What Is Uber Bike? And How To Book

Uber is one of the world’s leading transportation service companies. In addition to car booking or online food ordering, Uber also offers Uber bike orders. So what is Uber bike?

Uber bike is an establishment organized by Uber in which bike rental services are performed instead of cars. Uberto offers regular bicycles as taxis. Uber bike is a service that provides electric bikes with swappable lithium-ion batteries, fancy new displays, retractable mounts for smartphones, and cable locks in the rear. In this article, we will explain to you about Uber bikes.

what is uber bike

It examines the feasibility and possible advantages of using bicycles as taxis instead of cars. This is understandable and bicycles can move on the road easily, even when there are too many people on the road. Therefore, an Uber bike can get you to your destination in a shorter amount of time than an Uber car. Another benefit of an Uber bike is that it’s also a lot cheaper than a car.

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How much does Uber bike cost?

UberMOTO offers a bike taxi service with very affordable fares. In some cities, the fares are 25 for the first 3
kilometers. After that, the company charges ₹3 for every additional kilometer.

Does Uber own jump bikes?

what is uber bike

The answer is yes. Jump is an e-bike and scooter rental company that was recently acquired by Uber. After being a partner with Jump for a while, Uber acquired it. That means users can view bike jumps through the Uber app.

Currently, Uber mainly distributes Uber bikes in the United States. Besides, Uber bike has also penetrated into the European and Middle Eastern markets. Uber is planning to provide Uber bike service to the Indian market.

How to book an Uber bike?

what is uber bike

Here are 8 steps to booking an Uber bike. You should follow to book an Uber bike easily if it is available in your area.

1. Make the Uber app available on your phone

You can download the Uber app to any iOS or Android device.

If you downloaded the Uber app before, make sure it’s up to date

You can download the latest version of the Uber app by clicking here.

2. Launch the Uber app

After downloading the Uber app, you must locate it on your device. Tap its logo icon once to open it.

3. Create a Personal Uber Account

You can create a personal account on Uber by providing your mobile number to Uber.

Soon, Uber will send you a 4-digit verification code in the form of an SMS.

After you complete the verification, your Uber account is ready to use.

4. Enter your pick up point and destination

After opening the app, Uber will take you to its homepage. On the homepage, there is an option “Enter pick up point”. Tap it and provide your pick-up point and destination. Request for a ride with Uber.

5. Select UberMOTO

The app will show the different service options available in your area. Under the “Economy” section, select UberMOTO. Details of fares will also be provided.

6. Choose a payment method

Next, you must choose a payment method for your trip. You can pay by cash or bank account or credit card,…Users will receive an electronic receipt through the Uber app. (except for the cash payment method)

7. Confirm Ride

After choosing your payment method, tap “Confirm UberMOTO”. This confirms your ride. The app shows you the Uber bike taxis that are available near your location.

8. Driver details

After you confirm your ride request, Uber will assign an available taxi closest to you. The application will also display the current location of the bike taxi. It also provides the driver’s name and contact number. Vehicle numbers will also be provided for easy identification in crowded places. You can also talk to the driver through the chat feature in the Uber app.


Above is the explanation for the question “What is an Uber bike?”. You should follow the steps above to get an Uber bike ride through the Uber app. The UberMOTO service is a great option if you’re looking for a cheap and fast ride. teamstertnc.org hope this article was useful to you.

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