10+ Best Motorcycle Oil Wet Clutch: Reviews & Consumer Report

To maintain the good working state of your wet clutch, you need good oil sources. A good oil source helps reduce the heat and the friction inside the clutch while slowing down the oxidation process that could make your clutch become rusty over time. In this article, Motoczysz will talk about the best motorcycle oil wet clutch, how to choose and review the best motorcycle oil for wet clutches and motorcycle engines.

The best motorcycle oil wet clutch reviews in 2021

If you are one of the experienced motorcycle riders or collectors, you would never be unfamiliar with the clutch. The clutch is a special mechanical device, that allows users or riders to temporarily disconnect or in other words, separate the motorcycle engine from the transmission system or the drivetrain. Therefore, the riders can easily and smoothly switch between gears without having to hit the break or stop the bike entirely.

Motorcycle clutches are primarily categorized into two types, dry clutches, and wet clutches. An oil wet clutch allows the riders to switch gears even smoother than the base requirements by the clutch.  Oil wet clutches are literally soaked into the machine engine oil, which shows its advantages of cooling and lubricating the device, helping to expand the lifespan of the wet clutch as well as the transmission system and the drivetrain. 

We will talk about the best motorcycle oil wet clutch, how to choose and review the best motorcycle oil for wet clutches and motorcycle engines.

1. Motul 105894 10w 30 Wet Clutch Trans Oil

The first product we would like to introduce today is the Motul 105894 10w30 Wet Clutch Trans Oil, which is initially made in France for motorcycles with the capability of universal fit, meaning that it can be used with almost all the types of wet clutches available. The volume of the package is 33.81 Fluid Ounces or 12 liters. Therefore, the ratio of price on the volume you get is roughly 0.45$ on a fluid ounce, which is a good ratio.

The package comes in the dimensions of 20.4 centimeters height x 11.6 centimeters large x 6.6 centimeters wide, or about 9 inches x 4.5 inches x 3 inches. The weight of the package is 2.028 pounds. The wet clutch oil comes from the well-known brand Motul with the viscosity of 10w – 30.

best motorcycle oil wet clutch 1

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  • ✔ 10w – 30 viscosity
  • ✔ Motul brand
  • ✔ Good price on volume ratio
  • ✔ Universal fit


  • ✘ The volume might be small to some people

2. Blud Racing Pro Elite Series RED Racing Oil

Blud Racing Pro Elite Series RED Racing Oil is the next item in our list of the best wet clutch oils. The description does not need to say much about this clutch because you can try it for yourself. The brand Blud is a respected brand for ATV, UTV, and motorcycle oils.

The engine oil is designed to maximize the performance with the exceeded horsepower rate torque rate. The oxidation process will be significantly slowed down with the oil for longer engine life. Speaking of engines, it is primarily designed for 4 stroke engines, so it would be perfect for your motorcycles. It falls into the type of synthetic severe duty oils, so it is not much you have to worry about.

Blud Racing Pro Elite Series RED Racing Oil

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  • ✔ Wide range of compatible models
  • ✔ 15W – 50 viscosity
  • ✔ Quality Assurance
  • ✔ 32 fluid ounces


  • ✘ Only 4-stroke engine compatibility 

3. Blud Racing Pro Series

Blud Racing Pro Series by the name suggests that the motorcycle clutch oil is made for high-speed and cool riders. The racing part denotes that it works really well with speed and intense riding sessions. The motorcycle oil is compatible with a wide range of motorcycles, featuring the viscosity of 80W – 140.

The item is made to satisfy the GL – 5 standard for machine oils and even exceeds these specifications. The thermal stability produced by the engine oil is outstanding compared to other counterparts on the market. It is specifically designed for wet clutch, 4-stroke engine, and other transmission parts of the motorcycle.

Finally, the extended drain intervals make this motorcycle perfect for your high-end motorcycles. The product is also synthetic oil and branded Blud.

Blud Racing Pro Series

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  • ✔ Blud branded for racing – Pro series
  • ✔ 80W – 140 viscosity
  • ✔ GL-5 specs
  • ✔ Extended drain intervals
  • ✔ For road and off-road vehicles


  • ✘ The volume might be a little low

4. Maxima 349128 Premium 4 10W – 40 Motorcycle Engine Oil

Maxima 349128 Premium4 10W – 40 Motorcycle Engine Oil is the ultimate wet clutch oil for your motorcycle. This motorcycle oil features the viscosity of 10W – 40 and is sold in various forms and sizes. There are plenty of volumes for you to choose from, including one gallon at a time, one liter at a time, and 5 gallons at a time.

Each pack contains a liquid volume of 128 fluid ounces, which is 3.78 when it is converted into liters, for that the volume is enough for almost any rider out there. You can also choose the option of 2 packs or 3 packs or even 12 packs at a time for a reduced price. It claims to be the superior product for high stability and multi-grade motorcycles.

This oil is made out of petroleum base; therefore, it is categorized into the type of mineral engine motor oils. Extra anti-scuff additives are featured to cope with the situations when high loads and temperature peaks are achieved. This motorcycle oil is specially designed for wet clutches, 4-stroke (4-cycle) engines with the integrated transmission.

Finally, it is certified to satisfy Turbo, JASO MA M/C 4T, and API SG/CC specs. The rating online for this oil is also perfect.

best motorcycle oil wet clutch 2

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  • ✔ Good reviews
  • ✔ Lots of buying options for riders to choose from
  • ✔ Turbo, JASO – MA – M/C 4T and API SG/CC certifications


  • ✘ Mineral type of product, which does not perform as well as synthetic motor oils

5. RAVENOL J1V1402 SAE 10W-40 4-Stroke

RAVENOL J1V1402 SAE 10W-40 4-Stroke another one of the best wet clutch oil we found. The Ravenol is designed to be semi-synthetic, which features a combination of synthetic oil and mineral oil, to make use of all the advantages of all.

The oil comes in the volume of 4 liters, which when converted into fluid ounces turns out to be a little more than 130 fluid ounces. The viscosity here is 10W – 40, made specifically for 4-stroke QUAD, ATV, UTV and motorcycles branded Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda.

The brand claims that this motorcycle oil would be the best choice for you in terms of engine protection, which is to keep your engine and transmission system safe during low and high temperatures and against the oxidation process from the environment and time.

Once again, it is compatible completely with wet clutch systems in all cases. You’ll see a definite upgrade in performance with this synthetic motorcycle oil due to the super high quality and low evaporation tendency, as well as the low oil consumption.

RAVENOL J1V1402 SAE 10W-40 4-Stroke

[button-blue url=”https://www.amazon.com/RAVENOL-J1V1402-10W-40-4-Stroke-Quad/dp/B016J45VC2/” target=”” position=”center”]Check Price On Amazon[/button-blue]


  • ✔ High quality
  • ✔ 4 liter and 1 liter packs are available
  • ✔ Compatible with lots of vehicles, for example, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda
  • ✔ Keep your engine and transmission safe and smooth in all kinds of conditions
  • ✔ Dimensions: 20.68 in x 13.78 in x 7.35 in
  • ✔ Weight: 7.93 pounds


  • ✘ The price is a little high

6. YamaLube All Purpose

YamaLube All Purpose is another yet one of the best motorcycle oils you can order online. The Yamalube is made out of petroleum, defining itself as mineral oil, for stability in wet-clutch performance and the protection of the engine against overheating, rust, wear and tear. It, obviously, satisfies and even performs better than what’s required by the JASO MA requirements.

Originally, this motorcycle oil is made for 4-stroke engines and wet clutches; however, it can still be used with various types of vehicles. The viscosity measures a value of 10W – 40 and features a flashpoint of 224 degrees Celsius. It comes in two sizes, which are 1 gallon at a time and two gallons at a time. The pack weighs 7.5 pounds and measures 7 in x 11 in x 4.5 in dimensions.

YamaLube All Purpose

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  • ✔ Wide range of compatibility
  • ✔ Performance Blend for motorcycles and other devices
  • ✔ JASO MA requirements
  • ✔ Genuine Yamaha product


  • ✘ Mineral motorcycle oil
  • ✘ High price tag

7. Lucas Oil LUC10710 10W-40 Semi-Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Lucas Oil LUC10710 10W-40 Semi-Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is yet another semi-synthetic motorcycle oil for wet clutches and motorcycle engines. It comes as a one-gallon bottle at a time, weighs 13 pounds, which is almost double the weight of other competitors.

Branded Lucas Oil, this motorcycle oil is made specifically for ATV and motorcycles, and have received hundreds of 5-star ratings on Amazon. The viscosity measured to be 10W – 40 and the item dimensions is 1.34 in x 2.01 in x 3.7 in.

[button-blue url=”https://www.amazon.com/Lucas-Oil-10W-40-Semi-Synthetic-Motorcycle/dp/B001KWGA10/” target=”” position=”center”]Check Price On Amazon[/button-blue]


  • ✔ It has very good ratings
  • ✔ Lucas semi synthetic oil
  • ✔ One gallon bottle


  • ✘ Package weight might be higher than others

8. Kawasaki 4-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil

Coming from Japan, the hometown of famous motorcycle brands such as Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki, Kawasaki 4-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil is manufactured based on the deep understanding of engines and what they need.

The motorcycle oil item comes as a one-gallon bottle, featuring the viscosity of 10W – 40, and is made for all kinds of vehicles including all-terrain vehicles, utility vehicles, street cruisers, and many more. The flashpoint is a little lower at 190 degrees Celsius. This synthetic motorcycle oil claims to be able to prolong the lifespan of the engine, producing outstanding engine performance and engine protection.

For wet clutches, it helps increase the quality in the shifting process for even smoother transmission, and performance. It meets the standards of API SL, JASO MA, and JASO MA2 for engine oil. The package weighs 8.24 pounds and measures 10.8 in x 10.6 in x 5.2 in dimensions.

Kawasaki 4-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil

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  • ✔ Kawasaki brand
  • ✔ 10W – 40 viscosity
  • ✔ A variety of vehicles supported


  • ✘ The flashpoint is a little lower at 190 degrees in Celsius

9. Honda GN4 10W-30 Motorcycle Oil

The brand name is no stranger to anyone in the world, Honda. Honda has been around for decades, longer than anyone can remember its beginning. It is famous for the manufacturing of good motorcycles, both premium, and affordable ones. Therefore, Honda GN4 10W-30 Motorcycle Oil features years and years of studying and knowledge of Honda in the field.

The viscosity of this motorcycle oil is 10W – 30, packed in form of a bottle with volumes of one gallon each. It is specially designed for ATV, UTV, and motorcycles; obviously, this is one of the best motorcycle oil for a wet clutch, especially for Honda branded vehicles and devices.

It works perfectly with the Pro Honda GN4 four-stroke engine, featuring the best selected and highest quality motor oil out there. The upside of the motor oil is the shear resistance, viscosity stability, and cleanliness. If you’re looking for the best oil for a wet clutch, this is for you.

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  • ✔ Honda respected brand
  • ✔ Authorized Honda dealer
  • ✔ High quality and compatibility with Honda vehicles
  • ✔ Shear resistance and viscosity stability


  • ✘ Higher price on volume ratio

10. HONDA 08C35-A141L01 Honda Pro

HONDA 08C35-A141L01 Honda Pro is another product from Honda. Honda in its founding times, has set the standard for motorcycle oils in the world and it’s now still growing. This package comes with the volume of one gallon of 10W – 40 motor oil and flashing at the point of 200 degrees celsius.

The item has received over three thousand good ratings on Amazon and the average is 4.9, which means more than 98% of customers who have bought this item said they were satisfied. The product is a genuine Honda product, sold by a genuine Honda authorized dealer. It weighs 7.5 pounds, features the dimensions of 7 in x 3 in x 11 in.

To conclude, there is nearly nothing you could blame on this motor oil item, and if you don’t believe me, take a look at the comment section by yourself.

[button-blue url=”https://www.amazon.com/HONDA-08C35-A141L01-Honda-Motor-10W40/dp/B01J8DMQ92/” target=”” position=”center”]Check Price On Amazon[/button-blue]


  • ✔ Honda most high-quality product
  • ✔ 10W – 40 viscosity
  • ✔ 200 degrees of flashpoint
  • ✔ 98% of the ratings are five stars
  • ✔ 4.9 overall rating, which is  exceptional


  • ✘ Nearly nothing to blame on this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about motorcycles, motorcycle oils, clutches, and all. Feel free to submit your questions to our sites to get them answered.

1. What are Synthetic oils and Mineral oils?

Synthetic oils denote the type of oil that is made entirely out of chemicals. This type of oil is less toxic than the other kind and has better features and performance; however, it is a little more expensive.

Mineral oil is made based on petroleum mined under the ground; therefore, it could feature more toxic substances, work slightly worse than the other, but is sold at lower prices.

2. What is Semi-Synthetic?

Semi-Synthetic is a combination of both kinds below to take advantage of both of them. Semi is not as good as fully synthetic oil, but it sells at better prices.

3. How can I maintain the good state of my motorcycle engine and clutch?

In order to avoid any kind of your clutch going bad, you need to regularly do your maintenance work and check for the signs, which are:

  • Ensure the correct level in the clutch lever
  • Regularly change the oil for the engine and the clutch or after and before a really long trip. Doing oil changes timely is the best thing for your engine.
  • Don’t try to open or take apart what is not initially made to be taken apart
  • Clean your bike regularly, which might help in preventing dust or water.

4. When should I know that my clutch is going bad?

You will know if your clutch is going bad or not if you have noticed one or more of these events happening:

  • Stuck in clutch transmission
  • Degradation in the smoothness of the clutch transition
  • The Clutch lever is stuck
  • Gas mileage goes lower
  • Weird sound or noise coming off the clutch pad

If you have noticed one of these, you should check with a respected car or motorbike repair shop and fix it before going on your next trip.

Final Thoughts

We have introduced the best motorcycle oil for a wet clutch above. There was also a guide for choosing the best items online and some answers to the most frequently asked questions on our website. In conclusion, a wet clutch has lots of benefits that make your ride much more satisfying and the maintenance part much more fun. The oil helps reduce the heat, friction, as well as oxidation process happening inside the clutch. Therefore, these are our final picks for the best oil for a wet clutch:

And that wrapped up our article about clutch oils. Thank you for reading our guides to choosing the best motorcycle oil wet clutch. I hope that this guide is helpful to you when it comes to the maintenance session of your bike. Don’t forget to share with me your thoughts and comments on the best motorcycle oil wet clutch that we have introduced via the article. 

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