What Does Unacceptable Lookback Mean On Uber and Checkr?

Uber is one of the world’s most popular apps that allows people to order taxis through a smart app on their mobile phones. Uber’s service is fast, secure, and convenient, so it’s made for people with busy work schedules and want to save time. If you are a driver and you want to sign up to drive for Uber, you may find your background check comes back with an unable lookback. This can also happen when you renew your documents. So what exactly is “unacceptable lookback” and how does it affect the driver’s job?

unacceptable lookback

Checkr is on behalf of Uber. If you see your account showing “unacceptable lookback” it means Checkr has looked at your driving background and found something such as a DUI or getting a very large number of points on your license. Uber will take into account that observation and consider your driving history to be unacceptable. And the company won’t let you drive for Uber anymore.

As information has been widely circulated in the media, Uber is taking a serious look at its business and the way it operates. All to give customers the best experience with Uber’s services. According to Uber’s announcement, the company turned down up to ten percent of applicants to be Uber drivers because of their driving history.

More than 62,000 drivers passed, including some who drive for both companies. About 8,200 failed the checks required under 2016 state law officials have called the most stringent in the country.

Realistically Uber took a lot of flap for how they operate, so Uber’s biggest concern when hiring drivers is the ability to drive safely. This is to ensure the safety of passengers when using Uber’s services and to avoid unwanted accidents.

So driving history is very important for a driver. You’re probably wondering what you should do if you find yourself in an “unacceptable lookback” situation. The article below is the answer for you.

Is there anything I can do about unacceptable lookback?

In any case, the first thing you need to do is contact Uber and clearly explain that there has been a mistake in your background check. Then Uber will prove it’s you or not.

What is included in the Uber background check?

The driver’s background check is very important in the operation and control of the company’s drivers. In order to perform their background check, a lot of factors need to be taken into account. You can view them in the table below.

unacceptable lookback

In general, all the information Uber needs to exploit will be divided into two categories: your driver history and your criminal history.

The factors for driving history include:

Minor Violations

  • No more than three in the past three years for P2P
  • No More than Five in past five years for Livery
    • Non-Fatal Accidents
    • Moving violations
    • Speeding tickets
    • Traffic light violations.

Major Violations

  • None in the last five years
    • Driving on a suspended, revoked, or invalid license or insurance
  • None in the last seven years
    • DUI or Drug-related offenses
    • Speeding over 100mph
    • Hit and Run
    • Reckless Driving
    • Speed racing or speed contest

The factors for criminal history include:

None of the following in the last seven years

  • Any felony
  • Any driving-related offenses
  • Violent crimes
  • Sexual offenses
  • Child abuse or endangerment

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How Dos Uber Conduct a background check?

Uber can easily check and control a driver’s driving history because it has a partnership with another company called Checkr. This partnership makes it easy for Uber to perform background checks on all potential drivers.

Checkr runs the applicant’s social security number through a series of federal, state, and local databases to find what they can about their driving and criminal history, and provides this to Uber.

unacceptable lookback


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