6+ Step: How To Delete Credit Card On Lyft

Deleting a credit card is a challenging task on the Lyft app. Sometimes, for some personal reason, users want to change their credit card, even if they want to delete it permanently. This article will answer the question “How to delete credit card on Lyft“.

Here are 6 steps to remove credit cards on Lyft, make sure you follow all the steps.

How to delete a credit card on Lyft

Step 1: Open the Lyft app

The first step to removing a credit card is to launch the Lyft app.

If it’s not available on your phone, it can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS devices or from Google Play for any Android device.

After downloading it, look for the pink “Lyft” logo icon on your phone. Tap it once to launch the app.

how to delete credit card on lyft

Step 2: Click “Menu”

Do you see an icon with three dashes in the top left corner of your screen? It’s the icon of the “menu”. Click on it to continue.

how to delete credit card on lyft

Step 3: Select “Payment”

After clicking “Menu”, a list of options will appear on the left side of the screen.

Look for the “Payment” option with a cart icon in the list of options. Tap on it.

how to delete credit card on lyft

Step 4: Choose a card

In the payment methods section, there will be a list of cards. Tap the card you want to delete or edit. Lyft will then take you to a new page.

how to delete credit card on lyft

Step 5: Remove the card

On the new page, you can see all the details related to your credit card. If you’re sure you want to delete it, tap the red “Delete” below.

how to delete credit card on lyft

Step 6: Confirm deletion

After you click “Delete”, to make sure you are sure of your decision, Lyft will ask again “Are you sure you want to delete Mastercard?”.

Continue clicking “Delete card”. If you want to change the selection, click “cancel”.

how to delete credit card on lyft

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The above article is the answer to the question “How to delete a credit card on Lyft“. Teamstertnc.org has given you 6 steps to follow, complete 6 steps to complete credit card removal. After you remove your credit card, you can add a new one if you want. Deleting a credit card means that all information related to your card will also be deleted.

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