10 Best Motorcycle Tent You Should Buy 2021: Top-rated & Reviews

Motorbikes are one of the amazing travel means. You will have adventures with friends or people with the same passion. A camping trip outside instead of a hotel is not a bad option. For a perfect ride, you need to have the best motorcycle tent. It will protect you and your motorbike. How can we buy the best motorcycle tent? Join us to find out in this text!

Here are the best motorcycle tents from Motoczysz that you should buy in 2021!

10 best motorcycle tent you should buy in 2021

1. The most convenient motorcycle tent: Eureka! Timberline SQ Three-Season Backpacking Tent

The motorbike tour will be more wonderful if you own the best motorbike tent. Abc is a robust construction, a seasonal backpack style tent suitable for all trips. Inside the tent is 35. 7 square feet wide, quite spacious and comfortable for two people to live in.

The outer layer of the tent covers the outside to form a sheltered 10. 6 square feet. You can leave your gear or your motorcycle there. The cover cloth is made of waterproof material. Can protect you and your motorbike dry when it rains. 

Considered to be a sturdy tent, the Eureka has frame piles made from aluminum alloy. From there, the durability and ruggedness of the tent is enhanced. The air exchange system in the tent is well designed, the airflow inside is controlled to create a comfortable space. The tent has two doors and a large window for better ventilation. Of course we can close all the doors when it rains.

In particular, the weight of this whole tent when compact is only 6. 05 pounds! You can easily carry it around on your motorcycle. 

best motorcycle tent

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  • ✔ The tent frame is sturdy and sturdy
  • ✔ Comfortable inner space for two people
  • ✔ There is room for storage or motorbike
  • ✔ There are many ventilation doors
  • ✔ Good ventilation, comfortable interior space
  • ✔ Weighing just 6. 05 pounds, it’s easy to carry on a motorcycle


  • ✘ Out of stock quickly


2. The best waterproof motorcycle tent: Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent is a motorbike tent for camping trips with many great features. The best this motorcycle tent has fabric layers made from polyester, waterproof. You can rest assured in the tent even when it rains. The tent space is 8×7 feet wide with the top of the tent covered with 3 pads. The tent frame is made from fiberglass that is light and easy to install. The tent frame can withstand strong winds without breaking or bending. 

This motorcycle tent has the main highlight is the WeatherTec system. This system helps to keep the air inside the tent cool, suitable for all 3 seasons. The waterproof fabric and the waterproof floor can withstand the rain for a long period of time while still being dry. The tent has 1 main door and 3 air doors in the tent with better mobility. The tent weighs 11. 8 pounds so you can take it on a motorcycle. 

best motorcycle tent 2

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  • ✔ Durable tent frame
  • ✔ Tent fabric is waterproof to a high degree
  • ✔ Many air vents and windows help cool the interior
  • ✔ WeatherTec system creates coolness and comfort in the interior
  • ✔ The seam does not leak
  • ✔ Motorbikes can be left in the tent storage area


  • ✘ The tent works well in the rain but the weight is high


3. Lightest motorcycle tent: Snugpak The Ionosphere 1 Man Dome Tent Nylon

You want the motorcycle tent to carry lighter and more space-efficient. Snugpak Nylon is the best motorcycle tent for you. With a weight of just 300 grams, you can take this motorbike tent anywhere with ease. Despite its lightweight, the structure of this tent is truly perfect.

The tent features a sturdy aluminum frame, matching connectors, and an internal (removable) mosquito net. Flysheet is made of 210t polyester RipStop with a waterproof, even wind-resistant polyurethane coating. 

The size of the tent when erecting can accommodate one person with their belongings. This is a four-season tent, which can protect you from bad weather or insects. The tent is easy to fold and pack, convenient for you to carry. If you are looking for a lightweight tent this is the correct choice. 

best motorcycle tent 3

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  • ✔ Super lightweight only 300gram
  • ✔ Easy to fold and carry with motorbike
  • ✔ Solid aluminum frame, difficult to bend, break
  • ✔ Flysheet layer is made from polyester coated with PU which is waterproof and wind-resistant
  • ✔ 4 season tent suitable for all types of weather


  • ✘Only stay 1 person


4. The best motorcycle tent is easiest to set up: ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

A light and easily set up motorcycle tent is for anyone. ALPS l motorcycle tent will be for your convenience. It is a 3-season tent weighing 4. 2 pounds, you can easily make the trip ALPS. The tent frame is made of aluminum so it has a high bearing capacity. The tent has two layers with an inner shell with breathable mesh for more air ventilation. Outer fabric is made of waterproof, waterproof polyester. You can rest assured even when it rains. 

This tent design is very popular for its easy setup. It only takes a few minutes to set up your resting place. Especially, when buying a tent, you will be equipped with a net bag for storage, stakes, and ropes. The tent has one door; Airy spaces at the top of the tent help better air circulation. 

best motorcycle tent 4

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  • ✔ Quick setup
  • ✔ Lightweight for easy carrying by motorbike
  • ✔ The fabric is waterproof and waterproof, resistant to heavy rains
  • ✔ Sturdy tent frame
  • ✔ The ventilation system works effectively
  • ✔ The seam is tight and strong


  • ✘ Out of stock


5. The most ventilated motorcycle tent: Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent

If you have a motorbike picnic with many teammates, the Coleman motorcycle tent is the perfect choice for you. The best this motorcycle tent is for 6 people staying. Of course it will also be heavier than the tents for 2-3 people. However, you can share your belongings with other teammates and your motorbike can only bring this tent. 

This is a dome tent, with a separate mesh screen. You can lie down and watch the night sky and pull up the flysheet as it rains. The tent frame is made of fiberglass which helps to reduce weight. Polyguard tent fabric is durable and strong, making it resistant to water and wind. The WeatherTec system ensures ventilation and comfort for all 3 seasons. 

best motorcycle tent 5

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  • ✔ Can accommodate many people, can use 1 compartment to accommodate motorbikes
  • ✔ The space in the tent is always airy and cool and comfortable
  • ✔ The WeatherTec system works well
  • ✔ Packed for easy travel


  • ✘ High weight up to 19 pounds


6. The best motorcycle tent expensive: Snugpak Scorpion 3 Tent

The Snugpak Scorpion 3 is a quality tent for your motorbike travels. It is compact, with accommodation for 3 people and storage of belongings. The weight of the tent when stowed is only about 7. 5 pounds, so it is suitable for carrying by motorbike. The tent frame is made of the DAC’s lightweight and sturdy anodized Featherlite NSL anodized aluminum. It can withstand quite strong winds. 

The tent frame’s design also makes it easier to set up the tent faster. The inner tent features a 190t nylon fabric with polyester mesh. That makes the tent more durable and waterproof while the air circulates well. The outer fabric layer has a hydrostatic Head polyurethane coating that is water and wind-resistant. 

Snugpak Scorpion 3  is the best motorcycle tent built to last for four seasons in all weather conditions. Inside the tent, there are also mosquito and insect nets. You will not have to worry or stay alert to the resting area in the tent. The Snugpak Scorpion 3  ventilation system consists of 3 ventilation channels to help ensure the amount of air circulating in the tent. 

You can enjoy the coolness when summer comes. The un-designed compartments in the tent make it easy to pick up the essentials. With Snugpak Scorpion 3 accompanying, your trip will be more wonderful. 

best motorcycle tent 6

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  • ✔ Sturdy tent frame
  • ✔ The fabric is breathable and effectively waterproof
  • ✔ Four season tents can withstand all types of weather
  • ✔ Easy to set up quickly
  • ✔ The ventilation system is efficient, and the air in the tent is well circulated
  • ✔ There are mosquito and insect nets
  • ✔ Lightweight easy to carry with a motorbike


  • ✘ High cost

7. The biggest motorbike tent: Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

A motorbike tent can accommodate many people and the motorbike storage space is perfect for every trip. Abc is the best sizable motorcycle tent. It can accommodate 8 people, but you can reserve 1 compartment for 2 motorbikes and 1 compartment for 4 people. With such a large tent, its weight would also be high. However, when folded it takes up quite a little space, you can bring your motorbike. 

The tent frame is made of lightweight and durable fiberglass. The tent fabric is a 75D water-resistant and waterproof 75D taffeta polyester. The stitches are connected backward to avoid water ingress. This motorcycle tent also has windows like the ventilation system, the air in the tent is comfortably circulated. WeatherTec technology of the tent has also been upgraded so that the tent can withstand many different types of weather. 

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  • ✔ Holds many people and motorbikes
  • ✔ Rugged, durable tent frame
  • ✔ The polyester tent fabric is waterproof and good waterproof
  • ✔ The ventilation system and windows help the space in the tent ventilated and comfortable


  • ✘ The weight of the tent is large, heavy to move

8. The best motorcycle tent: Harley-Davidson Dome Tent HDL-10010A

The Harley-Davidson Dome Tent is a very special tent with a very special design. It’s almost the perfect motorcycle tent. This best motorbike tent has enough room for 4 people to rest and a motorbike storage area. Weighing just 12 pounds, you can carry a motorbike tent that can hold 4 people and 1-2 motorbikes (depending on the size of the vehicle). The motorcycle storage tent you can remove whenever you want. 

The tent frame is made from strong and durable fiberglass. Tent fabric is waterproof and absorbent nylon. You can rest assured in the tent when it rains and do not need to worry about your motorbike. The seams are designed to protect the tent from water ingress. The tent has excellent heat resistance with the ventilation system.

The small spaces at the top of the tent ensure the air in the tent circulate well and comfortably. This is a convenient motorbike tent and worth buying. 

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  • ✔ The space inside the tent is large
  • ✔ Can accommodate both people and motorbikes
  • ✔ Durable fiberglass tent frameset
  • ✔ Tent fabric made of waterproof and waterproof nylon
  • ✔ The ventilation system works well to create a sense of comfort
  • ✔ WeatherTec technology keeps you comfortable in all weather
  • ✔ Lightweight
  • ✔ Easy to carry motorbike


  • ✘ Out of stock quickly

9. The largest motorcycle tent: BELLAMORE GIFT Tent Outdoor 

The BELLAMORE is a specially designed motorcycle tent. The tent structure has two tents for the occupants and in the middle part you can leave your belongings or keep your motorbike. The pitched tent is of ideal height, you can stand upright. The space in the large tent has enough room for 4 people. A rest is designed for you to open up the canvas. You can leave your motorbike inside the tent to protect it when it rains. 

The tent frame is made of fiberglass so the weight of the tent is not too heavy compared to the benefits it brings. The tent fabric is waterproof and waterproof polyester. You can rest assured even when it rains heavily. Neither the car nor you will get wet. The ventilation system works very well. The tent has many windows and ventilation slots for good air circulation. 

best motorcycle tent 8

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  • ✔ The space inside the large tent can accommodate motorbikes
  • ✔ The tent frame is made of durable fiberglass
  • ✔ Tent fabric made of waterproof and waterproof polyester
  • ✔ The ventilation system works well
  • ✔ The well-circulated air makes the tent comfortable
  • ✔ Easy to fold and carry


  • ✘ The weight is quite high

10. The best motorcycle tent: Vuz Moto Waterproof Motorcycle Camping Tent 

You will have a great camping trip by motorbike with Vuz Moto Waterproof Motorcycle Camping Tent. The best motorcycle tent has all the elements that a good motorcycle tent should have. The tent has a large inner area that can fit 3 people and keep the motorbike in the tent. You don’t have to worry about your signature car and rest assured. This tent has a fabric at the top of the tent made of light colored nylon to help you feel the outside space and enjoy natural light. 

This 3 season motorcycle tent can ensure your comfort and safety thanks to the sturdy tent frame. The polyester tent fabric is waterproof and waterproof for a long time. The design of the tent is easy to set up or dismantling. You only take a few short minutes to have a place where he hides.

Once folded, the tent weighs only about 13 pounds, you can easily take it with you. The ventilation system always works well to provide a comfortable space inside. It can be said that this is a perfect motorbike tent and gives you the best experience. 

best motorcycle tent 7

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  • ✔ Comfortable tent space for 3 people
  • ✔ There is room for motorbikes in the tent
  • ✔ The tent frame is sturdy
  • ✔ The tent is waterproof and waterproof, protecting the inside in inclement weather
  • ✔ The ventilation system offers a comfortable space
  • ✔ Easy to set up quickly
  • ✔ Moderate weight stowed easy to carry


  • ✘ Out of stock quickly

Going camping by motorbike is currently very hot with the community of motorcycle enthusiasts. Various types of tents are advertised and marketed. But choosing the right tent for you is a difficult thing. The text above is the top 10 best motorcycle tents that we want to review for you. In addition to the tents we introduced above, you can buy tents from some other famous brands. 

Motorbike tents are a must for every motorbike camping trip you take. A good tent will protect you from the harsh weather, even well protect your beloved motorcycle. The thing you find the most difficult is probably choosing a good motorbike tent. Here are some suggestions we share with you.

Tips choose to buy the best motorcycle tent

Choosing the best motorcycle tent is not easy, you need to note many details of the tent, considering the price and quality. Here I will share with you some tips on buying motorbike tents.

1. Is motorcycle tent frames important?

When buying a tent, the biggest mistake is that we often only care about the design, style, color, then the quality of the fabric, the water resistance, but we don’t care about its frame. This is a very harmful mistake that can only be realized when you arrive at the campsite. 

The tent frame of the best motorcycle tent should first meet the criteria of being durable, then coming to be sure and supple. A weak, brittle tent frame is like a person with osteoporosis, unable to do anything, doing hard work, fear of breaking. And once the tent frame is broken, the tent is considered thrown away, and cannot be used. In my opinion, a poor waterproof tent is still more useful than a brittle framed tent. 

The tent frame is weak and brittle, you will be difficult to use in high winds, when setting up the tent, you must be very gentle and careful, not be bent. When storing, carrying and moving, you must also be careful not to throw or compress. Everything must be careful because if you accidentally step on the frame of the tent and it breaks, your trip will be very pathetic. 

From a manufacturer’s perspective, the cost of making a good frame with premium materials is sometimes nearly half the value of the whole tent. So, a good frame comes with a high price tag. 

Currently, on the motorcycle tents market, there are 2 main types of frames:

Fiberglass frame: This is a popular type on the market today, the composition of this material is usually glass fiber with plastic. The advantages of this frame are flexible, highly elastic, and easy to work with. The weak point is brittle, easy to break, easy to separate, when broken, there are a lot of splinters (micro-glass fibers) that can lead deep into the skin, causing pain if accidentally handling the fracture. In addition, this frame will age over time, if left for longer, the durability will decrease. 

Aluminum tent frame: this is a good tent frame type, this type of frame is more expensive, the production is complicated. There are different types of aluminum frames, divided according to the composition and shape characteristics of the frame. 

The most popular material for camping tent poles is aluminum or fiberglass. For piles made of fiberglass will have higher strength, but if you buy poor quality piles, easy to crack, and less elastic, safety will not be guaranteed. Glass piles have the disadvantage of being easily cracked along the body, compared to aluminum piles, often broken horizontally.

In addition, there are types of pile walls that are connected together by elastic bands, before buying, you should check the elasticity and ask if this type can be replaced when long-used elastic bands lose elasticity. 

2. The weight of the best motorcycle tent

Often when going camping by motorbike we have to bring a lot of things. So don’t take a tent too heavy. Heavy tents will affect motorbikes and travel speed. In addition, bulky tents will take up a lot of space for other items. 

The ideal weight for a motorbike tent is under 8kg. This tent can be easily moved and carried with you. The weight and size of the motorcycle tent when compactly folded will be more helpful to you. 

3. Tents can be set up in less than 10 minutes

An easy-to-set motorbike tent has your vantage point. It not only saves your time and effort, but it also helps you quickly avoid danger from the weather. 

Imagine stopping at night and you can see storm clouds fast approaching in the distance. You cannot set up a tent while collecting rainwater, and you will still get wet as a result. Setting up your tent should be quick and easy. The best motorcycle tents will usually set up quickly. It only takes a few minutes to get the tent up and go inside. 

4. Suitable tent size and space

Anyone likes spacious and comfortable spaces. However, when choosing a motorbike tent, you should choose the one that is right for your situation. Are you in one person or many people and do you want to add anything to the tent?

If you are on a motorbike trip this time, bring a double tent with you. One part for you and one part for your belongings. If you are traveling with another person, choose a tent 3. Having extra space will make things more comfortable during the trip. Being too narrow will also make the atmosphere uncomfortable, especially in the summer. The furniture you can also keep on your motorbike or between the two wheels of your motorcycle. 

However, you should be careful not to choose a tent too big if you do not use it. You cannot travel on a 2-person motorbike and bring a tent for 6 people. It is really heavy, you cannot carry a motorbike with a lot of other belongings. You must consider having room for the rest of the belongings and can not travel in a motorbike tent. 

5. Motorcycle tent with vestibule

You often choose to keep things inside the tent, but we cannot bring shoes full of dirt and stinking into the tent. The atmosphere will be affected, we can put such items in the vestibule. Your own motorbike will also be stored in this tent. 

The vestibular part usually has no padding but only the roof. Many tourists riding motorbikes often choose a motorbike tent with a large vestibule to store the motorbike. Your motorcycle can also be safely protected thanks to this tent part. The best motorcycle tent should have this vestibule.

6. Criteria for choosing the best motorcycle tent fabric

A good camping tent can help you resist rain, wind from above, waterproofing below to help you sleep without being wet, sealed to resist insects while ensuring cool, wind-resistant, durable. nice and reasonable price. So, when buying a camping tent, pay attention to the following standards of tent fabric

Rain resistance: The rain resistance of a camping tent depends on the fabric layer of the tent and its height. 

The fabric in addition to water resistance you also have to consider the thickness of the fabric and how long it is water-resistant. Many people who buy tents only consider water resistance but do not pay attention to how long it can be water-resistant, so when used in low rain, only about 5-10 minutes will get wet. 

The tent height supports the water to slide across the fabric wall to the ground. The taller the tent and the tapered off the tent shape (small at the top and wider towards the bottom), the better the water slide support possible. 

Bottom proof: Bottom resistance depends on the fabric of the tent bottom. In addition to waterproof, the bottom fabric is required to be thicker than the upper tent fabric because it also has to bear the living force.

Wind resistance: Wind resistance usually works in winter. Cold outside winds can make you feel uncomfortable. The fact that the tent fabric can block the winds will make you more comfortable. 

7. The tent can withstand the wind

Not every day the weather is beautiful with many stars and moons. Occasionally you may encounter storms or whirlwinds. A tent that can withstand the wind will protect you and your motorbike better. 

The wind-resistant motorcycle tent means that the strength of the tent depends on the tent skeleton. Tent frames on the market today are popular with fiberglass and aluminum frames. Usually, each tent, depending on the design, must have a skeleton with a standard diameter to help it withstand the wind and be sure. 

8. Ventilation system

Surely no one wants to be in a secret tent. If the tent does not have poor ventilation or ventilation systems, it will make the people inside the tent very uncomfortable. In fact, in the summer no one likes to sit in a tent with thick, hot, and windless sweat. 

A well-functioning ventilation system will allow good air circulation. Since then, the environment inside the tent is also more comfortable and pleasant.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should be noted when using tents?

If you have never had experience building a tent before, you should try setting it up at home first to learn how to set it up and save time. 

When unloading the tent, you should work on the middle part of the column body first, this helps to distribute the force evenly, improve the life of the tent, do not use too strong force on the joint of the column header. 

When folding the tent, fold according to the old folds, as this will make the tent fabric easily frayed and damaged more quickly. 

If the camping time is 3 days or more, you should prioritize the shade to protect the tent fabric better. 

Wash the tent after using it, so limit detergent too much will damage the fabric. 

Store the tent in a cool place, avoid too hot or cold places to increase durability. 

If the tent gets wet, avoiding storage will always cause unhealthy mold and the tent will quickly wait, you can dry it then dry it before storing it. 

Should avoid sharp objects bumping into the tent cloth, which easily causes tearing or damage to the tent. 

If the tent is not in use for too long, you should have it serviced and checked the safety before using it for the upcoming trip.

2. What is a durable motorcycle tent?

Whether a tent is durable or not depends on all the factors that make up the tent such as tent fabric, bottom fabric, zipper, skeleton, net fabric, earth stakes, . . . 

You can pay attention to the things we shared above to find a durable tent. 

3. How much is the best motorcycle tent price?

Depends on a combination of all the factors that make up the camping tent. The appearance of the tent may be the same, but depending on the quality of tent fabric, bottom fabric, tent skeleton, net, stakes, zipper, etc., the price will vary. So the price of the tent will be the quality of the tent, so it is not advisable to use the price of a camping tent as the sole criterion for choosing a tent. But also to check the quality of the components that make up the tent.

4. How should I choose to buy a tent shape?

Currently, there are 4 basic types of tents: A-shaped tents, O-shaped tents, arched tents and walled tents. However, A-shaped tents and O-shaped tents are the two most popular and widely used tents. These two types of tents with compact size and easy to remove will be more convenient for you. 

5. Should you choose a motorcycle tent for 3 seasons or a motorcycle tent for 4 seasons?

First, we have to learn about these two types of tents. 

A 3-season tent is a tent designed for spring, summer, and autumn use. With a design that tends to be compact, lightweight. The characteristic of 3-season tents is airy, tent walls are often designed to maximize the net area, enough to avoid the wind blowing directly at the user and help the air circulate well in the tent. Three-season tent frames often use materials that prioritize lightness like aluminum.

The outer layer of the 3-season tent is often designed to be gaping, when erected, it is usually enough distance from the ground so that the air and wind can still circulate while ensuring the protection against rain, dew, and moisture. The material of the 3-season tent is usually thin and light. The weight of 3-season tents usually ranges from 1. 5 – 3 kg.

The 4-season tent is different from the name, this type of tent is usually only used for winter (in temperate regions), other seasons are not used by anyone at all. In order to be suitable for the harsh conditions of use such as strong winds, low temperatures, snow, ice, and humidity . . . the 4-season tents are often designed to be closed, with little nets (but there are still a few small mesh corners with doors to cover them helps regulate the atmosphere in the tent).

The 4-season tent frame uses the types that prioritize hardness, as strong as aluminum alloy. The 4-season tent outside is designed to cover the ground to prevent wind as much as possible. Four seasons tent material is usually thick, sturdy and heavy. The weight of a 4-season tent is usually over 3 kg, some are very heavy. 

You have to base on where you go, the weather where you are going and the topography of the place to determine what kind of tent you are suitable for. Above we have shared exactly the information for you. You can choose from that. 


The best motorcycle tent will give you the perfect ride. Both you and your favorite motorcycle will be protected from rain or high temperatures. You should choose carefully according to the criteria that we recommend to get the best motorcycle tent. The text above we have shared with you top the best motorcycle tents should buy 2021 and tips for choosing motorbike tents. Good luck!

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