Best Kids Motorcycle Helmets

The 5 Best Kids Motorcycle Helmets In 2022 “You Can Buy Right Now”

Every parent’s worst nightmare is a kid who falls from a motorcycle. That’s why it is critical to choose a head protector that’s appropriate for your child.

Kids motorcycle helmets are created the same way as helmets for adults are made. Although the color and style are different, they are equally protected.

MotoCzysz has collected the best kids motorcycle helmets available on the market and come with excellent value. Let’s dive into the details!

Why Should Kids Wear A Youth Helmet?

When riding, wearing a helmet is the most straightforward and efficient approach to avoiding head injuries. If you are under the age of 16, it is also required by law in North Carolina.

Moreover, wearing a head protector when riding a bike has been shown to minimize the risk of brain injury by 85 percent. Only a cut on the head can be avoided by wearing a correctly fitted motorcycle helmet.

Injury to the brain can occur due to a fall or accident. Mild brain trauma can create a concussion, which can cause dizziness, headaches, inability to focus, memory loss, and sleep disturbances, even if the damage appears minor.

The head protector functions as an additional layer to absorb impact force, allowing the head to rest.

Essential Keys For Choosing A Helmet

Each helmet feature is equally essential for safety, dependability, comfort, resistance, guaranteed holiday delivery, and other criteria. You need to be aware of them to make the best option for your kids’ welfare.


In terms of materials, children’s styles are identical to adults’. Molded plastics are another popular choice, as they provide plenty of durability and comfort.

Fiberglass is a popular choice since it is highly sturdy and scratch-resistant. In the case of an accident, this can withstand catastrophic repercussions while protecting your child.

Fiber, composite, and Kevlar are among the most frequent options. Poly alloy and polycarbonate are virtually as light as aluminum but have a far higher impact resistance.

For cushioning textiles, several manufacturers utilize soft foam. Look for one that is antimicrobial and simple to clean. 

While removing the foam cushioning does not appear to be a substantial factor. The pads must be removable for washing.

Safety Standards

Children’s motocross helmets are designed to keep the user safe; this is when safety regulations play a role. On high-quality kids helmets, you’ll find three different sorts of safety certifications:

  • CPSC: This is the minimum specification for every helmet you buy. If it does not meet it, it implies the CPSC does not believe it is safe enough to recommend.
  • DOT: This certification assesses whether or not driver helmets are permitted to be worn on public roadways.
  • SNELL: SNELL certified sophisticated safety features in helmets. While this isn’t a requirement for a helmet to be considered safe, it is something to keep in mind while buying your child’s helmet.

How To Measure Youth Motorcycle Helmet Size?

The size of a head protector is even more crucial than its overall form. It’s essential to consider “what size helmet does my child need?” and a children’s motorcycle helmet size chart while shopping for a new helmet.

Most adolescent helmets are classed by shape, much like adult helmets: intermediate oval, round oval, and long oval. If you are searching for a helmet for your toddler, you must know “what is the smallest size of child bike helmet.”

The first step in obtaining a suitable fit for your child’s motorbike helmet is learning how to size a child motorcycle helmet by following the instructions in this video. 

In addition, a head protector must have appropriate inside padding to cushion the face in the event of an accident, and a snug fit. Helmets that are too loose won’t protect you in an accident, but they shouldn’t be too tight either.


The most significant element to consider is the internal cushioning since children desire a comfortable helmet that they can throw away without suffocating.

An ideal head protector must have ample interior cushioning for the chin and cheeks for added protection. Seek a helmet with a detachable and washable inner liner if you’re concerned about your health and cleanliness.

The inner padding is detachable and washable in almost every helmet mentioned in these reviews. If it is well-padded on the inside, it will provide excellent protection in the event of an accident.

Comfort And Other Additional Features

Ensuring your child’s head protector is comfortable is critical to lessen the risk of a straining accident. Helmets might strain a child’s head or neck because they are too heavy for them.

That’s why it is critical to select a lightweight helmet, which is also trustworthy and safe. Finding a light one that also allows your child’s head to breathe is excellent.

Helmets with negligible permeability might be oppressive to youngsters and lead them to overheat. A moisture-wicking type will keep them cool and less uncomfortable while riding for the same purpose.

Moreover, if your kid is uncomfortable in their headgear, they are more likely to take it off and not be happy to use it anymore. If this is the case, your kids will not be secured during their rides.

The lining, which plays a vital role, is designed to keep the head in place. It’s essential, though, that you have the option to remove the liner for cleaning and sanitary reasons. Your kid may sweat within the helmet, and you’ll want to wash the liner now and again, so it’s pleasant to wear after a long time.

Type Of Youth Motorcycle Helmet

Helmets for children are very comparable to adult products. When it comes to dirt-bikes helmets, though, it is unlikely that you will find open-face helmets for youngsters as quickly as you can for older ones.

The majority of models for children are half-face, full-face, or modular.

  • A half-face leaves some room around the eyes for goggles while wearing it. The region is still accessible if the child does not wear goggles.
  • The full-face variants are the most snug. They cover every inch of the face and are highly safe and secure.
  • Modular is a cross between the two. These helmets perform as well as half-face or full-face helmets.

Top 5 Kids Helmet in The Market

After much research, we have compiled this list of five ultimate products on the market. We hope you can find the most suitable.

#1. Storm Motorcycle Modular Full FaceBest for Overall

1Storm Modular Full Face

Important Specifications

  • Brand: 1Storm
  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 11.2 x 11.1 inches
  • Weight: 5.15 Pounds
  • Material: ABS
  • Style: Motorcycling

Product’s Highlight

With a mix of a full-face and open-face helmet with a glossy coating to enhance UV light coverage, 1Storm has got to the top of our list. If your kid prefers a modular helmet, this one has all they need! 

This juvenile motorbike helmet provides excellent protection for children. The head protector features an ingenious modular and dual visor construction that gives you the freedom to ride at any time of day or night. Your youngster will not be afraid to ride at all hours of the day!

The hat includes clear outer covers and smoked internal visors to allow removing and replacing it without tools effortlessly. This feature enables a large field of vision with no elements interfering with the ride.

This 1Storm product has an aerodynamic shell that provides excellent head protection against damage in terms of material. The thicker the material, the safer the ride!

The head protector contains six ventilation systems, including two front vents, two top adjustable ventilators, and two rear vents for optimal airflow. Your youngster will never suffocate in this gear! 

In terms of sanitation, the helmet contains a washable and detachable inner liner that keeps the headgear clean and odor-free. It will provide a lot of relief. The headgear includes a quick-release button that makes it easy to put and take off.

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What We Like

  • Six ventilation systems
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price tag
  • Strong protection for head and face

Things To Consider

  • A bit noisy when racing

Bottom line

The helmet is DOT-certified and comes with a set of full-finger gloves. It is our best overall product since this inexpensive children’s helmet offers good value for the cost.

#2. WOW Youth Kids Motocross BMX – Best For Wind Resistance

WOW Youth Kids Motocross BMX MX ATV

Important Specifications

  • Brand: WOW
  • Dimensions:  ‎13 x 9.5 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 3.05 Pounds
  • Material: Thermoplastic alloy
  • Style: ATV, UTV

Product’s Highlight

This helmet gives maximum head protection if your children ride off the roadway! There are many reasons why it appears on our list. First, this off-road head protector is designed aerodynamically and attractively to improve road stability. 

This feature also reduces wind resistance so that there will be no noise or wind to get in the way! The inside of the head protector is extensively padded to provide excellent head protection for off-road rides. 

Your youngster will never feel restricted or disturbed, thanks to the substantial inside cushioning! The outside of the helmet is composed of thermoplastic alloy, which provides comprehensive head protection while appearing to be lightweight.

The headgear contains seven ventilation to disperse excellent airflow throughout the head protector from various directions. This feature keeps the head cool and prevents suffocating in the heat. 

It includes a detachable and washable lining and cushions to keep it clean and odor-free. This headgear is DOT certified and has a glossy surface to protect against UV rays. In direct sunshine, no gloss will fade!

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What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • Aerodynamic structure  to minimize wind resistance

Things To Consider

  • Lack of visors

Bottom line

This beautiful headwear has given children the joy of a motorbike trip! WOW has landed on the second position of our kids’ motorbike helmets with a bold red pattern.

#3. 1Storm Dual Off-Road Full Face – Best For Off-Road Riders

1Storm Dual Off-Road Full Face

Important Specifications

  • Brand: 1Storm
  • Dimensions: 15.3 x 11 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Material: thermoplastic alloy
  • Style: Dual Sport

Product’s Highlight

You’ve chosen the proper helmet for your youngster if they ride on and off the streets. This kids’ helmet sparkled with a gleaming finish. As one of the top-rated kids’ motorbike helmets on our list, 1Storm came in 3rd place. 

The exterior consists of a thermoplastic shell to provide maximum head protection. Thanks to the lightweight design, it ensures a more secure riding.

Moreover, the head protector includes a dual visor with a sophisticated dual-sport technology that simplifies the inside visor and a transparent exterior shield. This feature allows riders to adjust the visor to their needs for eye protection.

Your youngster will appreciate that this head protector gives them a lot of visibility without making them dizzy! The shield may be removed and replaced without the use of tools. 

The product contains comfortable cushioned and nice detachable and washable inside cushions based on the inside of the helmet. It maintains the pads dust-free and clean.

The DOT approved this 1Storm helmet and included eleven ventilation holes to offer massive airflow for cycling air intake.

In the heat, you won’t feel claustrophobic! The headgear straps have a quick-release clasp to keep the helmet in position, so it will not slip off!

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What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for on and off-road riders
  • Dual visor
  • Eleven ventilation holes
  • Quick-release buckle

Things To Consider

  • Not ideal for simple riders

Bottom line

For motorcyclists who wish to enjoy an exciting ride, 1Storm has created a sporty and off-road helmet. This 1Storm helmet is ideal for riding on and off the road.

#4. Vega Mach 2.0 Jr. Gloss Black Full Face Helmet – Best For Comfort

Vega Mach 2.0 Jr. Gloss Black Full Face Helmet

Important Specifications

  • Brand: Vega Helmets
  • Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 2.9 Pounds
  • Material: Polycarbonate shell
  • Style: Street-touring-motorcycles

Product’s Highlight

Vega came up with this pink graphical design that expressed the outstanding appeal in the kids’ full-face motorcycle helmets market.

The Mach 2.0 JR comes with a sophisticated polycarbonate shell that provides excellent head protection from traumas and accidents. It enables a large amount of energy displacement while maintaining a safe ride.

A multi-channel ventilator with flexible venting keeps the head cool and pleasant without suffocating. Through adaptive ventilation, the ventilation provides a satisfying ride in any situation.

This full-face helmet may be used in all weather. The inner liner may be replaced as the youngster grows older, with three distinct-sized liners available.

Your youngster will not have to face the effects of incorrect head size. This helmet is flexible from the street to snow protection thanks to its multi-position and detachable shield.

It allows you to ride in various circumstances while maintaining a high sight level. A cushioned D-ring strap secures and detaches from the helmet with a snap.

A detachable and washable tech lining keeps the product clean and free of dust and odor. The hat is light, ECE, and DOT approved and may be used on various rides. All of these features give riders maximum comfort during the race.

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What We Like

  • Superior material
  • Replaceable inner liner
  • Lightweight
  • Removable shield
  • Ideal for various ridings

Things To Consider

  • Hefty price tag

Bottom line

The brand has made it into a list of children’s motorbike helmets. If your girl or boy wants to wear a pink full face protector, this one is a lovely pick!

#5. GLX Unisex-Child GX623 DOT – Best For Budget

GLX Unisex-Child GX623 DOT

Important Specifications

  • Brand: GLX
  • Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 2.75 Pounds
  • Material: EPS
  • Size: Motorcycling

Product’s Highlight

The GLX Unisex Child GX623 helmet is one of the most affordable children’s motorcycle helmets on the market. We choose this product since GLX helmets have become well-known for their good value and reasonable price tag.

This protective gear is ideal for your youngster if they like the look of a paint glob. This helmet is made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), extending the whole chin bar for increased head and face protection.

It protects the entire head and keeps you from becoming tired on extended rides. The hat contains an innovative ventilation system with a combination of 14 intake and exhaust vents to enhance airflow. It has an aerodynamic frame.

A flexible shatter-resistant visor constructed of high-grade steel screws is included with the headpiece. This feature ensures that the visor is securely in position. Under challenging terrains, the visor will not rattle.

The helmet incorporates a quick-release strap to keep the headgear in place. To add to the product’s safety features, it offers a detachable and washable inside material.

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What We Like

  • Reasonable price tag
  • Unisex
  • Aerodynamic structure
  • Comfortable wearing experience

Things To Consider

  • Not wind-resistance

Bottom line

This children’s dirt-bikes head protector comes as our budget picks on the list. The multi-color design has captured the eye of kids’ riders with its stunning paint glob look!

Final Words: Kids Motorcycle Helmets

Hopefully, you can find suitable kids motorcycle helmets for your children after reading this article.

You can go for the Storm Motorcycle Modular if you want an affordable product, which comes with the best value. Besides, other motorcycle helmets in this list also offer users maximum protection. 

Thank you for reading!

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