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Along with the Hells Angels MC, Bandidos MC, and Outlaws MC, Pagans Motorcycle Club is one of the main four one percenter motorcycle groups.

Unlike other motorcycle clubs such as the Hells Angels MC and the Bandidos MC, the Pagans MC website provides very little information about the club. In fact, the Pagans MC website is merely a shell for advertising events and does not provide any history about the club or the locations where they are active, so information must be obtained from a variety of other sources. The club is most likely hoping to expand its aura of secrecy since it makes it more difficult for law authorities to determine their size and whereabouts.

The Pagan’s Motorcycle Club’s History

Lou Dobkin formed the Pagans Motorcycle Club in 1959 in Prince George’s County, Maryland, United States.

They had only 13 members when they originally started.

The Pagans were known for wearing blue denim jackets and riding Triumph bikes when they originally started out, but by the mid-1960s, they had evolved to be more in line with the other one-percenter motorcycle clubs, riding Harley Davidson motorcycles and wearing more conventional one-percenter apparel.

The Pagans are portrayed alongside the legendary Hells Angels in the mythos of illegal motorcycle gangs. The 1% er MC has a strong presence in the Eastern United States and is “81’s” most formidable competitor. The Federal Bureau of Investigation classifies them as a “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang” and refers to them as a “One-Percenter” motorcycle club (FBI).

Pagans Motorcycle Club Logo

Surtr, the Norse fire-giant who sits on the sun and wields a sword, is shown on the Pagan’s MC’s official symbol. Surtr is surrounded by the words “Pagan’s” and “MC,” both of which are printed in red, white, and blue.

The Pagans, unlike other One-Percenter motorcycle organizations, do not display their chapter on their badge. It’s thought that they omitted this information on purpose to keep law enforcement officers guessing about which chapter they belong to.

Members of the Pagans MC do not wear a bottom rocker, which would normally show their chapter’s location. This is supposed to have been done in order for the police and other law enforcement organizations to be unaware of the Pagans’ origins.

The following numbers are some of the most prevalent additional patches observed on members:

  • The slogan “Live and Die” is number four.
  • The Nazi SS slogan is number five.
  • Patch number seven is an “In memory” patch.
  • The Pagans’ member’s chapter is number nine.
  • Affiliation with the mother chapter (number 13).

Pagans MC Motto

Many people consider the number 4 patch, which represents the phrase “Live and Die,” to be a semi-official Pagans MC Motto.


The Pagans actively embrace violence into their ethos, unlike most other criminal motorcycle gangs. The national sergeant-at-arms of the organization is in charge of selecting 13 members to act as “Enforcers” or “Regulators.” To keep all resistance to the Mother Club at bay, these members utilize intimidation and violence.

The gang has a reputation for having a negative culture. Many members are known to have fascist or racist sentiments, and some even wear patches to show their support. Furthermore, conflicts are frequently handled by violence, contributing to the group’s general bad-boy reputation.

Chapters of the Pagans MC

The Pagans Motorcycle Club chapters have grown significantly as a result of their mergers with lesser groups.

The East Coast of the United States has the most chapters, with over 40 in total.The following places serve as major centres for chapters:

  • Pagans MC Delaware
  • Pagans MC Florida
  • Pagans MC Maryland
  • Pagans MC New Jersey
  • Pagans MC North Carolina
  • Pagans MC Pennsylvania
  • Pagans MC Virginia
  • Pagans MC West Virginia

There are rumors about Pagans MC France, Pagans MC Sweden, and Pagans MC Europe chapters, although there is no substantial proof to support this. Other motorcycle gangs, such as the Hells Angels MC, have strongholds in certain places.

Delaware County, Pennsylvania is home to the Pagans Motorcycle Club’s headquarters.

Indian River County, Florida Pagans MC Clubhouse
Indian River County, Florida Pagans MC Clubhouse
Details are hazy, as is much information regarding the club. The photograph above of the “clubhouse” in Indian River County, Florida, is the sole image of any of the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club Clubhouses that could be found. In contrast, practically all of the other main four organizations, such as the Hells Angels and the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, have massive plaques outside their clubhouses, making them much simpler to recognize.

Members of the MC for Famous Pagans

Founder of Pagans MC Lou Dobkin

In 1959, Lou Dobkin created the Pagans Motorcycle Club. Lou Dobkin worked as a medic in the Navy before being honorably discharged.

Former Pagans Motorcycle Club Leader John “Satan” Marron

During the 1970s, John Marron, popularly known as Satan Marron, headed the club and directed it towards increasing levels of criminality.

Supporting Pagans MC

One of the well-known Pagan MC Support Clubs is the Sons of Satan MC. John “Satan” Marron, who eventually became the Pagans’ National President, was the club’s president at one point.
The Pagans MC Support Clubs include the Thunderbirds MC, a black motorcycle club established in Baltimore. This is odd since it’s a black motorcycle club supporting a mostly white motorcycle club.

Pagans MC Enemies and Allies

Pagans MC Enemies:

  • The Hells Angels are a gang of mercenaries that Due to territorial disputes in some places, the Pagans MC’s main adversary is the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.
  • The Hells Angels’ backup club, the Demon Knights MC, are adversaries.
    Fates Assembly are also known as Pagans MC Enemies, however, because this club has merged with the Hells Angels MC, they practically belong under the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club category. The same may be stated for other Hells Angels MC fan groups, such as the Tri-County MC (discussed later in this article), where members of the Pagans were slain in a battle.
  • In the North East of the United States, the Breed MC is a recognized opponent of Pagans.
  • In the Midwest, the Avengers MC are adversaries.
  • The Road Disciples are adversaries.

Pagans MC Allies:

  • Thunderguards MC is a dear friend of mine.
  • Tribe MC is a personal friend of mine.
  • The Mongols MC and the Mongols MC are allies.
  • Sons of Satan MC is a group of friends (Pagans support club).

The Pagan’s MC and Crime

The pagan religion has a lengthy history of criminal behavior.

The Pagans appeared in a charity event hosted by the Tri-County MC in Hackettstown, New Jersey, in 1994. They were there to get local motorcycle groups to join them in order to keep the Hells Angels out. A brawl erupted, resulting in the deaths of two Pagans and countless injuries.

At the Hellraiser Ball in Long Island, New York, in 2002, 73 Pagans faced Hells Angels members. A brawl occurred, resulting in the death of a Pagan and the injury of ten others. Two weeks later, a tattoo shop operated by Pagan’s was firebombed in Philadelphia, possibly in vengeance for the Long Island event.

In 2005, the Pagans reportedly assassinated the VP of the Hells Angels Philadelphia chapter, continuing their feud with the Hells Angels. Later that year, the Hells Angels closed the chapter, implying that the Pagans had been forced out of their stronghold.

In 2010, nineteen members of the Pagans were arrested in Rocky Point, New York, on charges of plotting to assassinate Hells Angels members. Assault, illicit drug distribution, extortion conspiracy, and firearms offenses were among the allegations.

These and a slew of other crimes involving illicit substances, firearms, brutality, organized crime, and more have earned the Pagans a reputation as the world’s most ruthless 1% er motorcycle gang. To this day, the Hells Angels and law enforcement personnel have almost daily run-ins with the gang.

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