Uber No Cars Avaiable 2021- Expert Sharing

Uber is one of the most popular online taxi booking companies globally through the Uber mobile app. With just a few simple steps, you can immediately book a taxi to get around. The speed and convenience of this service are very suitable for those who have a tight work schedule and want to save time. The company’s current success is also explained by that feature of Uber.

The popularity of Uber has also sometimes brought some problems for customers. At some point, because too many people sign up to use Uber’s service at the same time, there will be a situation where there are no cars available. What’s worse is that the condition can cause you to experience inconveniences like being late for an important event or a study.

So how can such situations be prevented from happening to you in the future? This article, Teamstertnc.org will provide you expert tips to solve the “Uber no cars available 2021” situation. Ready to know your available options? Let’s jump right in.

uber no cars available 2021

The reason for you getting the message “No cars available”

To fulfill the function of providing taxi booking services to everyone, Uber released a smart mobile phone app called Uber. To book a car you just need to do a few steps on the app.

When you book a car, the system connects you to the driver closest to your current location. When you receive no “no cars available” message, it means that there are no drivers near your pick-up point or drivers nearby that are not logged into the Uber app.

The “no cars available” status can also be explained by a system glitch, which is understandable since the Uber app is made possible by artificial technology.

If you receive the message “no cars available” in a densely populated area, it is highly likely that it is a system error. This situation is not frequent and you can solve it by relaunching the application.

It may take a few minutes but it’s still better than no taxi at all. After relaunching the Uber app, you can immediately make another service request.

uber no cars available 2021

Other than the ‘no cars available’ result, being on the ‘no ride’ list will equally deprive you of that much-needed ride. Being on this list will lead to frequent difficulties in finding an Uber ride and can take the form of pickup delays, driver cancellations, or no available driver.

Whether or not you were placed on the “no ride” list was the result of the following complaints:

  • No respect for the driver
  • Complain about speed and route to the driver
  • Canceling flights many times
  • Incorrect pickup location
  • Ask the driver to violate the traffic law
  • Bringing food with an unpleasant smell in the car

Here are some tips to help you get out of the no car available situation

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What should you do next to Uber no cars available 2021?

No drivers around or “no cars available” won’t necessarily make you late to a meeting or interview. Because you can handle that situation quickly with just a few taps. Here are some great tips for you.

1. Request a ride

If you fall into the state of no cars available, all you need to do is continue to request a ride. nIt will take about three minutes for the driver to respond to your request. In these three minutes, if there is a driver, they will contact you and arrive at your pick-up location in the shortest time possible.

Drivers who respond to a ‘request a ride’ call attract a 50% bonus for the ride. Such incentives will encourage drivers to respond to customer requests as quickly as possible upon receipt of notification. This also increases passenger self-satisfaction when experiencing Uber’s services. However, requesting a ride will not guarantee you a ride because sometimes you request a ride twice but there is still no driver around, the result is that you still don’t have a car to go.

2. Look for a Different Kind of Uber Ride

To optimize the customer experience, Uber offers a wide variety of ride types. In case you are looking for a standard car to ride but there are no cars available, you can switch to another option.

Uber ride categories include Uber Comfort and Uber Black. Uber Black, for example, features high-end cars. Despite their relatively high costs, you can cut costs by choosing cheaper models of high-end cars.

Uber also offers taxi services for pets and people with disabilities. It is not so difficult to order such a car. And it seems a bit weird but you just need to explain to the driver.

3. Schedule a Ride

If you have an important meeting or something to do, to avoid the “no cars available” situation, you can schedule a car reservation in advance, say 60 days early. You will only have to pay the same fee for a booking as you would a regular booking. You can also edit or cancel your booking at any time before the scheduled date.

However, you will be charged a portion of the fee for this situation. Scheduling a ride on the Uber app is relatively simple, you just need to provide relevant information such as date of service and pick-up location.

4. Use Alternative Means of Transportation

  • Although Uber is a well-known and popular company for taxi booking services, it is not the only company that offers this service. In case you do all the above and still can’t book the car, you are forced to find another vehicle to replace it. You have the following options:
    Looking for a Lyft driver (Uber’s main competitor)
  • Calling an old driver to pick you up. However, this can be more expensive and time-consuming as you cannot guarantee that he is near your location nor if he is on a trip.

uber no cars available 2021


Getting a “no cars available” is not an outcome that any passenger wants to receive. But you can’t be sure you’ll never fall into that situation. So follow these four ways in case you have an Uber no cars available 2021. Because the ultimate goal of customers is simply to get to their destination as quickly as possible.

It’s worth noting that you cannot entirely depend on one possible solution. For example, it would not make any sense to request the expensive Uber Black if a glitched system causes the ‘no cars available’ result. So it helps to identify what you’re dealing with first to know the best way forward.

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