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Just like your choice of the scooter, the motorbike sound system you choose can say a lot about yourself, what you like and what type of person you are. Given that the audio system herein was all designed for motorcycles that do not come with the factory system as part of the package. Below are the top 10 best motorcycle sound systems along with the detailed reviews. From this list, you can choose the best system that suits your needs

Top 10 bicycle motor sound system

1. BOSS Audio Systems MC720B – Best Premium Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

Our first recommendation for motorcycle speakers came from Boss Audio. For more than 30 years, they have been rated as the first-class audio manufacturer. With chrome plating, these audio systems are upgraded. With a classic look, BOSS Audio Systems MC720B looks great on any motorbike and really shines.

This sound system has Bluetooth capabilities. You can simply pair the speaker with your smartphone. And you can stream music with any application. Bluetooth has a great range. Because it will connect about 40 feet away from the speaker, you can even step off the motorbike without interrupting the connection while stopping. 

Moreover, BOSS Audio Systems MC720B has a 3.5mm aux input. This is for your device hardware. Phones or MP3 players can be easily connected with a cable, allowing music to be played in a classic way. 

The volume is controlled remotely. This can be connected to the steering wheel together with the speaker. We can conveniently turn the volume up or down without taking your eyes off the road while riding. 

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  • ✔ Excellent Bluetooth range. 
  • ✔ Quickly connect to the music with a cable
  • ✔ Have a 3-year warranty.
  • ✔ Weather-proof
  • ✔ Have a classic look with chrome plating. 
  • ✔ 3.5mm aux input is used for your device hardware
  • ✔ Easily handle the volume by remote control
  • ✔ At a reasonable price 


  • ✘ Lacks bass.

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1. LEXIN LX-S3 – Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers

When coming to the best motorcycle sound system, it would be flawed without mentioning LEXIN LX-S3. These Lexin’s speakers have a great design. Their gravitational bullet shape turns them into an appealing talking point on the handlebar speaker. This is an awesome option, with plenty of input sources. Basically, LEXIN LX-S3 offers you many ways to play your music. 

This has a Bluetooth function. Like BOSS Audio Systems MC720B, you can simply pair this Lexin’s handlebar speaker with a smartphone. It provides easy streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Then you can get USB compatibility that was securely plugged in via a cable.

The left speaker has all the control buttons that you could possibly want, including: on/off button, play, and pause button, volume dial, FM radio search, etc. And at affordable prices, you can get high-quality handlebar motorcycle speakers with little budget.

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  • ✔ Offer multiple ways to play music.
  • ✔ Integrate a wide range of controls to easily handle the volume
  • ✔ Waterproof
  • ✔ Built-in phone charger
  • ✔ Deliver bluetooth function that simply pairs with a smartphone. 
  • ✔ Have an awesome design with an attractive bullet shape


  • ✘ Buttons can be awkward to use, especially wearing gloves.

KICKER 40PSM34 4 Ohm Mini Weatherproof Speaker System 

This is the best mid-range motorcycle handlebar speaker. Weighing only 3.45 pounds, these mini speakers do not draw much attention. KICKER 40PSM34 fits discreetly into the handlebars without altering the overall appearance of the motorbike. 

The speakers are wrapped in a classic chrome shell. It not only looks great, but it is also waterproof. They are impervious to the harmful effects of moisture, regardless of the weather. 

You can easily attach this mini speaker to the handlebar with small, yet sturdy rings. And do not worry, because all the mounting hardware you probably need is included! Take a quick look at the simple tutorials and you will clearly know how this KICKER 40PSM34 works.

One of the greatest features is that the sound is quite balanced, without too much treble or bass. This speaker will suit most musical genres, from heavy metal to USUK music to K-pop. Unlike other small speaks ending up with a distorted sound, this best motorcycle sound system may be tiny, but it can withstand loud noises. 


  • Have an unobtrusive good look.
  • Deliver impressive sound quality.
  • Small and lightweight, only weighs 3.45 pounds. 
  • Be encased in a classic chrome shell
  • Well protected from water, moisture, and dust
  • Easily attach the speaker to the handlebar. 
  • Offer the well-balanced sound, with neither too much treble nor bass
  • Suitable for all kinds of music, from heavy metal to K-pop. 


  • Need to buy an additional amplifier.
  • Not the best value for money.

GoHawk RD8 – A Waterproof Bluetooth Motorbike Handlebar Speakers

On the list of best motorbike audio systems, GoHawk RD8 is a motorcycle soundbar. Its unique design wraps all around the center of the handlebar. This speaker integrates two large mounting clamps, it eliminates any worries about the speaker being dropped at high speeds. GoHawk RD8 also has Bluetooth capabilities. 

Moreover, this speaker has both an optional micro SD card and a USB port. You can carry MP3 files on one of these small devices, ready to be plugged into the speaker. Or if you prefer, GoHawk RD8 also integrates a radio function. From that, you can get the latest weather information or simply remove the hassle of pre-selecting music. This speaker gives you that choice. 

Furthermore, this tiny handlebar speaker flanked with the two gray volume outputs, which is an easy-to-read display. This not only shows you the time but also tells you which feature we are currently using or which radio stations we have followed. And this also has a series of buttons to adjust the volume, change modes or skip tracks.


  • Pleasing and attractive design wrapping all around the handlebar
  • Have two large mounting clamps to prevent falling off high speeds
  • Excellent range of music sources.
  • Best budget motorcycle handlebar speakers
  • Integrate bluetooth capabilities. 
  • Integrate both an optional micro SD card and a USB port
  • Have a radio function
  • Easy-to-read digital display with two gray volume outputs
  • Have multiple buttons for volume, mode changes, or skipping tracks.


  • Lacking in sound quality.

Kuryakyn 2712 MTX Road Thunder Weather Resistant Motorcycle Speakers – Loudest Motorcycle Speakers 

If you are finding a speaker that could hear a powerful thumping engine, Kuryakyn 2712 MTX Road Thunder is one of the best choices. This set of speakers is not only loud, but its sound is also excellent and fantastic. There is no cracking or deformation; these speakers are crystal clear. Moreover, it is well balanced, with not too much bass or treble.

Kuryakyn 2712 MTX, the loudest motorbike speaker, is covered with an ABS case with a chrome finish. ABS not only provides great protection against strong crashes, but it is also waterproof. Plus, with that shiny outer layer, this best motorcycle sound system is also devilishly handsome.

Remote control is integrated, which can be easily attached to the handlebars to the speaker. Its simple design is user-friendly, and due to its size, the buttons can be clearly seen, even while riding. 

Besides some advantages, this speaker only offers one way to play  music, which is via Bluetooth. There should be more options such as a USB port or maybe a radio.


  • Exemplary sound quality.
  • First-rate remote control design.
  • Waterproof ABS construction with a chrome finish
  • Well protected against high impact. 
  • Great design with a shiny outer layer. 
  • Well-balanced with no cracking or deformation. 
  • Include a remote control that is easily attached to the handlebars. 


  • Extremely costly.
  • Only have Bluetooth

JBL Wind Bike Portable Bluetooth Speaker Integrated with FM Radio and Supports A Micro SD Card 

JBL Wind is one of the best motorcycle sound systems with the best price for you. At first glance, this looks like a fairly basic model which is just one round and black speaker

It is not just a speakerphone, it also features hands-free calling. Just pair it with your smartphone and every call will be made instantly. And with the built-in microphone, you can chat with anyone you choose while riding.  You can also use that Bluetooth function to play music. Plus, you also get a micro SD card reader and FM radio.

This item is much easier to install than the other speakers as well. You do not need to connect it to your motorcycle battery. Instead, it comes with its own rechargeable battery. Therefore, you can have around 10 hours of playtime, which is perfect for a long day on the road.

However, there is a problem with the installation. The mounting hardware needs to be stronger. As the bracket is a little flimsy, the speaker can fall and get damaged.


  • Have a simple look with just one round and painted with black. 
  • Simple installation.
  • Offer hands-free calling.
  • Low cost.
  • The sound is loud enough
  • With the built-in headphone, you can easily chat with everyone while on the go.
  • Integrate own rechargeable battery. 


  • Flimsy bracket.
  • Unbalanced sound.

BOSS Audio Systems MCBK520B – Best Boss Motorcycle Handlebar Speaker and Amplifier Sound System 

We started with Boss Audio and we also end with Boss Audio! How do these speakers fit into the first item? The volume is so loud and they are only 3 inches in diameter, however, it does not give any problems. 

The sound quality is also very impressive. Although this BOSS high-quality audio system was a bit on the treble side, you will be pleasantly surprised by the tone. 

Unlike many other speakers, amplifiers are not included here. Instead, it is a separate component that needs to be interconnected. But fortunately, it is small enough to be unobstructed and can be discreetly hidden underneath the handlebar.

In terms of input, we have a lot of choices. There is a combination of Bluetooth, an aux port, and an FM radio. And the SD card and the USB port are just the stuff icing on the cake. One most appealing bonus is the mounting bar. Thanks to rubber grommets, BOSS Audio Systems MCBK520B is prevented from handlebar scratches. Moreover, it also prevents the speakers from moving, even on a Royal Enfield that’s vibrating at 80mph!


  • Decent tone.
  • Scratch-resistant bar.
  • Good price.
  • Impressive sound quality with a little treble. 
  • Integrate Bluetooth, an aux port, and an FM radio.
  • Have a mounting bar to prevent handlebar stretches.


  • The radio is difficult to tune and not very powerful. 
  • Bluetooth is unreliable. 

Sound Storm SMC70B Motorcycle Sound System

The Sound Storm SMC70B is a great choice if you want your stereo to function more than just produce sound. This powerful speaker with a quality amplifier is ideal for both GPS and your favorite music.They can easily connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and play your favorite tunes. 

You can also connect this system to the speaker via the secondary port on your smartphone or iPod. This model comes in two colors. In addition to being flexible in terms of use, they are also weather-resistant, giving you the freedom to drive in whatever weather you choose.


  • High volume output
  • Powered by the quality amplifier to function more
  • Can be used with Bluetooth devices
  • Ideal for both GPS usage and your favorite music.
  • Weatherproof design


  • Not strong enough to support large devices such as subwoofers

Pyle 300 Watt Motorcycle Sound System

For those who are in love with the color white, Pyle 300 Watt is the ideal option. It features this stylish curved design and is positioned so that the front of the motorbike audio system is facing the road. This feature adds to the appeal of the motorcycle. The size of Pyle 300 Watt is quite handy and can be mounted for both light and heavy motorcycles. 

The trendy speakers are what make this stereo become one of the best motorcycle sound systems. It has a weather-resistant speaker, which is one of the key technical qualities any best audio system should have today. Pyle 300 Watt is made up of a marine-grade structure that protects against the worst weather and humid conditions. It consists of an airtight material that encases the speakers to allow nothing to pass through it.

This motorbike audio also houses a total amplifier system, which means it not only has speaker amplification but also a dual effect sound. The total system allows adjusting the bass, treble, and amplification to suit the genre of music playing, whether it’s rock music, jazz, or soft melody. It helps to regulate the rhythm of the music to match your mood.

This speaker can be attached to the handlebar as it comes with the Bar Mount in the handlebar. Moreover, it includes an ATV battery, which increases the lifespan of the battery and also improves overall duration as well as its performance and durability. It houses a giant 12 volt ATV battery.


  • Only has 2.25 inches thick and lightweight
  • Waterproof 
  • House a USB charger port so that you can charge anywhere and anytime possible.
  • Look like a dome, which enhances the overall look 
  • Enable multi-inputs and also CD or MP3 as well as an MP3 player. 
  • Can be easily installed.
  • Has the enhancement of remote control to easily play songs and adjust the volume 
  • Durable, which is made up of aluminum material and enclosed the shape of a bullet.
  • Offer one-year deluxe warranty


  • Needs more volume.

Lexin Big Size Motorcycle Sound System

This is the sound system for motorbikes including stylishly designed speakers, which are very eye-catching with the design style that young people love. They resemble the stylish look of a Tony Stark device, The Iron Man. These Lexin speakers are also made up of the finest construction, making them one of the most powerful speakers available on the market because of the presence of the strongest alloy material.

This motorcycle sound system is integrated with weatherproof functions, which are the must-have elements of all the best motorcycle speakers. Plus, it is classified by the addition of a Subwoofer system that produces a higher sound and a higher effect than an amplified speaker system. 

The Bluetooth speaker is another addition to this stylish motorcycle sound system. Lexin’s big size speaker has an inherently higher impact, along with that, it also helps with listening to the Radio and also our favorite music collections. 

This motorcycle sound system can be housed or mounted on the handlebars of the motorbike or on struts. These speakers have always been loved by the sports world for their higher bass and treble sound and also for their durability. 

Because of its sporty and trendy styling; it is named as one of the Powersports speaker systems. The speakers are also the strongest because the Subwoofer output affects the overall presentation of the speaker. This motorcycle sound system is most loved by city racers due to its powerful and addictive sound.


  • An automotive speaker system that can be connected to any kind of motorcycle system available
  • Consist of a high powerful 200W peak amplifier
  • Have a Bluetooth radio and a USB port for charging.
  • Have a great built-in feature with a solid metal build
  • Enable higher bandwidth Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Provide a lot of high doses of volume and eliminate noise.
  • Offer additional features include a USB Input to play MP3/WMA, and 3.5mm jack for AUX, WAV musical songs along with a 
  • Integrate a Jog Dial placed in each speaker in the center to easily control the speaker purposes 


  • Be one of the heaviest motorbike sound systems, weighs around 8.85 pounds

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Factors to decide what is the best motorcycle sound system

One of the most important factor when choosing the best motorcycle sound system is the loudness


The main reason that audio systems seem to be not safe for a motorcyclist is because the headphones can deliver the loudness of the music and cancel the noise features. It is important to be careful and attentive when riding a motorbike. Therefore, applying the music system for your scooter can be as loud as you want to clearly know the surrounding sounds. 

In general, motorcycles produced a heavy and knocking sound while moving. According to a variety of factors, using fuel with low knocking resistance can produce this sound. Therefore, you should choose a motorcycle music system that is loud enough to recant this sound and is audible even when you are going at full speed. 

Audio quality

Usually, a loud music system is not as clear as a conventional sound system. This is due to the nature of sound plays itself. However, you can negate this, and you can have both quality and volume if the speakers are made of the right materials. 

Some manufacturers use inexpensive sound-amplifying materials to boost the sound. However, these materials that are not properly tested may prevent some sounds or notes from music. Be sure that you buy the music system from a reliable manufacturer.

Speaker durability

Now, since the main use of the headphones will be on motorbikes, it is important that these should be highly durable. One of the factors to consider when choosing the best motorcycle sound system is that the music system on the motorcycle will have to be exposed to a variety of weather.

They also need to be water-resistant. If the speakers are not designed to be protected from water and you accidentally leave your motorcycle outside in the rain, the speakers will be damaged and you will need to buy a new one. 

The music system must also be well protected against dust as well. Since the speaker will be permanently placed in places prone to heavy dust extraction, the speaker must be sealed carefully to prevent dust from entering the interior. If dust gets into the sound system, the main receivers get covered with dust, and the speaker may never work again.

The size of the compact

The motorcycle sound system should be compact. Since many motorbikes can accommodate two people, most sound systems are installed on the front part of this vehicle. You must check if the sound system is suitable for your motorcycle or not. Some audio systems are designed for specific motorbikes with wide fronts.

The size of compact should be suitable for your motorbike

Therefore if the sound system is small, it can be mounted to the front or side panels, which gives you more options in choosing the best sound system.  


Another most important factor when choosing the best motorcycle sound system is the price. All the features of an audio system ultimately come down to this. If you want more features or flexibility in your choice of the sound system, you will have to pay more.

Lots of modern speakers come with various new features like Artificial Intelligence compatibility, rechargeable solar batteries, and more. You have to choose which of these features will you need in your audio system with the budget in mind.

Some frequently asked questions related to motorcycle audio system 

How can you install an audio system for your motorcycle?

Depending on the type of sound system, there are different ways to install sound systems. If it is a handlebar system, it is very simple to install it. Installing it is pretty simple. You can use the wrench and pliers to mount the stand and then tighten the speaker screws to the bracket.

Depending on the type of motorbike sound system, there is a different way to install 

Can you install speakers on a motorbike?

Yes, you can put speakers on a motorcycle.

Are motorcycle speakers waterproof?

Most of the motorcycle speakers are designed to be waterproof. However, you should check the product before making a purchase to avoid low-quality headphones. 

Are you allowed to listen to music while riding a motorbike? 

You are allowed to listen to music while driving a motorcycle. However, you should not use the headphone on a motorbike.

How to hear your sound more clearly while riding a motorbike?

Lots of scooters have one of these systems installed and still find it hard to hear when traveling at highway speeds. Be realistic about how the sound system functions. If you are going down a highway at 75 mph, you are entering the first category hurricane wind speed. On top of that, many aftermarket exhaust pipes can easily go over 100dB. 

Since the main use of speakers is on your motorcycle, you should choose a sound system with high durability

Now, consider that both of these are happening at the same time while you are trying to listen to your favorite music. It is a tough situation to fix for any audio, even with the best motorcycle sound system. However, if you can limit wind noise and exhaust a little bit, you will have a chance of actually hearing your tunes. 

Below are some few tips that will help you hear your sound more clearly:

  • Keep your stock depleted. Not only do you save yourself a ton of cash, but you also keep those around you happy, and most importantly, give your audio system a better chance to put music in your ears.
  • Wear a proper helmet. I have had my fair share of classic three-quarter and vintage-looking helmets. And be honest they are nowhere as quiet as my decent full-face helmets. A high-quality helmet helps to protect your ears from wind blowing and exhaust noise, which allows you to hear music more clearly.
  • Wear earplugs. It sounds counterintuitive, however, it works. Our ears are not designed to operate at continuous noise levels above 100dB, which usually happens at highway speeds on motorbikes. Thus using earplugs will reduce the overall noise and allows you to listen to music much more clearly.  With a motorbike sound system or not, earplugs can also protect you from hearing damage caused by prolonged exposure to wind and noise. Therefore, you can enjoy your music as much as you want. 

Many motorcyclists say that listening to music helps them enjoy the ride rather than not listening to music while riding on a motorbike. Installing the best motorcycle sound system can be fun and lively. Hope that with this above list of high-quality audio systems, you could find the right one. However, you must make sure to follow all the road rules for your safety and those around you. 


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