What Are Differences Between UberGo And UberX?

Uber is a form of car rental service with a business model similar to a taxi service. This is an on-demand service provided through a smartphone app. Since its launch, Uber has provided many different services to suit each customer such as UberX, UberXL, Uber Select, Uber Lux, Uber Black, Ubergo,… This article is mainly about the differences between UberGo and UberX.

differences between ubergo and uberx

The biggest difference between the two is related to the price aspect and also other points that make them different. The salient features of both UberGo and UberX are explained in detail below.

Key features of the UberGo service

differences between ubergo and uberx

1. The main difference between UberGo and UberX is that UberGo offers low-cost Uber services. Fares are usually cheaper than UberX. The base price for the first four kilometers is relatively cheaper than Uberx and this also depends on your city.

The reason UberGo’s ride cost is lower than UberX’s is that it doesn’t include other add-ons like UberX-provided Wi-Fi.

2. UberGo is usually a 4-seater hatchback with air conditioning. Although it can carry up to four people, the service’s vehicles are usually quite small and not large enough for passengers to carry a lot of luggage. Therefore, users of the UberGo service should note that they should not bring too large luggage because they may lack seats.

Vehicles commonly used for UbeGo service include Etios Liva, Maruti Ritz, and Maruti Swift…

3. UberGo remains the same, unlike UberX which can be viewed as both UberGo and UberX. Because UberGo is usually a small vehicle, it cannot carry large amounts of luggage.

4. Drivers of this service must also be of age to operate Uber services and they should have a good track record that has not been tainted by criminal activities. He must also have good driving skills, be professional and be able to work part-time.

Key features of UberX service

differences between ubergo and uberx

1. UberX’s service is expensive compared to UberGo because it uses newer cars. The base price for the first four kilometers is higher than UberGo and another problem is the waiting fee is significantly higher than UberGo and this also depends on your pick-up point. It provides additional services like Uber wifi. Passengers can use the high-speed internet to continue working even on the trip.

2. UberX is usually a 4-seater sedan with air conditioning and it has enough space for your large amount of luggage. A sedan is usually bigger than a hatchback vehicle since it is comprised of a large boot that is specifically meant for luggage.

Vehicles commonly used for UbeX service include Honda Accord, Toyota Prius, Swift Dzire and Indigo,…

The other big feature of UberX is that it must have four doors and it must also have five seat belts for five people.

UberX can change to both UberGo and UberX. It fits both models perfectly as it is specially designed in such a way that it can be converted into UberGo.

UberX is usually cars from 2006 or later. Older models are not allowed to provide UbeX service because it does not guarantee passenger safety. Old models cannot be trusted given that Uber services are used by different people from various places therefore their safety concerns should be prioritized.

The quality of UberX is ensured through the use of certified and reliable cars that won’t break down easily.

3. Uber drivers are all over 21 years old and have no criminal record.

The safety of the riders is prioritized such that people who are mature enough and are viewed as responsible are considered for the task of drivers for the Uber service.

Summary of the Main differences Between UberGo and UberX

Both UberGo and UberX provide convenient service to customers and get them from pick up point to destination in the shortest amount of time. However, there are also significant differences between them, which passengers should consider to make an informed choice when booking Uber services. Here are the key features that distinguish UberGo from UberX.

1. Model

  • UberGos are usually sedan cars with AC and are designed to comfortably carry four people. But it has restrictions on carrying luggage.
  • UberX is also 4 sedans capable of carrying four people, but it allows passengers to carry more luggage.

2. Price

  • UberGo offers relatively cheap services.
  • The services offered by UberX are relatively expensive. The base fee for the first four kilometers and the waiting fee are also higher than UberGo. In return, passengers will experience more quality services.

3. Facilities

  • UberGo doesn’t offer extra conveniences like wifi, which is why its service is usually cheaper.
  • UberX offers add-ons like Wifi. The customer experience is also better. For this reason, the service fee is relatively higher than UberGo. In addition, UberX can change to UberGo thanks to its flexible style and design. Its design is suitable for both services.

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differences between ubergo and uberx

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