What Is Uber Van? [A-Z] You Should Know About Uber Van

Uber is one of the most popular ride-hailing apps in the world. It provides you with a convenient, fast, and time-saving service. This article mainly gives you information about Uber Van.

If you live in the olden days and you want to travel in a group with your friend with your huge luggage, you can only travel in a van. The color of the vehicle varies by locality but is mainly yellow and black.

uber van

To meet the above needs such as a large number of passengers, a large amount of luggage,…Uber has launched the Uber Van service to bring passengers the most comfortable travel. This service is usually normal cars and does not have many luxury features.

Similar to a truck, an Uber Van can carry about 4 to 6 people along with a large amount of luggage. In some localities, this service may also be called Uber XL.


Vehicles used for Uber Van or Uber XL service

1. Chevrolet Traverse

2. Maruti Suzuki Ertigas

3. Mahindra Xylo

4. Chrysler Town and country

5. Dodge Grand Caravan

6. Toyota Innovas

7. Hyundai – H1

8. Kia – Sorento

9. Mercedes-Benz Viano

10. Mercedes-Benz Vito

11. Nissan – Livna

12. Nissan – NV200

13. Nissan – Vivaro

14. Opel – Vivaro

15. Peugeot – Expert

16. Ssangyong – Korando

17. Toyota – Avanza

18. Volkswagen – Combi

19. Volkswagen Tiguan

20. Toyota Sienna

21. Ford Flex

22. Kia Sorrento

23. Chevrolet Traverse

24. Honda Odyssey & Pilot

25. GMC Acadia

26. Subaru Tribecca

27. Dodge Journey

28. Toyota Highlander

29. Dodge Durango

Price of an UberXL

The price of an UberXL ride changes frequently based on the passenger’s pick-up location. But overall, it is still cheaper than that of a normal van.

In most of India’s subcommittees, the base fare of an Uber Van ride is Rs 80/- and the cost per kilometer further is Rs 15/- and the waiting cost per ride is Rs 2/-.

But the minimum fare should be Rs 150/- and cancellation should cost Rs 100/-.

Since both Uber Van and UberXL services are almost the same, most customers choose the cheaper option.

But the kind of comfort it gives while traveling is much better to lament. Though the cost of travel in both the
options is the same, still Uber xl is much more convenient for traveling. and for US price is different.

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How to book an Uber XL or Uber Van?

1. Download the Uber app to your device and launch it.

2. Create in-app logins

3. Sign in to your Uber account

4. Enter your pick-up point. In case GPS is enabled on your device, it will automatically get your location.

5. Put the destination to reach and ensure that it is correct.

6. Select any Uber service from the taxi option. Here we will choose Uber Van or Uber XL.

7. Confirm payment options

8. Tap the Uber request button

9. You can track the details of the driver after confirming the booking.


This article of teamstertnc.org mentioned “What is an Uber Van?” and “How to order an Uber Van?”. If you have any questions you can visit Uber’s website or call Uber customer support directly for help. Hopefully, this information is useful to you and it can give you a better experience with Uber services.

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