All About Common Uber Types And Uber Service Levels

Uber is one of the world’s most popular apps that allows people to order taxis through a smart app on their mobile phones. Uber’s service is fast, secure, and convenient, so it’s made for people with busy work schedules and want to save time. Initially launched in the United States with only one vehicle model, Uber has gradually expanded and won many new contracts over the years. All that change for the purpose is to bring the latest experiences to customers and optimize their experience. Passengers can book the type of taxi that suits their needs and purposes. So do you know all about common Uber types and Uber service levels? The following article will introduce them all to you.

Since its launch now, Uber has released many different taxi services suitable for each customer. For example, UberBlack was originally introduced as a very different ride type than it is now. In many ways, UberBlack was a testing ground/dry run for some services Uber subsequently moved into their other service levels. Meanwhile, for many other passengers, UberX is still their first choice. People with bigger parties and more refined tastes keep the other service levels running.

Below is a table comparing the advantages, disadvantages, and prices of Uber’s taxis so you can choose the one that best suits you when you need to use Uber’s services.

uber service levels

Economy Ride Types

The feature that makes this taxi different from all other types of Uber taxis is the low cost of the trip. While Uber still does hold this corner of the market, it has since expanded into several services such as UberBlack that are markedly more expensive than taxis.

However, for most people, low moving costs are still their top priority. Here are a few options that meet that requirement.


This is the most popular and least expensive service. You can easily see an UberX in every city and country around the world where Uber operates.

An UberX has enough seats for four people and drivers often drive taxis such as Toyota Prius, Honda Accord.

uber service levels

Like all taxis, you can book an UberX with just a few taps on your mobile phone through the Uber app. Just enter some necessary information, the driver will know your location and immediately arrive at your pick-up location. Alternatively, you can add multiple stops to your ride, and split the fare accordingly with your fellow passengers.


If you want to move but your group has more than four people, then UberX is not the best choice at this time. You should book an UberXL instead. This is an upgraded version of UberX. It allows carrying a maximum of following people on the same trip. An UberXL will usually be an SUV or a Minivan. Although its fare is higher than UberX fare, it will be cheaper for you to spend less on the cost of the trip for the passengers traveling with you.

Uber Select

Uber Select is like UberX but slightly more refined. If you book this service, you will experience more beautiful cabs that are typically top of their respective range with leather or vinyl interiors as standard.

However, for Uber Select, you will have to pay three times the cost of an UberX ride. So really it’s Uber Black in any other color!

One more time, as with Uber X, you’re looking at four people total, and it’s ordered in the normal way.

uber service levels

Uber Pool

Uber Pool is the most cost-effective service for passengers. Where normally you get an entire car to yourself, with Pool you’re sharing with whomever the rider has picked up that is headed in the same direction.

Like the above Uber types, you can also easily order an Uber via the Uber mobile app. However, it may take longer for Uber to reach your pick-up location. So if you are in a hurry and want a taxi to move immediately, I do not recommend you to book Uber Pool.

Uber Express Pool

This is a new version of Uber that is rolling out in several cities. The difference between an Uber Express Pool and a regular Uber Pool is that the riders have to make their way to a dropoff point rather than having the driver come to them. This means fewer detours for the car, which results in a quicker ride that is still cheaper than other Uber ride options.

Uber Comfort

To make it easy for you to understand, Uber Comfort is UberX with new cars. For example, with an Uber X, the driver picked you up with a car that has been used for more than 10 years. As for Uber Comfort, on the contrary, the driver will pick you up with a new taxi that has been used for less than 10 years. A fairly mild upgrade over UberX.

Premium Rides

Uber premium rides were originally launched to get around restrictions at certain airports, but as those restrictions were lifted, several of the features were released into the economy rides.

That means services like UberBalck are still quite popular with passengers looking to book a high-quality ride in premium Uber cars. Here are the options for you.


uber service levels

This is a premium and luxurious service of Uber. It is the equivalent of hiring a chauffeur for four people instead of a taxi. The vehicles of this service are commercially registered and driven by professional and insured drivers. Uber Black also boasts only high-end luxury black cars. However, it is well worth paying if you have the money and want to use this premium service.

Uber Black SUV

Replacing the original Uber SUV service, Uber Black SUV is what you get when you cross UberXL with Uber Black – large, luxury vehicles.

If your group consists of five or more people, UberBlack is not right for you. With Uber Black SUV you will have an upgraded version of UberBlack and njó that allows carrying more people. At the same time, you will also enjoy premium services with Uber Black SUV such as traveling in a high-class car and professional driver with good driving skills.

uber service levels

Additional Ride Types

As Uber has expanded to take on millions of passengers a day the world over, they have continued to try out many new Uber ride types to suit everyone’s needs. Here are the options for you.


Born to meet the needs of the wheelchair community, the UberWAV vehicle was designed to accommodate both wheelchair passengers and vehicle seats.

In addition, every Uber driver in this class is certified (by an official third party) to drive and assist passengers with disabilities.

This is the advantage of Uber compared to other brands.

Uber Car Seat

Most Uber drivers do not carry a car seat, and as such may have to refuse your ride. To help with this, Uber offers the “UberX with car seat” class.

This type is similar to UberX, but Uber drivers have additional car seats to carry children. It’s a great choice for those who travel but want to bring small children, especially popular in theme park locations like Florida and California.

Uber Ski

Uber Ski allows passengers to request an Uber ride with either a ski rack, a truck bed, or enough trunk space to fit passengers, luggage, and skis. Best of all, the rates are typically that of UberX but with a slight upcharge.

Uber Ski comes to the rescue of ski resort customers who have found that taking skis via taxi or bus is impractical at best, impossible at worst.

Uber Pet

This is the perfect choice for those who need to move but also bring pets. As usual, most other taxi companies will refuse to carry these passengers. With Uber Pet, however, you and your pet are welcome.

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Picking the right Uber Types for you

To make a reasonable and economical choice for you, you need to consider factors such as the number of passengers, whether you are in a hurry, how much you can afford, and your need for the type of vehicle.

Once you know your needs, it’s pretty easy to pin down which Uber type you need.

A little history

Back when this site was first set up in 2016, Uber and Lyft only had three types, and the prices were vastly different. Back then you could get an Uber ride across town for $4.50 pretty easily. But now you can’t get into an Uber for less than $4.

uber service levels


The above article of has provided you with all the latest information about common Uber types and Uber service levels. Hopefully, they can help you and those around you make the best choices when you want to use Uber’s services.

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