Top 10 Best Motorcycle Riding Jeans: Reviews, Buying Guides & FAQs

If you have already spent money on an expensive motor, you should understand that investing in protective clothing like the best motorcycle riding jeans is very essential. That is why, in the following article, we will help you discover the best motorcycle riding jeans in 2021. 

It can be said that motorcycle protective clothing is the most advanced costume besides the astronaut’s clothing. It plays a very crucial role in your own safety when riding at high speed moving by motors. Let’s find out immediately the best motorcycle riding jeans below.

The 10 Best Motorcycle Riding Jeans 

This article of Motoczysz will help you find out the 10 best motorcycle riding jeans on the market:

1. Safe and Trendy Riding Jeans: Motorcycle Riding Jeans Armor Racing Cycling Pants with 4 Knee Hip Protective Pads 

The Takuey has released a version of motorcycle riding jeans that are extremely popular on the market. It is regarded as 2 in 1 jeans when both possessing high safety and no less trendy. It is made mainly of stretch denim, which makes the wearer feel as comfortable as possible to wear and move. Besides, it is equipped with a total of 4 armor (2 on the hips and 2 on the knees), which makes you feel secure.


  • The ability to stretch is very amazing.
  • The jeans bring you excellent quality.
  • The jeans are durable with time.
  • The trendy jeans can be used daily.
  • They are flexible in choosing the size.
  • They are very easy to clean. 
  • The jeans are hard to fade thanks to the guaranteed fabric quality.
  • It is one of the best motorcycle riding jeans on the market.


  • There is no complaint about The Motorcycle Riding Jeans Armor Racing Cycling Pants with 4 Knee Hip Protective Pads

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2. Comfortable Motorcycle Riding Jeans: Takuey Camouflage Motocross Racing Pants Motorcycle Riding Denim Jeans with 4 X Armor Protector Pads

The Takuey family, the leading producer of motorcycle riding jeans, introduces protective jeans to please customers. The unique camouflage colour gives off a cool appearance. It looks very clean even when running a motor on dirty roads. Size specifications are standard, buyers simply buy according to their own measurements but being afraid of not fitting. These comfortable motorcycle riding jeans are considered very suitable for many ages. You can also wear it with a belt for extra coolness and safety.


  • Safety equipment with CE certification of the European Union.
  • Wear extremely cool and comfortable.
  • It is easy and flexible to move.
  • Highly suitable for people who wear long distance, travel, fashion or every day.
  • Eye-catching and clean color.
  • The size is very standard, do not worry about being too wide or tight.
  • Warmth is average.


  • It is not water-resistant at all.
  • Some people who do not like dust-clothing may not fancy it.


best motorcycle riding jean

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3. Waterproof Motorcycle Riding Jeans: 2019 Waterproof Men Motorcycle Riding Pants Motocross Racing Jeans With 4 X Knee Hip Pads

Burning on the market thanks to its effective waterproof ability, the 2019 Waterproof Men Motorcycle Riding Pants Motocross Racing Jeans With 4 X Knee Hip Pads has had the apple of many consumers. You can wear them when running in slight rain or snow. Even if it gets dirty, you just need to soak the water on a towel and wipe it off once. It also comes equipped with hips and knee pads which can be removed when not needed. It’s much reasonable for the quality it offers.


  • The best motorcycle riding jeans are easy to use and make clean with just a wet towel.
  • The jeans’ features are very good.
  • The ability to stretch at the knees is so excellent.
  • Fit perfectly.
  • The best quality jeans are a good deal.


  • Some buyers report that this 2019 version of Waterproof Men Motorcycle Riding Pants Motocross Racing Jeans With 4 X Knee Hip Pads is not really durable and cannot stand it well if you move in heavy rain or flooding.

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4. High-quality Motorcycle Riding Jeans: Men’s Motorcycle Motorbike Riding Jeans with Lining Armor Knee Hip Pads Overpants

This Men’s Motorcycle Motorbike Riding Jeans with Lining Armor Knee Hip Pads Overpants makes customers need to say “OMG”! It is regarded as phenomenal which many people hunt. It does well in terms of equipment, fashion and durability. The Kevlar material is high-end. Some customers who used these jeans said that it is so durable no matter what other jeans which were bought at the same time are torn for a long time. Owning the best riding jeans, you can totally be assured when moving by motorbike. Because it will avoid you 99% of risks as well as bad weather conditions on the roads. In case of a happening accident, the jeans may be tort but you will be not.


  • High-quality motorcycle riding jeans storm the market.
  • The size chart is standard with facts.
  • The good quality jeans are great for long trips
  • Armors are comfortable and flexible to adjust or remove
  • High-quality anti-wear fabric is combined with mesh, which creates ventilation.
  • The crotch layer integrates thick fabric to reduce the glare when sitting for a long time.
  • Equipment is full-loaded with 1 x Moto Jeans + 2 x Knee Pads +2 x Hip PadsCons


  • Knees should be stitched a bit carefully.

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5. Top-Rated Motorcycle Riding Jeans: MAXLER JEAN Summer Biker Jeans for men – Slim Straight Fit Motorcycle Riding Pants

This is a super product from MAXLER JEAN – a brand which is so familiar to speed-lovers. Manufactured with stretch spandex fabric, customers will feel extremely comfortable to use at all times. There is one thing to note when buying this product. The motorcycle riding jeans are designed and made in Korea. That is why the measurement or size is designed according to the general body ratio of the Korean people. You should pay attention to check the size chart before making a purchase. These jeans are quite long but they can be tight if your leg size is larger than normal. If so, please pick a larger size than your usual so you can fit perfectly.

There are many motorcycle riding jeans that provide good protection. However, not all of them are riding jeans you really want to wear. Because they are quite cumbersome and more suitable for difficult journeys. These pants have sturdy knee and hip armors. The buttock is woven with Kevlar, even surrounded by mesh, which makes it very smooth and safe. On the other hand, these jeans are compact and fashionable. You can combine it with a black boot, belt, helmet or gloves. You will look cool and you will definitely enjoy your image.


  • All the zippers are well-made. That’s why it is protected from being corroded and broken fastly.
  • The style of motorcycle riding jeans is wonderful and trendy.
  • It looks awesome and sturdy.
  • Facile to wear but not cumbersome.
  • It would definitely make wearers buy again.
  • Black color is durable and clean
  • It is a bit pricey but worthy
  • They are extremely comfortable to ride
  • Protection, comfort, and style are satisfying
  • The stretchy fabric design in the knee position creates a comfortable feeling to wear.


  • Size is according to Korean. Buyers need to pick a little upsize because the hip pads take some space.

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6. Beautiful Motorcycle Riding Jeans: Motorcycle Riding Jeans for Women Biker Motocross Racing Cycling Protective Pants

Focusing on investment in quality as well as design, Motorcycle Riding Jeans for Women Biker Motocross Racing Cycling Protective Pants from the Takuey brand will surely make girls who are passionate about speed. Riding a motor at high speed is a risky thing, but in return, it gives you an indescribable great feeling. To ensure safety as well as look fashionable, you need to choose yourself the best motorcycle riding jeans to ensure your own safety and help you avoid injury when accidentally crashing.

Currently, there are many types of riding jeans for women on the market. Those with good-looking appearance are so many. But those both beautiful and protective are not many. The Takuey is a preeminent choice. There are 3 sizes from 25 to 27 for you to freely choose. It is well deserved to accompany you on great journeys.


  • There are many alternately lying bags with different sizes that look very stylish and also convenient.
  • The rate to own is so reasonable.
  • The seams are meticulous to the millimeters.
  • The folds in the legs and waist make the wearer always feel more comfortable and flexible when stirring.
  • Armors are standard, high-quality, and protective. They are also removable when it is not a necessary case.
  • Good quality fabric woven with high technology makes it the utmost durable.
  • The zippers are smooth and well designed.
  • The jeans are sturdy but not stiff.
  • They look dedicated and graceful.


  • There are almost no complaints about these Motorcycle Riding Jeans for Women Biker Motocross Racing Cycling Protective Pants

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7. Basic riding jeans at a good rate: ScorpionExo Covert Pro Jeans Men’s Reinforced Motorcycle Pants

The ScorpionExo understands the mission to bring safety to customers with the best products. ScorpionExo Covert Pro Jeans Men’s Reinforced Motorcycle Pants will really fulfil their responsibilities when giving you peace of mind when riding a motorbike. Traditional design with 5 pockets is handy and suitable for many groups of customers.

ScorpionExo uses a durable and good material to make motorcycle riding jeans to protect the wearer from the bad environmental influences. They play an important part like portable air conditioners thanks to comforting in the summer and warmth in the winter. In terms of protection, standard products, users can be assured of quality. For such an affordable price, ScorpionExo Covert Pro Jeans Men’s Reinforced Motorcycle Pants are the top choice for motorcyclists fancying comfort.


  • The motorcycle riding jeans are made of a material similar to Denim but are many times more resistant to wear than Denim material.
  • They are very warm if you wear them in winter weather, but in the summer, they are quite cool.
  • When riding in the dark, you can fold the hem of the reflective pants so that they are bright. It is regarded as a good and helpful and practical feature.
  • These are super durable basic protective riding jeans.
  • Quality and seam are outstanding at first sight.
  • If you are afraid that they will look hard or old, the answer is no. They are very beautiful and dignified.
  • As for the features they offer, these under $ 200 jeans are well worth it.
  • There are 2 colors: Blue and Wash.
  • The pants are easy to put on and clean.
  • It is undoubtedly one of the best jeans on the market
  • There are many sizes for wearers to choose from.
  • The ScorpionExo has used the extremely durable DuPont Kevlar, with an additional mesh lining at the knees and hips.


  • The jeans format is quite comfortable if you do not want to say “baggy”. So customers who like to wear tight-fitting pants will not like them much.
  • The size is a bit small compared to the actual a bit.

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8. Excellent Motorcycle Riding Jeans: Summer Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jeans With Armor Motocross Racing Slim Stretch Pants

This is another masterpiece from the Takuey brand. Demin material is always durable with years. The jeans are well designed to help wearers avoid wind, heat, ventilation and tear resistance. There are full protection things such as 2 knee armors as well as 2 side armors. In addition to wearing them when riding a long-distance motorbike, you can totally show it off every day because it looks so friendly and eye-catching.

These Summer Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jeans With Armor Motocross Racing Slim Stretch Pants also have a female version, which also looks extremely beautiful and stretchy. Besides the outstanding elements of material, protection or convenience, these Takuey motorcycle riding jeans are popular with many customers thanks to what they offer at the worthy price – only under $ 100. Where can you find and trust a pair of jeans as good and cheap as them?


  • The motorcycle riding jeans have a simple style that is youthful, suitable and friendly to daily life.
  • The knee area’s folds make it easy to move.
  • The jeans look light, very trendy and edgy.
  • The classic black looks great and the blue is quite delicate.
  • The quality far exceeds the price.
  • Very sturdy light rubber armors do not make you uncomfortable, you can remove them to wear like daily jeans.
  • These are pants for summer weather thanks to cool and breathable material.
  • The riding jeans can be hand-washed, machine-washed or dry-cleaned. Dry cleaning is more highly recommended.


  • Some customers consider them to be quite thin, the pocket is not very stable.
  • Because it is very breathable, water resistance is not really good.

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9. Best Motorcycle Riding Jeans at the best deal: Takuey Men Women Motorcycle Riding Jeans Protective Pants Knight Hockey Biker Armor Pants

The Takuey Men Women Motorcycle Riding Jeans Protective Pants Knight Hockey Biker Armor Pants are designed with 2 layers of protection and reinforced with extremely durable Kevlar lining. The zippers are made of copper, non-corrosive, stainless, beautiful and shiny. The pillow guard can be detachable for convenience. From style to quality, they do well, which makes it safer and more satisfying for the motorcyclist. 


  • These finest jeans look eye-catching with graceful color.
  • It looks elegant like a gentleman.
  • Some users said that they are worth the money.
  • Cleaning is not difficult with these jeans.
  • The price is so cheap, only $63.99.
  • Youthful design is suitable for young and middle-aged customer groups.
  • The protective pads are all ready, no additional purchase needed.
  • The best motorcycle riding jeans are suitable for sports motorcycles or street motorcycle.


  • People who like loose pants will not like them because the format is quite tight and firm.

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10. Worth Motorcycle Riding Jeans: Winter Plus Velvet Men Motorcycle Riding Jeans Motocross Racing Pants CE Armored

Does your closet have these versatile and worth the money jeans? If you are preparing for travelling to wonderful lands by motor, let Winter Plus Velvet Men Motorcycle Riding Jeans Motocross Racing Pants CE Armored help you.

They deserve the best motorcycle riding jeans that you cannot miss. Produced with cotton fabric, these jeans break the stereotype that jeans are always stiff. When wearing them on, the rider will feel so relaxed home-like. The people named them winter pants because they are designed with an extra layer of velvet inside. Very few jeans can do this. Even so, it is not bulky, but quite neat and warm. Wearing these jeans and riding a motorbike in winter weather, your wandering in strange lands is really impressive.


  • Some customers said that the goods are exactly the same as the photos.
  • Black color is popular and army green is also very impressive.
  • Solid color, not easy to fade.
  • The velvet inside is soft and warm, you can rest assured in winter if you own them.
  • The armors can be removed flexibly.
  • Good price.
  • Size fits.
  • The Takuey protective gear is always favored by motorcyclists for its quality. They are well known for specializing in protective products.
  • A variety of protective armors is available to help protect your safety, reduce the impact of collision when traveling long distances.
  • The best motorcycle riding jeans are designed with a compact form of jeans that are easy to wear for both men and women.
  • The jeans have many sizes to choose from.


  • There are no worth complaints about these jeans.

best motorcycle riding jean

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In addition to Takuey, there are many other reliable brands that offer the best motorcycle riding jeans on the market. For example, Fox Racing, KLIM, MAXLER JEAN, Alpinestars, so on.

Tips for Picking The Best Motorcycle Riding Jeans

Understanding the meaning and importance of motorcycle protective products in general and motorcycle riding jeans in particular, they are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Manufacturers and distributors sell their products on a variety of channels, from traditional channels such as shopping centers, protective clothing stores to busy e-commerce channels such as fan pages, websites, amazon. To choose a pair of jeans that makes you satisfied, the below will help you answer the questions.

Choosing riding jeans based on the purpose of use, customers classify themselves into 1 of 2 groups.

Group 1: Wearing fashionable casual jeans with not related – armors. There are poor quality protective jeans on the market, of course, the armor is just for show. Users will feel more secure, but it is totally not. Such jeans will be very cheap, just a few dollars. Wearing such pants will be very serious to your health and safety.

Group 2: Wearing specialized protective jeans. These may be people who like jeans parallel with that still care about their safety. Besides the good price, harmonious design, the standard size, customers need to pay attention to the features that they offer.

High-quality motorcycle riding jeans

Here is evidence of how you are subjective with your body. Therefore, to ensure safety when riding a motorcycle, people should make smart choices about protective products. For motorcycle pants, specialized products are always the safest.

Evidence for low-quality motorcycle riding jeans

5 things to note to buy beautiful men’s best motorcycle riding jeans:

  1. The weight of a good pair of jeans can range from about 500 grams for light denim to around 1 kilogram for heavy jeans. Good quality motorcycle riding jeans will be made from fabric that feels heavier than others. Because to make high-quality jeans, people have to use a much larger amount of fabric and also bigger fibers than low-quality pants. Most of the denim material will remain hard and heavy at the 1st time of wearing. No worry! The stiffness will gradually decrease after wearing and cleaning several times.
  2. The two sizes to keep in mind when buying the best motorcycle riding jeans are the waist and the inseam. The inseam is usually measured from the crotch to the ankle. You need to notice it to choose fitted jeans.
Best motorcycle riding jeans on the market

Best motorcycle riding jeans on the market

  1. Always say no to stone-studded jeans. They can look good, but they do nothing to protect you. On the contrary, it will hurt you more if an accident suddenly happens.
  2. Unless you are extremely fashionable, not afraid to experience, and like to show off your personality through fashion, protective riding jeans that are safe and suitable for all shapes are with a “straight” tube, not too wide and not too tight.
  3. A lot of young people today like the trend of blue torn jeans or dark blue jeans on soft cotton, which creates a comfortable feeling to wear. However, the future trend is toward dark, hard, and heavy jeans. Because they are durable, non out of date, and very safe to cope with strong impacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the items durable?

It depends. The jeans made of high-end like Kevlar are sure to be more long-lasting than low-quality ones made by casual material.  Furthermore, the cleaning and storage of them should also be paid attention to. You should not put everything (includes pads or armors) in the washing machine. Let’s hand-wash or dry-wash if you want them to last. One more note is absolutely not drying. Let them naturally dry in the shade to avoid fabric damage or discoloration. 

2. Are all the motorcycle riding jeans waterproof?

The answer is no. You need to check the ingredients that make-up them. For example, jeans with ingredients of Polyurethane, PVC, PE, TPE or Silicone are products with good water resistance.

3. How to choose the perfect best motorcycle riding jeans that fit your size?

Please prioritize your waist and hips first, then your leg’s length. Choose motorcycle riding jeans that are a little longer than your legs because when sitting and riding, your buttocks and knees will bend, which makes the pants shorter. On the other hand, you should also read the real reviews from previous buyers to find out your own right size.

4. Which shape of jeans should I choose?

There are many kinds of jeans shapes such as flared or tapered tube, sleek or slippery. The lower part of the jeans will determine what type of shoe you should combine with the protective jeans. They are also the voice expressing your personality, what kind of man you are and how connoisseurs of fashion you are. However, they absolutely should not be too spread out like women’s. Standard jeans should fit your body like a sweater.

5. Which color of motorcycle riding jeans should I choose to look clean?

According to many users, gray, army, camouflage colors or colors with dusting direction are colors that look pretty clean. Especially the dust color and army color will increase the appeal and mystery of a pair of beautiful jeans. A sufficient amount of dusting color is created intentionally will make the jeans more interesting and “wind and dust”.

6. Do motorcycle riding jeans really provide good protection?

The answer is yes as long as they are manufactured under a standard of protective gear. They are durable, hard to tear as well as fully armors (especially on the knees area, hips as well as buttocks).  Accessories such as zippers or jeans buttons need meticulousness. The stitching must be correct. On the market there are many different designs as well as the different quality of motorcycle riding jeans, depending on the purpose of use, the buyer can choose for themselves a reasonable pair of jeans.

7. What factors help classify protective jeans?

Wearing protective riding jeans when running a motor is a habit of many people who understand speed. For many different reasons, people feel not comfortable wearing specialized motor jeans. 

Understanding this mentality, many major brands of protective clothing for motorcyclists have launched out the market many different types of motorcycle riding jeans to meet the demands of consumers. Now, they can be both fashionable and safe for the wearer. Types of protective jeans are classified by material, design, features, and so on.

    • Material: During the weaving process, motorcycle riding jeans are often woven with Codura, Kevlar fibers to increase the ability to withstand abrasion, waterproof, or increase heat resistance.
    • Design: In important positions such as butts, hips, knees will usually be composed of many different layers of fabric and combined with specialized protective armor.
  • Protective armor:
    • In the Hips: Two sides have 2 soft rubber armor pockets to protect the pelvis.
    • On the knees: There are dedicated protective armors and they are big enough to cover the knee. Towards the really professional motorcycle riding jeans, the knees guard can adjust up and down to fit the wearer’s knee positions (can move within 10 cm). When suddenly falling or hitting, it will help the knees to reduce the injured ability.

Safety certification: A protective product always comes with a certain safety standard. Motor jeans must also meet these conditions in order to be approved for circulation on the market. However, there are also many products of unknown origin, the buyers should be wary.


In this article, Motoczysz has already let you explore the top 10 best motorcycle riding jeans. Nothing can compare with human health. Let’s pick the best motorcycle riding jeans 2021 after reading this article. Don’t forget to share with us your favorites!


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