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An Ultimate Guide To Custom Motorcycle Helmets

f you want to own a helmet with your style and personality, why not try a customized motorcycle helmet.

There are many different ways to make your hat more unique. You can paint, apply color decals or draw a few strokes on it to bring out your personality.

Today, MotoCzysz will look at some cool and unique ways to customize your motorcycle helmet. Let’s get right into the details!

Option 1: Get Your Helmet Custom Painted

Get Your rough helmet

Painting your custom motorcycle helmets is always the first choice many people think of to own a helmet like new. You can either airbrush or paint them with water.

For those who know a little art and draw well, be creative with the drawings you want. It can be a picture of your pet dog, of friends, or simply a meaningful quote that you like. 

Before you do it yourself, a small note is to read some books explaining various techniques and tactics to custom motorcycle helmet painting. It is an excellent way to help you arrange the composition and mix colors properly.

However, if you have no award-winning airbrushing artist talent but still want to transform your customizable motorcycle helmet, then ask a friend or acquaintance to help you customize.

Here are a few things you need to know before customizing a motorcycle custom helmet:

  • Step 1: You need to disassemble the parts of the hat to prevent paint or paint from sticking, including Shield, Visor & inner Form/pads; properly Clean the Outer Surface (the outer shell).
  • Step 2: Clean the hat shell, and make the inside of the hat very clean, skillfully and wrap the inside so that they do not stick to the custom paint or color.
  • Step 3: Use sandpaper to scrub the outer shell or the areas you want to customize. That way, it will make the paint adhere to the surface of the hat more tightly. In addition, you can find a professional customizing person to make and create your hat.

Option 2: Apply A Sticker Or Custom Motorcycle Helmet Decals

Motorcycle Helmet Decals

If you want a safe option for your tin hat, buy custom helmets with these pretty decals to customize them to your liking.

Currently, there are many different types of stickers or decals on the market, ranging from extremely cute colors and designs.

Before applying stickers, make sure that your hat has been washed and dried. If the cap is dirty, the adhesive ability of the stickers will not belong.

Customizing a motorcycle helmet with decals properly, you need to align everything so that everything is balanced with each other. 

Then remove the plastic paper and slowly peel off the sticky side. Next, you stick the decal carefully on the tin hat. When you have finished gluing, gently press the decal down.

You do this carefully, precisely so that no wrinkles appear on the face of the drawing. 

If the decals appear wrinkled by carelessness, you can gently peel them off and then re-glue them carefully to lose that crease.

Thus, with just a few simple steps, you can stick yourself with lovely stickers or decals on your tin hat. Now, you seem to own a brand new hat.

Option 3: Get A Helmet Skin Or Cover To Get Your Helmet Customized

Instead of choosing custom motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth or stick stickers and decals on your hat, you can use the skin to your entire helmet, which is quite a novel and exciting way.

If you have ever tried stickers or decals, you can see that they can only paint stick to a small area and cannot cover your entire hat. If you use a skin, that means they can replace your original color with a new, more unique color.

Besides designing the hat according to your wishes, choosing to use skin is also a pretty good way for you to protect your hat from scratches or bumps in daily use.

Option 4: Get An Excellent Mask To Wear Instead Of A Helmet

If you want to impress with your bike and tin hat, wear a mask along with your custom helmet.

Leather face masks

The unique mask with unlimited custom design ideas will help you unleash your passion for decoration. You can use leather masks to add personality and make helmet unique.

Neoprene face masks

Neoprene face masks

It is a mask pattern that is often used in cold weather. When using it, you can feel the comfort, but there is no tricky even at full speed.

The reason is that their materials and design have excellent wind resistance. The quality is amazing, and you can engrave a few more details on it, like your name or a famous character you love. 

However, this product also has the disadvantage of not covering the neck area.


Unlike Neoprene, Balaclava is a mask used for the entire neck area. This product was originally created to protect soldiers from cold in the face, neck, and nose. Today, this type of mask is still used quite popularly with those who participate in customized helmet skiing.

In addition, in Balaclava, there is a tube mask. It is a mask for the face and neck area with a lighter weight than Balaclava and Neoprene, made of Polyester Microfiber. 

It is the material often used to print unique designs in quick time.

In general, these products are pretty compact, easy to pack, and you can bring them anywhere with extreme convenience for the bones aesthetic.


Bandanas are made from cotton and a few other synthetic materials. When using Bandanas, you will feel incredibly light and used immediately.

Besides, you can take a medium-duty in the balaclava middle and the tube mask with an old helmet.

The product is relatively easy to move to provide instant protection from dust and insects on the go.

In general, the products that we introduce above are just one of the ways to help you combine with your custom helmet to become more personal and exciting.

Option 5: Pinstripe A Motorcycle Helmet


If you want to make your tin hat unique, try customizing it with pinstripe. In simple terms, in-striping or pinstripe is the thin line application of a paint or pinstripe material used for decoration.

Pinstripe can accomplish everything you want, like cars, trucks, custom helmets. Yet, this method is unsafe and requires tact and care to complete it accurately.

Here are two popular types of pinstripe today:

  • Mechanical Pinstriping: This type is done with the support of machines. Basically, they will be available on large surfaces like trucks and loaders.
  • Freehand Striping: This type is suitable for manual execution. However, to do this, it is necessary to seek the help of experts. If you want to use Freehand Striping, take the time to learn and practice before you start doing them.

Check out this video for details!

Tips To Take Care Of Your Customizing Motorcycle Helmet

  • After going in the rain, use a soft towel to dry your hat and eyeglasses, and dry the straps and lining to prevent bacteria from growing.
  • It should not be used when the hair is wet because then the scalp will quickly become dandruff or lead to a fungal condition.
  • Do not use gloves, towels, or any other object on the custom motorcycle custom helmet because dirt and sweat can easily damage the inner lining.
  • It should be cleaned at least once a month.
  • Avoid exposing the customizing motorcycle helmet to direct heat or prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Avoid letting the custom motorcycle helmet fall many times because it will scratch and scratch the customizing part and cause the foam part to crack.

Wrap Up

This article has shared with you five different options for customizing the motorcycle custom helmets. Each option is diverse, engaging, and unique. 

What matters is what you like best to decorate your hat with. Hopefully, the above sharing has helped you get more information, and you will choose the most suitable decoration style. Thank you for reading!

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