthetically pleasing because it does not create a feeling of covering the entire face. Its price is quite cheap but still provides enough eye protection that a motorcycle goggle needs. This goggle has a non-slip silicone strap and can be adjusted to suit the user’s size. This strap is also capable of preventing moisture and foreign objects from falling while driving.


  • The price is cheap but the quality is good
  • Silicone strap and foreign object are available
  • Highly resistant to ultraviolet rays
  • Protect from wind, dust, water and fog
  • The lens is scratch resistant


  • May be uncomfortable to wear

Motorcycle Goggles Dirt Bike Goggle Motocross Goggles Youth Teen Kids Child

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5. The 4-Fq Motocross Goggles

With its luxurious and eye-catching design, the 4-Fq Motocross Goggles fits every helmet you have. It has a flexible deformation to create a comfortable feeling because it is made from PU resin. This goggle is commonly used in many extreme sports such as off-road racing, skateboarding and snowboarding. Like other motorcycle goggles, it is also resistant to UV rays, anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-dust.


  • Beautiful and attractive design
  • The glasses fit comfortably
  • Flexibility in bending thanks to the OTG frame
  • Suitable for many other sports
  • Anti-UV, anti-fog, anti-dust, anti-scratch


  • Size is quite large for some people

best motorcycle goggles 5

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6. Birdz Eyewear Eagle Goggles

At a affordable price, Birdz Eyewear Eagle Goggles is very impressively designed. Yellow lenses help drivers avoid blinding when traveling in sunny weather. Polycarbonate lenses increase shatter resistance and 100% UV resistance. This motorcycle goggle has a pretty high side profile so you can use it for a long time.


  • The price is quite cheap
  • Suitable in sunny weather
  • Resistance to UV rays 100%
  • Anti-shattering when dropped or impacted
  • Impressive design
  • Small and light in size


  • Easily scratched

best motorcycle goggles 6

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7. Biltwell Moto 2.0 Goggles

Biltwell Moto 2.0 Goggles is basic design but has outstanding features because the manufacturer only focuses on its operation. Wide eyeglasses provide great visibility and comfort. The lenses are anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-shock thanks to the polycarbonate coating. Despite the high cost, this motorcycle goggle is considered to have high durability and the level of eye protection is absolute.


  • Absolute eye protection
  • Solid and durable
  • Able to display peripherals
  • Anti-fog, anti-impact, anti-scratch
  • Completely resistant to UV rays
  • Wide, unobstructed view


  • The design is not good looking

best motorcycle goggles 7

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8. Bobster Cruiser 2 Goggles

Bobster Cruiser 2 Goggles is designed simply but beautifully. It is used for most extreme sports such as off-road racing, skiing or hiking. These are pilot glasses that bring ljai feeling of a comfortable fit. Despite its low cost, it still provides UV resistance and shatter resistance to impact. In particular, the lenses are easily removed and inserted so that you can replace lenses that match different light levels.


  • Good price
  • Can replace lenses
  • Always provided with three lenses
  • Ability to bear force and impact
  • 100% UV protection
  • Three lenses are suitable for different light levels


  • Not resistant to fog

best motorcycle goggles 8

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9. Oakley O-Frame Mx Goggles

Oakley is one of the best known brands of motorcycle goggle production. That’s also why Oakley O-Frame Mx Goggles has the most expensive price tag on this list. It is trusted by many of the world’s top racers for its eye protection abilities. This goggles are eye-catching designed with many styles suitable for extreme sports. The lenses are scratch resistant, high impact resistant. It is highly resistant to fog even in the wettest conditions.


  • Reputable brand
  • Absolute eye protection
  • Many styles to choose from
  • Ensures optimum comfort with an O – Matter flexible frame
  • Highly durable to resist impact and scratches
  • Absolute anti-fog ability
  • The lens can be easily removed and changed


High price

  • Smaller size glasses compared to other types

best motorcycle goggles 9

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10. Dmeixs Motorcycle Goggles

Dmeixs Motorcycle Goggles is the first choice of many riders because of its cheap price but still ensures absolute safety for the eyes. It is ruggedly designed, has a high impact resistance, making it suitable for all types of extreme sports including off-road racing. It guarantees to provide the same features as other motorcycle goggles (cost two to three times) such as anti-UV, anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-shatter.


  • The price is cheap but the quality is excellent
  • Completely resistant to UV rays
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-shatter
  • Selected by many of the world’s top racers
  • Suitable for all types of extreme sports
  • Compact
  • Have a wide vision


  • Irritating to the nose for some people

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Tips for picking the best motorcycle goggle

When traveling by motorcycle, whether in the city or suburban, motorcycle goggle is an important eye protection accessory to help you avoid dirt, dirt and flying rocks and it is indispensable in the journey. However, do you know how to choose a motorcycle goggle that is right for you? This article will help you choose the one you like best for your exciting journeys.

A motorcycle goggle has become very important for a motorcyclist. In particular, it not only helps to protect the eyes but also requires high aesthetics. In recent years, many new technologies are applied to manufacture motorcycle goggles. There are a variety of colors and styles, making it increasingly difficult to choose the one that best suits you. It’s important that you consider your needs and budget for a motorcycle goggle.

Hướng dẫn mua kính bảo hộ dành cho xe đạp

How to choose the best motorcycle goggle for you

1. What is your motorbike riding style and under what conditions?

If you’re racing a motorcycle, the goggle’s shatter resistance is very important and it must be able to tear or roll the lens. For those on the go, their goggle must have features of wind resistance, anti-fog. Especially the ventilation system should be in good working order. If you ride motorbike in cold and humid conditions, these features are also essential. If you regularly ride in dusty and sandy conditions, being dustproof is essential. One with thick foam for dust filter is the best fit for you.

2. Your vision when wearing goggle

Motorbike visibility is of prime importance. You cannot drive while in view because of your goggle. It is easy to cause an accident. So when choosing it, you need to choose the ones that have a wide field of view and look straight. Make sure it cannot block your view when driving at high speed. The lens must always be optically and physically accurate so that in impact it does not limit the field of view.

3. Comfortable and suitable for wearing

The right motorcycle goggle will depend on your face shape. You need to consider how your face looks to choose its style to match. This helps you choose a glass that fits, feels comfortable and comfortable to drive. Frames can cause headaches and bruising after a while. It annoys you and distracts you while driving a motorcycle.

4. Ventilation capacity of goggle

For your goggle not to be blurred by breathing, ventilation is very important. Without this feature, your breathing will blur the lens and lose your view. All the motorcycles are designed to have air vents. It allows easy air circulation through the goggles. This feature is extremely important and a must when producing a quality goggle.

5. The frame of motorcycle goggle

The goggle frame is an important part of fixing the goggle to your face. So you need to carefully consider this part when choosing a motorcycle goggle for you. The frame is usually made from flexible urethane to ensure high strength and light weight. The frame is also the factor for good peripheral vision when wearing goggle. It also determines the compatibility with the helmet you are using.

100% kính Racecraft

The frame is the part that determines your peripheral vision

6. Ability to protect your nose

Many motorcycle goggle types cause pain and discomfort in the nose when worn for a long time. So you should choose one that is fixed to your nose but does not hurt it. If you drive a motorbike in rocky conditions, the goggle’s nose protection keeps you from breathing in dirt. But it still has to make sure you can breathe comfortably.

7. Lens of motorcycle goggle

There are a variety of lens colors and materials to choose from. However, you must choose the right lens for your needs. If you drive in sunny weather, a color lens so your eyes won’t glare is a better option than a colorless lens. Lexan is a popular material for making lenses because it is very durable and is shock resistant. The lens also needs injection molding for absolute scratch resistance. In order not to distort your vision, the lens should have a reasonable curvature with your face.

8. Ability to block UV rays

The ability to block UV rays is the most basic feature for a motorcycle goggle. Most goggles only guarantee moderate UV protection. You should choose a goggle with 100% UV protection to protect your eyes completely. In recent years, Prizm technology is applied to manufacture goggle motorcycles to both be resistant to UV rays and adjust colors to suit each specific environment.

9. Resistance to fog

Anti-fog helps to ensure you don’t blur your view so you stay safe while driving. Most of the motorcycle goggles have this feature. However, very few of these have durable fog resistance. Because normally after a period of use this feature will lose its effect and make your glasses blurry. So that you should learn how to fix it.

10. How to choose the right lens color

If you regularly ride at night and in low light, you should choose a clear lens. Gray or smoky lenses are good for bright sunny days. The yellow lens enhances depth perception, making it suitable for dust, mist and smoke. The blue lens will provide contrast in muddy and sandy conditions. If you normally drive in bright light, Mirror Lenses will be able to effectively reduce glare. On overcast days, amber or orange lenses will help you see better. In the sun, to improve contrast and reduce glare, a brown lens is the best choice.

11. Tear-Offs vs Roll-Offs

These are two mechanisms that help you tear or roll out when dirt gets on your lens. It consists of layers of transparent film that are glued to the outside of the lens. This method is suitable for racers in muddy conditions as it can tear off many times in a race. Only a few goggle types have this feature because it is easy to pull the whole stack of movies at once and harm the environment.

Tear-off Goggle thấu kính

The Tear-Off is resistant to mud and soil

12. Face Foam

This is an equally important feature as the ventilation feature. It ensures softness in contact with your face and helps absorb sweat. Usually it is designed with three to four layers for best performance. In addition, facial foam also protects against fog thanks to its ability to reduce the amount of moisture in the lens.

13. The Strap of motorcycle goggle

The strap not only fixes the goggle, but also reduces the slip on the helmet thanks to silicon particles running around the inside. It is usually between 40 and 45mm wide and can be adjusted to fit your head. It is both an important part to fit while being aesthetically pleasing as it is designed in a variety of colors and designs.

14. Some famous brands for your reference

Oakley Goggles has been a leading prestigious brand for many years. Oakley always leads in motorcycle production with motocross goggle technology. With a large scale of production and distribution, this brand is chosen by many of the world’s leading racers such as Ken Roczen, Chad Reed, Ryan Dungy and Eli Tomac.

The famous Scott Goggles were no less than Oakley Goggles. Scott always tends to manufacture many types of motorcycle goggles with various functions and different models. It is suitable for many different face designs with superb quality. OTG goggles are also the most outstanding product of this brand.

100% Goggles is a pretty good brand in this regard. However, it quickly gained customers’ confidence thanks to its simple, compact and lightweight design, but 100% Goggles has the ability to replace lenses easily. The three most prominent products of this brand are Strata, Accuri and Racecraft.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What should I do with the poor anti-fog performance after using it for a while?

One effective and simple solution when the anti-fog feature is broken is to apply a layer of dishwashing liquid or toothpaste to the inside of the lens. Then wipe it off with a soft cloth. However, this only works after using goggle once. You will need to do this again the next time you wear your goggles. Or you can also purchase a lens spray to remove the mist.

2. How should I choose child motorcycle goggles?

Adults will have to choose easy goggles for adults that are large in size. Children should also choose small sized ones to fit them. Likewise, adult goggles will not fit children because the strap is too wide. It will not remove dust due to crevices. Child goggles have the same features as adults. So you can freely choose from glasses for adults.

3. How to clean the motorcycle goggles?

Motorcycle goggles will be exposed to a lot of dirt and mud, so you should clean it regularly for longer use. The foam will also get dirty after repeated use because of sweat. The best way to clean it is to soak it in warm, soapy water. Never rub it harshly or use harsh chemicals. Because this will scratch your lens. Dry the goggles before you store it in a separate box or compartment to keep it safe.

You should clean the motorcycle goggles regularly

4. What should I do if the motorcycle goggles are loose when used for a while?

When wearing goggles for a while, its screws are loose or lost due to impact or fall. You should periodically check its screws so that the screws do not fall on the road. If you lose the screws, you can go to safety glasses shops to have them repaired and replaced.

5. How to handle scratched goggles?

If your lens is slightly scratched, you can fix it with a toothpaste. All you should do is apply some toothpaste on the lens and then wipe it off with a soft cloth. Toothpaste will take away scratches. However, you will have to replace the glasses if the scratch is too large.

6. Can the strap be replaced?

If your strap is broken, you can tailor it to yourself, but make sure you have the correct specifications. If you can’t sew it, you can take it to a goggles repair shop. The strap is also likely to wear or stretch with long term use. You will also need to periodically replace your strap to ensure a good fit and does not damage the track.

7. Can motorcycle goggles be used for scuba diving?

Motorcycle goggles cannot be used underwater as some of its parts will be damaged and wet. If worn underwater, their eye protection is not guaranteed. So you should buy your own diving goggles and personal motorcycle goggles.

8. Are all motorcycle goggles 100% UV resistant?

Most motorcycle goggles are UV resistant. However, the level of UV protection depends on the conditions in which you ride the motorcycle. If the goggles are for night, there is little UV protection. If the goggles are for extreme sunlight conditions, the level of UV protection is complete. So, you should consider choosing the right level of UV protection.


In the above post, we suggested you top 10 the best motorcycle goggles by rank. Please consider and choose for yourself the best motorcycle goggles for yourself to protect your eyes. If your budget allows, it’s a good idea to choose two to three for yourself to swap goggles for under different motorcycle driving conditions. Wish you will have the right choice to have the most perfect trip.

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