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Top 20+ Uber XL Cars In 2021 For Every Uber Service

Uber is one of the world’s leading companies that provide transportation services to everyone. The company’s success is explained by its varied and comfortable service. Uber has a lot of different services with different features to meet the needs of each customer segment. For example, if you want a safe and comfortable ride at a relatively cheap price, UberX will be the perfect choice for you; or if you want a luxurious ride with all the conveniences regardless of any price levels, you should choose Uber Premium. For each different service, Uber will use different cars. This article is mainly about Uber XL cars.

One of the standout features of the Uber XL service is that it can carry up to 6 people. So if you’re traveling in a group of six, we recommend you choose the Uber XL service for a comfortable ride. The cars used for the Uber XL service belong to the low-cost SUV segment or they can be called minivans.

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Top Uber XL Cars In 2021

These cars provide passengers with a comfortable experience. Below, we list the top 20 best Uber XL cars, you can refer to:

1. Chevrolet Traverse

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This car gives passengers a smooth feeling during the trip. They don’t even feel that they are traveling in a car. So it is a perfect choice for rough roads.

This car can accommodate up to 8 people, so if your group has 6 people, this car still has enough space for you. You can also bring a little luggage in this car.

This car has a great interior that gives a luxurious experience to the passengers while sitting in the car.

2. Dodge (Durango)

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This car has a beautiful design and a comfortable interior. It has a luxurious feel that makes anyone who has used it want to experience it again and again.

Dodge brings the most comfortable feeling for passengers when sitting in it. With the best of seats, there is infotainment of around 5 inches in which one can get the best sound experience.

3. Chrysler (Town & Country)

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This car has the best performance because it is equipped with a powerful V6 engine. It also helps drivers have the best driving experience.

The design of this whole car is amazing with display, satellite radio, audio system with six speakers, and many other features which make it comfortable to perform journey on it.

4. Ford Explorer

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This is a large-capacity vehicle. Its ride can carry up to 7 people.

The design from the outside to the inside of this car sets it apart from other cars. Passengers can feel the special of this car compared to other luxury cars.

The ride is also very smooth which gives the best travel experience to the riders.

5. GMC Acadia

xl cars

This car offers the best passenger experience thanks to its powerful and modern engine.

The fuel economy of this car is also very good, which helps the car operate efficiently. It has a 3-row seat in which easily around 7 people could sit.

This car is also equipped with additional features such as a rearview camera, airbags, … to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.

The body of the car is also very sturdy in case any accidents happen.

6. Toyota Siemens

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This car has a very spacious and comfortable interior. The driver will get the most comfortable experience on this car. This makes it the best Uber XL car ever.

It is also equipped with a V6 engine, a powerful engine that makes for a comfortable ride.

This car also has many other features which make it more comfortable like Bluray entertainment. intercom facilities and many others.

7. Mitsubishi Outlander

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This car has a perfect exterior design that makes it unique.

Its interior is also full of luxury and offers a comfortable experience for riders. It has a fuel tank capacity of 60 liters.

If you are traveling in a group of 7 people, this car is also a great choice for you. With the interiors and the exterior full car has been done for the safety of the riders such as providing airbags and different safety features.

8. Lincoln MK

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This vehicle has a very spacious legroom that provides comfort for passengers during the trip. It is equipped with a powerful V8 or V6 engine.

It brings comfort to both driver and passenger. Its braking system is very smooth, so when the car has to stop suddenly, passengers do not feel jerks.

9. Land Rover LR3

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This is the most luxurious SUV car because passengers when using it will have a luxurious experience and they will not likely to get get off the car.

The interior of this car gives an elite feeling and makes it different from the inside making it feel royal.

10. Cadillac Escalade

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The design of this car is such that no one can take their eyes off it if they meet it on the road.

Its interior and exterior are very luxurious. The one who gets off the car will be known by the car that the rider came in that car.

The status of the person if going to the party will increase manifold.

11. Kia Sorrento

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This car belongs in the mid-size SUV category but its versatility is incredible.

The look of this car sets it apart from other cars. Also, the information system which we are using is great.

This car is so comfortable that passengers will not feel like they are sitting in the car during the trip. It will make the person feel like the comfort of the house.

12. Toyota Highlander

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Jute is an SUV with five doors. It is also equipped with a powerful V6 engine that gives passengers a smooth ride.

Its cabin space is superb and its elegant interior also makes it unique.

This vehicle also offers various features to meet the needs of customers.

13. Dodge Grand Caravan

This car has all the features that make it different from other cars.

It has a music system with 6 speakers. Its interior is also very quality, which makes it one of the most rewarding Uber Eats cars.

I guarantee that those who have used this car want to experience it again.

14. Hyundai Santa Fe

The engine of this bike is 2199 cc. It’s a powerful engine that offers a safe and quick ride.

This car is also equipped with various features to make the ride comfortable such as an infotainment system with touch,
climate control which could be done two ways, auto headlamps for outer beauty, and many others. Its features make it different from others.

15. Dodge Journey

This car comes with a powerful V6 engine and can accommodate about 7 people.

In addition, it also has a rearview camera which helps the driver to control the car more safely.

This car has a great look and a variety of colors that make it even more attractive.

16. Ford Flex

This car has low ground clearance which does not give much of jerks.

It seats about 7 people and each seat has enough legroom for passengers to sit comfortably during the trip.

In addition, this car also has space for passengers to carry luggage.

17. Subaru Tribeca

The design of this car and its interior make it feel like a royal car.

It gives majestic features which make the rider want to ride in the car again and again.

The interior features set it apart from other SUVs at this price point.

18. Volkswagen Tiguan

This car can carry 5 people.

This is the car for the adventurous. But with the adventure, it has all the elite features in it which make it love for the people who want to have a comfortable experience.

19. Honda Odyssey

The wheels used in it are 19 inches and with alloy features.

This is a perfect family car and it can be classified as the best minivan for your family outing.

This vehicle is also equipped with unique features that make the ride more enjoyable.

20. Honda Pilot

The exterior and interior of this car give it a unique style. It can accommodate about 8 people.

With the looks car is also being ensured on the safety aspects as there are features of adaptive cruise control, Collision Mitigation Braking System, Lane-keeping Assist system, and many others.


Above are the top 20 best Uber XL cars teamstertnc.org wants to share with you. Overall, all these Uber XLs have great features to give passengers a safe and comfortable ride. Passengers can choose any Uber service to use. Uber guarantees to give you a comfortable ride at an affordable price regardless of the Uber service you want.

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