How To Book Uber Cab [A-Z] With 9 Steps

Uber is one of the world’s leading companies providing online taxi booking services. Its service is convenient and fast. Uber cabs provide the best quality cab service both in cities and outstations. It is suitable for people who have a busy work schedule and they want to save time and money. People can quickly book an Uber ride on the Uber app. The following article will guide you on how to book Uber cab.

Follow the 9 steps below to book an Uber cab. We guarantee a convenient and safe ride with Uber. You can also use the promo code provided by Uber to reduce the price of your ride. You can also share that discount code with your friends and invite them to take an Uber ride.

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9 steps to book Uber cab

1. Launch the Uber app

Locate the Uber app on your phone and tap its logo icon once to open it.

If the Uber app isn’t available on your phone, you can download it to any iOS or Android device.

how to book uber cab

2. Tap the “Where to?” option

To book a ride, you must provide Uber with your destination. Tap the “Where to?” option. and enter your destination.

This will help the driver determine where you want to go, and Uber can also estimate the fare for that trip for you.

how to book uber cab

3. Provide destination details

You can choose the destination details if you have already added them and can save your office and home address separately and select it whenever required. You also have the option to save
other places you frequently visit as well. Because all the places you’ve been to are saved by Uber.

If the destination is a new location you can search and provide the details.

how to book uber cab

4. Choose the ride

Uber has many different services to meet the needs of each customer segment. You can choose one of them based on your needs and ability to pay.

The basic trips will be listed as shown in the image below. Uber will also give you an estimated price for each service.

how to book uber cab

5. Scroll down to select another option

Uber will present you with a list of service options available in your area. Scroll down to select the service that works best for you.

You can choose for yourself an economy or premium ride.

how to book uber cab

6. Swipe and check other options

You can book a car for local travel or you can even book a sedan for local travel. For example, if you are traveling in a group of 6 people, Uber XL will be the best choice for you in this case.

how to book uber cab

7. Choose a payment method

You need to choose a payment method. If you want to pay with cash, click “Cash”. In addition to cash, there are many other payment methods such as bank account, credit card, …

how to book uber cab

8. Check for payment options

Make sure you choose the right payment method to avoid post-trip dilemmas.

how to book uber cab

9. Confirm the ride

If you choose the cash payment method, after your trip is over, you are required to pay cash to the driver. Click on ‘CONFIRM UBERGO’ to confirm the trip. Immediately, your ride will be confirmed by Uber and the driver will begin moving to your pick-up point.

how to book uber cab


This article of has told you how to book Uber cab. With Uber, you have a lot of services to choose from. Uber is one of the best taxi services. It is applied to the latest technological achievements. The Uber app is also quite easy to use and it also has a lot of features for you to choose from. So install the Uber app and enjoy your ride. Uber is committed to providing you with a safe and comfortable ride.

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