What’s Difference Between UberX And UberXL?

Uber X and Uber XL are both services released by Uber to provide customers with the best and most cost-effective experiences. Uber is generally a ride-hailing service through a technology platform with communication between the driver and the passenger. The Uber app has become incredibly popular around the world.

It is estimated that more than forty million people use Uber’s services every month. According to Uber’s report on drivers, passengers, and revenue, except for Uber Black, Uber X and Uber XL are the two most popular services. However, many people often fail to distinguish between these two services. This article will show the difference between Uber X and Uber XL.

Uber’s operators have observed and concluded that both services are suitable and comfortable for frequent commuters in cities and towns.

difference between uberx and xl

Difference between Uber X and Uber XL

Uber started its pioneering ride request App by targeting the up-scale market with chauffeurs, limousines, and luxury rides black BMWs. Since then the company has diversified and has started many other services including ride shares through Uber X and Uber XL. As the name suggests.

The Uber XL service is generally more expensive because the vehicles are larger in size. More passengers can request Uber XL than Uber X. This service fits about four people in small sedans.

difference between uberx and xl

The fundamental difference between Uber X and Uber XL is qualitative as well as quantitative.

The Uber company has promoted and marketed Uber Xl as a premium service and customers will be served larger SUVs or higher quality sedans.

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Uber X vs Uber XL comparison

1. Uber X is a cost-effective service for up to 4 people on a ride. Its price is relatively low compared to a taxi. Meanwhile, Uber Xl service can carry up to 6 people, but the price is also higher than Uber X.

2. For Uber X service, passengers will experience models such as Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, Maserati, Toyota Avalon, Hyundai Sonata, and other similar models. As for Uber XL service, each trip requires a larger number of seats, so popular models such as Audi Q7, Ford Explorer, Honda Odyssey, Nissan Armada, Toyota Highlander,…In some cities around the world, Uber service is also included. SUVs, jeeps, and minivans.

3. The Uber XL is located somewhere in between the budget option of Uber X and the luxury style Limo or Black SUV service. Both Uber X and Uber XL include the base fare, fare per minute or per mile, and more.

4. The base fare charged per ride is generally higher for Uber XL service and lower for Uber X service.

5. Driver requirements are pretty much the same for the Uber X and Uber XL options. Uber will also review license requirements and background checks while selecting eligible vehicle models.

6. Uber expands its market reach through innovative services. And the Uber app includes enhanced features to support faster requests for both Uber X and Uber XL.

7. The reason why the price of Uber XL service is higher than that of Uber X service is the cancellation cost and better service.

difference between uberx and xl


With all the above information by teamstertnc.org, you can easily distinguish the difference between Uber X and Uber XL. Although there are some differences, Uber X and Uber XL are still two relatively similar and most popular services. These two services are both popular services that contribute greatly to Uber’s total revenue. At the same time, they are also suitable options for people with busy work schedules.

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