[A – Z] Maximum Uber Luggage Rider Can Bring Along

Uber with luggage- Each different type of Uber has different services. For instance; the Uber X service is suitable for up to four passengers. A group of 3 people can use the Uber X car service comfortably. Uber X drivers support economical cars that can carry up to 4 passengers. In other words, Uber luggage means accommodating luggage and bags.

Types of Uber luggage

Suitable Uber vehicles for different standard baggage options

Uber X: With the Uber X option, you will only pay the lowest cost. This service allows up to 4 passengers but in the case, there is luggage with the passenger then it will be more fit for 1 or more passengers depending on the size of the luggage you bring.

uber luggage

Uber SELECT: Uber select is an upgraded version of Uber X. This service offers a premium sedan that can carry up to 4 passengers on the same trip.

If passengers are carrying luggage, they should reduce the number of people for that trip.

uber luggage

Uber BLACK: The drivers of this service are usually very professional people and they are also provided with high-end luxury cars.
Usually, it will be a sedan and can accommodate up to four people.

Hence to make your trip more comfortable, one needs to carry fewer passengers and can carry luggage.

uber luggage

Uber XL: This service serves customers with low-cost SUVs. This service can carry up to 6 people for the same trip. So if there is a lot of luggage, it can still carry 3 to 4 people.

uber luggage

Uber SUV: This is an upgraded version of Uber BLACK. The drivers of this service are very professional and they can accommodate up to 6 passengers in a luxury SUV.

If there is a lot of luggage, it can still carry 3 to 4 people.

uber luggage

Uber ASSIST: This service is intended to assist customers. Drivers of these vehicles are well trained to assist riders in terms of accessibility and demand.

uber luggage

In some cities, Uber X and Uber XL are also considered customer-driven support services.

Uber Airport Pick-up Service

1. In addition to the above services, Ubber also provides customers with Uber POOL service. This is a single-passenger service. And they can only bring one or two pieces of luggage.

2. Note that the amount of luggage an Uber driver can bring depends on the size of the luggage and the number of packages. After successful bookings are made on the app, you need to contact the driver to inform them of any distinctive accommodations.

3. If your pickup is from Airport then one must collect the luggage from the baggage claim area in advance.

4. If the passenger is traveling with other people or traveling in a group of 4, then Uber X is a perfect choice. However, it is only suitable in case you do not have too large luggage.

5. If the passenger is traveling in a large group, the Uber SUV is the best choice.

6. If traveling in a large group, you should request an additional Uber. But please use another account because one account cannot claim 2 Ubers.

7. If the person traveling with you doesn’t have an Uber account, an invitation code can be sent to that person and the ride is almost free depending on the cost of the ride. This is a complete win-win situation.

8. Note that only request an Uber when you are sure you want to move because taxi drivers cannot wait more than 5 minutes.

9. If you have any concerns, you should contact the driver to provide details about the pickup point and baggage.

uber luggage

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Above are the notes about Uber luggage for customers. Hopefully, with this information from Teamstertnc.org, you can plan your trip accordingly. If you have any questions about Uber’s services, please visit the following website for Uber support: https://help.uber.com/. Or you can also contact customer support directly through the Uber mobile app.

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