Motorcycle Tire PSI Chart [How To Do It Right]

As you know, tires are always the part that provides the necessary traction during travel. Therefore, each type of vehicle has a pressure suitable for traction to provide perfect driving and safety in traffic. Today, MotoCzysz will learn together about motorcycle tire PSI pressure and how to get them correctly.

Motorcycle Tire PSI Chart

Although motorcycle pressure always plays a vital role in the control process and is a part that needs attention every time car maintenance.

However, many motorists do not regularly check them. Therefore, you need to check out your vehicle before moving, exceptionally long trips.

It is important to note that, in vehicles, the check tire pressure is always on the rear axle and the axle.

To get the proper motorcycle wheel pressure, you need the help of experienced and qualified people. They may be car repairmen or reputable manufacturers known for a wide range of vehicles, car brands, and vehicle parts.

Usually, the tire manufacturer or technical support will calculate your car’s pressure based on the OEM tire sidewall size. They will have particular pounds per square inch or pressure PSI of tire failure.

For novice repairers or drivers, it is assumed the highest wheel pressure will be marked by the manufacturer on the tire wall for easy identification and repair with square inches.

However, the important thing is top pressure display number will help you be safer every time you move. In fact, the pneumatic tires will often be greater than what the manufacturer recommends.

Suppose you have any complaints or dissatisfaction with the manufacturer. Find a reputable wheel specialist with many years of experience so they can answer and fix the condition of your vehicle.

In addition, one thing you need to know is to see the pressures chart before performing any repairs or enhancements to your vehicle.

Tire Pressure Calculator Motorcycle 

Pressure Calculator (Youtube)

You need to be aware that the use of improper motorcycle tire pressure can lead to wheel bursts at high speeds, which can be dangerous to yourself and those around you while traveling on the street. 

Therefore, it is essential to follow the correct inflation pressure. In this case, using the motorcycle tire psi calculator is the most accurate and appropriate.

You need to remember that the motorcycle’s load capacity will be supported by the amount of air present inside the wheel. 

The motorcycle manufacturer has determined this from the beginning of their production and distribution to the market.

When you intend to modify or replace your new wheel, determine the proper pressure. In addition, with the motorcycle tire psi calculator, Racers can quickly determine the most suitable inflation pressure level for your vehicle and choose one with a similar capacity.

You can watch this video for details!

The Tire Pressure Is Low Or High, What Would Happen?

Too low or too high pressures

It depends on if you get little or much pressure on the tires. As shared above, if the correct tire pressure is not appropriate, it can lead to severe consequences affecting yourself and those around you.

Suppose the motorcycle tire inflation is low. In that case, several problems can arise, such as: not being used regularly, the wheel will wear out faster, the ability to move to be worse, and making it difficult to stop the primary vehicle precisely as before.

In addition, after a period of use, your rear tire may have the less waterproof ability, no more extended friction when pulling around, etc.

When your wheels are no longer able to work, they will gradually bring some annoying noises when you move on the road and make the driver feel no longer comfortable and excited when driving as before. 

Which Tires Usually Have Stable Pressures

Here are some criteria to help you choose the right wheel for your vehicle and will become a companion for every trip:

Quality of Your Ride

Tires are the part that directly affects the quality of your ride. If you do not choose for yourself a quality wheel, you will not have a safe and fun ride.

In worse cases, they can cause problems like a wheel burst in the middle of the road, which is extremely dangerous. Therefore, it is essential to choose a suitable and high-quality one.

Ability to Take the Terrain

Ability to Take the Terrain

Your car will have to go through all different terrain. You can drive on a flat city road, a gravel road, or a jungle, a narrow road with many dangerous turns. Therefore, choose for yourself a wheel that can overcome all terrains.

It is also essential because on bad weather days, no matter how you move on the road, it will be wet, challenging to drive, and especially for weak drivers, the more likely it is to be in danger.

So, you need to use quality tires that are easy to balance and conquer terrains.

Ability to Take Speed

Choosing a durable one will help them travel at high speeds without wearing down or changing quickly over time. Although every vehicle has a suitable wheel, they also have different capabilities. However, a top and safe one is a product that can accompany you to conquer all speeds at the allowable level.

Overall Safety

The last and most important thing is to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.

For example, traveling on dirt roads requires a version with a solid grip to overcome those tricky sections easily.

However, if you use a poor-quality one, your car will be straightforward to overturn at any time and endanger not only yourself but those around you.

Buying Guide for Motorcycle Tires

How to choose a good pressure one

If you do not have too much knowledge about wheel selection, look to experienced people to listen to instructions or consult, and read the information on the website. Here are four notes you need to know when changing tires for your car:

Tread Pattern

First, you need to pay attention to the tread you aim for. In general, all tires have a corresponding thread pattern and have different functions.

So, when choosing a version, look at the tread and a few specifications to know what type it is and if it is suitable for your car.


The bead is one of the essential parts of the wheel because it helps the wheel to fit entirely and not leak air during movement.

When choosing a good tire inflation pressure, you need to carefully check the wheel’s compatibility with the bead to make them as close to each other as possible.


The body of the wheel is the backbone. The body is usually made of steel and is connected to the bead. If the body is changed, inevitably, the tire will also happen to deviate from its original shape slightly.

The radial tires have better heat dissipation and are more versatile with all types of vehicles than bias ply. However, bias-ply is heavier and will be highly suitable for cars that often go for a long time, go on long journeys.


The last thing you need to check is the sidewall of the car. It is the part that helps support the handling of the wheel.

It is also a place where you can easily find all information related to wheel specifications before purchasing.

Overall, with just four pretty easy-to-remember and detailed notes, we hope to help you choose the right one for your vehicle!

How Often Should You Check Your Tire Pressure? 

You need to check out your motorcycle tire pressures at least once a month in normal or warm conditions. The reason is that under normal conditions, there won’t be any obstructions from the weather that affect your tire pressure.

However, suppose the weather changes like colder or rainy. In that case, you need to regularly check your pressures at least once a week to ensure your wheel condition is still excellent and safe during travel.

Especially for those who live in snowy areas, you should spend more time checking your motorcycle pressures.

Perhaps, the most careful thing is that before moving or going a long distance, check your car carefully for everything, not just the tires, to make sure the car is fine and you will be safe too while controlling them.

However, if your car, unfortunately, gets hit by debris or any object on the road in the process of moving, especially when you have to drive to areas with harsh climates, your tires will also be affected more or less.

In the above case, you should check the air pressure more often.

Many people do not know what pressures are at a safe level. They seek professional advice to understand tire pressure chart Michelin and know when their tires are safe or when to change them.

If you have not used the car for a long time (at least 15 days), you should check them carefully before driving.

According to experts or experienced people, you should not use Flat wheels. However, the outer appearance can easily fool you. Therefore, you need to take a closer look at your tires before driving.

Final Thoughts

The right wheel air pressure is significant because they help prolong your tires’ life and make sure your safety on every journey.

However, you should also not let the wheel be over-inflated or out of the air because this will harm you. You also should not influence others because you do not know to read the Michelin motorcycle tire pressure chart.

In addition, you should also regularly take your car for maintenance or consult experts, workers with many years of experience to know the proper motorcycle tire inflation pressure.

This article has shared helpful information about motorcycle tire pressures with you. We hope that the information we share will help you better understand and regularly take the time to check your wheels to drive safely on all roads and ensure the safety of others. Thank you for reading!

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