How To Become An Uber Black Driver? Do You Know?

Uber is one of the most popular taxi booking companies in the world. Uber’s success is explained by the convenience and modernity of Uber services. It is very suitable for those who have a tight work schedule and want to save time and money. Uber also creates jobs for a large number of drivers. This company has its own drivers for each service such as UberX driver, UberXL driver, Uber Select driver,… This article is mainly about Uber Black drivers and how to become an Uber Black driver.

how to become an uber black driver

Uber Black is classified by the company as one of the most premium service categories due to many factors such as ride quality, luxury features, and above all, exclusivity. Amongst all these factors, A superior screening process for selecting Uber Black Driver is the most significant one. Uber wants to provide safer transportation through the growth of local economies, and drivers are an integral part of achieving this goal.

To provide a taxi booking service to passengers, Uber company has released a smart app called Uber. With just a few simple steps on this application, customers can immediately book an Uber ride. This service provides black and premium cars for passengers.

This is the famous Uber Black service which now includes black-on-black luxury sedans and SUVs. The company’s passionate staff are spread across the world, and they have successfully connected over a billion people.

Features of an Uber Black include:

  1. Passenger safety is Uber’s top priority, so Uber Black drivers are all professionals, with excellent training and experience in the field.
  2. Uber Black is a luxury service from Uber so it also prioritizes hospitality. Drivers should always be friendly and polite to passengers.
  3. The vehicles used for the Uber Black service must be sedans and SUVs. They all have a black exterior and interior.
  4. Uber Black drivers also have their own uniform that includes black socks, shiny black shoes, a collared shirt, jacket, pants, and a black tie.
  5. The job of an Uber Black driver requires him to have a high sense of discipline and self-respect during working hours.

How to become an Uber Black driver?

how to become an uber black driver

Uber Black is an exclusive service, and the local information for the specific City, State, or Country is variably significant. The first thing you need to do to become an Uber Black driver is to make sure the Uber Black or Uber SUV works in your area.

Then, contact your local Uber office to ask if they are still hiring Uber Black drivers. If the answer is yes, you can apply.

Minimum requirements for an Uber Black driver

Download the Uber app to your device and create an account for the driver.

You can apply to be a driver as a vehicle owner or a driver under a partner, who owns the limo or SUV.

An Uber Black driver is required to have a commercial driver’s license.


Upload all required documents such as driver’s license, registration details, airport and other permits, and insurance.

The vehicle requirements for an Uber Black driver are different in each region. You can refer to some of the key document requirements below:

  1. Registration Certificate
  2. Vehicle Insurance
  3. Vehicle Permit
  4. Fitness Certificate

Driving for Black Car Owners

Those who want to become Uber Black drivers can also work for partners who have a Black account in their name and the driver of the expenses typically has to bear the petrol, while the partner provides the necessary insurance coverage.

Partners must add your name to their list of drivers and you can start driving weekly or daily.

Driving for partners is risk-free for Uber Black drivers, while profits must be shared between the two to ensure success in a busy market.

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Driver Screening

Drivers who wish to sign up for an Uber Black Driver account will be initially screened by the company and verified for minimum requirements.

The documents are essential for initial screening, while driver and vehicle are both inspected for account activation.

In some areas, UberX drivers who have high customer ratings will be given priority.

how to become an uber black driver


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