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10+ Steps To Sign Up For Uber Eats (with Picture)

Uber is one of the world’s leading companies providing online taxi booking services. Besides this very convenient service, Uber also launched an online food ordering service called Uber Eats. Uber Eats is one of the simplest and most convenient apps that allows users to order food online. Passengers can order a delicious meal with a few simple taps on the Uber Eats app. You can search for food by restaurant name, dish name,… Hence, Uber Eats lets you skip the line in restaurants and reservations. So you can order food and enjoy it conveniently. This article will show you the steps to sign up for Uber Eats for food.

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10 steps to sign up for Uber Eats

1. Launch the Uber Eats app

Tap once on the Uber Eats logo icon on your screen to open it.

If Uber Eats isn’t available on your device yet, you can download it to any iOS or Android device.

sign up for uber eats

2. Provide mobile phone number

To use Uber Eats you must enter your mobile phone number along with your country code.

sign up for uber eats

3. Click “Next”

After clicking the phone number, click on the “Next” option. So the app will take you with the next step involved.

sign up for uber eats

4. Receive the 4 digit code

After you click on the “Next” option. A 4-digit confirmation code will be sent to your device.

You must ensure that you have entered your phone number correctly. Because if the phone number is not correct, you will not receive a confirmation code from Uber.

In case you have entered your phone number correctly but still haven’t received the confirmation code, you should tap on the option “Resend the code”.

sign up for uber eats

5. Find the Uber code

You can find your Uber confirmation code on your phone. Enter the code if you want to continue. If you do not want to continue to sign up for Uber Eats, you can unsubscribe by replying STOP to the number mentioned in the message.

sign up for uber eats

6. Enter the code

Enter the 4-digit confirmation code in the blank space as shown in the picture. Then hit the “Next” option. Hence, the app will proceed with the next step involved.

sign up for uber eats

7. Enter Email-id

Provide your Email address and click “Next”. App uses email id to send any communication.

Make sure you enter your email address correctly.

sign up for uber eats

8. Create a password for your Uber Eats account

Enter a password that you want to use for future logins and click the “Next” option.

You must remember this password to log in to Uber Eats in the future. So choose a password that is easy to remember.

sign up for uber eats

9. Enter your full name

Enter your name details in the fields given and tap on “Next’.

sign up for uber eats

10. Tap “Next”

After completing all of the above steps, you can refer to Uber’s terms of use and also Uber’s privacy policy. After you confirm, click “Next”.

sign up for uber eats


This article has told you the steps to sign up for Uber Eats. You can even order on Uber Eats on Mac. You can track your delivery driver’s food delivery route as well as estimated delivery time. Hope this information is useful to you.

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