Top 10+ Best Motorcycle Riding Shoes And Buying Guide

For professional bikers, owning motorcycle riding shoes is indispensable and hard to ignore. Currently, on the market of motorcycle riding shoes, there are many styles, variety of quantities for bikers. Is there any difference between these brands? Let’s find out with us about the best motorcycle riding shoes!

Top the best motorcycle riding shoes reviews in 2021

1. Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Men’s Motorcycle Riding Boots

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Professional bikers probably know about Joe Rocket Boots. This is a brand with many years of experience in the motorcycle shoe manufacturing industry and is loved by many bikers. Overall this shoe looks a bit short as most boots are tall, but they are ideal for those who love shorter boots.

The Joe Rocket brand has captured the hearts and hearts of bikers because it is quite cheap at just $ 99.99 and they boast all the right features of an ideal motorcycle shoe – not many do. this level if you ask any veteran biker. You get comfortable boots with a padded ankle cuff that both protects your ankles and looks better – ideal. Three stitches give the shoe durability and precise texture – any biker needs this.
In terms of design, the shoe features an attractive and eye-catching design with well-rounded edges and a solid toe. Like other motorcycle shoes with soles with good grip and slip resistance.

With such a low price, we cannot expect too much with this shoe. So the downside is that it is not water-resistant. The quality is also difficult to compare with other big brands, so you should consider if you want to buy a pair of shoes for long-term use.

2. Alpinestars 25155181010 Men’s Sektor Street Motorcycle Shoe, Black, 10

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Alpinestars is an extremely popular brand among professional biker brothers. All of the brand’s products are inspired by the hands-on experiences of professional GP motorists.

The design of this shoe is low-neck, using ultra-light, durable and wear-resistant microfiber for a very comfortable feeling like not in use. Designed for non-corrected 3D ankle protection for improved fit and lighter weight. The SEKTOR shoe model is Cat 2 CE certified according to directive 89/686/ECC EU suitable for use globally. As can be seen, this is a modern, youthful and convenient shoe model inspired by this shoe production.

Reviews of customers who have used this product indicate that they love the strengths of the shoe design that look like boots but not the boots but rather the shoe. The product is good, gentle, has a high grip, and is easy to move during vehicle control.

Although very well designed and impressive, these shoes seem to be more suitable for racers on the track than the average person for everyday activities. Because it is a bit uncomfortable to use in winter, you will feel cold, it is better and more ventilated when used in the summer.

Due to the racers-inspired design, there are shock-resistant pads to better protect your feet. However, this does cause a bit of discomfort while walking or for someone who doesn’t have the habit of using turtleneck socks will rub and scratch.

3. Alpinestars Men’s Sektor Street Motorcycle Shoe, Black, 11.5

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Alpinestars offers a very impressive choice for those who love this brand. For those who love the sporty style, this shoe has what you need, both form and function. Sektor is fitted and guaranteed to be able to protect your feet in critical areas while remaining comfortable and light on long journeys. Sektor’s design features very nice grooves for better grip in wet or snowy conditions.

The Sektor Street Motorcycle Shoe is made from a lightweight, microfiber mainframe with a combination of internal and external protection, especially the sturdy toe box. The Sektor waterproof shoes also feature a waterproof membrane and a rubber compound sole developed specifically for the ultimate in water resistance and grip. The soleplate has an integrated hilt to support the foot during movement.

We’ll find out more about the construction of this shoe together!

The Alpinestars Sektor shoes are super light because they use ultra-light and durable microfiber to resist wear without adding weight. Its unique design utilizes Alpinestars speed lacing system and ankle straps that make it quick and easy to put on Sektor’s boots for travel. The use of TPR material on the outside of the shoe helps to reinforce wear during use.

The design slopes down the heel to help protect the ankle in 3D. It also helps to flex the heel and instep areas for enhanced walking comfort. Using advanced 3D mesh provides a highly breathable lining along with a microfiber suede anti-slip surface inside the heel. Extremely lightweight, specially incorporated rubber sole provides textured grip and features an integrated stand for enhanced sole stiffness. EVA base is replaceable with the above Lycra liner when the product is scratched or damaged.

4. Alpinestars Men’s J-6 Waterproof Motorcycle Riding Shoes

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If you want a shoe that fits and feels comfortable then don’t miss the Alpinestars Men’s J-6 Waterproof Motorcycle Riding Shoe.
For those of you who are not familiar with motorcycle gear, we are sure you will feel these boots look like any stylish sports shoe on the market. However, take a closer look at the details to see that Alpinestars took great consideration when making this shoe for motorbike or any other activity in everyday life.

For $ 199.95, the flat sole of the Alpinestars Men’s J-6 Waterproof Motorcycle Riding Shoe features a soft rubber molded Alpinestars logo, and the shoe’s tongue is padded to protect the front part of the foot from impact. In particular, it has a small bronze tag with a width of about an inch at the top with the brand’s name. . On the side of the shoe, the company logo is once again present, embossed on the leather. All are quite delicate but very stylish and give a strong impression on style and quality.

Using the Alpinestars Men’s J-6 Waterproof Motorcycle Riding Shoe gives you the feel of the most comfortable, casual shoes you’ll ever own. The design of this shoe is extremely perfect. Even ropes are of high quality, threaded through bronze, and becoming more and more polished over time. The use of Gel to make the sole of the shoe helps your feet to be more treasured and treasured, the steps to be softer, more flexible, and easier.

The next important thing that you care about is the waterproofness of this shoe, right? We can assure you that you can rest assured of the sheer waterproof resistance of this car ride shoe. No matter how you move in the rain, not a single drop of water can seep into your shoe. It helps keep your feet dry when going to the office, attending class meetings, or the diploma ceremony. Isn’t that great? Also with this shoe, you don’t have to keep it shiny because it’s always beautiful. Minaj just keeps it clean and let it dry. It’s simple right?

5. HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR Men’s Chatfield Riding Boot Motorcycle

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If you own a Harley-Davison motorcycle, don’t miss the brand’s motorcycle shoes! Harley-Davison footwear Men’s Chatfield Riding Boot Motorcycle is a shoe that deserves to be in your collection.

With prices ranging from $137.5 to $164.95 on Amazon, this is a fairly affordable shoe that anyone can own. The shoe model has 2 colors: black and brown, using imported leather material for perfect waterproofing, which is highly appreciated by customers. The Rubber sole section helps the product have a certain grip and softness, making it easier to move while riding a motorcycle.

The 7.75” height makes you better waterproof and dry. However, a few customers believe that this height causes a little discomfort in the calf when used. If you have short legs consider choosing this product! The zipper design is easy to carry on the leg and is convenient during use and troubleshooting.

The special feature of this shoe that we want to emphasize is that the product has a functional pocket with an outer zipper. You can store anything you need during your trip. Really meaningful, right? We hope you will enjoy this shoe with all your trips.

6. HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR Men’s Hagerman Motorcycle Boot

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Another product of the famous brand in the Harley-Davidson is Men’s Hagerman Black motorcycle world. Products are specially made for motorcycles with 2 colors black and brown. These shoes have a sporty and strong design that can be easily used for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, etc…

The product is designed with a whole skin that can be changed. Replaced when scratched or damaged gives you a more meaningful ride. A raised rib describes the connection between the whole skin and helps to separate the part that separates from the smooth, round toe.
With a white sole and contrasting white stitching, the bezel is finished with D-logo loops.

Getting into these boots is even easier with the YKK inner zipper with zipper. The HD logo is embossed on the outside of the heel and the metal Bar & Shield badge is glued to a soft pad that surrounds the ankle.

Harley-Davidson is written on the blade and has a pull tab at the top of the shaft. The sole of the black shoes is plated with color for a pleasant contrast. The brown earth shoes are a glossy contrasting copper color. The use of full leather for a full-length mesh lining and a rubber outsole makes these shoes not only comfortable to ride and walk, but they will last for years.

Products with extremely satisfactory prices from $124.16 – $149.95.


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Another product of the same Harley-Davidson brand is priced between $ 99.95 – $ 196.18. It seems that the models of HD motorcycle shoes are dominating the top best motorcycle riding shoes with thousands of sales, thousands of reviews, and far ahead of other competitors in terms of sales.

Harley-Davidson footwear Men’s scout is designed with a very simple personality and is suitable for those who love simplicity. Like other HD best-selling products, this shoe also uses whole-piece imported leather with industrial seams that make it extremely water-resistant, along with the use of a specialized lining to help. The user always feels dry on the go and sweats his feet. The product has 2 colors black and brown like most other shoe models.

If you consider your beloved motorcycle a baby, then this Harley-Davidson footwear Men’s scout gives you a royal, simple, elegant, and luxurious style that is rare in any other place. So we affirm that you love and want to own a pair of shoes of this brand because you have the characteristics of nobility.

8. SHIMA EXO Vented, Motorcycle Shoes for Men Breathable

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The next product I want to recommend to you is a fairly light price of only $ 139.99. SHIMA EXO Vented, Motorcycle Shoes for Men Breathable, Reinforced Street Riding Shoes with ATOP Closure System, Ankle Support, Anti-Slip Sole, Gear Pad will help you protect your legs. With sturdy and fixed heel bolts for double ankle support and an enhanced toe section with a shift pad that protects the foot and prolongs the shoe’s durability.
Besides, the addition of ATOP function helps you to put your feet into shoes Quickly & Easily. Along with that is combined with the zipper on the back of the sneakers allowing you to quickly turn on and off the shoe.

VENTILATED Materials – Breathable mesh fabric, which is the material used by more than half of motorcycle shoes and the H3 heat-free system make these shoes a great choice for summertime and hot weather. Your sweaty, constantly moving feet won’t get stuck or feel uncomfortable. Oil-resistant and non-marking rubber soles for added leg protection as well as increased grip and strength on journeys.

We often see the best motorcycle riding shoes set on zippered shoes to reduce laces. Because many beautiful shoes have laces and these laces loosely can become a danger on a motorcycle while on the move. But with this design, you absolutely do not need to worry about this safety issue because they have thought for you. The fact is that most of the customers who have used this shoe model have an impressive and harmless rating.

In addition, the product is also designed to provide maximum comfort and protection when driving the car but still feels as comfortable as normal sports shoes. The shoe’s classic black color matches most motorcycle pants and jackets, it’s easy to match.

9. Harley-Davidson Men’s Trevor Hiking Shoe

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If you are a Harley Davidson fan you will easily realize that they seem to have all kinds of drivers on their mind. From there they produce great products and extremely suitable for the needs of those types of drivers. Whichever shoe you choose, Harley Davidson shoes are your quality product.

Like every other HD shoe, this product is incredibly light and easy to use. It is a blend of durable leather and breathable mesh – an ideal combination. Made of durable leather will help to protect your feet better under all weather conditions.
Equipped with breathable mesh to create optimal comfort for your feet when traveling continuously or long trips using continuous shoes.

A high-quality rubber outsole gives you a real feeling when driving. Its stylish and impressive design and the use of leather and nylon mesh above make it suitable for use even when you go to the office.

The downside to this shoe is that it may be too wide for some people. Some normal customers go to size 11 they have chosen to size 10.5 but still a bit wide. The solution is to use more thick socks for a better fit! The fact that the heel area of ​​the shoe may be too high for comfort will cause some minor inconveniences.

10. O’Neal 0325-111 Men’s New Logo Rider Boot

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The last shoe we would recommend to you is the O’Neal 0325-111 Men’s New Logo Rider Boot. It’s not the best quality, highest priced shoe it’s the best motorcycle riding shoes that sell the most on Amazon. What makes these shoes such a huge sales, let’s find out!

Shoes cost $116.99, which is an average price that will suit many people. The first notable point about O’Neal’s motorcycle cyclist’s shoes is the quality. With these shoes, they make a deep impression on you even at a glance. Wearing these shoes and riding a motorcycle will give you a personality, a new style of your own. And we believe that these are the best motorcycle shoes for men.

What really makes this shoe stand out is the full protection it provides to your feet through the molded plastic material associated with it. Your legs now have a helmet to protect them from impact during movement.

And that’s not all, other standout features include a mesh interior and a padded sole for added comfort. The heel section is designed to be comfortable and supportive when moving and using the shoe. For comfort, the boot features a mesh inner and padded sole. Like all motorcycle shoes, there is a rubber outsole for better grip and slip resistance.

Buying guides to choose the best motorcycle riding shoes

Specialized shoes for motorbikes and travelers are diverse in styles and prices, low neck, turtleneck, cheap shoes or high quality shoes …. You can refer to our reviews and choose according to your budget, your preferences and your desires. However, you should pay attention to buying shoes at reputable quality places. To choose the right shoes you need to note the following:

  • The protective shoes you choose must be suitable for climatic and weather conditions, topographical characteristics of the places you plan to go or regularly.
  • In addition to the design, the athletes should also pay attention to good shoe materials that are often sewn by waterproof real leather.
  • Choose a shoe size that is just enough, not too wide or too tight because the right shoe will protect the shin as well as help the movement of walking, standing, and sitting continuously happening, still flexible and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I clean my footwear?

In general, we recommend the following guidelines for cleaning the footwear:

  • Cleaning: On a regular basis, brush away any surface dirt with a soft brush.  After extended, rugged use, wash with mild soap and warm water.  Be sure to rinse all soap off as it is hydrophilic.
  • Drying: Open footwear fully, remove the insole and laces and dry at room temperature.  Never expose yourself to heat!
  • Conditioning: Recommended treatment depends on the construction and materials of the footwear (most treatments do alter color and appearance).

2. How can I choose the right shoe?

  • The purpose of the trip will be the most important factor determining the type of shoe you need.
  • If you are about to conquer the long haul, a shoe with optimal protection, with a water-repellent outer fabric being a must-have for the handlebars.
  • If you experience in the city, your choices will be richer, simple, and fashionable shoes or pairs with many protective features but still unconventional and aesthetic.

3. What type of shoe has the highest protection?

  • Racing shoes are the most protective, but that feature can also be found in shoes of similar construction.
  • With plenty of outer cushioning, such as an ankle cushion and shin cushion, the shoe will protect you from impact, keeping your feet from getting caught in anything. Insole and toe pads will be the must-have equipment. The toe cover will keep the upper part of the shoe from getting worn out while driving on the road.

4. What is the structure of motorcycle riding shoes for your trip?

Owning a pair of dedicated moto shoes when riding a high-speed motorbike, hiking, conquering difficult and dangerous roads such as climbing, climbing passes, trails… is a must cannot be ignored. The structure of the shoe is more focused and there are certain strict criteria.

Certain shoes must have a water-resistant function, helping the rider to be able to move when it is raining or stormy or through muddy roads. In addition, these shoes are also sewn from a specialized material to help waterproof them effectively, and riders will no longer have the obsession of wearing wet, smelly shoes when sweating. Shoes are mainly made of high quality fabric, not only creating flexibility but also airy, creating a sense of comfort even if you go for a long time without feeling uncomfortable.

In particular, the toe and heel are reinforced with solid suede, providing the ability to protect the foot against obstacles on the way. The sole of the shoe is made of hard rubber but smooth and comfortable, the shoe is not heavy, but extremely light, easy to move and use while you drive. You can replace the soles when worn.

The shoe protects against pressure on the toes, back, and main parts for stability and wears resistance. Protective shoes also help prevent falls on slippery roads or steep roads thanks to the emphasis on shoe sole design with flexible and scientific slots, good grip, and good friction with the road surface.

In particular, the shoe and heel part is also reinforced with solid suede, increasing the ability to protect the feet firmly.

The article of Motoczysz has provided you with useful knowledge on the best motorcycle riding shoes. Feel free to contact us if you need any further advice! We hope this article about the best motorcycle riding shoes was helpful to you and don’t forget to follow us for more updates!


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