Make Uber Eats Complaint In “7 Methods”

Uber is a company that specializes in providing taxi booking services for passengers. It is famous for its convenience and speed for passengers. Uber also offers a quick food ordering service through a mobile app called Uber Eats. Uber Eats is the app that makes your life comfortable and easy. With Uber Eats, you can order food items, stationery, home appliances, electronics and more. All these items will be delivered to your door within a short period of time without any problems. However, sometimes Uber Eats will have some delivery problems or similar problems. So how to make Uber Eats complaint?

uber eats complaint

Here are 7 simple and quick ways you can follow to complain about the problem you have with Uber Eats.

1. You can contact Uber customer care directly

Based on your country, Uber Eats will provide customers with a phone number where you can call customer care directly to complain about your issue.

For instance, if your country is India, you can complain to Uber at 080-3399-8686. This way you can talk directly to customer service to talk about your problem and ask for a resolution. The duty of customer service is to listen to all Uber Eats complaints of customers and provide solutions to them in the fastest time possible.

2. Make Uber Eats complaint on the website

There are certain Uber Eats complaints that are there with all the users sometimes due to technical fault or at times because of improper knowledge. In this case, Uber Eats will feature some frequently asked questions on the website. Here choose the answer that suits your case or write your answer. Uber Eats will take those responses and address them.

3. Complain by visiting your local Uber office

Uber has many different offices operating in multiple locations to directly support their customers. So if you have any Uber Eats complaints, go to the nearest Uber office to talk to the staff about your problem. If the problem is not too serious, they will deal with it immediately. Or it will take some time for Uber to resolve your complaint.

4. Sending a mail

Sometimes there are too many visitors or Uber can’t solve your problem directly with you. You can file an Uber Eats complaint by email.

In this case you can email Uber at [email protected]. In the email, write down all the problems you have with the Uber Eats service. Within a certain period of time, your complaint about the Uber Eats service will be promptly resolved by Uber.

5. Contact form on website

In addition to the above four ways, you can also complain about the Uber Eats service at through the contact form available on the website or here. In the form, fill out all the information related to your Uber Eats claim. And after the system receives your complaint, Uber will give you a solution based on the information provided by the customer.

6. Complaints through the Uber Eats app

Open the Uber Eats app on your phone. In the “help” section submit your complaints about Uber Eats and hit “submit”.

uber eats complaint

7. Social sites

The authorities will give resolution to the queries as soon as possible on the social sites itself. One can give the complaints on Facebook by Uber Eats or through Twitter by Uber Eats or through Instagram by

uber eats complaint

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Above are seven different options for you to submit your Uber Eats complaint by You can choose one of the 7 ways above that work for your situation for Uber to come up with a solution for you. Uber is committed to providing you with a solution in the shortest possible time. If you have any other questions or problems, you can find solutions at

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