Top 10 Best Motorcycle Overpants 2021 – Best price for the buyer

If you ride motorbikes regularly, you are sure to know safety gear like helmets, gloves, and knee pads. Motorcycle overpants is also an equally important one. Therefore, you need to choose the best motorcycle overpants to protect you from injuries while driving a motorcycle as well as create more comfortable pants and jeans.

The 10 Best Motorcycle Overpants review for 2021

Here are the best motorcycle overpants on the market in 2021 from the experts of Motoczysz.

1. ScorpionExo Covert Jeans Men’s Reinforced Motorcycle Pants

The ScorpionExo covert jeans are premium motorcycle ride pants. With a weight of 2.4 pounds, the pants come in a variety of sizes for you to choose from. Pants have a traditional design, suitable for street and off-road motorcycles. The fiber lining made of DuPont Kevlar is wear resistant to protect your body from injury. This is one of the best motorcycle overpants. 


  • Can be worn as a normal jeans
  • Various sizes give you the power to choose from
  • Compact
  • The cushioning is both stylish and wear resistant
  • There are many pockets


  • Simple design, not eye-catching
  • Weight is quite heavy

ScorpionExo Covert Jeans Men's Reinforced Motorcycle Pants (Black, Size 30)

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2. Fjallraven Men’s Vidda Pro

Fjallraven is a pair of pants designed for off-road racing in the jungle. This is a pants resistant to water and wind because it is made from G-1000 fabric. In vulnerable parts such as knees, buttocks are designed with two thick layers. The pants have 6 flexible pockets, the waist and the knees fit to create a sense of comfort for you. As you know that it is one of the best motorcycle overpants. 


  • High wind resistance
  • Reduce noise when encountering friction
  • Washing machine washable
  • Zippers help fit the waist
  • Has anti-bomb capability
  • Underfoot is zippered
  • There are knee pads
  • Capable of keeping heat in cold weather


  • Design not suitable for street style
  • There is no pocket in the back of the pants
  • Not suitable for hot weather

Fjallraven Men's Vidda Pro

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3. Bilt Iron Workers Steel Protective CE Armor Aramid Fiber Relaxed Fit Denim Street Bike Motorcycle Riding Jeans

Bilt Iron Worker is a motorcycle jeans. Outside is 100% cotton denim fabric. Designed with many transparent stitches, the pants are comfortable to wear. The pants are wide so that you won’t be restrained in your shoes. The gaskets are made of a blend of Kevlar and polyester fabric to help protect you while riding.


  • Designed to be comfortable to wear for motorcycle pants. 
  • Transparent sewing is both aesthetically pleasing and pleasant
  • The gasket with CE armor protects you from impact
  • Has good impact resistance
  • Zippered to fit well
  • Baggy design feels comfortable
  • Not restrained when wearing shoes


  • Knee pads are a bit high
  • The wide design feels heavy
  • Must be washed by hand

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4. Klim Mojave Men’s Dirt Bike Motorcycle OverPants

Klim is a motorcycle overpant brand famous for its excellent quality so the price is quite high. KLIM Mojave Motorcycle OverPants has 2 zipper pockets. Each pocket is designed on one side of the thigh and the air vent is located on the thigh without a zipper. They are made from thick high-quality materials. The waist can adjust the elasticity to fit the body. This is one of the best motorcycle overpants.


  • There are 2 large pockets with locks
  • Available in many sizes and colors
  • The mesh surface is breathable, sweat absorbent
  • Easy to mix with any outfit for motorcycle pants
  • The material is water and mud resistant
  • Durable, stretchy material
  • Resistant to rubbing, abrasion


  • There’s a cushion so it’s pretty heavy and hot

KLIM Mojave Motorcycle Pants

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5. Joe Rocket 1518-3004 Phoenix Ion Men’s Mesh Motorcycle OverPants

Joe Rocket is a stylish pair of pants suitable for street and off-road motorcycles. With the INNOLITE feature, the pants will be super reflective at night to make it easier for others to see you thanks to the 360 degree reflective stripes and logos. Pants have a cushion to protect the knee. joe rocket is adjustable in height depending on your height. Joe rocket is one of the best motorcycle overpants


  • There are reflective knee pads and it can be adjusted
  • Breathable mesh layer
  • Adapt to hot weather
  • Quite compact
  • There is a cushion to protect important parts
  • Adjustable zippered trouser with gloves
  • Beautifully designed
  • Trouser hook helps to keep the pants in place with the body


  • The waistline of the pants is quite fragile

Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Men's Black Mesh Pants - Small

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6. Maxler Jean Biker Jeans for women Motorcycle Motorbike riding Jeans 607 Blue 28

The Maxler Jean 002 is very light with the dimensions of 12.8 x 11.1 x 5.3 inches. This size is suitable for Korean body measurements. Pants are made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex, so they are comfortable to wear. The knee has an adjustable protective cushion and a detachable zipper. Pants can be used when driving both motorbike and scooter.


  • Gives a comfortable feeling to wear
  • The hip and knee pads can be adjusted and removed
  • Designed eye-catching and trendy
  • Front and back pockets are available
  • Can be worn as a normal jeans
  • Compact but durable for for motorcycle pants.


  • The front pocket is not deep enough
  • Trouser pockets can interfere with driving

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7. Fox Racing 180 Race Men’s Off-Road Pants – Black / 34

Fox Racing 180 is a pair of pants weighing 1.51 pounds with dimensions of 15.8 x 3.9 x 7.9 inches. This is a pair of black and white pants adapted to all types of terrain. The knee pads, and crotch crotch are resistant to heat and abrasion because they are made of leather and can be adjusted depending on your body. This is one of the best motorcycle overpants.


  • Light-weight
  • Clean design
  • Made of super durable 600D polyester material
  • Unique and luxurious design
  • There are pads that resist heat and wear, and are stretchable and adjustable
  • Suitable for all types of terrain
  • Has a tapered bottom that fits well for motorcycle pants. 


  • Doesn’t adapt to dark weather

Fox Racing 180 Przm Camo SE Men's Off-Road Motorcycle Pants - Camo / 34

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8. Frogg Toggs Road Toad OverPant

Frogg Toggs Road Toad OverPant is always varied in sizes and colors for you to choose freely. The bottom of the pants is zipped to help you adjust to your body and shoe size. Waist circumference is able to stretch to fit body size. The pants have large, deep pockets so the driver can hold whatever they need. This is one of the best motorcycle overpants


  • Made of waterproof and windproof material
  • There is a reflection effect at night
  • Can adjust the waistline
  • Available in different sizes
  • Deep and zippered pockets
  • Simple, compact design


  • Easy to catch fire
  • Not resistant to impact

Frogg Toggs Road Toad Reflective Water-Resistant Rain Pant

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9. Frogg Toggs Pro Action Waterproof Rain OverPant

Frogg Toggs Pro Action Waterproof Rain OverPant is waterproof, adapting to both dry and wet climates. The waist is elastic and self-adjusting to all body sizes. The pant leg is fixed with worms and hooks. It can be adjusted to match the shoes you wear. The back of the pants is extended by 4 inches for convenience when wearing a raincoat.


  • Water proof
  • Made from high quality fabric so it is very durable and beautiful
  • The waist and pants legs can be self-elastic
  • Moderate for many body sizes
  • Suitable for most types of shoes
  • Can be used for many different purposes


  • Make noise when you move
  • Unsafe driving at high speeds

Frogg Toggs Pro Action Waterproof Rain Pant

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10. Dualsport Motocross Overpants

Dualsport Motocross Overpants is designed for durability, quality to use for all adventure activities, not just motorbike riding. The pants are designed with 4 deep, wide, and flap pockets. Pants have thermal lining to adapt to cold weather. You can also adjust it to fit your body. In particular, the white logo design is both eye-catching and reflective at night.


  • Resistant to water, wind
  • Adapt to cold weather
  • There are 4 convenient pockets
  • The padding is shock-resistant and sports removable or customizable
  • Made from scratch resistant tough material
  • There is a reflective effect
  • There are eye-catching and fashionable logos


  • Not suitable for hot weather

Motorcycle Pants For Men Dualsport Motocross Motorbike Pant Riding Overpants Enduro Adventure Touring Waterproof CE Armored All-Weather (Waist34''-36'' Inseam30'')

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Tips for Picking Motorcycle Overpant

As a speed enthusiast, you will certainly have to equip yourself with the necessary protective equipment such as helmets, gloves, protective jackets. And sure, regular jeans will not be able to protect the lower body of your body in impact. So you can’t ignore a motorcycle overpant. Do you know how to choose a motorcycle overpant that suits you? This article will help you to have useful information to choose a motorcycle overpant that best suits you.

1. For what purpose do you choose a motorcycle overpant?

You want to choose a motorcycle overpant to travel, race or go to work? Each style will have different characteristics, so the requirement to choose a motorcycle overpant is also different. Your motorcycle ride intent will determine the features and features you need to purchase.

If your aim is to travel, choosing a padded protective pair is extremely important. Especially must be cushioned in important positions such as knees, buttocks. You can choose one with an adjustable cushion or detachable pad, which is more convenient to use. It will protect you in case of malfunction or accident.

When traveling, you will definitely not be able to avoid getting caught in the rain, being splashed with water from other vehicles… At this time, if you are protected from a pants with good waterproof ability will help you dry. and healthier. In particular, you should check to see if in places such as bags, locks are waterproof or not. Because you can put papers, phone, money in your pocket, if soaked, it will be very inconvenient.

If your goal is racing, choosing a motorcycle overpant not only protects your body, but also helps the rider comfortably handle the car in all weather. If you don’t want abrasions, broken bones, or crushed organs, you need to wear ones that provide good protection. Any protective clothing produced by reputable brands will protect you from scratches. Heavy materials and thick and durable leather give better protection from high-speed bumps or hitting obstacles.

Just like any other protective item, buy only pants that fit your size. Loose pants can cause armor to leave position at the time of an accident, exposing joints that need to be protected to expose. If wearing a car that you can pull armored knee fluid with your hands, don’t expect you to be able to race comfortably or protect your body in an accident.

If your goal is to go to work, overpants won’t need thick, durable padding to protect you. You just need to choose the design is simple and a bit wide with the body not too thick for you to be comfortable while driving. Usually these pants don’t have the same level of protection as traveling or racing pants. That is why the casual jeans are also suitable for work.

Choose the best motorcycle overpant based on your purposes

2. How to choose the most suitable material

In terms of materials, there are a few types to consider when choosing a motorcycle overpants. Material is also an important factor when you want the best one for you. Because each material determines the features of each that you need. Leather, synthetic, and denim are the three most popular fabrics for motorcycle overpants.

Leather is resistant to impact wear. However, the leather is not shock resistant. It will not protect your body parts in an accident. So motorcycle overpants will have cushioning on the knees and buttocks. In cold rainy weather, the leather is resistant to water and wind. On the contrary, in hot weather, you will feel uncomfortable because you do not absorb sweat.

A motorcycle overpant is made of synthetic fabric, more precisely it is made of nylon, polyester or Kevlar. It is thinner, lighter and more comfortable than leather. Unlike leather, it is suitable for hot weather as it is very breathable. In cold weather, it is not a good choice. Kevlar is more resistant to abrasion than nylon, polyester. Furthermore, they can be easily washed at home and tanned leather is not.

Denim is a natural material that only a handful of motorcycle overpants are made of. Since it is not resistant to abrasion, it is neither impact resistant nor weather resistant. As a result, these denim ones will have additional Kevlar panels designed to protect the knees, hips and thighs to prevent wear. The armor plates are also inserted to withstand an accidental impact.

How to choose the most suitable material

3. How to choose a size pants to fit

To choose a motorcycle overpant that fits you, you need to know your measurements such as leg length, waist length, thigh length and calf. You should also not choose one that is too tight or too wide. A fit is appropriate because you need to ensure comfort while driving. One that does not fit properly displaces the pads and they will not be able to protect important parts of your body. Another advice is to choose a motorcycle overpant a little longer than your feet to comfortably wear shoes.

4. Some features to consider when choosing a motorcycle overpant

The overpant’s waist helps to keep your pants in place. The waist design is an important feature. Its waist can be designed to carry a belt, with buckles or buttons. The number of people who prefer to wear the belt may be less because it causes interference or pain while driving. It is only suitable when the waist is wide relative to your body. You can customize it according to your preferences while ensuring your fit and comfort.

The waterproof ability of a motorcycle overpant is also a factor worth considering. Wearing a raincoat when racing or traveling is also very inconvenient and makes you lose your concentration. That is why a waterproof one is very convenient. It keeps you from getting wet as well as protects the items you keep in your pocket. Gore-Tex is chosen by many people because of its high waterproof ability but is very breathable.

Ankle cuffs help you to fix the pants to your ankles so that it won’t be pulled down your feet, preventing you from driving. It also makes you more comfortable wearing all types of shoes. However, some people do not like this feature because they think it is too restrictive.

Many people like their motorcycle overpant to have lots of pockets so they can hold essentials like phone gloves. The pockets should be deep and wide enough for them to feel comfortable. The zipper is also essential so that their objects do not get wet or fall out when traveling at high speed or having collisions.

The padding is undoubtedly the most important feature. It helps your pants be impact resistant, withstand strong impacts on the knees and hips in an accident. A motorcycle overpant quality must ensure this guarantee factor. It is also known as the CE factor. This means that these models must have a CE factor to meet the quality requirements. These pads are often designed to be removable, adjustable for more flexibility for all body sizes.

Reflectance is also a feature many people love. Driving at night is dangerous because other people won’t be able to see you. A reflective overpant will help you get noticed in the dark. This feature is also aesthetically pleasing as it makes your pants look prettier and stand out more.

In addition to the knee pad, the knee slider helps the driver avoid knee injury in a strong impact. This is a feature dedicated to motorcycle overpants. If you are a racer, this is an extremely essential feature. If not, this feature is not necessary as it interferes with those who cannot adapt.

The features needed when choosing the best motorcycle overpant

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to handle rubbed motorcycle overpants?

The scratching of the pants when hitting the road surface is irresponsible. If you can, go to a clothing store or make your own at home. If your overpant is made of leather, it will be difficult to repair. It is best to fix it at the clothing store to be more secure.

2. How to clean motorcycle overpant?

You can clean it yourself at home. Washing by machine can cause your overpant to crumple and wear out. It is better to wash your hands. For stains that are difficult to wash, you should not rub too hard, but use a suitable detergent solution. For pure skin, you must take it to the laundry to clean it.

3. Need to buy it?

Buying a motorcycle overpant depends on the needs of each person. If you’re just driving to work, it’s not really necessary. However, if it is a racer or a racer it is essential to protect you from strong impacts and bad weather.

4. Is heat resistance necessary?

Driving for long distances requires long exposure to the engine and exhaust. This can burn off your overpants. It is really dangerous. So heat resistance is also an essential feature for the best motorcycle overpant.

5. Can the cushions be removed and replaced when damaged?

Depending on the pants you choose. If the overpant’s cushion is removable and adjustable, you can replace it when damaged. However, some other overpants cannot be removed, so you cannot replace its gasket.

6. When it rains, can leather be waterproof?

Leather or some other material that is waterproof will only be waterproof during low rain weather. If you drive in heavy rain, you must wear a raincoat to avoid getting wet.

7. Leather motorcycle overpants should choose what size?

Leather motorcycle overpants can be uncomfortable because they are not breathable. So you should choose one that is slightly wider than the body for easy wearing and more comfortable to drive.


Thus, we told you the best motorcycle overpants in the above post. Now you know how to choose the one that’s right for you. Choose it depending on your needs and preferences. Don’t forget comfort and protection are the most important factors to having a motorcycle overpant that suits you best. I hope you will choose a motorcycle overpant like you to the most exciting races and the most memorable trips.

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