10 Best Motorcycle Horns reviews in 2021: Buying Guides and FAQs

Are you looking for the best motorcycle horn? You want to get people’s attention when you speed along the street, or you just need something to raise a better impact for your motorcycle, we can help you there.

Motoczysz is going to give you the idea motorcycle horns with a wide range of options from reasonable price, great customer service, quick delivery, easy to install to the best quality products. So, read on for the best motorcycle horns on the market nowadays.

TOP 10 Best Motorcycle Horns review for 2021

1. The Best Motorcycle Horn For Overall: Wolo Bad Boy Air Horn

The Wolo (419) Bad Boy Air Horn has everything you might like in motorcycle horns: it’s noisy, it draws attention, it will keep you safe when driving, and it is also compatible with a wide range of motorcycles.

The horn measures 7.25 x 3.5 x 10.75 inches in size, uses 12 volts of power, a patented one-piece design that requires no hoses. It is made with a heavy-duty, maintenance-free compressor for years of dependable operation. It installs in minutes by simply connecting the factory horn wires to the compressor. Kit includes a heavy-duty 30-amp relay, mounting bolt and instructions are available in both English and Spanish.

The Wolo Bad Boy has a stunning bright chrome plated finish, which lets the car or motorcycle stand out. The diaphragms have a flat shaped chrome cover as well as the compressor. Since both covers are aerodynamically shaped, this motorcycle horn is ideal for dressing up every engine compartment and even the exterior mount on a motorcycle. 

This horn will deliver a powerful dual tone sound that is two times 2X louder than a factory horn, ensuring that drivers can hear you before they see you.

The Best Motorcycle Horn For Overall: Wolo Bad Boy Air Horn

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  • The patented one piece design makes installation easily.
  • It’s very loud like a big truck type loud and the sounds are great. 
  • It still works after a long time, and still sounds good as new.


  • Quality control is missing. Some work well, some not.
  • Not weather resistant.

2. The Super Loud Motorcycle Horn: MARCO TORNADO Compact Air Horn

The Marco tornado compact air horn is the loudest and finest equipped motorcycle horn you can buy. In truth, it’s a validated safety device that has helped thousands of motorcyclists be heard and seen when it matters most – saving lives in the process.

The horn measures 5.59 x 4.88 x 3.82 inches in size, uses 12 volts of power, weighs 1.75 pounds. A relay and fixing bolt are included. Its adaptability and compatibility with other 12-volt devices. It can be installed on motorcycle, trucks, buses, golf carts, bikes, ATVs, and other equipment.

It’s simple to install even if you don’t have as much experience since it comes with instructions. The horn  packed in a durable shell that can withstand rougher handling and different weather conditions.

The Super Loud Motorcycle Horn: MARCO TORNADO Compact Air Horn

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  • Excellent sound performance. It sounds just like a loud semi truck.
  • The package includes instruction and installation accessories.
  • Quick and easy to install and swap with factory horn.
  • Stylish design. The construction appears decent, the plastic is of reasonable grade, the cast aluminium parts appear suitable.


  • Some places can make it too noisy.

3. The Most Cost Effective Motorcycle Horn: FARBIN 12V 110db Motorcycle Disc Horn

FARBIN motorcycle disc horn is a hidden treasure that proves you can get a decent horn for a fair price. When you evaluate the price of this motorcycle horn to its usefulness, you’ll soon know you’ve come across a win.

The horn measures 4.41 x 3.54 x 1.97 inches in size; uses 12 volts of power; current: 3 amps; sound output: 110db; material: metal; color: black; diameter: 3.15 inches. The body is black-coated aluminum, the integrated design is waterproof, and the look is distinctive and trendy.

Metal terminal design, improved conductivity, increased corrosion resistance, and extended service life. The sound is loud, and the circular nature adds to the warning effect.

It is intended for exterior mounting on any 12V vehicle, including pickups, SUVs, RV boats, scooters, mopeds, ATVs, Go-Karts, Vespas, dirt bikes, pocket bikes, and motorcycles, in either fresh or saltwater. The horn is ideal for nearly any weather situation, tough enough to survive any weather and blizzard elements.

The Most Cost Effective Motorcycle Horn: FARBIN 12V 110db Motorcycle Disc Horn

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  • Nice quality for the price.
  • Stylish design. Durable construction. 
  • Waterproof.
  • This horn is loud and was easy to install.


  • There were no instructions enclosed and no polarity identifier.

4. The Best New Release Motorcycle Horn: ANLEM 2 Pack Super Loud Train Horn

Anlem 2 pack super loud train horn is another excellent pick for any motorcycle. It offers the loudest sound on the market, while also being the most compact. The internal reflux design, up to 300DB loudness, gives you a loud voice to warn others, and provides a certain degree of safety for driving.

The horn measures 3.94 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches in size, uses 12 volts of power, weighs 7.1 ounces, works with passenger cars, motorcycle, SUV, truck, watercraft. Package include: 2 snail horns, 2 iron sheets, 2 screws.

This product has good sound quality, stable frequency, long life, multiple sounds, permanent memory settings, no fear of power failure, easy installation, simple use, stable and reliable work, exquisite workmanship, and industry standards for various technical indicators.

The Best New Release Motorcycle Horn: ANLEM 2 Pack Super Loud Train Horn

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  • Good volume and easy to fit.
  • Stylish design. Durable construction.
  • It’s fine, very loud, easy to install, works excellent.
  • Comes with accessories and mounting hardware.


  • No instructions are supplied.

5. The Screaming Motorcycle Horn: SoundBomb Mini Electromagnetic Low Tone Horn

Soundbomb mini electromagnetic horn lives up to the title, and its output will not fail you. At 113 decibels, the distinct low-tone sound from this horn is twice as loud as a typical 100 decibel disc horn. This air horn meant more than warning the other drivers and pedestrians in hazardous circumstances.

The horn measures 3.25″ x 3.4″ x 2.5″ inches in size, uses 12 volts of power, single piece designed. Package include: single piece electromagnetic horn, mounting hardware, fully illustrated, installation instructions.

Manufacture note: Add our BMW wiring adapter (DNL.WHS.10100) for plug & play installation to BMW motorcycles. If the original horn does not have blade-style electrical connections, the original horn connector needs to be removed and replaced with female spade connectors in order to connect to the Soundbomb Mini.

This horn is not compatible with KTM 1190 & 1290 Motorcycles. Some motorcycle horn circuits are not capable of powering this 5 amp horn. If your horn circuits’ max amperage is less than 5 amps, or if you are unsure, simply add our plug-n-play harness to bypass the horn circuit and draw power directly from your battery.

The Screaming Motorcycle Horn: SoundBomb Mini Electromagnetic Low Tone Horn

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  • Great sound, a nice low pitch that certainly draws more attention than most of the horns on the market.
  • Simple to install.
  • A very well built product. Durable construction.
  • Comes with installation accessories and detailed instruction.


  • Not waterproof.
  • The mounting brackets were so flimsy that the horn bounced around anytime you hit a bump.

6. The High Performance Motorcycle Horn: HELLA 012588061 Motorcycle Series Black 12V Disc Horn

Hella motorcycle series black 12v disc horn is one of the best motorcycle horns that looks and sounds great to ensure your protection and the care you need in emergency situations. These horns combine a reasonable price-performance ratio and high quality to ensure optimal versatility, maximum fit, and long-term consumer loyalty.

The horn measures 5.5 x 4 x 1.2 inches in size, uses 12 volts of power, weighs 0.017 ounces, high tone: 480 Hz, sound level: 108 dB(A). Disc horns come with a M8 screw horn bracket and with flat connections of 6.3 mm, open, blade type. This comes with two options: high & low tone or high tone.

Best Motorcycle Horn

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  • Great air horns, attention-grabbing sound.
  • Sturdy construction. Small and loud.
  • Water spray proof.
  • Easy to install.
  • They came nicely packaged in a little box, with cardboard dividing the middle so that the two horns don’t scratch against each other.


  • A mounting bolt or electrical connectors are not included.

7. The Easiest To Install Motorcycle Horn: Universal Super Loud High Tone and Low Tone Metal Disc Horn

If you’re looking for a high Tone and low-tone horn that’s easy to install and use in all situations, you should look into this model. Setting them up is quite simple and doesn’t require much time. It suits most motorbikes, scooters, ATVs, electric mopeds, Go-Karts, dirt bikes, pocket bikes, and auto cars and, due to its strong construction, it can survive rain and other inclement weather.

The horn measures 6.3 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches in size, uses 12 volts of power, weighs 1.43 pounds. Powerful electric loud horn with 130dB loudness can blare out a warning that cannot be ignored, then attract more attention for avoiding more accidents when driving on the road sound is bright. 

The horn is made of diaphragm imported from Germany, 100% pure copper coil design, high-quality metal  that is more waterproof. The appearance is unique and fashionable, improved conductivity, corrosion resistant, and a longer service life.  The sound is loud, and the circular design enhances the sound warning effect.

Best Motorcycle Horn image 7

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  • Much easier to install than any other air horn.
  • Sturdy construction. Work great and loud.
  • Waterproof. Weather resistant. 
  • Stylish design horn.


  • Seems no complaint about this product.

8. The Most Powerful Motorcycle Horn: ZELEMO Electric Car Horn

Zelemo electric car horn is one of the better options when it comes to super-loud speakers. In any position you find yourself in on the road, these will certainly draw notice. For a stylish finish and additional toughness, the package has a matte, painted metal body with a red protective grill. They stick out and have a high degree of protection due to their high quality and noisy noises.

The horn measures 6.65 x 4.92 x 3.98 inches in size, uses 12 volts of power, weighs 1.89 pounds, high tone: 400 Hz, low tone: 330 Hz, decibels: 118 dB(A). It is easy to install with only one mounting screw and two blade terminals for the electrical connection. Package includes: 1 piece high note horn, 1 piece low note horn, mounting brackets and four lines.

Please notice that super-loud 118 dB sound can not be ignored, this air horn is really loud and do not use it near school or hospital.

Best Motorcycle Horn image 8

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  • There are multiple sizes available for different individuals. To be more specific, there are 7 different colors for people to easily choose one.
  • Excellent sound performance.
  • Good quality. Stylish design. Durable construction.
  • Comes with mounting hardware.


  • Some places can make it too noisy.
  • Much higher pitched.

9. The Best Train Motorcycle Horn: COOCHEER 150DB Train Air Horn Kit

The air horn is made of high-quality zinc material and chrome-plated metal to ensure maximum strength and durability for long-lasting usage and is designed to be weather resistant, enough to withstand any weather. 

Four trumpet horns deliver a chord with a lot volume and force, the 150DB loud air horn can blare out a loud and powerful warning. Compared with almost any other train horn kit on the market, the horn compressor kit offers a louder, more complex and pleasing sound, can be heard clearly even over great distances or through modern soundproofing.

The horn measures 19 x 17.1 x 9.4 inches in size, uses 12 volts of power, weighs 13.2 pounds. This kit includes a compressor that has a 1.59-gallon tank and pumps up to 120PSI. When the pressure drops to 90 psi, the compressor will kick on and pump back up to 120PSI.

And it comes with 4 vibration pads to install under each leg when mounted, a 30 amp fuse, a petcock style tank moisture drain, and 3’ft of 3/8″ air hose for the air horn hook-up that is to be used with the push lock fitting on the side of the air tank connecting to the push lock fitting on the air horn.

The train horn kit is easy to install. The horn kit is designed to be small enough to fit under or behind seats. It’s flexible and portable, so you can easily move from one car to another. The horn kit includes basic mounting hardware, hose, and relay, you don’t need to worry about buying hardware or relays for installation.

Best Motorcycle Horn image 9

[button-blue url=”https://www.amazon.com/COOCHEER-Trumpet-Vehicles-Powerful-Compressor/dp/B08913QH4V/” target=”” position=”center”]Check Price On Amazon[/button-blue]


  • The horn sounds loud.
  • Great horn for the money.
  • Good quality. Stylish design. Durable construction.
  • The compressor and tank mounted very well.
  • Installation pretty straight forward.


  • Not a lot of room under the hood of most newer vehicles

10. The Best Supertone Motorcycle Horns: MARCO 11231012 Compact Electropneumatic Horn

Marco 11231012 compact electro pneumatic horn is another excellent pick for any motorcycle. This horn is very reliable, and it produces a noticeable sound that can draw awareness in all the most dangerous driving conditions. For the best of performance and fit, this motorcycle horn combines style and efficiency.

The horn measures 4.13 x 2.56 x 7.48 inches in size, uses 12 volts of power, weighs 1.32 pounds, works on motorcycles, trucks, buses, golf carts, bikes, ATVs, and other equipment.

Best Motorcycle Horn image 10

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  • Much louder than expected. Excellent sound performance.
  • Good quality. Stylish design. Durable construction.
  • Easy to install.


  • Not water resistant

Key Features To Consider When Buying Motorcycle Horns

1. Types of Motorcycle Horns

There are three popular types of horns on the market nowadays for your motorcycle. 

  • Air Horns 

Depending on the model you pick, air horns can be extremely noisy. In most instances, it’s a one-piece device that’s simple to put together.

This form requires consideration of the compressor’s working pressure, tank capacity, and duty cycle. Just the ones with the highest air pressure should be considered if you’re looking for the loudest.

How long you can blast it depends on the power. A 1-gallon tank at 150 PSI, for example, provides 4 to 5 seconds. If you need more time, you’ll need a bigger tank and a heavier-duty compressor.

Remember, the laws regulating air horns differ from state to state. As a result, it’s a good idea to consult with local authorities to see if the specific form is legal where you live. Only emergency vehicles are required to have air horns in most states. Some states, on the other hand, only accept them as part of an anti-theft system. In that case, you are not supposed to honk due to noise pollution concerns.

  • Train Horns

If you want to stand out on the lane, these are the way to go. They have a sound similar to something like a freight train horn and are much louder than the other models. Motorcycles, bikes, buses, vans, trikes, and other related vehicles are typically compliant with high-quality versions.

When it comes to rules, it’s necessary to keep in mind that they differ from state to state. These aren’t the most dangerous, but they are loud enough to get you a ticket if you use them in a residential area. Before purchasing this sort of device, make sure to review the laws of the state where you live.

  • Novelty Horns

Novelty Horns are new to the industry, so they aren’t for everybody. They usually have an odd tone that you may alter to your liking. It offers you the choice of doing anything other than the standard honk tone.

It is generally compatible with a variety of bikes and vehicles and is relatively simple to use. Even, it’s likely that using it is illegal in your jurisdiction, so double-check before making a decision.

2. The Volume of Motorcycle Horns

The sound horn makes is determined by the scale of its trumpet and whether the package includes one or two horns. Trumpets that are smaller and narrower have a higher voice, whereas those that are larger and broader have a softer tone.

Some manufacturers placed their products to stringent processing in confined and regulated environments. As a result, the system can sound entirely different in the open air and on the highway. 

Another thing to remember is the difference of tone. When faced the wrong way, even the loudest gadgets can not be as loud. If you aim it downwards, it would almost certainly be quieter than you thought. If you turn the device upwards, it can be even louder.

3. The Weight of Motorcycle Horns

The weight has no influence on technical results. However, the framework should be stable and durable enough to prevent it from being swept away by the wind. Make sure it’s not too heavy, since you don’t want any excess weight on the motorcycle.

4. How do you put a horn on a motorcycle?

If you’ve decided where you want to install it, and see whether it came with some mounting hardware. You can find out what sort of power source it needs by reading the instructions that came with it. You’ll need some batteries, such as AA or motorcycle batteries, if you want a novelty or train horn. The air horn, on the other hand, does not need any power. Then follow these steps below to mount your motorcycle horn.

  • Step 1: Disconnect the negative terminal of the motorcycle battery with an appropriate-sized SAE or metric open-ended wrench.
  • Step 2: Connect the horn’s red wire to the positive horn connection in the motorcycle’s wiring harness. The method of connection will vary depending upon motorcycle make and model, but will generally consist of a contact screw. Tighten the screw with an appropriate-sized screwdriver or open-end wrench.
  • Step 3: Connect the horn’s black or green ground wire to the ground connection in the motorcycle’s wiring harness.

Reconnect the negative terminal to the motorcycle battery. Check that the horn may not be in touch with anything other than the mounting hardware. Whether it’s touching, it’s unlikely to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you need a horn on a motorcycle?

In most countries, a motorcycle must have a horn in order to be roadworthy. Motorcycles have horns for the same purpose as cars and trucks do: to stop a collision by alerting any road user.

2. Where is the best place to put your horn?

The best place to place your horn is under the headlight because it would be the most high pitched. In order to add a horn, you may need to drill certain holes in the motorcycle’s frame. In addition, the tone of your horn is strongly influenced by where it is pointed. Consider this if you mount it pointing down or behind a grill or other body part.

3. Can you put a car horn on a motorcycle?

It’s possible. This could work, but it would be heavy and bulky on your motorcycle. You will also need a dedicated power line and a relay. If you’re intent on doing so, make sure to get technical help from your mechanic. Those with more experience will normally know what is right for your individual motorcycle. They may suggest a certain car honk that would be appropriate.

4. Do I need a relay for an aftermarket horn?

Yes. A vehicle’s horn consumes a lot of current in addition to offering enough noise. The provision of a relay obviated the high current running up the steering column and made the switching much faster and the ability to control two or more horns.

5. Is it legal to put an air horn on a motorcycle?

Check the laws of your state and see what is required. Some states only permit the use of air horns on emergency vehicles. Other states permit the use of air horns in combination with an anti-theft device.

6. Is novelty horn legal to install?

Many states do not allow the use of novelty horns. They can make a wide range of noises that are often mistaken with other sounds. For example, if you honk at someone and it starts playing a song, the person might not know the sound as a motorcycle horn. This will result in collisions, which is why most  states prohibit them.

Final Thoughts

Even then, there are so many types and variations that picking one can be difficult at times. We’d brought some comprehensive examples of what you wanted to know before planning the best motorcycle horn purchase!

  • Wolo (419) Bad Boy Air Horn is out top pick on the list. It would outperform existing products in terms of performance and effectiveness for a wide range of users, including careless drivers, cyclists, and others. With this loud and powerful horn, everybody on the road will hear you.
  • It is unfair not to recommend ZELEMO electric car horn for your pick up. It comes with a wide range of colors that suits everybody gear and gap attention wherever you go by its effective loud sound. 
  • Last but not least, Marco 11231012 compact electro pneumatic horn is a hidden gem that provides you everything you need for the best motorcycle horn. It is loud, stylish, durable, and works with any vehicle of your choice.

We hope you love the products we recommend!

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