Reset Uber Password In 2 Ways [With Picture]

Uber is one of the most famous companies in the world when it comes to online ride-hailing services. With just a few simple steps, customers can immediately book a taxi to move. The reason many people love Uber’s service is that it is very convenient and fast. It is suitable for those who have a busy work schedule and want to save time. To use Uber’s services, passengers are required to have an Uber account with a personal email ID and password. But sometimes, for some reason, passengers need to reset Uber password. So how to do this? This article will give you the answer.

Have you ever forgotten your Uber password? If so, don’t worry, here we have the solution for you. Uber allows users to reset their passwords.

  • This service is offered to people who have forgotten their Uber password or are unable to log in.
  • This process is different from changing your Uber password because you can only do it in case you forget your password.
  • Thus, you will not be allowed to log in in such a situation. You should follow the steps below to reset your password.

We will guide you to reset your Uber password in two ways including via the Uber app and on the website.

10 steps to reset Uber password on Uber app

Step 1: Launch the Uber app

As a first step, you have to launch the Uber app on your phone. Find the Uber logo icon (as shown below). Tap it once to open it.

If the Uber app isn’t available on your phone, you can download it to any Android or iOS device.

reset uber password

Step 2: Click the Menu icon

At the Uber home screen, you can see the menu option in the top left corner of your screen. It is the three dashes icon. You can find it by following the red arrow below the picture. Click it once to open it.

reset uber password

Step 3: Select the Help option

After tapping the Menu option, you will get options like:

  • Payment
  • Your Trips
  • Help
  • Free Rides

Click the Help option. It usually ranks 3rd in the options list. It will then show you all information related to customer support. Click it once.

reset uber password

Step 4: Select the option “Accounts and Payments”

When Uber suggests all the options, look for the “Accounts and Payments” option. Tap it once to get all the help related to your account and payments.

reset uber password

Step 5: Select the first option “I can’t sign in or request a ride”

The screen will now show all the options related to “Accounts and payments”. Tap the “I can’t sign in or request a ride” option. Uber will then help you with logging in.

reset uber password

Step 6: Tap the option “I forgot my password

This option is at the top of the list of new options that appear after you tap “I can’t sign in or request a ride.” This will allow you to reset your Uber password.

reset uber password

Step 7: Click the link at the bottom

After clicking “I forgot my password”, Uber will redirect you to the display shown in the image.

All details about password reset will be provided to you. You’ll also get a link titled “I forgot my password” (as shown in the picture). Click it once.

reset uber password

Step 8: Enter the verification code

After clicking the “I forgot my password” link, you will be redirected to another page to verify your action. Uber will send a 4-digit verification code to the phone number you used to sign up for an Uber account.

Enter it in the blank as shown in the image below. After entering the code, tap the “Verify” button.

reset uber password

Step 9: Open your email

At this time, the screen will have an Uber notification. It will notify that the registered email has received the password reset link.

You must open your email to access the link to reset your password.

reset uber password

Step 10: Click on the “Reset your password” option

Tap the blue link titled “Reset your password”, then you will be redirected to the app where you have to do the following:

Enter your new password

Re-enter the new password to confirm

reset uber password

How to reset Uber password on the web?

If you have a problem and can’t reset your Uber password on the app, you can do the same through Uber’s website. Here are 4 steps you can follow.

Step 1: Open the provided link

Go to this URL

This will redirect you to the Uber website where you can reset your password

Step 2: Enter your email

When you open Uber’s website, Uber will ask you to enter your email in the space shown in the image.

You have to make sure you have entered the Email of the account that you cannot log in to. Uber will then send a link to your email to reset your Uber password.

reset uber password

Step 3: A password reset email link will be sent to your email.

Open your email and select the message from Uber. Click the link to reset your Uber password (as explained earlier).

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3 Great tips to keep your account safe

Online communication takes place over digital channels and signals can be intercepted by clever hackers. Data stored on servers can also be compromised by malicious attackers trying to get money or favors.

Like other tech-savvy companies, Uber relies on end-to-end encryption, firewalls, password security, and anti-virus software to ensure communications and personal information are protected.

You can keep your Uber account safe by following these tips:

1. Always use a unique password that you can quickly recall and never use this password for other websites or services.

2. A secure password is a combination of uppercase and a minimum of 10 alphanumeric characters allowed.

3. Keep your device’s security software up to date.

4. Focus only on transactions made through the Uber website and the Uber app.


The above article of has covered all the issues related to resetting the Uber password. You can reset your Uber password in two ways: through the Uber app and the Uber website. Hope this information is useful to you.

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