Top 10+ Best Textile Motorcycle Pants: Reviews & Top-rated

Riding motorcycles can be fun, exciting, and good to your health, as long as you do not get injuries. Having proper protection, especially at your knee and legs, therefore, are extremely important to guarantee a motorcycle rider’s safety in the real world. 

Here is the guide of Motoczysz to choose the best textile motorcycle pants to provide a motorcycle rider with both the shields to his body as well as mobility to have the best experience while touring on a ride.

Top 10 best textile motorcycle pants reviews for 2021

1. Most affordable pants for beginners: Alpinestars Raider Drystar Pants

Alpinestars Raider Drystar Pants is one of the most competitive items on the market due to its all rounded capability to protect motorcycle riders even under harsh weather conditions. If you are an Alpinestars lover, these riding pants match perfectly with the brand’s riding jacket for an overall stylish outlook.

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  • ✔ Waterproof
  • ✔ Waist and leg closure adjustments for precision fit
  • ✔ Hand pockets
  • ✔ Manufactured with protective padding, these pants are both abrasion resistant and tear resistant
  • ✔ Have thermal liner that you can choose to add on or move out for best use
  • ✔ Come in pair with Alpinestars Motorcycle Jacket
  • ✔ Provide with pockets as hip pads for further protection (that you can buy if you feel that it is necessary)
  • ✔ At lower legs part of the pants, there are reflective piping details and logos to help rider perform better in a ride under low light conditions
  • ✔ Removable CE-certified knee armor
  • ✔ Stretch panels at knee, waist and crotch to help you move easier in these riding pants
  • ✔ Offer warmth and full protection


  • ✘ A little bit too tight for someone who loves baggy motorcycle pants
  • ✘ Better to wear in the cold weather, rather than in hot weather
  • ✘ Not many sizes available (because of being sold out)

2. Best cargo pants: HWK Motorcycle Pants Cargo Pants Work Pants for Men Adventure Hi-Vis All-Purpose

HWK is specialized in manufacturing motorcycle protective equipment and gear, therefore, it is not a surprise that the brand’s textile pants are aimed at functionality. HWK Motorcycle Pants Cargo Pants Work Pants for Men Adventure Hi-Vis All-Purpose is the line that brings you all four season comfort and protection with composite protectors and adjustable straps.

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  • ✔ Versatile at good price
  • ✔ Multi-seasonal pants, you can wear these pants even during harsh weather (extreme coldness, wetness or hotness)
  • ✔ Made with breathable and waterproof membrane help maximizing waterproofing and comfort
  • ✔ If your focus is not on waterproofing, you can replace it with mesh panels for airflow and cooling effect
  • ✔ Hip and knee armor as protectors
  • ✔ 4 external cargo-style pockets both as a fashion item and a protective item
  • ✔ Dirt proof
  • ✔ Poly-fabric material
  • ✔ Have zippers to connect with jacket and zips near the ankles to fit over riding boots


  • ✘Not suitable for someone who prefer fit and sleek pants
  • ✘ A little bit bulky

3. Best multi-seasonal Alpinestars Andes v2 Drystar Pants

Alpinestars Andes v2 Drystar Pants have remained a favorite item because of its flexibility to be used in both hot and cold weather conditions. While maintaining many outstanding characteristics from the Drystar Pants, these riding pants make up for the drawback of the  previous version for limited adaptability for a multi-season ride with a new venting system strategically positioned on thighs working effectively.

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  • ✔ Amazing construction and make
  • ✔ Waterproof
  • ✔ Highly abrasion resistant
  • ✔ Exclusively invented poly-fabric textile and construction
  • ✔ Removable thermal liner to bring comfort in summer
  • ✔ Knee accordion stretch panels offer great protection
  • ✔ CE certified knee armor for higher degree of protection


  • ✘ Zipper do not work after several times using these riding pants
  • ✘ Because it tried to be multi-seasonal, not the best motorcycle pants for each season separately
  • ✘ Recommended to order one size bigger than your normal size

4. Most Stylish Look: ScorpionExo Covert Jeans Men’s Reinforced Motorcycle Pants

Fit motorcycle pants make it hard for motorcycle riders to find the right size, so a better choice for big guys are Covert Jeans Men’s Reinforced Motorcycle Pants from the brand ScorpionExo. The design of these motorcycle pants do not come with many pockets. It looks just like your normal jeans, but with adequate functionality. You can wear these jeans both in and out of riding context. Best for a street touring and hanging out with friends. However, abrasion resistance is not really good. So be aware if you are on an adventurous tour.

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  • ✔ Comfortable, fit, soft and easy to wear
  • ✔ Classic 5 pocket designs to carry all of riders’ gear without being too bulky
  • ✔ Fashionable, designed to look good and easily pair with any kind of outfit 
  • ✔ Knee pockets as armor and protection


  • ✘ Not offered with abrasion resistance material
  • ✘ It is hard to adjust the knee armor for good fit
  • ✘ Try hard to be a normal jeans, so not the best motorcycle jeans if you are a more serious rider

5. Best High-end REV’IT! Dominator 2 GTX Pants

With REV’IT! Dominator 2 GTX Pants, you get what you deserve for the price spent on these riding pants. It can satisfy even touring and adventure riders and in any riding style.

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  • ✔ Universal functionality
  • ✔ Great fit, which is not a thing you normally find in mid-range or cheap riding pants
  • ✔ 3D mesh panels for maximum airflow and moisture evacuation to draw heat out of the pant leg
  • ✔ Waterproof FidLock magnetic closures, can be opened easily for airflow maximization and for moisture and heat to escape to bring riders comfort
  • ✔ Made from 3L Gore-Tex Pro fabric, which is an amazing high-class textile material bringing in waterproofing, breathability and protection
  • ✔ Ankle tabs and waist and calf adjustable straps can be adjusted according to a rider’s riding need
  • ✔ Other high-glass features, including: vents for air outlet at upper legs, magnetic fastener, waistband and knee stretch panels, stretch lips at knees, easy entrance zipper at calf, grip panel at seat, opening pockets


  • ✘ High price
  • ✘ Not suitable if you are just a regular rider, too complicated for everyday ride

6. Best for Women: Joe Rocket 1524-2003 Cleo Elite Women’s Textile Motorcycle Pants (Black, Medium)

Motorcycle riding does not engage only men, but more female riders participate in the ride. If you are both a woman and a rider, you may even need protection more than your male peers. Joe Rocket 1524-2003 Cleo Elite Women’s Textile Motorcycle Pants is the best motorcycle gear for a female rider, rated and reviewed by many previous users.

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  • ✔ All basic functionality that riding pants need to have
  • ✔ Optional hip pads, all side armor works effectively, including hip armor, knee armor 
  • ✔ Abrasion resistant on lower leg part
  • ✔ Reflective details on knee and lower legs
  • ✔ Mesh along both side of a rider’s legs, increasing breathability


  • ✘ Bulky for other purposes, but it is not a big problem
  • ✘ Longer than expected for most women
  • ✘ You need some adjustment for best fit

7. ARD Men Motorcycle Pants for Biker Dual Sport Motorbike Waterproof, Windproof Riding, All-Weather, Removable CE Armored

If what you need is simply some protection when riding your motorcycle, these pants are the best choice with full functionality at a much lower price point than all of the above.

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  • ✔ Waterproof
  • ✔ Warm, best for winter
  • ✔ CE certified knee amor
  • ✔ Good for the price
  • ✔ Popular among motorcycle riders


  • ✘ Super hot, not best for summer, but okay for winter

8. Most Popular: O’Neal 010E-036C Men’s Element Classic Pant (Black, 36)

The popularity of O’Neal 010E-036C Men’s Element Classic Pant does not come out of nowhere. It is rooted in the fact that this design delivers best comfort and thoroughly understands the needs of a regular rider.

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  • ✔ Only less than half the price compared to Alpinestars pants
  • ✔ Light weight
  • ✔ Great breathability 
  • ✔ Fit and durable
  • ✔ Both protection and flexibility at waist thank to an adjustable ratchet closure system
  • ✔ Removable hip protectors


  • ✘ Too thin fabric
  • ✘ Not for mountain or more adventurous riding 

9. Best for Touring Pants Tourmaster Venture Air 2.0 Men’s Textile Motorcycle Pant (Black, Medium)

Tourmaster Venture Air 2.0 Men’s Textile Motorcycle Pant received a high rated review among experienced riders because of its versatility and provide them with the most necessary features, such as armors, resistance to abrasion and harsh weather.

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  • ✔ Abrasion resistant
  • ✔ Have reflective piping and panels to support riders at nighttime
  • ✔ High durability against harsh weather
  • ✔ Can be worn by both men and women
  •  Very comfortable to wear
  • ✔Removable knee and hip armor
  • ✔ Waist bands come with adjustable belts for better fit to the body
  • ✔ Seat panels to prevent from slipping
  • ✔ Rain liner works magically


  • ✘ Not 100% waterproof
  • ✘ Still bulky for some riders

10. Most Stylish Pants for Festival: O’Neal 0123-128 Men’s Mayhem Crank Men’s Pant

The main purpose of a pair of riding pants is for protection, but who would deny these pants that are not only fashionable but also great in quality and functionality.

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  • ✔ Looking really great, especially for your first ride and at festival to show off
  • ✔ Fit and comfy
  • ✔ Lightweight and good mobility 
  • ✔ Leather heat shield for better protection


  • ✘ Made of materials that can cause you cancer

Buying guides to choose the best textile motorcycle pants

Although riders often pay more attention to helmets, jackets, gloves, and boots when thinking of motorcycle gear, it’s time to invest in your riding pants because your knees and legs also need protection. Although there are other materials for motorcycle trousers, such as leather and jeans, textile pants are still the best for ease of use, riding comfort, and convenience.

It is not easy to find the right motorcycle pants, you need to consider many aspects, including size, your riding style, types of fabric, types of textile pants, armor and other features. And of course, the price of these pants still needs to be reasonable for your budget.

We will take a detailed look and help the selection process much more easier at the below paragraphs.

best textile motorcycle pants image 2

1. Pants Style need to match your riding style

Cruiser Pants or touring pants focus on bringing comfort.The pants usually come with adjustable waistband closures/panels for a better fit. However, stretch panels and armor are limited for the most relaxed feeling.

Adventure touring pants tend to be more universal. They are both durable and comfortable. Armor can be found at the knee and hip parts. Waterproofing and thermal liners are often included to protect riders under various weather conditions such as rain or snow. To reduce some of the bulk caused by a waterproof liner, manufacturers can use waterproof breathable textiles in the construction of the outer shell of the pants. 

If you are both a rider and a commuter, overpants may be the best. Overpants are worn over your street outfits and fit on the loose side. The loose fit makes them more comfortable for commuters and low speed touring riders, but for anyone who rides at higher speeds, it is a burden. 

If you’re a serious adventure tourer, you need pants that are the most versatile. You have to consider its ability to tolerate harsh weather conditions, its flexibility, mobility, and waterproofing. Other features, such as armor, strategically placed pockets, vents and mesh are undoubtedly indispensable.

2. Fit and comfort are of extreme importance

Keep in mind that sizes in riding clothing are very different from your usual clothing. Be sure to check the measures of your pants before ordering. A good fit does not only bring you comfort, but also provide you with better protection. Check your pants in your riding position. Pant legs should at least cover your ankles. If these pants do not work, do not hesitate to return them and order new ones.

3. Abrasion and weather resistance

Stronger fabric means more abrasion resistance. The stitching also needs to be just as strong. You will not want your pants to be ripped at the seams on a slide and end up with a road rash.

4. Waist and Ankle Design

Do your pants come with an adjustable belt or stretch, because it will determine the placement of your pants during the ride. You will need some buttons too, if it is necessary to keep your pants perfectly in place.

Ankle fit is especially important for high speed riders. You need to check your pants to fit inside your boots before starting your ride.

5. Waterproofing

You can not know when it will rain on your touring ride. So it is essential to seek pants lined with waterproof material.

best textile motorcycle pants image 1

6. Zippers

The zippers must be of great quality and work effectively.

7. Pockets

As I have stated above, pockets are more important to an adventure rider. Some pants even have pockets in all strategic positions for best use. They should also have an easy-access closure that keeps the rain out.

8. Armor and Other Padding

Knee and hip armor is a priority for race pants. C.E. certified armors are a necessary feature to look out for.

Regarding pads, foam pads are better than hard pads for low-speed riding. 

9. Liners

Thermal liners mean that they will keep you warm in cold weather. Waterproof liners keep you dry in bad weather.

Liners may be bulky, so make sure it all fits comfortably together before you purchase.

10. Windproofing

You will not want the cold wind to seep in and affect your health. Some styles of pants offer a higher back that blocks the wind better.

11. Visibility

Adding reflective material increases the  chance of your being seen at night time and bring you safety.

12. Heat-Resistance

Some styles of bikes expose your legs to more heat coming off the motor or exhaust. If your bike doesn’t have a fairing to protect your legs, you’ll have to check out pants with heat-resistant panels along the legs.

Frequently Asked Questions

best textile motorcycle pants image 3

1. What are 10 things to consider while choosing motorcycle pants or any motorcycle gear?

Size, Length, Armour, Construction, Closure, Ventilation, Visibility, Water Resistance, Pockets, and they should come with your riding skills.

2. How do I measure myself for motorcycle pants?

First, measure your waist. Next, measure the hips. Normally, this will be your widest measurement for pants sizing. Finally, measure your inseam. That’s the distance from your crotch to your inside ankle bone. Depending on what pants you’re ordering, it may be useful to also get a thigh measurement. Then, check the size chart from the manufacturer to decide your size.

Another way is to measure your waist and instream of your streetwear pants, then compare it with those of motorcycle pants. Decide how tight you want for these riding pants because each person has unique tolerance, there is no common standard for how much larger/smaller your motorcycle pants are compared to your body sizes. Avoid altering inseam sizes on motorcycle pants.

If you encounter the situation of the pants being too long or short, you could adjust the the position of the knee armor, zippers, snaps, etc 

3. What is the meaning of CE ratings for armors?

A: CE is the abbreviation of the French phrase “Conformité Européene” which means “European Conformity”. CE certified means that  the garment is tested in a certified testing facility to meet officially accredited standards. For North America, CE-rated is only related to race track apparel.

4. Textile or Leather?

The answer would be it depends on your riding style, and features that you judge as important for a ride.

First, textile pants are less durable than leather ones. Therefore, leather pants offer more protection, and can survive after several crashes, while for textile pants, you are advised to change after only a crash.

However, leathers require more care than textiles and are more expensive. If you are not an adventurous rider, textile pants are your better choice.

In terms of breathability, leather is heavier and not good for air outlets; but, only mesh textile pants allow airflow, polyester textile pants are not better than leather though. You should read carefully to avoid being mistaken. 

And finally, if you are looking for multi-season adaptability, textiles beat leathers in all ways. Leather pants are only great for the fall/winter. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that through the article, you have useful knowledge. If you have any questions about the best textile motorcycle pants, don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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